Mt. Ugo

Itogon, Benguet

Mt. Ugo
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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

I don't know what's with the mountain, but every time I'm on top, I feel like I'm free from sorrows and miseries. Speaking of being on top, Mt. Ugo is one of the highest mountains in the Cordillera region. It stands 2,150 MASL with the difficuly of 5/9 and considered as a major climb.

I have been here 3 times already. Traversing Mt. Ugo from its original jump off in Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya down to Itogon, Benguet is a good idea as it gives you a 360 view of Benguet Province and the mountainous ranges of cordilleras from atop. Mt. Ugo is one of the well-known mountains in Cordillera. It has a very scenic trail with numerous pine trees which give so much feeling of tranquility. I couldn't help myself to stop and stare in the amazing views around and feel the touching air. Aside from the trail, Mt. Ugo's campsite has a stunning views, and it was the best campsite I've stayed in so far. There are a lot of highlights in Mt. Ugo, from the trail to summit.

I will never forget all the hiking adventures I've had, but I have a lot of great things to say about this climb. This mountain has so much to offer. Surreal is the word to best describe Mt. Ugo or even this adventure. Every blister and pain are all worth it. And what made this adventure more meaningful is because of my jovial companions who shared their passions with me.


- Make sure to pack light. If overnight stay, just bring three pairs of clothes.
- It's so cold at night! Make sure to bring thermal jacket, sleeping bag, and hand gloves.
- Secure your food! There's so many cows here..they'll greet you in the morning. Worst is they'll take your food if you don't put it inside the tent.
- Bring headlamps/Flashlights
-Bring power banks for you gadgets.

- Try their own Benguet tastes so good!
- Don't forget to take a picture of the pine trees in Ugo, it's different from the other mountains in Cordilleras.

Thank looloo for multiple photos128522 I can now create my own album for every review128077🏻

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

Mapapah-UGO-t ka talaga sa haba ng lakaran at ganda ng view sa Mt. Ugo. Traversing Mt. Ugo from the the jump off in Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya down to Itogon, Benguet isn't easy at all. If you're used to walk 34 kilometers then you'll survive. What I liked here is the trail. It's very well-established. Going to the summit requires more patience because it's going to be a long assault. You can see cows along the trail na minsan nanghahabol ng tao. The locals are very nice too! They offered their own coffee called "The Benguet coffee". It's is also nice to see the sea of clouds. You can also see the billion dollars stars during the night. When you reach the Barangay Hall of Itogon, Benguet, they'll give the certificate of achievement because you survived the challenge and their certificate is better than my diploma. They'll also offer free coffee. You can also sleep in the Barangay Hall because they have a guest room for those who want to stay. The locals hospitality is very superb! They're very organized from their restrooms to their guest sleeping quarters. The registration fee is just 200 pesos. Guide fee is 500 per day. It was really worth it kahet na mahabang lakaran. I'll definitely comeback for more!!!

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

Part our I.T was to climb Mt.Ugo first tapos Ampucao 7 summits traverse via PhilEx Ridge. Glad that I'm of part of the first group to established the new trail which will be opened to public soon.

I have been eyeing for this event. I was invited by a friend of mine to join the event. We arrived in Benguet at around 10 AM.. kapos na masyado sa oras kaya binilisan nalang namin ... No stretching time pagbaba ng van sugod agad.

Mt.Ugo has a distinct and alluring beauty that makes this mountain one of the best in the Philippines..No doubt why this is included in the top 10 Famous and most visited mountain in the country. I love the mountains here in Benguet not just because of the Jawdropping view but because of the cold weather too. It was just past 11am and the fog covered the whole place like we're in heaven. Too many cows here... Kakatuwa lang. I just remembered may isa na sumalubong sa akin tapos sabi ko sa guide kuya, He's going to attack me.. gagawin ko talagang nilaga yan sakto gutom pa naman ako..tapos sabay sabi sa akin ni kuya, lechonin mo nalang sir mas masarap yun tapos sabay nagtawanan nalang kami.

The view at the top is priceless as you can see neighboring mountains like Mt. Pulag and Mt.Ulap. I just don't like the other groups who climbed that day too coz they left their trashes sa gilid ng trail then, we reminded them that they don't have a janitor to pick their trashes. It's always leave No trace for us kaya nga meron kami garbage bag dala para sa basura.

Just a quick question, how can I add a newly- discovered place here? Just want to add Ampucao 7 summits traverse via PhilEx Ridge located in Tuba,Benguet. I just want to share my experience here..the new trail will be opened at the end of the month. I wanted to post some my photos sa mummy cave but the Barangay officials told me na antayin daw muna ang inauguration day.

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Myra L.
5.0 Stars

Mt. Ugo via Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya has an established trail so it's fairly easy to climb; we even greeted a number of locals in motorcycles along the way. It's mostly flat but really requires lots of patience since the trail is a long and loopy one. There are also lots of photo-op worthy views of forests with fogs breezing through.

This climb was extra memorable because we encountered animals upclose - cows, lots of them! 128046 Two cows even followed our group! We actually passed by 3 - 4 herds traversing to Itogon, Benguet. BUT I'd suggest you don't pet them to avoid possible bad encounters. Wild animals pa rin sila and you're a stranger/passer by to them. Tandaan, mahirap ma-injure sa bundok! 128521

And last tip - be careful stepping on their poop! Seriously, ang dami. Haha 128586

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