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Mt. Maculot
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Odessa G.
5.0 Stars

2nd Hike unlocked!

We did a rev-trav, as what the seasoned climbers in my group called it.

It is where you start the climb on the other side starting from the Grotto, the Summit then the Rockies with Lomi in the end.

It was an easy hike except for the Rockies, I guess my heart wasn't prepared for that, and my knees won't stoo shaking but I was able to go throught it. Except for the "buwis-buhay" pictures.haha

Me and my friends were joiner in a group for 700php only, all in including the travel expense and the Lomi. â›°

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

This is my 1st time to hike for the 2nd time on a single mountain. I don't know why, but I feel like I was not yet done with this mountain.

Originally, Mt. Batulao was our first choice. I asked from the different guides there about their rates and all & I find it too pricey (barat traveller here128569) so for that reason, I skipped that mountain then I decided to have a revenge climb at Mt. Maculot.

It was way back 2016 when I had my solo hike here, I wasn't able to take the traverse because I felt a little bit scared because it was in August and the weather was not that good. I just climbed the rockies by that time.

Now that I am having my revenge climb I opted to not do it solo. So I asked my friends to tag along with me and Felix. As usual there are back out people. Then I had those who was more excited than I. We were 4 in the group and I was the only rose among the thorns. 128111 Charing! 128514

Here's our sample itinerary;

1282043AM - ETD to 7/11 in Cuenca, Batangas from Kamuning
1282046AM- ETA at 7/11
1282046AM-6:30AM - hail a tricycle to the registration area then secure a guide
1282046:30AM start of trek going to the Rockies
1282049AM- ETA at campsite then proceed to Rockies for photo ops
đźš«since ang daming tao pagdating namin sa Rockies, it took us 3hrs just to have a photo taken at the cliff where the Taal Volcano, Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Mt. Makiling & Mt. Batulao are visible. At bes! Maganda kasi talagang the best for picture yung view dun! It is really worth the wait!
12820412NN-1PM back at campsite for lunch.
1282041PM-2PM from campsite to summit
1282042PM-2:30PM photo ops where the mark of the summit is.
1282042:30PM-3:30PM from summit to grotto,photo ops.
1282043:30PM-4PM freshen up
1282044PM-4:30PM Lomi at G2B Lomi House
1282044:30PM-5:30PM jeep from Cuenca to SM Lipa
1282045:30PM-8PM bus to Cubao

The trail of this mountain is good for the beginners base on what I have read. But since it is my 1st to take the traverse, napaisip ako na wag talaga nating small-in ang mga bundok mapa pang beginer man or hindi. Because the trail going down from the summit to the grotto was so stiff and rocky! 128517

I would like, Mt. Batulao to be my next if I have given the chance 128569 soon! 128521

Breakdown of expenses were;
128184 155/way to Cuenca
12818420 trike to registration area and jump off
128184200/head for the guide fee
128184100/head for lomi
12818425 jeep to SM Lipa
128184132 bus to Cubao
128223Total: 632.00

128205Guide fee is 800.00 for the traverse(Rockies-Summit-Grotto)
128205tricycle going to registration area & jump off is 20pesos all in! 128521
128205Lomi in Overload size is 300 per order
128205you can take the bus going to Lemery, Batangas para derecho na yung byahe. We rode the bus in JAM Liner in Kamuning. Other bus company that travels the same route are DLTB & Alps bus company.

If you need and want a guide that never stops on talking at super kalog, just txt Kuya Ed Puso on this number 0975 331 2471 or you can find him on FB just ad Ed Puso. He is a well known guide there since he was one of the founders of the Mt. Maculot tour guide org. Plus! Hindi kayo mag sisisi na sya ang guide nyo dahil super saya nyang kasama! 128517128518 just notify him a week before your climb so you can have a day with him! 128521


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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

To travel solo has been my dream. As in to go out of town and explore by my own 9996 then it came true! It happened to be my passion now.

