Mt. Maynoba

Tanay, Rizal

Mt. Maynoba
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Yua D.
4.0 Stars

Mt. Maynoba is an ideal destination for first-time/beginner hikers! The trail leading to the summit is easy and chill. The view is spectacular to think its a low mountain. No need to head to Mt. Pulag to witness a sea of clouds woooo! And, upon descending, you will get to experience and bathe in 8 majestic waterfalls. Super sulit! Take note though, that it is preferred to climb at 3-4am to witness the sunrise and the sea of clouds.

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Marian A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Emkei C.
5.0 Stars

This is my second hike but it's my first twin-hike ever. We traversed Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynoba in Tanay Rizal.

It is rated 3/9 for difficulty level and it is good for beginners. Yes, in deed. But for people with poor lungs like me, I give it a 5/9 difficulty. But hey, I still managed to finish the whole adventure with no scratches, injuries or whatso.

This mountain is rich in SEA OF CLOUDS!!!! If you want to experience jaw-dropping scenery, go and try this very affordable twin hike.

Going down, you'll be mesmerized by 8 falls. You can dip or swim. The water is so clear and very refreshing.

Our budget is 500 pesos only per pax. We rented a van since we wanted to start at 3am. And for comfort sake as well.

The guide is 500 pesos (max of 5 pax). Environment fee is 40 pesos. We were also asked to plant Alibangbang. Additional 25 pesos for that.

Overall, I really love my first ever twin-hike.

More detailed post on my blog soon. :)

Love like diamonds,

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Cory J.
5.0 Stars

No mountain is too easy or hard to get that "fuck ang hirap why did I climb again?!?" Expression outta someone's mouth.

This is a pabebe mountain, but so steep the terrain near the ascent, everything else is easy walk. I recommend that you climb madaling araw para maabutan nyo yung sea of clouds ala Pulag. Don't be like us because we went there may araw na, tapos tirik na tirik pa araw. Walang masyadong puno as well kaya konti ang resting places so be ready with lotsa water, energy bars, and long sleeves!

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

2nd mountain.

It was Sunday, our guide told us that 600 mountaineers were ahead of us. There were lines in some sections, felt like being at the MRT during rush hour.

Rappelling and rocky areas are some of the challenges you'll encounter. Our trek could have been faster but due to the condition of the ground and the number of people, it added almost 2 hours to our expected time back at base camp.

There were also 8 falls before reaching base camp.

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Steffhanie S.
5.0 Stars

Mt. Maynoba, located in Cayabu, Tanay is the second mountain that you'll pass through after Mt. Cayabu. So yes, expect to do a twin day hike once you've decided to check these mountains out.

From Tanay proper, we took a private car that brought us to the jump-off point which is Mar-Ning's Resort. I suggest that if you don't have a private car, rent one, even a jeepney will do, because it's hard to commute going to this place. Take note that it's also best to visit on a weekday at an early, early time to avoid huge crowds and groups.

We started climbing at around 4:40AM and a lot of groups were already ahead of us. It was still a bit dark and surrounding us were sea of fogs, clouds and mists that made the climb even more beautiful.

The trails were actually polished and easy to walk on to. You wouldn't get lost because the designated paths are actually clear and will lead you only to the same place like where everyone else will go to. There weren't much rockies and boulders that you would need to pass through compared to the mountains in Montalban, Rizal.

After passing through the summit of Mt. Cayabu, be ready to face the challenge that Mt. Maynoba will give you. From Cayabu's, the trail is purely assault, meaning, going upwards to reach Maynabo's own summit. Good thing our climb was at around 8AM so the heat's still bearable. More than that, the scenery around you will definitely make you feel as if you're not just in Rizal but instead at the mountain ranges of Cordilleras where the browns and greens go really well with the beautiful skies.

The way to the summit will make you pass through tall and wild bushes so get ready to be surrounded by them. Make sure that you wear face covers and hats to protect you from the sun and the itchy bushes.

Finally, we reached the summit and my, the scenery that we're facing was really breathtakingly pretty and unbelievably picturesque, just like a painting that you see in museums. From there, take time to enjoy the view, let it all come to you and forget about all the stress that you have inside you.

