Mt. Sipit Ulang

Rodriguez, Rizal

Mt. Sipit Ulang
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Kenneth Joy D.
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The claw that makes me WOW 128561128077🏼

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Steffhanie S.
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It was last Saturday when we brought ourselves so close to Mother Nature, again. Together with the Team J Hikers, we visited Brgy. Mascap in Rodriguez, Rizal and did our first climb for 2016 at Mt. Sipit Ulang yay!

After a 1 hr. jeepney ride from Robinsons Metroeast, Marcos Hi-Way to Eastwood, Rizal, we rode another trike leading to the brgy. hall. From the brgy. hall, we rode another trike for another 45 mins. and finally we reached Brgy. Mascap.

Per individual, we paid P50 for the environmental fee and we were assigned a guide, named Kuya Nathan, and it's time to explore another beautiful mountain of Rizal, once again!

The trail was a mixture of every little thing, --- from very narrow cavelike passages that you need to pass through, to different bamboo ladder sizes and heights that you need to climb, to very sharp, pointed, hardcore looking rock formations that will require you to experience rock climbing and a number of mini caves wherein you could try spelunking --- you've got so much to experience, feel and deal with to reach the pinnacle of the mountain.

After almost 5 hours of crawling, climbing, balancing, hiking and literally surviving, we were almost at the summit as we already saw the perfect view of the mountains of Rizal --- from Hapunang Banoi, Pamitinan and Binacayan.

When we arrived at the lunch area, we already got a wonderful view of the rocky Sipit Ulang itself! It was so so precious looking with its very detailed rocks, forms and positionings. Every bit of the hike was so worth it!

Before taking our turn to go to the summit, we had lunch and were so happy that there were a few vendors selling rice meals and bottled sodas and water there. Amazing, eh? After eating loads and resting our bodies for a while, we took our chances in climbing the top!

The extra sharp and pointed rocks can really be a challenge. You need to take extra caution with every move that you take as to avoid scratches. The crazy heat of the sun can be too draining so make sure to pump yourself with enough liquid.
When it was our turn, we were just in pure awe with the view from the top! It was heavenly, picturesque, in all ways! We were in between the claw like crab formation, where the mountain got its name.

I wouldn't mind going back here to see this beauty once again. After our photo opps, we started trekking down to do our side trip to Payaran Falls.

We paid our guide P600 as we are a group of 9 --- P400 for the guide fee and an additional of P200 as we did a side trip.

I was so happy when we arrived at the brgy. hall as there were loads of Pinoy street food that I happily enjoyed eating --- isaw, tenga, dugo, hot dog, ulo --- from P3 - P15 only. Worth a try right?

So for adventure lovers out there, don't miss this one out and come back for other Rizal mountains like Ayaas, Binacayan, Pamitinan, Hapunang Banoi, etc.

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Abed M.
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Yet another adventure hidden at the jungles of Montalban, Rizal. Mt. Sipit Ulang coined from crab-claw literally due to crab-claw like rock formation of the summit. Located in Brgy. Mascap, 30 mins trike ride from Montalban drop-off point. You'll reach the baranggay proper.

There are countless caves in the area, you have to fit yourself in some passages to reach the summit (expect yourself to get dirty and muddy) XD

After passing caves and ladders and bridges of bamboos. You'll reach the summit. And oh i forgot brooks crossing. Summit is filled with jag rocks, the pinnacle rocks are steep too but the view? Priceless! You can see the twin peaks of Pamitinan and Binacayan, Mt. Ayaas the great Sierra Madre mountain range and the lowlands of Rizal and the metro on the other side of course.

Side trips are spelunking and waterfalls chasing. Depending on your time availability you may try both, but the adventures are time consuming. We descended around 2PM already from the summit. We immersed ourselves at crystal clear waters of Payaran Waterfalls. :3

We'll definitely come back soon to try other adventures being offered by this newly opened place to the public.

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