There are so many things that you can think and think and think of things. I suddenly found inner peace, sincerity, determination, challenges, beauty and so much more along the trail going up.

This trip has been so rewarding. As they say "mas natutuloy talaga pag biglaan!" Kaya ayan, nagising nalang ako ng 3am nung Saturday at nag ayos ng back pack then napapad ako ng Mt. Maculot 128514 jk. Lol

Kidding aside, the real thing was nagcancel yung mga kasama ko 3hrs before we meet sa bus terminal. 9995

At ayun nga. #JudieGoesSoulo ang peg 128514128512

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Deck A.
5.0 Stars

Hiked this mountain on a Maundy Thursday. We had to endure a 6 hour drive going to Cuenca because traffic was seriously bad on slex. We arrived at lunch time when we just decided to climb it up in the middle of the day with the sun striking like crazy on us. It was like penitensya going up with all the people going up as well doing the stations of the cross. We got up the grotto after 55 minutes which is not bad. It was organized with all the red cross stations making sure that climbers are safe and sound. But to be honest, its very pretty up seeing the view. Next challenge will be to climb up the rockies on my next climb!

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Aye T.
5.0 Stars

IMy mother mountain.. This is my first mountain I climbed back in 2010.. I returned after six years and My Goodness it as worth it.. The montain that was responsible why I climb, the moment of peace and the achievement that you feel when you are the top. Kahit dalawa lang kami we enjoyed it so much.. Taal view is the best, forget the Starbucks or any restaurant that has a view of Taal, maculot has the best one, kahit instant and cold coffee ang dala ko..

Definitely one of the mountains you should climb.. Unahin nyo muna yung Rockies then the summit then the grotto.. Dont go in weekends, this place is crowded pag weekends.. The reason why I enjoyed it because solo namin ang mountain.. A lot of time take the pictures..

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Johansen J.
5.0 Stars

Very challenging on your way down the mountain. The hike was very relaxing. The experience is even cooler coz hikers are very hospitable, they greet you whenever they see you. Some amateurs though throw trash everywhere. (Especially on the camp site). Hope they observe cleanliness to maintain its beauty. Love nature!

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

Mt. Maculot is definitely one of the most challenging mountains I've faced. With its purely assault trail, slippery pathway and challenging boulders, every step that I took made me breath so hard.

Good thing, there were a total of 10 rest stations wherein you could pace yourself as you go upwards. In each station, there were nice Batangeños selling cold Buko and Melon juices.

We did the Rockies-Summit-Grotto trail and we started from 8:30AM and reached the jump off point at around 6:30PM.

There were so many people climbing last Sunday and we needed so much patience to wait for our turn to enjoy the view from the rockies which was really a sight to see! The whole of the Taal Lake, with the beautiful clouds were a picturesque sight to savor!

From the rockies, we climbed for another hour to reach the summit that's 930 MASL.

From the summit, we went down to reach the Grotto which is a pilgrim site. We reached it at around 5:30PM, right in time for the sunset and after another hour, we were back at the jump off point.

I truly appreciate how nice and respectful our tour guide, Kuya Angelito, was, so we gave him some tip that I felt that he really appreciated.

There's no easy way up. You'll go crazy when your heart beats so wild, when you can't feel your legs no more, when the heat makes it even harder. Sometimes, giving up comes next to mind but hey, always picture that prettiness at the top as it'll guarantee you that each step is all worth it. Don't you think so, too? 9996🏼️

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Kirstie Mel V.
3.0 Stars

Very late review. My first climb for 2016 was here. We only went to the rockies because it was rainy when we went. There were lots of hikers that day that there was traffic on the way to rockies. Check my Facebook account for further read. :)

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Nemie N.
5.0 Stars

It's been a long time since I last wrote a review here.

Well last Jan 31, 2016 we hiked Mt. Maculot. It was only my second time climbing and yet they decided to let me become the planner of everything (Ms. Responsible here) haha!

