Mt. Tapyas

Coron, Palawan

Mt. Tapyas
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Glenn J.
5.0 Stars

It was all worth the climb. Prepare your knees, toes, feet, and endurance as you climb Mt. Tapyas with 700+ steps/stairs. Above is the monumental cross and big CORON letters which light up the night sky (it was a good view if you're in the town). It is recommended to climb on 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM to witness the sunset which will alleviate your stress and exhaustion. You'll also have a 360 degrees view of Coron, Palawan.

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

A flight of stairs 700+ Steps up. That's what we took-on in the afternoon after a whole day of island hopping. As if trekking to different lagoons and lakes in Coron island is not enough activity load for my legs 128557.

It hurts.

After about a hundred flights of stairs we encountered a kid selling a bunch of stuff. She tried to offer us some products but we didn't find anything interesting so we just chatted with her. She told us, just ahead is a rest point and if we reach it we are already 200 steps with about 600 more to go.

That wasn't so bad. I thought at the time, as my legs are still fully functional. 128513

Or so I thought.

After a few more steps, my legs start to hurt.

It stings.

So much so that we had to rest at every stop on the way up. #tanders 128514

Somewhere in the middle there was a wide space with dilapidated structures and stalls. It seems like there were businesses here during it's heyday but got abandoned. Maybe no one really wants to buy stuff going up a mountain, only to come down with extra weight. Or maybe the tenants had a hard time getting their items up there in the first place. 128514

We went on up.

It hurts like hell.

As we reached the top, my shirt became two tone. The upper part dark with sweat. 128514

The top offers a great 360 view of Coron. It is the highest point in Coron after all. There is also a large cross lit with bulbs that marks it. The big letters that spelled CORON that can be seen from below can also be found here but cannot be reached for picture taking as it is situated on a steep side of the mountain and is off limits.

Lots of people here taking photos and waiting for the sunset. Aside from that, there is nothing much to do here. So after some photo ops we decided to head down because it was starting to get dark fast.

The flight downstairs proved to be harder. For someone like me who eats a lot with zero exercise, it is excruciatingly painful. My whole body was taking a toll on my legs. It was shaking with every step down. #tanders 128557

Ayoko na umulit. Machaket 128514

As we reached the bottom, tricycle drivers offered a ride to Maquinit Hot Springs, which was a logical choice after all that trekking. Unfortunately, we already did Maquinit the day before 128557. I guess we didn't think our itinerary through. 128514 My legs were sore for at least a week.

Note: Dip in Maquinit Hot Springs at night, right after trekking Mt. Tapyas in the afternoon to soothe aching muscles. Preferably do these activities at the last night of your Coron trip or risk having trouble getting around. 128514

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

I admit that I’m not the mountain type of person coz I’d prefer beach anytime of the day. But visiting Coron won’t be completed without conquering the famous Mt. Tapyas.

Mt. Tapyas is the second highest mountain in the town of Coron. It came from the word “tapyas” which means chip, trim or cut in English. Instead of availing the tour, we just opted to do the diy thing which was totally free.

The moutain is totally accesible to find. There are signages that leads to its foot where we started off our hike. The trails are easy to walk through since there are concrete stairs to follow.

After conquering the 700+ steps, I felt my knees were shaking and tired. I admit that I didn’t enjoy the trail but after seeing the view from above, I suddenly fell inlove. I could the wide stretch of mountains and the ocean. The cold morning breeze hugged me and said “just relax and appreciate every little thing you see” while the sun was peaking up a bit. It was one of the cold mornings in my life that I won’t forget.

There’s also a big cross and huge Coron signage above. We took some photos and videos for documentation. We also went on the other side of the mountain where brown hills are present. The view made me stunned and loved Mt. Tapyas even more.

128204Friendly Tips:
1. Bring water for replenishments.
2. Go here either morning or late afternoon to avoid scorching sun. It’s better to watch sunrise and sunset than having a bad sunburn.
3. Avoid availing of tours just to go here. Mt. Tapyas is totally free.
4. 700+ steps are no joke. Expect to get tired and exhausted.
If you’re going to Coron don’t miss the chance to climb Mt. Tapyas. I should say that every little steps were totally worth it!

