Mt. Sembrano

Pililla, Rizal

Mt. Sembrano
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Christia S.
4.0 Stars

My friend Kenneth, who's my teammate from the office, organized the day hike. He's the one who created our itinerary for the hike.

Upon going there, he rented a van that cost Php 4,000. We were 10 in the group so we paid 400 each. We departed from Makati at around 5:00 AM and arrived in Pililla, Rizal at around 6:00 - 6:30 AM.

The major jump-off was located at the Ynares Multi-Purpose Building, Barangay Malaya. It was in front the Elementary School. We registered there and paid Php 20 before we start the hike.

We started the hike at around 7:00 AM, we walked through the cement road first on the 15 minutes of the hike. We reached Manggahan, the camp site area, at around 8:00 AM. The Manggahan Falls is near the area with 5-10 minutes hike going to the falls. There's another registration that costs Php 10. The locals even sell Buko at around Php 20.

We reached the North summit at around 9:30 AM. It was sunny and windy at that time. We took some pictures, ate biscuits and chocolates and had few minutes of chitchat and rest until we continue to the South Summit. We continued at 10:00 AM and arrived at around 10:30 AM.

It was extremely hot and a bit windy because the South Summit is higher than the North Summit. We went down at around 12 NN and arrived at Manggahan by 1:00 PM. We had our lunch there. I brought tuna paella in can, biscuits and banana chips. Since I was already full from the lunch I took, I tried the buko juice that were being sold by the locals. It was so refreshing, I even bought 3 of it since I didn't have enough water to drink for the trail.

Some went to the Manggahan Falls, and I didn't get the chance to go anymore since I've got big blisters on my right foot. It was really painful, I even tried putting alcohol and I was really screaming because of pain. Haha! It was worthy of experience though! #BattleScars

We started our trail again by 3:30 PM. Reached the cement area by 4:30 PM. There are houses where you can take a bath but you just have to pay Php 20. We arrived at around 5:00 PM at the Barangay Hall, some of us took the shower there for free.


5:00 AM- Departure from Ayala Avenue, Makati

6:300 AM - ETA to Barangay Hall, Pililla, Rizal

7:00 AM - Start Climb/Hike/Trek

8:00 AM - ETA Manggahan camp site

9:30 AM - Summit Camp Site

10:00 AM - ETA North Summit

10:30 AM - ETA South Summit

11:15: AM - Descend to North Summit

11: 45 AM - ETA North Summit

12:00 NN - Descend to Manggahan

1:00 PM - ETA Manggahan Camp Site

-------- 1 hr lunch --------

2:15 PM - ETA Manggahan Falls

3:30 PM - Descend

5:00 PM - ETA to Barangay Hall

6:00 PM - ETD to Manila

8:00 PM - ETA to Manila

It was a very fun experience and I'm hoping to climb/hike/trek more this year. There were even lots of hugot before, during and after the hike. Rey even tallied how many hugot lines were thrown and it totaled to 82! We even called the hike as Hugot Hike.

Some of the lines were:
'Kahit naman malalakas na tao eh napapagod din.'

'Ang layo layo pa ng tingin niya, andito lang naman ako.'

'May mga bagay talaga na kailangan mo hintayin at tiisin para worth it.'

So much feels. Thanks for the good company! I really enjoyed the whole event.

Until the next hike! :)

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

YOLO so better yet climb as many mountains as you can!

This is one of the most majestic views atop summit 2, on the way to summit 3!

If you'll go straight to reach the summits, you'll be needing 3-4 hrs to make it.

The first part of the climb is off to Manggahan campsite wherein you'll pay 10php as entrance fee, same amount must be paid at the brgy. hall of Pililla before you enter the climb site. From Manggahan, you can stop for awhile and drink fresh buko juice for 15php only.

As you ascend towards the summits, the trails become more challenging with rocky and slipper areas. The scorching heat can make it ever harder so better of you bring loads of water while going on top.

Once you reached summit 1, you can opt to camp there and stay for lunch or push through the next 2 summits. Summit 2 can be reached in around 15 mins. Summit 3 can be reached in around 20 mins. Both time frames are coming from summit 1.

My favorite view is from summit 2. With all the cloudy and mountainous sights, the climb is always worth it afterall.

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Joshay S.
3.0 Stars

Had our dayhike last September 13, 2014 with my group LUBID.

Mt. Sembrano is located at Pililia, Rizal. We took a jeep going to Tanay and tricycle to Pililia. Had our registration at Brgy. Malaya Hall.

The trail going to the summit was quite challenging especially the rain just stopped that time. The trail was slippery and the rocks. The rocky path was quite hard. It took us 3-4 hours to reached the summit. But to our disappointment there's no clearing and its so foggy up there. We haven't seen the beauty at the top.

But still it was a good experience. For sure I'll come back here next year just to see the view on top.

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