You need to hire a tour guide to climb Mt. Maculot. You don't get to choose. They'll assign a tour guide for your group. We were 9 in the group and they assigned 'Tom' to our group. He's only a year older to us, he's 21.

We started hiking at 6am. The climb was steep. I think I under estimated the blogs that said it is a steep climb. We had lots of resting stops to catch our breath. Then after nearly two hours, we reached the base camp. It's a Sunday so there really were a lot of people.

We first climbed the Rockies. And we were like 'jusko, hanggang sa bundok may traffic'

Yes. Because before your climb the rockies, the people there should all go down first. You can't climb up while they're going down. It's too dangerous. So we had to wait. And yes, the view is all worth it. You'll see the Taal lake and the mountains nearby. It is also the most visited part of Maculot because of its picturesque view

We also climbed the Summit and the Grotto.

The way to the summit is muddy. You really have to be careful because slipping anytime is possible. And going down the traverse to the grotto is my moat favorite part.

This is the part where we rappelled downwards which was so challenging! Then going down from the grotto will make you realize how hard it is for old people to climb and go down stairs because by that time you are really tired and the way going down is a 'stair.'

Yes. I can feel my knees aching with every step :))

We were counting the stations of the cross while going down.. 7... 6... 5... 4... Yes three more... 3... It hurts... 2... 1... When will this end?? :)))

And we rode a tricycle back to the registration to get my ID and have lunch at the resting stop. Can't remember the name though. They have restroom where you can pee and take a shower. They also sell food. So there you go! :)

Bus Buendia - Tambo Exit (99 pesos/pax)
Jeep to 7-11 Cuenca (20 pesos/pax)
Tricycle to registration and jump off (20 pesos/pax)
Registration fee (20 pesos/pax)
Tour guide:
Rockies: 3-4 pax 400 pesos additional 50 pesos/pax

We paid 1500(group of 9) pesos for the tour guide because we went to the Rockies, Summit and Grotto.

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Yla Gracelle Benze C.
5.0 Stars

They say that the best time to start something is during the first month of a year that’s why for 2016, I promised myself to climb at least one mountain a month. Thankfully before January ended, I was able to climb one.

Two hours away from Manila, Mt. Maculot is situated at Cuenca, Batangas. It stands tall at 930 MASL, making it one of the go-to mountains of hikers and adventurers.

We knew we were at the right place when we saw Cuenca’s arch and from there, we hailed a tricycle to the Registration area where we filled out a logbook and were assigned two tour guides (we joined a bigger group). We then rode the same tricycle to the jump off point.

After a couple of minutes, we started the ascend. Our pacing was moderate but I gotta admit that even at the start, the trek was challenging. From what I can remember, there’s almost no flat terrain - everywhere was an uphill climb!

We survived by pausing at stopovers (I think there are 11 of them). You’d know because these are shaded spaces where a local or two are selling buko juice/kakanin/halo halo.

After almost two hours, we finally reached the Campsite. Several tents were set up and many hikers rest at the mountain’s “7-Eleven”. I wasn’t able to take a photo of it but it’s a bigger stopover that sells almost anything you’ll need. The price of the commodities, however, is ridiculous! One sachet of Nescafe 3-in-1 costs 45 pesos, same as their cooked pancit canton and cup noodles. Good thing we were able to buy lunch for a cheaper price at the base camp, but the urge to buy coffee is so strong that I almost bought one!

By 11PM, we could already feel the noon heat but my friends and I decided to go to the Rockies before having lunch so we can rest well after eating and before ascending to the Summit.

There were many hikers at the Rockies and there was just one trail, so the drill was to wait until a group finishes its descent before we go up to the Rockies. I could never forget the thrill of standing on a trail in between two cliffs!