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Bernisse C.
3.0 Stars

Short history story on how Mt. Tapyas got its name. During World War II, the mountain was struck by a bomb and a part of it was shattered or “natapyas”. Tapyas in direct English translation means “cut off”.
According to our tour guide, Mt. Tapyas is the highest point in Coron where you can have an overlooking view of the town. It was a challenge but at the same time an adventure to get to the top. We took a commemorative photo every hundred steps just for fun. Oh and don’t bother wearing shoes. Slippers are perfectly fine since there are proper steps. Completely different from what I had in mind when they mentioned “trekking”.
After 721 steps and a bucket of sweat, we finally reached the top. It was a bit disappointing since it was so cloudy that day and most parts where covered. But our guide promised that the view is spectacular on a sunny day and during sunsets.
We rested for a while and took some photos when we realized there were still stairs on the other end going someplace else. Our inner Dora and Boots would not let us miss this opportunity and so we set out on another adventure. No regrets as the view at the back was even more beautiful. I wish I could come back again someday during sunsets when the skies are clear. For now, I'm giving it three stars mainly because I couldn't see anything due to the bad weather.

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Ron M.
4.0 Stars

This is byfar thw highest point in coron according to our dear tour guide, it takes 721 steps, 2 cramped legs, and an overly sweat shirt to reach the peak of this mountain, talk about an instant workout before pigging out on coron's seafood and ribs 128517

Mt. Tapyas was named after being struck by a bomb durig world war II, part of the mountain exploded or "natapyas" thus having its name, this was told by our tour guide while catching his breath by the time we reached the top 128518 unfortunately not all of us reached the top as some gave up along the way, luckily me and le boyfie just went to the gym the day before we arrived coron.... #beachbody haha jk 9996🏻

At the peak is the overlooking view of the whole town proper of coron including its neighboring islands, upon reaching the top the view just took our breath away 128525 though we weren't able to take a shot of the full view coz we were so overwhelmed we just stopped and stared at it for a few minutes before our dear tour guide asked us if we wanted to get our photos taken (fyi the selfie photo was taken coz we wanted to test the range first before giving it to him)

This was quite a memorable trek as this was the first destination we went to by the time we arrived at coron, it gave us a brief introduction of what we will go through for the next few days

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Jovin B.
4.0 Stars

Mt. Tapyas is good place to get some exercise. We made a vlog about and if remember right it's about 720+ steps to get to the top. It's not all bad though because as you hike up towards the top you get to see a better view of Coron as you get higher. Come here to work up a sweat then when you go down go straight to Maquinit hot spring to relax.

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Hannah V.
5.0 Stars

After 700+ steps up... being on top. Mt. Tapyas offers a very relaxing view of the town. The way to the summit is very accessible *friendly* for everyone to climb. *ofcourse* Dont forget to bring water although there is a store at the bottom of the staircase wherein you can buy refreshments. A must do activity when you go to coron. 128521

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Mt.  Tapyas is the last place we visited on our first day in Coron.  This was highly recommended by the locals.  After Maqunit Hot Springs,  we decided to exercise our middle aged joints.  Off to Mt Tapyas we go.

It took us a couple hundred steps to reach the top of Mt.  Tapyas.  Aching joints aside,  the view from the top is spectacular.  You get to see the whole island.  I was  thankful that we decided to swing by late afternoon,  you get to see the different colors as the sun slowly disappears from the horizon.


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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

723 steps to reach this breathtaking view 97281277969729

After our DIY island hopping experience, we started our ascension to reach Mt. Tapyas. For some first timers, Mt. Tapyas & Maquinit Hot Spring is bundled up with a group tour, but for us, we just went there by ourselves.

