Mt. Manalmon

San Miguel, Bulacan

Mt. Manalmon
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Jaja R.
5.0 Stars

Mt. Manalmon's difficulty is 2/9 so if you are not really into hiking but would be intrested to try it,this might be the mountain for you. Mt. Gola is also nearby and you can do a twin hike!

I remember our guides telling us that once we reached the summit we should not go beyond the white circles for safety. So channeling the daredevil in me, I made sure to get photos beyond that. Pls huwag niyo ako tularan!haha! I made sure nman that it is safe!

An easy hike for me though I must admit that there were portions that can be quite challenging, but overall,it was okay! We were also with an organized group and there were 40 of us! Yes ang dami! I'm used to doing DIY with 2-3 of my friends. But it was fun naman ang daming pahinga in between! Haha!

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

The last time I climbed a mountain on the northern part of Luzon was January 2018 in Mt. Ulap, it was a chill climb mainly because of the  weather. But Mt. Balingkilat and Mt. Bira-Bira in Zambales were the mountains that I will never forget (and climb again9996️) because those were the mountains that took us 18 hrs. Of climb with limited water source and no shades along the trail. I had reviews of these mountains here as well 128521

Just last Sunday, I had a climb and found myself on the mountains of the North again and was invited by Jaja R . (hi ate Ja! 1285409996️) seriously, I really wanted to go here for ages but securing my slot here for a DIY climb made it hard for me (somehow) because as far as I could remember, you have to email first "Tata Carling" before your preferred date of climb.

We just joined an organized tour by the way that's why I couldn't post here the how's of going here. 128528

Mt. Manalmon stands 196 MASL and yes this is very Day hike-able 128521 thanks for the good weather and the trail was not that muddy, the trail was really shady and forested. Its not really abused and very abundat with greens.

Mt. Manalmon is just beside Mt. Gola (I will post separate review of this) and the junction in between these mountains was just beside Madlum river. You can have your famous pancit canton, banana Q, and refreshments here for a fee. And this is only the mountain where the restroom was so clean and not stinky! 128513128585128586

There are 3 viewing decks in Mt. Manalmon and you can do your "buwis buhay" shot just before the white dotted lines, it's for everyone's safety yah know 🙂

There were assault and rope segments going to the main peak or the summit. I loved the view on the first peak by the way, and on the summit, you can see the Madlum river which is so beautiful. We even crossed Madlum River as we descended back to the registration area, and don't underestimate this river as its torential waters were so strong that we all need to do a kapit bisig startegy just to pass this river. 128154

For organized tour:
We paid 630pesos per head which includes,
-Van transfers Manila-Bulacan-Manila
-Guide fee
-Environmental Fee
Search for Trabesh Goals on FB for their schedules of climb here if you want to.

For DIY climb I could only give these details:
Contact person: Tata Carling which you can now txt at  09195746470
Guide fee here is 300/mountain for 5 pax.
40/head for the environmental fee

So if you're a group of 5 you have to shell out 100php for a 1 mountain climb. And 130php for a twin hike. Super cheap right? 128525


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Roegan T.
4.0 Stars

Approximately 2 hours away from Metro Manila, Mt. Manalmon is the go-to mountain of people who go to San Miguel, Bulacan. It has a difficulty of 2/9 and stands at 192 MASL according to Pinoy Mountaineer -- which makes it very beginner-friendly.

It's one of the 2 mountains that you can climb in Biak-na-Bato National Park. The trail is a mix of loose soil and small rocks which is perfect for hiking especially during dry season.

It only took us a little under an hour to reach the summit of Mt. Manalmon. But we first went to the Madlum Cave and Mt. Gola. We stayed at the summit for a couple of minutes to rest and take photos.

The climb was rewarding enough as it gives you a great view of the national park + the river.

The only thing I regret about this climb was the trip back home. It was really hot and there were a lot of trucks on the road.

Other info:

1. We paid Php20 each at the Barangay Hall of Madlum.
2. Php10 each for the environmental fee at the jump-off site.
3. We were charged Php300 per mountain by the trail guide.
4. Side trip: Madlum Cave (3-5 minute trek) + Madlum River
5. Php25 parking fee
6. No paved road once you reach Madlum. It was off-road but my little car was able to handle it.
7. No monkey bridge crossing. Don't know why it wasn't included.
8. There's 1 store at the jump-off site that serves lugaw, arrozcaldo, and ulam + rice. There's also another store that offers Halo-Halo.