It's also a first time for us to see a grave at the top and this belonged to a dog named Caio who died this year because of the heat that he suffered in this particular summit. Sad story indeed.

Anyway, from the summit, we descended to experience the 8 waterfalls that we'll pass through before getting out of the mountains. This was the more challenging part for me given that we had to pass through slippery rocks and boulders to see the numerous waterfalls.
Climbing during summer is what I would recommend to avoid the accidents that the rainy season would give.

The experience of climbing Mt. Maynoba was fulfilling and one for the books. From the prettiness of the sceneries to the freshness of the views, Mt. Maynoba is really a hit and must visit for most mountaineering groups now so don't waste the time to check it out for yourself too!

Climbed with Tim E and happy to have recruited him in looloo. 128522

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Tim E.
4.0 Stars

It's been a while since the last time I've been to my happy place — atop a mountain — and Mt. Maynuba did not disappoint! The hike was fairly easy because we started at dawn. The trail going to the top is good as well, not much forks along the way, but the descend, well, it is a different story. Haha! The climb also has its take on assaults, steady and steep ones. The view was incredible! It's like a scene from Heidi! Haha! The slopes, the curves, the colors, the heights, and the beauty of the surrounding left me in awe. It's definitely one of my favorite hikes thus far. It's fairly easy for beginners to take on and maybe too easy for experienced hikers to revel into, but either way, it's definitely worth the climb!! So close to achieving my 25 before 25 goal! Yeeees! To more hikes, cheers!

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Roegan T.
4.0 Stars

This past Saturday, my friend and I joined a climb group for only Php499 per person. It includes van transpo, trail guide fee, and environmental / entrance fees.

Sounds like a steal, right? Not. The downside was we had to share the L300 jeep-like vehicle with 13 other people. 128514

Anyway, we climbed Mt. Cayabu (500+ MASL) and Mt. Maynoba (728 MASL). Not sure about the difficulty, but both felt like 3/9. Our group had a total of 30 climbers. The barangay assigned 1 trail guide per five people. I joined the "elite" group because I didn't want to be left behind with 25 other people. 128556

We started the trek at 4:30AM and reached the puny summit of Mt. Cayabu after an hour. There was mountain traffic jam along the way so it took as a while to get to the summit. After resting for 5 minutes, we traversed to Mt. Maynoba and it also took us another hour.

Mt. Maynoba's summit will give you a great view of Tanay's nearby mountains such as Mt. Irid (Tanay's highest mountain) and other mountains that I'm not familiar with. The summit doesn't have any trees so prepare to be scorched by the unforgiving sun.

We only stayed at the summit for 10 minutes and then started trekking to the "8 Wonder Falls". It's a huge area of 8 different waterfalls. The trek lasted an hour before reaching Falls #4 (the highest waterfall). We got there at 7:30AM, around 5 hours early compared to the itinerary that was set by the organizers. 128514

We ate our packed breakfast food there and slept as we were waiting for the others. The water was clear and it was freezing cold! I didn't swim since it wasn't deep enough. At around 11:30, the other members of the group arrived. Our own group of 5 then decided to trek the other remaining waterfalls.

I enjoyed Falls #7 a lot because it was the deepest. After swimming for a couple ofmkinutes, our group decided to trek back to the jump-off site because we didn't want to line up for the shower room. The return trek took an hour.

Overall, it was a great hike! Mt. Maynobo gave us an awesome view of Mt. Cayabu being engulfed with sea of clouds.


1. Total travel time from QC was 2 hours via Marcos Highway.

2. There are stores at the jump-off site.

3. Bring at least 2L of water.

4. Jump-off site is only accessible by jeeoneys, trikes, SUVs, and other vehicles with enough ground clearance to survive the rocky road near the jump-off.

5. Crazy traffic jam along Marcos Highway because of the LRT construction. You've been warned!

6. Billions of mosquitos at the early parts of Mt. Cayabu's trail. Use a mosquito-repellent!

7. Use a headlamp if you plan on trekking early or at night.

8. Few river-crossing for the journey back to the jump-off site.

9. Shower fee = Php20 shower all you want lol 128514

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