Mt. Marami

Magallanes, Cavite

Mt. Marami
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Tim E.
5.0 Stars

When the mountain calls, one must answer! So we did; and it was Mt. Marami that's calling us!!! Truly one of my favorite hikes so far.

It rained the day before our hike, so the trails were extremely muddy! But that did not stop us from going the distance. And I tell you, it really is the definition of distance: the trek from jump-off to the peak!!! If my memory serves me right, we trekked for more than 5 hours going to the summit (and there's still the journey of going down!!) Oh, it was exhausting, really. BUUUUUUT! THE SUMMIT IS ALL WORTH IT. The famous "Silyang Bato" is breath-taking. Awesome selfies were taken, of course. The wind was perfect. It was cloudy when we reached the top.

Standing at 405+ MASL, this beauty is really worth the time and effort. Truly one of the best! And it can be done on a dayhike!!! 128515

The key is always proper preparation. Hyrdate. Wear comfy clothes. And never leave your drive and passion at home, you'll need it most! Well, maybe after water, that is. LOL

Anyway, this is a throwback post. Our group went there last July 25th to celebrate my sister's birthday! 128522128518

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Steffhanie S.
5.0 Stars

Last Sunday, I faced the toughest climb that I had in my 1 year of mountaineering experience. It was at Maragondon, Cavite, at Mt. Marami where I pushed my body and mind to my limits, literally.

Alongside with my group J-Hikers and Friends, we want to push the complete streak to climb 12 mountains this year. So far, so good. For our July climb, Mt. Marami is our first choice and we pushed it.

As we're coming from different areas including Tanay, Antipolo, Marikina, Boni, and North Ave and given that we're a group of 10, we opted to hire a van to make the travel easier. The group was complete at around 6AM and we started our travel to Maragondon. Our driver seems like in a hurry and we got there at around 7:30AM. We prepped ourselves, took some brekky, registered at the baranggay hall and paid 20php/pax for the registration/environmental fee and were assigned a guide named Kuya Jay. Guide fee's at 800php/guide. All were set! Here we go! Fight!

Started at 8AM, the trek was really challenging from the beginning given that the trails are extra muddy because it rained the previous night. The wet, soft, and muddy path made the supposedly easy trail a demanding one because you have to be extra careful not to slip and fall. Aside from that, horses keep on passing through the same trail that's why it becomes even muddier. Take note that there were a lot of horse poop everywhere so be ready to step on some. Haha! Imagine, in a matter of 30 minutes my leggings and sandals were crazy dirty already as if I am already trekking down! That's how wild the level of slipperiness was last Sunday!

The heat was actually bearable. Despite of open trails, it's not too hot and also, there were several river crossings that you would pass through so you get the chance to clean your sandals and remove all the mud in between. In the 3rd hour of the trek, a water source is present where you could refill your bottles. The long and winding muddy road lasted for around 4 hours given our pacing and we reached a sari-sari store where we took a break. This area has a small but pleasantly looking chapel. On its other side is the store with a home that's situated nicely at the hilltop. We rested here for a while as Kuya Jay informed us that the continuous assault is already near.

From there, we entered another barangay even if there wasn't a physical baranggay hall there. We were asked to pay 30php/pax as another entrance fee. We found it a bit expensive as we read in blogs that it should only be 20php/pax. The staff there gave us a discount but he also informed us that the fee really got higher already. Nevertheless, we were a bit doubtful of this fee being asked from hikers. Even Kuya Jay told us that he wasn't sure if this well be remitted to that 2nd baranggay. Anyway...

The assault started and yes, it's really assault already as we're getting closer and closer to the view of the summit and Mt. Marami's infamous Silyang Bato. It was already 12NN so the heat's kinda wild now so we kept moving and moving, taking breaks in between, passed through tall and wild bushes until we reached the top at around 3PM, finally!

After a 7 hour trek to the summit, seeing it up close was really rewarding. From there, get to see the whole of Maragondon, with sights of its nearby mountain, Pico de Loro. As always, surrounded by just blues and greens, the picturesque view was worth all the pain.

As most of the groups were already heading down, we got to enjoy the summit for ourselves. From the summit, we crossed to experience the mountain's Silyang Bato. As the name suggests, once you sit there, it's as if you're sitting in a rock chair. Here, we brought out all our courage and faced our fears. We took buwis buhay shots because hey, this can't be missed!

After what seemed like never ending photo opps, we started trekking down at around 5PM and already expected that we'll be out later that night. Good thing we're ready with flashlights and headlamps.

So, after a trek that seemed endless, we reached the jump off point by 9PM. Yes, we thought that the dark would eat us but thank heavens we were all safe and sound. Imagine the creepy sights and eerie sounds that we were hearing along the way. Our imaginations brought us a long way and despite our dying legs and feet, we did not choose to stop because hey, we were crazy afraid of the dark. Good thing our guide, Kuya Jay, was extra helpful and accommodating, calming us along the way.

This experience was definitely one for the books and I am extra proud of our group because we survived Mt. Marami!

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Maui S.
5.0 Stars

Its not that high but its not a walk in the park 128514 from registration at the Baranggay hall where we parked our cars. We started our long trek and if we only knew we could've done things differently.

My advise is to arrange a ride from Baranggay office to the foot of the mountain, thats about 45 mins ride...walking under the summer heat, its about 2 hours or more. So upon reaching the starting point of the trails we were already exhausted. It was a wrong call. But anyway, we learned from it and we shed a lot of fats from that hah! 127774128588128512128512 the trails is friendly, a lot of shady sections, bamboo was okay except we were already tired from the 2hr walk to without any shade.

Suddenly we heard thunder...and the sky was turning grey...the breeze changed and then just less than 15minutes from the summit the rain came...HARD. I was thankful partly because my head was throbbing hard because of the heat. But wen you start to feel that squishy feeling from your hiking shoes...thats not good 128547 we reached the summit only to stay for 15minutes or less because the rain stopped for a second and the we saw a big dark cloud coming towards our direction with heavy rain and we can really see it coming to us. We hurried with our summit shots and off we went down where of course a lot of sliding down the mud happened. We left the summit around 1pm and we reached the hut by 4pm. 128557 tired, wet, muddy and hungry we decided to ride the jeep that services the men who works at the foot of Mt. Marami. But we had to wait for it to come arrived 3hours later 128548

So there, by the time we reached the parking lot it was almost 8pm. Hows that for a full day adventure? 128588 Registration is Ph20 per person, minimum price for the guide is Php500, unforgettable jeep ride Php100 per pax 128512

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