Mt. Makiling

Los Baños, Laguna

Mt. Makiling
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Em M.
5.0 Stars

Climbing Makiling: A Good Training Climb!

Location: Los Baños, Laguna
Mount Makiling Traverse/UPLB Trail

We start our trek at estimated 7am from jump off to registration to stretching to going off ascend.

The Minority of the climb assures us with 8-9 hours of adventure including: ascend, summit and descend. To add a little fun, expect rope segments, mud party and slide exhibitions.

The muddy and wet trail charged us with more endurance. The mountain is usually hot and dry, so we have expectations that it wouldn't rain but when we get there it did.

We've been warned about "limatiks" or the blood-sucking-tiny-leeches that scares you out of your butt. It feeds on your blood through your skin. The "Lipa" or the thorny green plant that gives a burning and itchy sensation. Its poison could last up to two weeks when it pierced into your body. However, what really scares me are the snakes, but with the help of my prayers every single minute, there was none.

I feel proud that I participated in this climb. The mountain, the things we did, the sweat and the fears Everything! I wanna feel that again! I wish I could tell you every bit of what you might see when you get there but I decided to leave that to you.

1. Guide is Required - we paid P800.
2. Bring Alcohol or insect repellant for limatiks
3. Entry point: Sitio Jordan, Brgy. San Miguel, Sto. Tomas Exit: UP Los Baños
4. Don't forget raincoats for possible rain
5. More food for happy bonding! :)

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John S.
4.0 Stars

Mountaineers used to call it Maktrav (Makiling traverse) where Sto.tomas, Batangas is the jump off and exit at UPLB. From Sto.Tomas, Batangas trekking for 4-5hrs reaching its 2nd Peak unfortunately the highest peak is closed and from the Station 30 going down to UPLB took us 2hrs, their are rope segments, different kind of plants, flowers and insects. One of these is the famous "limatik" that sucks blood too like linta. Definitely will go back here for tune up climb for other exciting and challenging mountains in the Philippined

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Allen Y.
5.0 Stars

Five stars because it is a good training mountain for multi-day hikes and if you're doing level 8-9 hikes. I did this traverse with my friend, Pao Go, last May as training hike for Mt. Halcon.

The traverse usually starts in Sto. Tomas, Batangas and would end in UP Los Baños, near the College of Forestry. The trail is long and you would have to walk some more after reaching the Agila Base in order to reach the UPLB registration area.

Full of ascents, with rolling trails in between. At times, you'd have to scramble or go on all fours. There's a rope segment too. Descent? Steep descent and the trail can be slippery when wet, as most trails are. But the trail towards Agila Base is refreshing as you would walk under the canopy of humongous trees! Look out for birds and butterflies along the trail.

There would be a lot of blood leeches aka limatik during rainy season but we were lucky to have escaped their wrath since we climb during the summer months.

Bring lots of water. The only water supply is at the beginning of the trail near the jump off at Sto. Tomas.

Guide is mandatory. Habal-habal ride is available from Agila Base til the registration at UPLB.

Photo near Haring Bato with Mt. Maculot on my left.


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Maui S.
2.0 Stars

Okay...never ever underestimate this mountain just because its where the Boy Scouts camp or because there are resorts nearby. This mountain is a killer to reach the summit...unfortunately I can say that I will not climb Makiling again. Dont get me wrong the mountain ia beautiful, its really raw and you will not see stores or buko juice vendors anywhere unlike Batulao and Maculot. This mountain is rich with huge trees, and semi rainforest if I can describe it better. The biggest problem I had on this climb...the limatiks!!! They were everywhere and they will attack you. I had to cover my ears, hands, feet and nose...128547 it was terrifying. Sorry I am not fan of snakes and its really a love and hate relationship with climbing mountains *sigh* 128550

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