Mt. Kabunian

Poblacion, Bakun, Benguet

Mt. Kabunian
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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

I'm back in Benguet for another adventure.This time we took Mt. Lobo, Mt.Tenglawan, and Kabunian also known as " Bakun Trio". This mountain becomes one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Northwest. Mt. Tenglawan can be accessed via senacbat features the carrot rock which is somehow similar to the monolith of Pico De Loro, only more dangerous to climb. Mt. Tengalawan, on the other hand, is more of "Talahib" similar to Mt. Batulao, the rainforest of Akiki in Mt. Pulag, and mossy forest of Mt.Cristobal. This is one of the toughest climbs I've had because of it's knee shaking thrilling trail plus the steep pine trail which really makes its more diffiult. This mountain is also ideal for those who love rock climbing and trekking at the same time. You'll see the famous Rice terraces and waterfalls of Kabunian.

This sacred mountain is also known as the home of Igorot god named "Kabunian". I saw some old coffins and bones as this place was used to be the burial ground of their ancestors before and now. It was nice to see horses,cows, and goats along the trail. It was nice trekking in a cold breezy air of Benguet. Locals are very friendly. They served us some food to eat. The barangay Hall accepts stay-in visitors. The Barangay's hospitality is superb! 128079128079

Only few hikers attempted the Bakun Trio due to lack of information. I recommend to climb first the most difficult one Mt.Lobo down to Mt.Tenglawan. We rented a jeepney for 12,000 pesos from La Trinidad to The Jump off( Balikan).

Side trip: Duligen Rock

Legend goes that Kabunian, the legendary head of the gods always left golden plates of meat and rice on the trail to feed the tired and hungry people scaling the mountain. Duligen, who has been a recipient of this kindness, stole some plates, which he surmised would command a handsome price in the market. But no sooner had he touched them than Kabunian read his evil intention. Angrily, the chief god embedded him on a rock and only had Duligen's now monstrously large phallus protrude as a reminder that evil never wins.

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