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Mt. Pico de Loro
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Pam L.
4.0 Stars

At one point in our lives, we were adventurous. LOL.

Mt. Pico de Loro was our first office hike. It was my first time to climb a mountain too! So I asked my friend who liked climbing mountains what I should do to prepare myself for the hike. She told me that doing cardio exercises like jogging and running is a good way to train. She also advised to do what I'd call "stair drills" where you basically climb up and down the stairs for like 20 times. This is to train your legs to get used to going uphill and downhill. It's advisable to not to this in a public place because people will look at you haha.

Lastly, I asked my friend how difficult it was to climb Pico. She already climbed it twice and even climbed to the monolith. She said it was easy.

Let me tell you for a beginner, (or maybe just for me), it was NOT. 128514

The hike to Mt. Pico de Loro started out on an easy, relatively flat path, shaded by the trees in a forest. After that, the path becomes a bit more rocky and steeper. I remember we started climbing 1-foot high rocks around the 1-hour mark from the jump off point. It was like climbing 3 steps of stairs at a time. And boy, did my legs BURN. 128293

About an hour and a lot of short breaks later, we reached the camping site where we ate our packed lunch. You can see a lot of people here also taking their lunch break. There are also some tents pitched for those who will be staying the night. This area is already elevated so you get a good view of the summit and the surrounding mountains and even the ocean. It was very beautiful! Make sure to take this time to rest because the next part is climbing the summit!

The summit is really steep. At an almost 90-deg angle (no exaggeration!), with very little foothold, loose soil and rocks, and just grass (no trees or anything to hold on to), it looked impossible. I remember asking the person beside me -- "how the hell are we going to climb THAT?!"

To climb it, you basically crawl and silently pray that you won't step on loose soil and lose your footing. There was a lot of grass-grabbing involved on my part. I can imagine this being impossible to climb (and get down from) when muddy. So we reach the top eventually. The view was really, really nice. Until you remember that you have to climb down again. 128514128557

How I climbed down: I basically sat on my bum and tried to inch my way down little by little. Unfortunately, due to some loose soil and rocks, the person behind me accidentally (or maybe not, JK) caused some small rocks to fall on me (hand, leg, etc.), which sucked. I eventually reach the bottom and the climb down was relatively easier that the climb up.

What to wear:
Sunscreen!!! Very important.
Drifit everything because you'll sweat a LOT
A cap or hat for sun protection (which I didn't have at the time)
Trekking shoes or durable cross-trainers (I used my trusty Nike Free Run)
Thick, comfy socks for cushioning (I used Nike Elite running socks -- this is not a paid advertisement 128514)
Leggings to protect your legs from minor scratches
Sleeves to protect your arms from minor scratches and the heat
Gloves for the rock and grass-grabbing

What to bring:
A backpack with side pockets for easy access to your water bottle
Snacks, trail food, banana
Packed lunch
Extra change of clothes
First aid kit
GoPro or any camera to document your achievement
The will to survive and finish the hike

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Rian K.
5.0 Stars

It is my second time to hike Mt. Pico de Loro in Ternate, Cavite and it never fails to amazed me. The view was so stunning, you can feel the fresh air and the cold breeze. Went here with my co-workers who really loves my adventures. The trail is good for beginners and it is fun if your friends join along the way. If you want to experience a nerve wracking and death defying stunts that can test your muscles skills try to hike the monolith. At first, i was too scared but go on anyway. 128079🏻 So proud of myself.

- From manila ride a bus to baclaran
- Drop off at coastal
- ride a bus to Ternate (Php 85.00)
- Once you arrived at ternate, ride a tricycle to pico de loro registration. (Php 25.00)
- Hire a tour guide there are some fees apply.
(Php 1,500 good for 1-10pax)

- Bring a lot of water 2L
- Lunch/snack (there are campsites that has kubo's)
- Longsleeves for sunburn protection
- GoPro cameras, Iphones, cameras.
- Extra clothes

P.S you can either go back or traverse to nasugbu beach. enjoy hiking! 10084️ #UnicornGiveaway

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

Have you conquered Mt. Pico de Loro? Then you're one lucky bastard and I envy you. Because like you I climbed the mountain, the difference is I didn't climb the Monolith because, to begin with, I didn't even reach the summit. So what you are about to read is not a success story. And do you know what's even more funny? I organized this trip.