There was a birthday party going on at the jump-off site. While waiting for my turn to get a shower, I went to the party (party crashed) and asked if I can sing. They said sure, so I screamed my lungs out for the locals. lol They were very kind and receptive. They even asked us to sing more songs and to stay for lunch. They also asked us to be instant ninongs of the celebrant. Haha!

Overall, it's good for a dayhike. Go check it out this summer!

PS - some of the photos were taken at Mt. Gola, which is just a couple of steps away from Mt. Manalmon. Consider doing a twin hike para sulit! :)

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

With its elevation of 150 meters above sea level, Mt. Manalmon is really a good mountain for beginners.

Found at San Miguel, Bulacan, within Sitio Madlum, Mt. Manalmon is definitely an easy climb that has a lot to offer.

There were 2 trails to choose from in order to see the summit. The easy one offers a flat trail that would actually require you to walk a lot longer. The hard trail was made of large, quite sharp boulders that's really a pure assault climb. As we were also informed that the hard one has more shades in it, we chose that because we were off to the summit at around 12nn, thus, shades needed!

It was a bit challenging, with the heat and much effort that you need to exert to be able to reach the next steps that you need to take but it was OK because after almost 20 minutes, we were already at the first viewing deck. Yay!

The first viewing deck will ask you to climb a really big rock and from there you'll see the whole view of the Sierra Madre ranges!

From there, it took us a matter of 5 minutes to finally reach the summit and man, it was so fulfilling to look at the 360 degree view of the Sierra Madre and Bulacan area! It's really rewarding to feel how close you are to nature once you feel only the heat, the wind, and see the picturesque view that looked unreal.

After taking photos and savoring the sight, we spent time at the campsite, a few steps away from the summit and recharge ourselves for more activities that we'll do once we're at the jump off point again.

PS Take photos at the edge of the summit and have that kind of background that's definitely worth looking back again and again!

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Kring K.
5.0 Stars

Climbed 2 summit on the same day! Weeew! Nkakapagod pero super worth it pagdating s summit! :) and best part sa tuktok kami nag put up ng camp site and lunch n dun. Saya deba?? :)

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Cezanne Merthel M.
5.0 Stars

Outdoor and photography enthusiast? Why not try Mt Manalmon!
Situated in Sitio Madlum in Brgy Sibul, San Miguel Bulacan, you'll definitely relished your weekend productively.
Trekking, Spelunking, Monkey Bridge crossing, Swim in madlum river are some activities that you can accomplished in this marvelous place.
I recommend you to stay overnight. It'll give you a perfect reason to wake up early - perfect sunrise in the summit. 128536127749

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Jon B.
4.0 Stars

I wanted my birthday to be something different so I organized a birthday climb called HAYAHAY climb para masaya. First part of our adventure was spelunking.. I invited my friends to joined the event coz I wanted to be a memorable one.They enjoyed all of the activities. If you guys want to commune with nature that is very near to metro, this is the right place for you. It is a mixed of adventures like spelunking, Trekking, swimming and of course kahet may bridge na ngayon, mas gusto ko pa din dumaan sa cable bridge to add twist on my adventure. I only had one wish, I hope that the incident happened here will not be forgotten. My deepest condolences to the family of those students who perished here.

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Ginny B.
5.0 Stars

such a BEAUTIFUL place it could make you believe in love again! hahaha

this is the perfect place for an all-in-one adventure! you get to hike up a low and easy-peasy mountain (Mt. Manalmon stands only at 196 MASL; for added challenge, you may climb its twin mountain Mt. Gola which is just right beside), swim and cool down at Madlum river while adoring the MAJESTIC and JAW-DROPPING rock formations that border it, YOLO by cable crossing (monkey bridge) at your own risk as there won't be any harness attached to you, and go CRAZY spelunking at Bayubok cave where you'll be forced to channel your inner spiderman by rappelling down and crawling all over the place, and bring out the contortionist in you by inching your way through very narrow and body-twisting spaces. WHEW! you'll hate and love it the same time! it's crazy! 128525

however, if you just want a chill day, i recommend you just climb Mt. Manalmon and swim at the river. the trail is verrrrryy easy to hike and will take you only an hour max to reach the top. it's really just mr. sun who you'll be up against, so prepare your sunblock and wear long sleeves. for the more energetic and adventurous, do the twin dayhike Manalmon + Gola and go spelunking.


