Murray & D'Vine

G/F Serendra Piazza, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Murray & D'Vine
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Most Recent Reviews

Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

I have this huge thing for hearts. I don't really know why but ever since I was young, I get attracted to anything shaped like a heart (not the human heart, just so we're on the same page). I used to have a lot of shirts with hearts printed on it. I also used to have a lot of accessories with heart pendants, charms, and what not. I also went crazy over Papa John's heart-shaped pizza. And I have this glowing heart pin I used to wear every Heart's Day. I guess it has something to do with being me being a February baby.

My favorite Dragon Lady, T, told me that there's a restaurant that serves heart-shaped burgers and we agreed to have a date there and murder a burger or two. But I didn't expect to visit the place sooner when I ran out of ideas during my trip there with J.

Hello there, Murray and D'Vine.

The place was pretty dark when we went so I thought it was closed and I was already planning to recommend my favorite restaurant in Serendra, Mesclun, as an alternative. But the friendly server approached us and told us that they were open. So, I guess it was destiny. Hello, heart-shaped burger. <3

We opted to dine upstairs as it was cooler there. The server gave us a bell to use to call them. Pretty cute but it clashes with the whole concept of the restaurant. Anyway...

It took us quite a bit to order as we were distracted by the shape of the food. After a while, I decided to go for the Ostrich Burger (PHP565) while J went for the Aussie Burger (PHP515). We also ordered a glass of drink each (and unfortunately, I forgot what it's called but we got it for less than PHP100 each if I recall it right).

First served were our drinks which were pretty decent. The drinks had a slight kick but nothing to make one woozy.

Our burgers arrived next.

J's burger was huge but he did manage to finish it. I drooled over the bacon and egg on his burger. But he was not totally impressed with it.

My burger was flatter compared to J's and it somehow made me a bit sad. (Foodie reaction.)

Marketed as low in calories and fuller in flavor, it was slightly dry for me. The patty was a bit too well done and I had to put a lot of ketchup to make it more flavorful or juicy. I also find it to be overpriced for PHP565.

Overall, lunch was okay but slightly overpriced for the quality of the burgers. I guess this place is more of a bar and we just got swayed by the shape of the burgers.


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Veanney V.
3.0 Stars

Our last stop at the #LoolooFoodTour 127881

Ive never really noticed it before as the place looked like a hangout of old american dudes looking for a "good time" until I discovered Looloo and started becoming a |ooloo addict! I found this place trending or one of the best in looloo when you type in "serendra" and since then Ive been wanting to try this place out and now I finally have!

We were served salpicao (?), curly fries, nachos, and these cute burger sliders!

Only tried the sliders for the heck of trying something here bec I was just so full! 128586 The patty was really thick -- "siksik" for that matter. It's was ok. Burger was a bit salty but if I had eaten the buns too maybe it wouldnt have been as salty 128517 Also got some merlot to wash down everything we've eaten that night. They have a long list of wines and other drinks.

The servers were nice and the place is very "chill" but I still dont think it's my scene. It can be turned into a GNO (girls night out) kinda place tho! It certainly has potential for that 128077🏼

Thank you so much Looloo, Bistro Group, Odell R and Peanut D for letting me be a part of this awesome #LoolooFoodTour! Definitely a memory worth remembering 9786

  • No. of Comments: 6
Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

Last stop for our |ooloo Food Tour was Murray & D 'Vine. I always pass by this place in High Street since it's just beside Gelatissimo and Chez Karine but I never paid much attention since it's clientele were mostly foreigners belonging to the older age bracket. So when the |ooloo crew revealed that our last stop was this restaurant, I kinda spaced out. First, I know that it's not a Bistro Group member since I have never seen it in their card and promotional stuff before. Second, I didn't know where it was exactly located - never knew that it was that restaurant all along. Anyhow, the manager was quick to explain that they just acquired this restaurant and will soon be seen under their umbrella.

I would say that this was my least favorite of all four stops. Why?