A vast landscape of the Taal lake’s serene water and its crater’s rim welcomed us upon arriving at the Rockies. Our guide, kuya Topher said that mountaineers from U.P. first discovered Mt. Maculot during the 80s. From Taal lake, they rappelled up the Rockies and discovered the mountain which is now frequently visited by mountaineers and hiking enthusiasts like us.

From the Rockies, you can see Mt. Batulao & Mt. Makiling on the far horizon.

Since we’re doing a traverse, we arrived at the Grotto by 4PM. The sun was starting to set and we were so drained by all the steep descents. Sometimes I couldn’t help but validate the cliche that the very moment beats the photo. I don’t know if it’s just me but there are times when I couldn’t completely capture the beauty of a moment that it’s best to just watch it while it’s happening. #RandomRambling

After freshening up, we invited our guides for a Batangas Lomi food trip. We simply had to while we were there! While eating a serving of Batangas’ specialty, we listened to stories of Kuya Topher & Paolo about their hiking and all their other adventures.

Went home tired and super drained from the day’s experience. Thank you, Mt. Maculot for being wonderful, kind & forgiving! You were a challenge but I don’t regret anything! :)

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Jujuy A.
5.0 Stars

Mt. Maculot Rockies can be done in just a day hike. The view at the rockies is splendid - a combination of greens and blues.

The mountain is a bit commercialized - along the way there are vendors of softdrinks, halo-halo and snacks. This is good, only if mountaineers are very mindful of their trash. But some people just don't care they leave bottles and wrappers behind.

When going here, please be mindful of your own trash. Let's preserve our nature.

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Chrislyn F.
5.0 Stars

My Mother Mountain, My First Climb ever when I was 19. I was a rookie climber back then, had no hiking gears nor appropriate attire. Came back here last October 21. I feel the warm embrace of my mother mountain again. :)

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

I'm so saddened to hear that getting a host here is now required because of those recent incident that has been reported here. To be honest, it was okay for us because safety should comes first, however, some mountaineers said that they're overcharging the visitors which gives negative image about this place. On our case, we didn't get a host since I knew this place.. I grew up here so I'm very familiar about this mountain and the trail way up.

I texted some of my college friends to climb Mount Maculot just like the old days when we were students. We've been here many times,but we wanted to relax and chill in a very quiet place and affordable at the same time.We don't need to look for our target coz we got one standing at the back of our house waiting for us.

We started trekking early in the morning. We decided to start trekking at the grotto part because we don't want to get a host well we already know the place so what's the sense of us getting a tour guide in the first place? I know they don't allow us to climb without getting a host if we start at the normal jump off. Good news is that we don't need to pay for the registration fee. Ayos!

The Grotto of Mt. Maculot is full packed during "Maral Araw". Many devotees come here to reflect. We passed the station of the cross till the end. Once at the top, you'll see the whole barangay Cuenca. Just a little trivia, as per the old citizens of Cuenca, a day before "mahal na araw"starts, they seen something here like mga nakaputing tao na nagprusisyon paakyat. I don't know if that's true, to see is to believe ako.

We continued trekking after we took a 5 minute rest. Going up to the summit was the most challenging part most especially to the girls. One needs to rappel up using the rope tied on a big rock.

After the rappelling part, one needs to trek going to the summit. It was raining that time so the trail was a bit muddy and slippery.

After hours of trekking, we reached the summit part. To be honest, nothing's special about the summit here. The view is surrounded by cogoon grasses and thick forest trees.

We continued trekking down to the campsite. The trail from here was not that steep,but the taller cogoon grass made it more difficult for us.