I arranged everything, from finding people who would join to hiring a service van. It was bound to be an epic trip.

We started the hike at around 9 in the morning and there were many hikers that day. The path is pretty established so no chance of getting lost. And I'm not sure why but I found this climb fairly easy because in my previous climbs, I was always out of breath, pretty much how Hazel felt when she climbed Anne Frank's house. This time, I climbed like a boss, barely skipping a beat, even going ahead of others. If we stopped along the way, I'd just wait for everyone to gather then as soon as the last person catches up, I tell them, "Let's go."

Maybe it helped that the weather wasn't stifling and that the trail is dry and not too steep. Before this, I considered my Mt. Mabilog climb to be the hardest in a sense that the air was too thin so it was hard to breathe and it was also too hot that it felt like I was being roasted alive.

Two hours later we reached the camp where you can see some stores and other hikers taking a break. We rested there for a bit, had halo-halo and pancit canton, and of course took lots of photos before we set off to the business of reaching the summit. The view at the camp was amazing!

I looked at the parrot's beak and thought it was beautiful. I was impatient to get it done and over with but my friends were still busy with their photography so I had no choice but to wait. When at last it was time to continue the climb, it didn't take me long to realize that I wasn't prepared for the challenge ahead.

The slope towards the beak is ridiculously steep, the angle is about 45 degrees. And you're supposed to climb it sans any climbing equipment, not even any trees to support you. It is dangerous because one wrong step and you're gone. It doesn't help that the trail has become quite slippery, not because it's damp but due to the fact that the soil was too dry and loose.

This is where I started to become real scared for my life. Not even the beautiful view of the sea on the side could calm my nerves. And there were too many climbers; too many people climbing up and too many people descending. My mind was on overdrive.

On our way, you'd hear people from the top screaming, "Rocks!" Soon after you'd see loose soil and rocks tumbling down the slope and you gotta be real quick at dodging them. You can see in the picture just how real the struggle is. The people are practically crawling on their way up. I searched for some motivation but the people around me were all scared too.

There are many guides who were climbing up and down the mountain like they had no sense of gravity. Before the climb, I didn't see the sense of hiring them because the trail is established anyway. It was only when I tried to get to the summit that I realized their purpose. These climbers know the mountain really well, they are not afraid of it, they know how to climb it by heart. In fact, they were just there looking at us, standing on the edge of the cliff like a parent who is watching in amusement his baby who was trying to stand on its feet. And some of these guides are just kids; really I find them amazing.

No matter where I place my foot, I slip. It's gotten so bad I was so terrified to make another move. I looked up and saw that I wasn't too far away from the peak, I was close, really close, but fear got the best of me. At that point, nobody could help me. My friends who were really good at climbing were already at the peak.

In that moment I stopped and thought about my next move. How important is it for me to reach the summit? If I didn't reach it, would I regret it? But if I go on, what would happen? If I slipped and no one breaks my fall then I'd be no more. Do I really want to risk it?

Mt. Pico de Loro seduced me and dared me to conquer her. I imagined hearing her laughter when I decided I could no longer do it. Every step I took, the soil is breaking and I was surrounded by people who were made aware of their mortality. I looked up and imagined her mocking me, bruising my ego, hurting my feelings. But I told myself, I must accept defeat. And so I humbly sought the help of a person who conquered her many times, a young lad who was kind enough to help me end my struggle.

Going down was a lot easy with his help. I forgot to ask his name but I was really thankful to him for helping me. I heard my friends wanting to give up when they heard me say that I would. Good thing they didn't. I felt quite envious of them for making it, but I don't want to beat myself up for not succeeding.

I'm not sure where I place in the population, I mean the ones who didn't conquer Mt. Pico de Loro. I imagined many things that would happen when I climbed but failing to reach the summit was not one of them. But the only thing that was hurt was my ego so I don't want to dwell on it. In life, we cannot win everything. In this case, I didn't win against Mt. Pico de Loro.

And I looked at her and still I said thank you. Mt. Pico de Loro has given me a challenge like no other. And I wonder, will I ever see her again.

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Zia M.
5.0 Stars

Weekday hike for a famous attraction like this one is really a good idea.