1) I was already so full by the time we reached Murray & D 'Vine! 3 restaurants in a row - come on!
2) Food has been waiting for us for about 15 mins already when we got there so expect soggy fries and nachos and cold dishes
3) I was really really full lol

They had us try some of their finger food and let us order anything we wanted from their beverage list - including cocktails, wine, etc.

Three flavors of curly fries were served - cheese, barbecue and sour cream. Each one was okay but were already cold when we tried them, almost soggy.

Then we also got some Nachos with white garlicky sauce, ground beef and red and green bell peppers. This was okay - could have been best if there was more beef and if the nachos were not soggy.

We also got the chance to try their Beef Salpicao. Really spicy dish! The meat was tender and flavorful but it was too spicy for me!

Then the burger sliders. Honestly, they were a little dry for me and nothing really special.

The only thing I liked was the fresh Mango Shake. Fresh ripe mangoes, blended with ice - simple and refreshing. The group also ordered for a towering margarita which was refreshing and could have been a great night cap - only if I was not too full.

Anyway...I think we came here at the wrong time. I'm willing to try them again. I'm sure they have much more to offer than what we got to try that night.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Never really considered eating here before because I felt like I was too young for this place, that it's a drinking place for adult adults. And pag pumasok ako, parang weird! 128517

When they explained to us that this is our last stop, first thought was, "ohh so we would be having drinks to end the night" but NO! We did ordered drinks but there were food already prepared when we arrived! Nachos, flavored fries, sliders and spicy beef salpicao! It was a lot! And with the amount of food we've already eaten, we didn't really enjoy the food here anymore. 128528

I was able to try the sliders, salpicao and nachos. I enjoyed the nachos the most because lumambot na siya because of the sauce! I like my nachos like that hihi! 128518128525128076🏼 Kung di lang ako busog, I'll eat all the nachos! 128514128541 The sliders was too ordinary, salty and was already tough when I tried it. The salpicao was good, the beef was tender and I liked that it was spicy! 128513

I might consider eating here again to fully enjoy their meals. But not sooooon soon. And with more space in my tummy. 128517128521

I survived!! One night, 4 restaurants. 128552128556128526
Thank you to the awesome |ooloo crew and the bistro group!!! I really really had fun. Not only was I able to eat at 4 different restaurants but I also got to meet new people. People who also loves to eat and wouldn't complain and mind waiting and eating cold food because they know how important it is to take pictures first! 128514128518 Again, thank you |ooloo for inviting me! Definitely one for the books!! To more eatups and food tours! 128513127867

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Jairus d.
3.0 Stars

The last stop on our looloo food tour. I doubt if my review will be helpful to potential customers because of the following reasons:

♈️ The non-stop eating in three different bistro restaurants made me full. I mean really full.

♈️ The food was already on the table when we arrived. Our group were late for 10-15 minutes so the quality of the food already dwindled.

♈️ I didn't taste everything and probably nibbled 1-2 dishes. The slider's bun was a tad tough, I find the nachos makunat. The only thing I liked was their mango shake.

I would like to come back and see the true potential of their Menu. For now, thank you |ooloo for the invite and to the Bistro Group for sponsoring our awesome food tour!

  • No. of Comments: 1
Kiko G.
3.0 Stars

I asked JP G where he parked as we stepped out of Italianni's because I was ready to go home. I wasn't aware that there's a 4TH STOP for the #looloofoodtour.

I had an idea that we will be visiting 3 places because I only know three bistro group restaurants in High Street. I was surprised that this restaurant is already part of the Bistro Group.

I have seen this place packed, normally ng mga taong banyaga and I have never tried this place.

The food was already settled on the table 15 minutes before we arrived. Obviously, food quality is no longer that good.

Although the nachos and fries tasted really good, unfortunately, the nachos was soggy and the fries was already dry. I like their extensive beverage options and I got a bottle of corona. It was right fit for the salpicao. It was spicy and tender. I was too full to try the sliders but I think it would be the best partner to their wide-ranging drinks.

This place deserves another shot. I always see this place full and there's definitely a good reason for that.

The servers were very accommodating and quick to respond. A true-grade bistro group.

Big thanks again to the Bistro Group and to Odell R Peanut D and Roegan T.

