Munting Buhangin

Nasugbu, Batangas

Munting Buhangin
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Lorraine I.
4.0 Stars

My boyfriend and I got bored and decided to go to the beach. A quick google search for cheap resorts in Batangas lead us to Munting Buhangin. It looked good, clean and cheap too. So armed with a bucket of chicken, few snacks and rice off we go!

Upon arriving we were so happy to see a discount for accomodations. I forgot how much I think it was somewhere from 20% to 30% maybe more but I'm still not sure. We were only suppose to stay for a day tour but we got there at around 2PM because of the hellish traffic at Tagaytay. We opted for overnight which I think is better since Day tour is only from 6AM to 6PM while Overnight is 3PM to 1PM the next day. I won't do the math because I'm lazy but its pretty obvious overnight has more hours. Hahaha. Usually for overnighters I expect an earlier check out or later check in. Entrance is 480 per head with free breakfast. We stayed in a airconditioned Nipa Hut that is actually good for 4 priced at 2750. I think we only paid a little over 3k because of the discount.

The Nipa hut has a room which is basically just a bed and very little room to put your things in and typical table and seat Kubo-style. It was clean which I liked very much. The aircondition is strong and looked brand new. In the morning our aircon didn't turn on I thought they cut our power. I was so annoyed! But natanggal lang pala saksak lol. The bed is comfy. Didn't smell anything gross or encountered any gross bugs. The other Nipa huts were a little too close to my liking. Only had I think a meter in distance from each other so I did not like the lack of privacy. But well wala na lang pakielaman.

The beach was pretty clean. Looked pretty much like what it looks like in the pictures but the sand is darker than I expected. But there are still some garbage like wrappers, cigarette butts and empty bottles. Not really the fault of resort but the digusting people who can't be bothered to properly collect their trash. It's not that hard people! The beach was calm. Perfect for just chilling. And it's not deep also. You can walk up to the barrier. Especially in the morning during lowtide. The water near the barrier which was a little over my head the night before was only up to my waist. We enjoyed swimming and just floating. The cove like shoreline made me feel like we were in secluded or much expensive beach in Batangas. Oh and we also saw a diaper hanging on the barrier. People are so gross.

We didn't try other resort activities because we were there just to chill. They offer a lot of activities like Island Hopping, Jet ski, Kayaking, and many more. There is also a store in the resort which is of course expensive. Note that it only open until 7PM pretty early in my opinion. The bathroom is gross but big so it was tolerable.

So why is my picture the food? Well you can easily search for pictures of the beach and I wanted to show everyone the free breakfast that they serve which surprised us becuase it was pretty good. Choose your food upon checking in and they'll deliver it to you. I had bangus which was so tasty while my boyfriend had longganisa, you see my boyfriend is somewhat a longganisa addict he has probably eaten what every region has to offer lol, and he also liked it. It's not spectacular or anything but it was good. The serving is more than what I expected. The scrambled egg was creamy. Even the rice had lots of garlic and actually tasted like garlic. These cheap places that offer breakfast we've been to always tasted bland so maybe my low expectations helped.

Oh and the stairs up back to the parking lot almost killed me due to my unfit legs. I literally had to seat at the ground to catch my breath.


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Jackie S.
3.0 Stars

We were looking for a cheap beach around the Batangas area for a day trip road trip and we landed here in Munting Buhangin.

They had white sand which they try to clean and maintain, but you'll still see trash from time to time as the area is quite big. We were lucky enough that there were only a few visitors during our visit because it was a Sunday and school wasn't out yet. I hear the place gets packed during summer time.

The water in the beach was okay, better than others in the area.

Entrance fee is P200/head for day tour and P950 for a picnic hut which can accommodate around 10 people comfortably.

They have shower rooms and restrooms for male and female; and a restaurant too, if you're not up for cooking your own food.

They also have a grill area but make sure to bring your own charcoal and gauze. The people there are very helpful so don't hesitate to ask help from their staff.

The beach is about 50 steps down from the parking area, it's quite steep, you can hire a local there to help you bring your things back and forth. Going down was easy, going up is another story. 128516

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Kiko G.
2.0 Stars

I don't have the luxury of time to go far to get soaked under the sun. Nasugbu is the only option I know other than Laiya.

I looked for the cheapest accommodation that day and I ended paying 4,600 pesos for a small air conditioned room. I really don't spend for accommodation when I travel kaya masakit na sakin yung presyo haha! It really makes me think why Laiya and Nasugbu are so pricey hindi naman malinis ang dagat.

The place has a lot of villas, tree houses, tents and huts for rent.

I rented a boat for P1500 to go island hopping, snorkeling and go wading in clean waters. When we reached the snorkeling spot, bilang lang sa isang kamay ko ang isda! Puro corals. I was disappointed so I asked if we can just go to the cleanest beach In Nasugbu. They took me to Canyon Cove I think was the name or Kawayan Cove. The beach is cleaner but still.. 128078 OLATS

Just took an underwater selfie and returned to Munting Buhangin. Hehe 128516

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