My friends and I decided to conquer the heights of Pico De Loro last week of April, and we decided to take it on a Thursday, since few people go here during the weekdays plus we can have a lot of time with the trail climb.

Did you know that Mt. Pico De Loro is situated bordering Batangas and Cavite? I only realized that ,when we were almost up there, because there is a mark which divides the mountain in two cities.

The jump-off point to Pico de Loro is just two and a half hours drive from Manila which is located in Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Protected Area in Ternate, Cavite. If you see the entrance to Pico De Loro resort, then you've already passed by the DENR.

There is a registration area, and every group should have a licensed trail guide. The trek alone going to the summit is very fulfilling, with bamboos (which will help you a lot during the climb), and huge and old trees, and when lucky, you can even spot on some weird insects and animals.

When you're already on top of the mountain, you can seriously have a 360 degree view of Batangas and Cavite. The feeling is so amazing.

But...if you're daredevil enough, you should climb the monolith. It will require you another 15-20 minutes, depends on your pace since the trek is not easy. It is slippery and scary! (I swear, my friend almost fell down if she didn't hold on to the ropes!)

This rocky formation is shallow and steep and slippery so be extra extra careful when trekking. Upon climbing the monolith, you'll be really amazed with the view. Super worth the "buwis buhay climb".

I have only one negative comment here. There are so many vandals on the rock formations and trees!? Seriously people, why leave a mark? Why not just go and conquer yourself? How saddening to see the vandalism in the area.


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Donna K.
5.0 Stars

For Maverick Christopher P's birthday we’ve organized a trip to Mt. Pico de Loro with his family. Hiking has been quite the fad lately, so we hopped on the bandwagon.

Before the day of the hike, I already prepared things like our lunch and camping gear. Just in case our day trip would be longer.

The initial plan was to leave at around 5AM since the drive to Nasugbu would be at least 2 hours from Alabang. The usual route is through Cavitex, but we found that the most convenient way for us would be through Daang Hari to Governor’s Drive. Took about an hour and 45 minutes to get there, we left the house at around 7:40AM and arrived at entry point a little past 9AM. My friends who have already reached the peak told me that there would be a P25 entrance fee and P1000 for the guide. When we got there, I found out that there are two entry points. We ended up in the other one, where we didn’t pay for the entrance fee but we did get a guide who charged P200 per head.

We wrote our names in the logbook before entering and followed our tour guide. At the start of the trail, I was up front after the guide taking it a step at a time. I was already having a hard time getting through, I could describe it as – walking up never-ending sets of stairs. Mind you, I’ve spent 2 weeks jogging just to get used to the trail, but apparently it wasn’t enough. We reached our first rest stop and all I could think of was – “I need to sit!”. MC’s family were very fit and athletic, so they didn’t have the same issues I was having. The struggle was real. 128557

After the first stop, we went on and I probably stopped for like 2 to 3 times. It was hard for me to keep up with the others since they were really quick on their feet. MC had to come get me like 2 times, and the guide was already concerned that I would have a harder time when we get deeper into the trek.
I could feel my asthma acting up, so I decided to stay behind and not ruin the whole experience for MC. I sent my phone with him, at least I can say my phone got to reach the summit of Mt. Pico de Loro.

On my way back down, I met up with a lot of other people who climbed the summit. One guy said they were in a group of 30 and all of them even those with conditions were able to reach the peak. He said I should try again next time and try not to rush going up.

I finally reached the car after 30 minutes and waited for MC and his family. It took about 5 hours – in that time I already had a snack, took a nap and listened to this really sad drama on the radio.

Based on the photos MC took with my phone, the place was just breathtaking. I really hated myself for not being able to push through with climbing the summit.

Here’s a couple of tips if you plan on climbing Mt. Pico de Loro:
1. You have to be well-rested before the climb. No kidding. Get at least 6 hours of sleep. The last thing you need to to crash and burn during the hike.

2. Bring lots of water. Hydrating is essential, seriously.
3. Don’t bring unnecessary baggage. The weight will just give you a harder time.