From the port, we rode a tricycle (75php/trip) going up. Before going up, better to bring a bottle of water as the way up is really tiring and exhausting! 128166
We started at 4pm, in the hope of seeing the sunset, but the soon took so long to set 128517 We were a bit worried because as we were climbing up, the sun was already showing signs of going down. By the time we reached the top, the sun was just merely positioning itself to set. So much for stepping up the climb 128517 #sorryexcitedlang But nonetheless, to see this view was just worth the climb! 128522128077🏻9728

On the side note, a race towards Mt. Tapyas is being held in the town. So while ascending, we noticed two runners who were doing their runs, perhaps training for the next run. On our way up, there is this 'kuya' who was training - with the hours that took us to go up, we've seen him come back about 3-4 times! 128561 And on the way down, i can guess that it was already his 7th round 128561128563 #nahiyanamanakosasariliko
Kuya said that to make the climb up and down can be done in 7-10 minutes. #ikawnaangfit 128517128514

If I lived in the area, pede ko tong karirin! 128517 #akyatbabapamore

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Carla D.
5.0 Stars

Must do in Coron!! I can recommend going here in the morning in time for the sunrise and in the afternoon in time for the sunset. Being on top offers a great view of the town. It took us ~an hour to reach the summit due to stops to take photos every 100 steps (each 100 steps have paint marks). It has a total of 723 steps (although the official last step was marked at 723). The stairs are wide enough to take some breaks without bothering other tourists while resting. The way to the summit is also not steep so it's a very doable climb for everyone! There is a steel cross at the top. There are solar posts which light up at night. There is a store at the bottom of the staircase wherein you can buy refreshments before starting your climb.

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April H.
5.0 Stars

When you find yourself in Coron, make time to visit Mount Tapyas...

Coron was my family's Christmas destination a few years back... Travelling is fun with the clan since it's 25+ noisy, rowdy, and adventurous people, off to explore a new place... For this trip, my aunt insisted on riding the Super Ferry on our way to Coron... The older cousins PROTESTED, but the elders said it was for our nieces and nephews... Being good titos and titas, we gave in... Into an ordeal due to the waves!!! DO NOT DO THIS WHEN YOU GO TO CORON... The waves in the open sea are a killer and you will get NO SLEEP... TAKE A PLANE, this is not the ideal route to try out the Super Ferry...

I only mention this because when we arrived at Coron, Mt. Tapyas was one of the first things we saw... Visible from the port is the huge cross on top of the mountain... After shaking off our sea legs, we collected our things and the vans made a quick stop at the restaurant near the mountain... Our guides told us that we would be climbing the mountain on the last day of our trip...

On the said day, we went back to the town proper... We were dropped off near a basketball court, where we began our ascent... It is over 700 steep concrete steps high... We had to stop several times (we were with senior citizens as well) before we reached the summit... There are informal rest areas along the way-- platforms with seats and vendors peddling ice cold water... I remember clearly that I regretted wearing my slippers as we went up the mountain!128517

After almost an hour (probably), we reached the foot of the enormous metal cross... This signals a possible end to your climb... You have reached the viewdeck! At this point you can already enjoy the picturesque view of the island... As we were there in the late afternoon, the rays of the sun highlighted several tourists attractions from where we stood... It is a sight that you will not forget and you will not regret the climb...

I say possible end, because you can choose to go take the trail to the other side of the mountain... There is a worn path which you can cross, with uncut grass and weeds along the way... There are no railings in this area, so do be careful... What is present is a small hut with benches... And a spectacular view of the raw beauty of the town below and the surrounding islands... My cousins, brother and I stayed until sunset and believe me when I say that it was one of the most beautiful things I have witnessed... If a sunset at this place does not move you, I don't know what will...

The descent is less difficult than the climb, but remain vigilant as any misstep might result in an accident...

So treat this place like you are climbing any other mountain, save for the concrete steps... Bring water, towels, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent... 128515

The stump of the metal cross is all that is left today... Typhoon Yolanda carried the cross and left destruction at her wake... The iconic cross is gone, but the beautiful view remains...

If you want to try riding on the Super Ferry, the route to Boracay is better; shorter portion in the open sea... If you just want to try riding on a ship, the RoRo going to Mindoro Oriental/Occidental is shorter and a generally smooth ride...

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