Finally, we've reached the campsite. It was weekend so we were expecting many campers, in fact, we're all worried where we set up our tents coz we knew that this is full packed during weekend. We're lucky because nobody picked our favorite part of the campsite, the one near the famous Rockies. We were all tired that time, we decided to set up our 9978tents first and took a rest,and prepared food after. What I liked here is there's a version of 7-11 here,the only difference is they're only open during weekend (sari sari store). After eating dinner, we had our socials... We talked about our college days and some of the craziest things we did back then. Having a conversation at the mountain where we were sorrounded by fogs and with the light of the moon was one of best place especially when you're with your friends and your college crush lol! 128150128150

On the following day,it's rockies time! We decided to visit the rockies first while others were busy eating breakfast.. Ayaw namin madami photobomber. To get to the rockies, one needs to trek down to the ridge. From there, one needs to climb the rocky part. Just be extra careful with those big rocks... accidentaly landed and banged my head at the rock on the trail up ...and it hurts.!! Thank God, Hindi ako nagka amnesia128541

Once at the rockies, you will be wowed by the view. You can see the taal lake below. Just be careful taking some photos and don't do "BUWIS BUHAY"pose here (just like the photo attached here). There are flat stones here for you to sit down and rest. I love the back part the one facing the grotto part, it's more picturesque than the one facing the Brgy. Loboc at the left side of the mountain

After rockies, we went to the campsite and just reheated some food left last night. We're planning to eat lunch at the store near the market beside Villarica pawnshop. Going down was not that difficult, pababa lahat. Pero madami nga lang dulas hahaha.. We reached the jump off at around 9:00 AM. We stayed at the Kubo for awhile to eat Halo Halo. After that, we started trekking down to Brgy. Hall. The best thing was they didn't notice that we came from the back part of the mountain and no host was with us. We saved money too coz we didn't pay for the registration. #SMARTMOVE #BRILLIANTIDEA

If you are planning to visit Mt.Maculot, get a host if youre not familiar with the place. Wear comfortable hiking outfit. Bring 5 liters of water. I suggest to bring a trekking pole too. Nothing special at the summit. The reason why hikers love this place is because of the Rockies. Host fee is just 400-500 good for 5 persons. If they're charging you 800 pesos, don't pay and report it to the Brgy. I hope this review will help128512

Photo taken at the back part of the Rockies facing the Grotto128550128551128551128551128516

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Maui S.
5.0 Stars

Mt. Maculot is a great trail! Though the gaps are too high because there's been a lot of people who climbs the mountain almost everyday and it saddens me that it is slowly being neglected by climbers as well. Hopefully the local government will do some rehabilitation before its too late.

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Abed M.
5.0 Stars

I'm back! Finally this is my first review on Android. lol

So this is my seventh climb here at this mountain. What makes this place special aside from the 360 panoramic view of Taal Lake and nearby provinces is the short and easy trail to reach the rockies (suitable for a pabebe day hike). But of course there are some changes happened here: guides are now mandatory P450 for 5 persons, P50 per pax if excess of 5; old trail is closed, I remembered it was devastated during a typhoon.

It was gloomy when we started our day hike, the trail was slippery and muddy but it didn't stop us from reaching the rockies. My invites were really amazed by the view, t'was their first time to try hiking and they thought it's a nice adventure. XD

Here's my hazy rockies shot. I'll see you again soon Maculot na nakakapag-pakulot.

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Rian K.
5.0 Stars

Mt. maculot has been one of the mountains i've been wanting to climb. And yes, so glad i've made it on top even though it rains when were at the rockies, a thick fog is blocking our view but we waited until the rains stop and saw this beautiful view. 10084️ Read my blog review at

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Jae R.
5.0 Stars

Who wouldn't love that view?

This mountain is good for beginners as you can do a dayhike if youre pressed for time. Its usually a 3hr hike for physically fit people but could extend to around 7hrs for the real first timers who has a sedentary lifestyle. 128556

Things to know:

1. There are lots of 'mini stores' on the way up but if you wanna save, bring lots of water.

2. Wear comfortable clothing, preferably dry-fit ones as you dont want to get soaked in sweat while climbing. That will be veeery uncomfortable.

3. If youre sun-shy like me, better to cover yourself from head to toe. Or use lots of sunblock (although i hate sunblock as it mixes bad with sweat - and you will sweat a lot).