4. If you’re asthmatic, bring your inhaler.

5. Pace yourself. The only way you can actually reach the peak is if you don’t rush and strain your muscles.

6. Wear something light, it may be breezy but the climb will make you sweat tubs! Be sure to bring extra clothes too.

7. Use shoes with good traction. It’s easy to slip and slide all over the place.

After the hike, we were having a hard time looking for a place to eat and chill at. The guide, was nice enough to recommend and show us places but everything was full since it was Holy Week. We ended up having lunch at the guide’s house! He brought us to his village and we had the adobo and rice I made on his porch.

Now, I didn’t have photos because I accidentally spilled liquid soap on my phone and had to turn it off until I could place it in some rice. Yes, it really worked!

The entire experience was definitely worth it even if I didn’t make it. Hopefully, next time. I’m just happy that the Love of my life is happy and he had a great time hiking up the summit with his mom and sister.


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Josette P.
5.0 Stars

There's nothing that could describe the hype of my first trek which is Mt. Pico de Loro. The place is known for its parrot's beak which is the Monolith. I'm not good at heights, actually I have great fears with them but something in me tells me that this is worth the climb. And so we did, it took us around an hour and half to reach the camp where this scenery can be seen. It's a great view of the landscape from below! We didn't climb the monolith anymore as there are lots of people when we went for a climb. The view from the top is breathtaking. There are difficult parts of the trek some made me slipped and slide. I had scratch after but all can be cured and be gone. The best thing about the trek is taking the risk and enjoying the view. Definitely a must to try and give yourself a chance to see things from a different perspective.

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Aye T.
5.0 Stars

After 3 years of hiatus from hiking, when i got to the summit. I was reminded how peaceful it is when you are at top. Pico de loro my ninth mountain that i conquered and one of my memorable climb. We did a day hike it took us 3 hours to get into the summit.. Food and water is not a problem here, there are campsite that sells water and food and surprisingly a good halo halo..

When you go here try to climb the monolith. Trust me, worth it.. Feels like you achieve something :)

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Jerrick S.
5.0 Stars

Buwis buhay jump shoot... Para sa pinaka budget na gala for 2015... 128513

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Maui S.
2.0 Stars

Was there a mall at the summit???? Last Saturday 600 people climbed Mt. Pico de Loro 128561128561128561 My husband and I went there to reach the summit and of course as part of our workout and for the love of nature. We did not expect to climb with 598 people!!! Whoah! I mean sure if you are there to really enjoy the mountain but no! There were shouting, loud music, teens who were wearing slippers vandalizing trees and there was that loud music that I am just annoyed BIG TIME. Okay if you are a real climber one would know how to respect other climbers and respect the nature. Its not your mountain to begin with. You are just a visitor. If you want to listen to your own music, use your earphones. Always remember that not everyone enjoy your loud music. Now the vandalism, trees are there, quietly growing and these people need to vandalize their names, their ex gf names, their husbands names..I mean come on!!!! Leave the trees alone! 128547128547128547 Up in the summit where we found everyone having picnics all over the summit, leaving plastics and their garbage around. This really saddens me. With the Maragondon DENR charging Php25 per person multiply it by Php600 that is Ph15k just for 1 day. How about you put signs around the area to protect the mountain, how about limiting the number of climbers per day? How about proper ropes to reach the Parrots' Peak and how about well trained guides to remind first time climbers to be respectful of the mountain when climbing and turning off your music while climbing or just put on your earphones??128542

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Luisa E.
5.0 Stars

For PHP1750 Travelfactor provided our transpo, trusty mountain guide Kuya Wilson and fun coordinator Jessica C.

4am ETD fr. El Pueblo at Ortigas.
6:30am ARRIVAL at Ternate Cavite and commenced hike.
9am ARRIVAL at Pico De Loro's summit
11am ARRIVAL at Pico De Loro's monolith
12nn LUNCH at the local sellers camp grounds, right below the summit.
1:30pm ETA back to the camp grounds
2pm RECOVERY food at a local bulalo stop
8pm ARRIVAL at home

The hike is not easy but not super hard it is intermediate for people who don't normally hike. It is a good beginner experience for the hard parts to ascend are manageable still and it will ready you for climbing other mountains if you plan on adventuring a lot!

It was a great workout and the view is worth the body ache. I went up the monolith and it was such a great feeling to conquer it as well as the summit! The thrill of being on edge with a spectacular view was such a rush of excitement. Hiking up or down is a great way to reflect and appreciate nature.