Sample Itinerary:

6am - 8:30am bus from Pasay to San Miguel, Bulacan
8:30am - 9am trike to Sittio Madlum
9am - 9:30am register at the jump off; group prayer & warm up
9:30 - 10:30am hike up to Mt. Manalmon
10:30 - 12nn hike down; swim at the river
12nn - 1pm hike up to Mt. Gola
1pm - 2pm hike back to jump off
2pm - 3:30pm lunch and rest
3:30pm - 5pm get down n dirty at Bayubok cave
5pm - 6pm wash, change & freshen up
6pm onwards trike and bus back to Manila



tour guide - PHP300 per group per mountain

additional PHP300 per group for spelunking/caving;
PHP30 headlamp rental (you'll need it as it's pitch black inside the cave; flashlights not recommend coz you'll need both of your hands to be free)

monkey bridge is free; raft is PHP5 per person or you can just cross the overpass/bridge for free :))

trike (one way) PHP60 per person

bus (one way) PHP120 per person

*bring small bills and coins for refreshments and use of CR


you'll be spending less than a thousand for everything! so why stay indoors when you can explore and have a BLAST outdoors without burning a hole in your pocket?? LET'S GO!! 128523

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Lea A.
4.0 Stars

If you want to experience several activities at once, Mt. Manalmon is one of the best places to go to. Monkey bridge crossing, hiking & spelunking are some of the fun stuff you can do there. Pwede rin mag-swimming kung type mo.

Only thing I didnt like much is the tremendous heat when we went. Lapnos balat levels! Good thing our guide (de Guzman) is such an entertainer. Nakakalimutan namin ang hirap at pagod sa mga panalong jokes at hirit nya 128077128518

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Ronith Jazel D.
5.0 Stars

After school started, all I could think of - well, aside from piles of school work - is the next adventure I must take and how it must involve hiking. You see, I used to hike at least once or twice a year when I was younger, I don’t know what happened. And although school means more reasonable allowance, I still didn’t have enough to travel alone, hence I had to join a public hike.

We went through the dark Metro, as people dream in their mushy beds, with groggy eyes and a heart for adventures. Two hours or so, we waited, the sun rose, the traffic soon got congested, our body ached for tingling elation. We reached the jump off point in no time then.

There were two ways to get to the trails, the monkey bridge and the hanging bridge (which is not much a hanging bridge). I, being a certified coward, took the latter while most tried the monkey bridge.

We trekked a little to Madlum Cave (a 10-meter cave), got through it, and continued navigating the beauty of Mt. Manalmon.

It wasn’t an easy trail for me at all. I kept on stopping to catch my breath and to drink water. I felt bad, I felt like I was slowing the group, thankfully, we had the best guide, Sir Paul (or Paolo, I can’t remember). He kept on cheering me up, telling me it’s part, and it’s okay. Even the other people in the group cheered for me. Ah!

After reaching the summit, I sat down and savor everything my eyes can reach. It was so beautiful! After an hour of walking and struggling (lol), there it was, the taste of the world I was yet to see.

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Haezel L.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Xoxo Q.
5.0 Stars

This is my 2nd climb / 1st adventure that includes mountain climbing, spelunking, river swimming, cliff driving, and monkey bridge!

The trail going to the summit was very easy (compared to my first climb, Mt. Pico de Loro). The more exciting parts of the adventure were spelunking and monkey bridge.

After we went down, we swam on the cold river and some of my groupmates tried the cliff diving which I didn't have the courage to do. Haha! I was lazy so I just swam.

Next was the spelunking where it took us about an hour inside the cave. It was cold and there are parts of it that are challenging that you'd pray no earthquake will ever happen! I was too happy when we finally reached the end. The experience felt awesome!

The final challenge of the adventure was the monkey bridge. I saw people crossing as if it was very easy. When I was about to hold the bridge, my heart was beating fast but the guide kept on telling me "kayang kaya mo yan" so I just looked straight and crossed. It was ACTUALLY easy. Haha! The bridge felt stable. All you have to make sure is that you hold the 'wire' and never let go. Do it step by step and then it's done!

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