4. Please dont litter. Pick up after yourself. This is basic mountain climbing etiquette. Wala kang yaya na tagalinis after you.

5. Guides are now mandatory at P400 per guide. You need 1 guide per 5 people.

6. Try climbing early, start at 5-6am so youll be at the peak before noon where it is still a bit cooler. Getting to the peak at noon time is a test of how youll manage youre afterlife in hell. 128517

7. Enjoy the view. 128556

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Ginny B.
5.0 Stars

yay! we did the dayhike traverse! rockies-summit-grotto 128526128128128128


sample itinerary:

6am to 8am - Pasay to Batangas

8am to 9am - arrival/ bfast (people recommend trying out the lomi there)

9am to 9:30am - registration where you pay PHP20 each and meet your guide (PHP400 for 5 pax with additional cost should you decide to go to the summit and the grotto-- do it!) / change (there's a clean paliguan place there where you just have to pay PHP5)

9:30am to 11am - hike from the jump off to the campsite/the rockies; the semi-crazy hike up will surely hurt your thighs n' lungs and test your patience, so take breaks if you must! you'll feel exhausted but do not hate on life or hate your friends. there'll be halo halo/soda vendors along the way 128539

11am to 12:30pm - chill and take lots of pics at the rockies! breathtaking view!!

12:30pm to 1:30pm - lunch and rest at the campsite

1:30pm to 3pm - campsite to the summit

3pm to 3:30pm - rest at the summit / no view, but congratulations! you've reached the 2nd highest point in batangas and you're part of the minority (they said 5%) who's decided to pursue the traverse! take group shots :))

3:30 to 5pm - summit to the grotto; oh boy! the trail going down was challenging (slippery coz of the dry leaves) but it was SO fun coz of the rapelling! looks tough, but it is doable 128077128077

5pm to 5:30pm - take photos at the grotto / last chance to savor the moment! the mountains are beautiful 128525

5:30 to 6pm - stairway (thousands of tiny steps 128529) down to heaven a.k.a your car #aircon



1. wear long sleeves or put on lots of sunblock to avoid fugly t-shirt tan lines 128534

2. bring small bills (PHP 20 / 50 / 100) for when you buy cold drinks or go to the paliguan

3. don't get too intimidated by the hike. it's going to be fun!

4. book a massage after your hike.. your muscles are going to be sore 128514

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Gene G.
5.0 Stars

Last February 28, I was able to climb another mountain despite having a break for only 2 weeks 128569

I was with my friends, cousins, cousins friends and we rode Jam Liner going to Cuenca, Batangas. Along the way, we met 3 new fellow hikers. They were supposed to climb Mt. Batulao instead they decided to go with us.

Upon reaching the barangay, you will have to pay 20php for the registration's fee and another 20 to pay the tricycle driver. Also make sure you get to use the comfort room (5php for pee) since it will be hard to find a toilet in the mountain.

I wouldn't say that this is ideal for first timer mountains. The mountain is full ascent. You gradually go up til you reach the rockies. Due to its steepness, though I have climbed a few mountains already, I still get tired easily. (Im really sorry if Im the one who keeps on delaying the speed of the hike 9996️)

Although the mountain is steep, it is still fun due to the rockies where you can see Taal Volcano and the othet mountains beside Mt. Maculot.

- 2L of water
- extra clothes
-trail food
- cap (it is very hot !!!)
- sunblock
- trekking pole (optional but highly recommendable)
- alcohol

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Jeanne Stephanie E.
5.0 Stars

Went for a day hike with friends last Sunday at Mt. Maculot. We started to trek at around 8am and reached the summit at 11am including stops of resting and taking photos. We were lucky because the weather is really cool, windy and not that sunny. If you are thinking of going here, I suggest to start at 7-8am. So you can reach the top before lunch time and you can have your lunch there.
The view is amazing!

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