It is a very popular destination now since by the time we were descending hordes of people were ascending. Some people bought speakers and played tacky hot 100 billboard music as if to throw an impromptu party. Those were ridiculous mountain antics of tasteless people.

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Patsy C.
5.0 Stars

As part of our 2016, the best friend and I decided to go on adventures at least once a month.

For January we had a hike up Mt. Pico de loro. Since there were only 2 of us, we joined a tour group under Travel Factor. Most agencies will take care of your transpo, fees, guide and sometimes even the food.

We arrived at the registration area at around 5. We started the hike at around 6:30am, our guide Kuya Wilson said that it's better to start early to avoid the hordes of people.

At the start it was pretty chilly, but within 30 mins I started sweating because of the slow ascend. It took us about 2 hrs to get to the peak.

The view up there is amazing, yes the sun was beating down on us but it all felt worth it. Luisa E and our other groupmates went up the famous monolith.

I didn't kasi I was too scared of the rappelling part. The problem with getting up the monolith was their long wait, sometimes it takes 2-3 hours just to get up there.

The hike going down from the peak itself was a challenge since it was so steep and you couldn't really hold on to anything. So we mostly sat and slid our way down.

Going down took us about 1 and a half hours. On our way down we crossed paths with so many hikers. So it's best you start early like we did to avoid the huge crowd.

Overall I enjoyed our hike and I would definitely do it again.

Ok here are some things to take note:
-I don't think it's a beginner hike. The steep ascend is more for an intermediate level. Parang di siya mahirap akyatin pero hindi din madali.
-Pack a lot of water, and preferably a hat, sunblock and an umbrella if you plan to stay at the peak for a long time.
-Again, start as early as possible, kita niyo naman sa picture ko pa lang na ang dami nang tao. And this was around 9am. Hahaha.

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Pam C.
5.0 Stars

You want an Adventure? Then, don't forget to put Mt. Pico De Loro Ternate Cavite on your list!! You'll be amazed. 128099

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Janine R.
4.0 Stars

Three months after my first climb (Mt. Batulao), I finally managed to squeeze in another climb into my schedule. Without any physical preparations at all, just a bag loaded with my usual hiking essentials, my fighting spirit and sense of adventure, off we went to Mt. Pico De Loro.

I did my research a day before the climb, it said it's a minor climb, trail class 1-3, difficulty of 3/9. Hell to the nooo! No climb is minor at all. This is by far my hardest climb to date. The trail was muddy, almost making it hard for me to move my feet. Sobrang madulas, I slipped twice on the way down. A fellow hiker even got injured. Just when we were about to reach the summit, the rain poured. We stayed at the campsite for a while as we wait for the rain to stop. We finally reached the summit and were getting ready for the Monolith. On a rainy day, it is not advisable to scale the Monolith. The wall is 90 degrees and can only accommodate one person at a time. The rocks are also slippery when wet. There are ropes pero halos hindi mo mahawakan sa sobrang layo sa kinatatayuan mo (para saan pa na may lubid 128514). Some of us braved the Monolith, others stayed behind. Kahit medyo nanginginig ako sa kaba at lamig, gooo pa rin. As they say, in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take. When we reached the top (as seen in my photo), there's this feeling of ecstasy!!! A few seconds of clearing and we can see a view of Cavite and Nasugbu. Wala masyadong clearing, I was expecting a better view, hence the 4 stars.

Anyway, I'm going back for a revenge climb sometime next year, hoping to get a better view and a better photo. So see you on the trails! 128522

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Kath A.
5.0 Stars

Because I'm clearly in love with mountains, I invited me college friends to hike with me last May! And gladly they joined me. My friends with two plus ones hiked Pico de Loro.

We joined a travel group and we met up at El Pueblo in Ortigas. We arrived at the foot of the mountain at around 6am and they started debriefing us about what to expect.

This time a new trail was opened by DENR as the old trail was closed because it was a private property..

