Mt. Pundaquit

Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales

Mt. Pundaquit
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Em D.
5.0 Stars

My friends and I know you can take a boat ride going to Anawangin Cove... So we decided to just make our lives harder and do the level 3 4-hour (which we finished in 3 because we just wanted it to be over already lol) hike to Mt. Pundaquit that descends to Anawangin. #SmartMove #NOT

30 minutes into the hike:
"Sino ba may pakana neto?"
"Ano Pulag pala eh!"
"Bakit puro bato"

1.5 hours:
"Break please?"

2 hours:
"Ano mas mahirap, eto o college?"
"Ewan ko nga rin eh"

2.5 hours:
**Wala na na nagsasalita. All you can hear is heavy breathing**

We've already read about how Pundaquit is a bit hard to climb. We should've listened. Actually, we did but it really didn't stop us. We just had to experience the difficulty ourselves lol. It was very steep. When it was time to go down already, we were happy cause going down is supposedly easier right? WRONG. We'd rather do the climb again than have to repeat the descending part of the hike. Going up targets and probably tones your buns and thighs and going down just hurts your ankles and feet! 128563

I still recommend it though. The view of Anawangin Cove on top is amazing. We even got to see a carabao who seemed to be crying because he was lonely lol. But I wouldn't accompany anyone anymore. Bahala na kayo I'll just meet you in Anawangin and I'll take the boat ride... Unless I get paid. 128514

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Jindra D.
4.0 Stars

Our group had a really fun and tiring experience! 3-4 hours travel time from Manila to Zambales via SCTEX. It took us almost 4 hours to reach the summit of Mount Pundaquit in San Antonio, Zambales. The trail started out to be sandy then it became rocky as we reach the top. A lot of shady area along the trail which can serve as break points where you can drink water and enjoy the view to have some picture taking. The trail got steeper as we approach the summit, but I asure you that the view is worth all it! 128525 As we traverse the mountain, we reached the Anawangin Cove. So if you are planning on climbing this mountain, make you sure yoi bring your swimsuits with you! 128077128089

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Gene G.
5.0 Stars

Last April 11-12, my friends and I were able to join Basekamp's Group Hike to Mt. Pundaquit. It was our first time to join a group hike & it will be an unforgettable experience !

We started our climb around 4:30am. It was relatively easy at first since majority of the trail was flat and a few stones along the way. But there came a part of the trail that becomes gradually steep. I felt like vomiting because "nabigla" ako sa climb but I still made it to the summit !

Going down to Anawangin was HELL !!! It took us 4 hours to descend due to the strong heat plus limited people selling cold things. It was that hot due to the river being dry. It was also hell since mabato bato sya and I hate mabato bato paths since I tend to walk clumsily and I really have a hard time to go down everytime I climb mountains.

Despite this experience, it was still a wonderful one. I was with the best company and I just kept on thinking that I'll reach Anawangin anytime soon.

*You may want to bring your things directly to Anawangin by the bangkero and just bring a regular backpack with water and trail food.

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Justin J.
5.0 Stars

First time to climb up a mountain! 127745127881

This mountain I guess is one of those easy to climb mountains or newbie friendly ones. Lucke me huh? The hike only takes 2-3 hours to reach the peak. Good thing we started early, but had a lot of breaks throughout so unfortunately we weren't able to reach the peak by sunrise.

The exhaustion and the sweat plus a little bit of heat was well worth it. I didn't feel tired at all when I reached the top. The feeling is amazing. Wind blowing on your face. The perfect view. It would've been nice to set up a hammock there. Haha.

That view by the way is Anawangin cove. We descended towards that side of the mountain and trekked our way to the beach.

Anyway the hike was a really good experience. I'll be glad to do this again whenever I can!

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