Mt. Romelo

Famy, Laguna

Mt. Romelo
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Jon B.
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Do you know that the best time to climb Mt. Romelo is during rainy season?97869786

It was Sunday morning when typhoon "lando" has just entered the Philippine area of Responsibility.As per forecast, the entire Luzon will experience heavy rainfalls and strong wind. I was troubled if I'm gonna push through the scheduled hike. Safety should be paramount but my friends were very determined to push through rain or shine.We arrived at 11 AM right in front of the registration hall. If you're bringing a private cars then you can also park there. Everyone has to pay 50.00 for the registration fee.

After passing the Sinoloan River, you will start an ascent trail, well I just take it as normal way of waking up my muscles and veins. Sobrang putik nga lang. We just started trekking then my color blue Salomon shoes turned into color brown ganun sya kaputik. Don't be surprised if you'll see "poops" along the trail as horses here are used by locals to carry their products up and down the mountain.No worries,you wouldn't notice it kasi minsan natatakpan sya ng putik unless you want to smell it. Trekking on a muddy trail adds more excitement kasi binibilang naming kung sino ang may pinakamaraming dulas. Another reason why I love Mt.Romeo is because there are so many "Bayabas127824127824" here.. So eating bayabas while trekking is really awesome.. Lalo na pagpitasin mo nalang.

Finally we reached the campsite that can accommodate several group of Hikers, it'just perfect for an overnight campers. Since we don't have 9978 tents, we decided to eat our lunch right in front of Buriwisan Falls. Looking at Buruwisan falls,I was wondering how high is it, I really don't know if I can do rappelling here just like what I saw on the internet although I'm not afraid of heights. After our short stay in Buruwisan, we resumed our adventure down to lanzones falls(seen on the photo) and assault hike back to the campsite to visit "Batya Batya Falls".

Mt. Romeo has a lot to offer to the table aside from trekking. This mountain in Laguna is one of the best destinations if you love to commune with nature that is closer to Metro Manila. The sound of waterfalls is like a music that you want to listen all day long, a beautiful scenery that you want to see every time you wake up, and a place where you can relax and reflect. I would recommend hiking Mt.Romelo during summer time coz it less muddy however, rainy season would be the ideal if you want to see waterfalls on full blast. Also it would be best to go on a dayhike climb too kasi madami nakawan like naglalaslas ng tent.. So make sure you will bring valuable things with you.. I suggest to bring a waterproof dry bag. Don't forget also to try their delicacy "Sinampalokang Santol with alamang" The taste is good, authentic Siniloan cooking; just make sure to mix it with rice because it’s really sour.9786128074127858127858

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Valerie Faye B.
5.0 Stars

Mt. Romelo 1.3

Batya Batya Falls

Batya Batya Falls has a very exciting trail as you need to jump in a chest level river just to reach Batya Batya Falls.
So you literally put your hands up and bags up in your head to avoid making your stuffs wet. But you can swim on the passage if you have bring a dry bag, just like I did.

It is called Batya Batya because of the "batya" like hole on top of the flowing waterfalls that creates big currents to let the water stream down the rocks

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Valerie Faye B.
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Mt. Romelo 1.2

Mt. Romelo is the best places to do hiking, swimming and waterfalls hopping.

2-4 hours from Manila you can have ultimate experience in this mountain.

Please read my first review about Mt. Romelo, the first article does not contain photo ( I accidentally removed it while uploading)

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Valerie Faye B.
5.0 Stars

Mt. Romelo is one of the nearest mountain that you can climb for day trek or overnight.
The good thing about Mt. Romelo is not just about its summit but the waterfalls that you can visit and swim at.

From Manila you can got Famy Laguna for 2-4 hours depending on the traffic.
Registration Fee for the climb is 50 pesos and if you need a guide you can hire some villagers there for 300 one way.

We hired kuya Marvin and paid him 500 pesos back and forth.

These is the best route for day trek so can see different waterfalls.

Mt. Romelo Summit
Diwata Falls
Sampaloc Falls
Batya Batya Falls
Twin Falls
Old Buruwisan Falls
and New Buruwisan Falls

there are other waterfalls that you can visit aside from what is listed above.

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