The trail was mostly a forest type, making us pass more trees. The hike was generally manageable until we arrived at the place on the picture. It was named the Parrot's beak as it looked like a beak of a parrot (duh! haha). The hike going up the summit was harder than the whole trail as it was really an ascent. I almost crawled going up as it was difficult to stand up straight with a heavy bag. After going through that ordeal, we decided to take some pictures and stared at a mesmerizing view. We saw the iconic monolith and my friend and I, together with our boyfriends, decided to climb the monolith. We have to go down a rocky and steep path beside the peak. I was hesitant at first because there would be no harness at all going up the monolith. Thankfully, I didn't succumb to my fears and decided to give it a try.

It was a long wait actually, as many hikers were on the mountain on that day (It was a Sunday btw). After waiting, I saw the rope that we will use to go up, but before that you have to cling to the rocks to go to where the rope is located. When it was my turn, I almost got scared but I saw how easy for my boyfriend to climb it so I thought it must not be that hard. So i gave it a try and hola! I was able to go up! It was only a 10 m rope and thanks to my guides who told me where to put my foot and hands. After that, I was expecting for more obstacles on the way but there was none. I just had to cling to the rocks to go up and at last, I was on top! It was a very unforgettable moment for me because I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but I did! We stayed there for a few minutes and had some photo ops. :)

Going down was harder for me than going up because I can now see where I will land in case I stepped on a wrong rock. I was acrophobic before but thanks to hiking, i am in the process of overcoming it. After going down, we had to climb that steep and rocky path going back to the summit. Aftet several minutes, we decided to go down and we were assisted by our guides. We travel down again until we reach the registration area.

It was a fun hike as I was with my college loves!
I recommend this mountain for thrill seekers and it is a must to try the monolith.
For me, it was easier to climb the monolith that going up the summit.


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Roni L.
5.0 Stars

Pico De Loro one of the highiest peak in Cavite wild adventure because of the cliff side view and life risking if you are determined to climb the Monolith. A 5hrs Trek to the Monolith. No harness , nothing but experience! This Mountain is Beautiful easy to climb probably 3/5 but climbing the peak takes courage.


0430: Assembly at Coastal Mall Terminal

0500: Depart from Coastal To Ternate Cavite

0600: Arrive at Jetti Gas Station Ternate (Meet up place if you will be coming from different locations)

0700: Jump off point DENR Registration

0715: Start Trek

0900: Arrive at Camp 2

0930: Arrive at summit (take pictures) – Proceed to monolith

1045: Arrive at monolith

1100: Start Descent

1130: Arrive at camp 2 (LUNCH)

1300: Start descent

1500: Arrive at DENR site. Wash up.

1530: Arrive at Ternate Terminal

1630: Ride bus bound to Coastal Mall back to Manila

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pogiLBERT P.
5.0 Stars

It is not the mountain we conquer. It is ourselves. 128522

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Kenneth Joy D.
5.0 Stars

I made it! I climbed the Monolith 128513128077🏼

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Clarisse D.
5.0 Stars

Being in the pep squad for two non-consecutive years (oh well, champions, yes, I’m bragging that) we thought of having a very late team-building kind of outdoor activity. And they thought of hiking a mountain. We weren’t sure where to hike so I asked some of my friends, my professor, and looloo for a great mountain that will give surreal experience for beginners and for those who never really thought of climbing a mountain top.

I saw Mt. Pico de Loro, Mt. Manalmon, and Mt. Batulao. Those are good for beginners they said. It will be fun they said. In the end, we all agreed to climb Mt. Pico de Loro, also known as Mt. Palay-Palay which rests in the borders or Cavite and Batangas. We were five. GIRL POWER.

*this will be long im warning you :(*

Trust me, I did a lot of researches and considered Ms. Peanut D's review, and that delivered an instant panic attack to me because what-the-hell. But that didn’t scare me because a lot of people really said the trek is easy. By the way, this happened during the first day of APEC: November 17, 2015. We took the Alabang route rather than the Coastal route which was closed during that day.

We were looking for an “express” jeepney in Pasay Rotonda at exactly 4:20AM, but it failed to arrive for ten minutes already so we risked riding a jeep that would take the service road. Halfway from Southgate, there was a car accident—two cars that totally blocked the way—meters away from us. So we need to walk, and have a morning run just to make it to the last jeepney that was ahead the car crash. Long story short, we made it to Southgate at around 5:20. Call time was 5AM. I won’t give the itinerary because ours was an epic fail.

We had our breakfast—hotdog in a bun and Gatorade—then we rode the van from Alabang to Trece Marteres. Don’t be like us, have a good breakfast. Then we rode another jeep from Trece to Naic. When we were at Naic, all tricycle drivers were trying to negotiate with us. One was offering 25 pesos each to Ternate, the other was offering 100 per person up to registration to Pico de Loro. We took the 25 each to Ternate because we really thought we’d save more. Reaching Ternate, we all knew the 250/tricycle fare. I actually thought of making it 300 because we were five for a tricycle. But we were not informed that a tricycle can only accommodate three passengers. So we were like “whaaaaaaat noooooo” And then we started regretting why we didn’t take the 100/person offer earlier. But we had no choice. We rented two tricycles and we paid another 100/person to justify the 500Php total the two rents of tricycle. I’m crying.

We registered at around 8:40 and we didn’t get a tour guide because the trail is easy, that’s what they said. So we started at around 9AM. We didn’t jog for a week (because we really thought the pep training already made our legs powerful enough) and welcome to the club of “thirty minutes pa lang hinahanap na agad ung base camp”. Since we started a bit late than other hikers, we didn’t time with any groups that are also going up. Instead, we saw hikers already going down and saying stuff like “Ingat kayo ha,” or “Enjoyin niyo lang, kaya yan”. Oh they really calm me down. But my knees really hurt.

Minor incidents we met during our trek before reaching the base camp (that you may or may not avoid):

The rope. Remember the yellow rope and the blue rope? One of my friends, the last one in line, the one behind me, almost fell because the ground was a little bit slippery and she lost balance when I transferred my weight from the first rope to the second rope. Good thing she has a good “holding on” skill. “Guys, I saw the light,” she said after making it to the end of the rope. And we were laughing our leg pain out.

A lot of tripping. There were moments when everyone was silent trying to catch their breath, and we will just hear one of us scream in horror and when we look, “bh3 anyarh3 sau”. And we will just laugh and try to count how many times we were tripping ourselves… until we lost count.

Kathryn Bernardo problems. There were a lot of logs. If you remember Kath B.’s TVAd, and what she did with the log… you won’t be happy for us. Because 1. We tried doing it, 2. But only once because 3. Our legs aren’t happy. 4. It’s really painful to pass by a very big log.

Slip n slides. Rocky Mountain but slippery ground. Let me cry because the four of us had slip n slide for a few times. And we’re going down down in an earlier round of this trekking game.

Steep parts of the trail are not really funny at all. One time the slope is fine, the next I’m cursing simultaneously. My legs, goodbye to you.

The minor incident we met that we considered the most UNFORTUNATE event that happened to our journey to the top of this mountain: SOME GROUPS TOLD US “KAPIT LANG MALAPIT NA KAYO.” YUN PALA HINDI PA KAMI NANGANGALAHATI. I end up cursing in the air (even though I’m aware it’s not a really good place to say such words) because of the groups that we met along the opposite way of the trail. They might be just being cheerful to keep us going… but paasa talaga. *ugly cry*

The minor incident we considered a major… problem of the world. Some hikers we met along the trail—specifically those GUYS (there’s no way I’m calling them MEN) who keeps on doing catcalls. They were like “uy ganda neto” “hoy pare wag dito,” somebody even whispered to me “samahan na kita sa taas” when I passed by him. They helped… in making my blood boil to angst. Mga ser, nasa bundok po tayo, at kahit saang sulok ng mundo, walang lugar sa catcall. They made the trek more exhausting. I see disappointed and “yuck kadiri ka” faces of co-hikers.

We reached the base camp after around an hour and forty minutes. And we were so happy because the real “malapit na” is actually malapit na. Since there were a lot of people from the spot we wanted to take a photo, we ate our lunch food instead, and wait for the people to vanish. So the photo I had above is just at one of the rocks at the base camp. We saw from there the summit and the monolith and WOAH. I felt really tired after seeing the only way to the top. A local approached us and gave us an offer of 50/person, akyat at baba na daw. So we accepted his offer because I cannot risk myself anymore. I’m getting a tour guide, more like aalalay sakin. We asked him how many more minutes would it take for us to reach the summit, he said for around 20 minutes. And when we started trekking to the summit, he suddenly said, “Ay mga maam, five minutes lang po nasa tuktok na kayo.” He said we have big steps and we walk quite faster than other hikers, in fact, we’re just really tired that we need to see the 360-degree view of this place as a relief of the things we’ve gone through. Reaching the part where the only thing you can use to help you push yourself up is the wretched cogon grass, I noticed some of the rocks I’m trying to hold onto are giving up from the sand and dust. So I screamed while tearing “Guys, help mamamatay na ko” and yes! A guy offered his hand to me… *five seconds walang malisya kasi may girlfriend na kasama* and I continuously say “thank you hulog ka po ng langit” because manong tour guide was busy helping my gay friend. HAHAHA He needed it most, honestly speaking.

Making it to the top of the summit, I gave out a deep breath as my “THANK GOD BUHAY AKO”. Not “buhay ako” despite the things that we met while climbing uphill, but “buhay ako” because the view is utterly amazing and all the leg pain was replaced with the smiles we are wearing even though we’re not facing the camera. It was really amazing. Although we reached the summit at around 12NN, the sun wasn’t furious that time so it was truly fine to stay there to witness the place for the next thirty minutes of my existence. The feeling surely won’t last for a lifetime. Now, trees and horizon; tomorrow buildings and smoke. We really need to take the moment we know we won’t have in the metro. It was a very fun adventure day with the amazingly adventure-inclined people.

Going down, I had my major incident, I slid down and it was an actual pain in the a$s because of the rocks. Thank God for manong who was carefully holding my hand that time, I didn’t slide right down to the basecamp.

After an hour and ten minutes, our downhill adventure ends… with toe callus, body ache, and throat drought. We didn’t use the shower room because the people using it seem unlimited. So we just used wet wipes to wipe our body and we tied our hair. I had an overflowing sweat during uphill, by the way so it will be a very great help for you to wear drifit shirt and have a drifit towel.

It was easy they said. We didn’t feel the “easy” part, so we really said “Ah, pangbeginners nga.” And we were almost crying in pain.

Simple tips – pack light and enjoy the whole trekking adventure. Don’t trust people saying “malapit na kayo”. If you don’t curse, you will at least learn how to utter subtle profanity in some ways.

Overall, this adventure is a real test of your physical, mental, social, intellectual, and spiritual abilities. It was painful, it did test our behavior in circumstances, it made a better bond of relationship between me and friends, it did test our mind where or how to step next, and it reminded me that it is the day I most express curse and cuss. But everything was worth it—the pain from my toes to my head, the wearying from thirst to hunger, and from the no to yes… to more adventures. We have fallen in love with the thought of experiencing pain to find the genuine happiness. It was a blessed day.

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

Mt.Pico de Loro is one of the most popular mountains in the Philippines. No wonder why hikers are coming back for more because of its unique beauty.

It takes 2 hours from Metro just to get here. If you're bringing private cars, don't worry because there's a parking area here.. and it's for free! Yeah! 128513

If you're commuting via Ternate bound buses, just tell the driver to drop off at the tricycle station. You can rent a tricycle for just 250. 00 one way good for 4 persons.

Once at the jump off, you need to register and pay the registration fee. Getting a host is optional because the trail is well- established. If you're planning to climb the monolith, I recommend to get a host because it's a bit difficult. Going to the summit is the most challenging part because you need to maintain your balance, duck walk (you know what I mean) no rope to hold on... Balance is important.

Although there's no death incident here, but safety should be on top of the list. Climbing monolith is very difficult especially for newbies so getting a tour host is a must.

Overnight camping is no longer allowed here. I recommend to packed lightly. Just bring enough trail water. You can also stay overnight at the Marine Beach just few kilometers from the jump off as a sidetrip. You gotta enjoy the view.

I recommed to wear a dri-fit shirt, hiking ootd haha. Oops! Don't throw your trash..leave no trace always! Bring a trekking pole. There's a sari sari store at the jump off for last minute buying.


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Tin O.
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Mt Pico de Loro is at 664 MASL, considered to be the Highest Peak in the Province of Cavite. Experience sunset and sunrise in the summit. And for some adventure seeker, try to climb the rocky Monolith. A place to relax and at the same time enjoy to beautiful scene at the top. Every beginner must try to hike Pico. 127811127795128507128076

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