  • No. of Comments: 8
Aileen L.
4.0 Stars

The last stop of the Looloo Food Tour last Thursday night is at Murray & D'Vine located at Serendra.

Upon our arrival, the food were waiting for us already on the long table. Glad we were seated outside so we can catch fresh air.

It's another resto under The Bistro Group. They served fries, nachos , burger sliders , beef salpicao which I really find spicy. Most of the food were cold already and I can't blame them maybe they we're excited to prepare the food ahead of time so I want to give them credit for that,

The store manager was so accommodating if we need something. We even have cocktails, wine and I just had a mango shake which I find it refreshing because my stomach was full already.

The place is good to hang out with friends but in terms of food I will give it another shot and try to go there again

Thanks again to Looloo for this amazing food tour and to Bistro Group.

Peanut D Odell R Roegan T The brilliant people behind this amazing and fun Looloo Food Tour, thank you once again and more power to Looloo.

  • No. of Comments: 3
April H.
3.0 Stars

Our fourth and final stop last Thursday on the first ever #looloofoodtour!128525

By now, we were all ready to lie down and succumb to food coma! But we had one final stop that night... I was scared, tried to remember that it was medically impossible for my stomach to just spontaneously burst, but I was still pretty much game... Anything for looloo (I'm loolooyal!128516)...

When we got there, everone was expecting us already... The food was already cold as they were expecting us there about 15 mins earlier... So the food quality was affected for sure... But the enthusiasm and pep of the servers were not dampered by our tardiness... Headed by Miss Princess, they were ready to welcome us and answer any questions we had about the menu...

Murray and D'Vine is a new acquisition of The Bistro Group. I visited before to try their ostrich burger, which is no longer part of the menu (the one in the menu portion for this restaurant is the old one... Heads up lang!)... They did maintain their curly fries, nachos with beef and cheese, burger sliders, and their beef salpicao-- all of which were served for the group that night... 128077🏻

Sadly, the fries were already cold and the nachos were soggy when we tasted them... But I liked the BBQ flavored fries the most among their three available flavors. Nachos are always a good option for bar chow! Though I didn't try the burger sliders anymore, I did try the salpicao... It was pretty spicy, but seriously I couldn't stop myself from eating it... To think I was already (theoretically) full...128517

I mention bar chow because this place is more about drinks and cocktails... They offer discounts on selected cocktails before 7pm... I tried the mojito that night and had a couple of sips of Carla M's frozen margarita... I preferred the Mojito... And I learned that night that you can never go wrong ordering a Mojito in any of the Bistro Group's establishments... They have perfected this drink, take my word for it...128588🏻

It's such a laid back place to chill and hangout in... Plus the friendliness of the staff is a major plus point for me!128525

So this is my last review for that epic night! Thank you again for the generous invitation from The Bistro Group and of course to the ever wonderful looloo crew!100841008410084️ Odell R Roegan T Peanut D Cyrene C Nesty A Gwen I Patrick B you guys are the absolute best!128077🏻


  • No. of Comments: 4
Carla M.
3.0 Stars

This was our last stop during last night's #LoolooFoodTour. To be honest, I wasn't aware this was part of The Bistro Group although Odell R mentioned that it was acquired just a couple of months ago. I always pass by this place but never bothered to try it out. I was already too full from the three restos we've visited prior this one so I just had a few bites of the food they've prepared for us.

Curly Cheese Fries- It was already cold when we ate it so I wasn't able to appreciate it that much. Their manager told us that the food was ready about 15 minutes before we arrived. I want my fries crispy on the outside and the inside still a bit mushy. This probably tastes way better if freshly cooked.

Nachos- It was also a bit soggy already but it was still pretty good. More cheese and beef topping, please. 128523

Beef Salpicao- This was the dish I liked the most here! Extra spicy just the way I like it. 128525

Burger Sliders- Looked kinda dry and plain. I was already too stuffed to still try this. Probably trying it out on my next visit.

I ordered a frozen margarita but wasn't able to finish it. I found the taste too strong so I gave it to JP G so he can finish it. Haha! (Sorry beh, not judging you ha! 128514)

Their manager was very hands on and accommodating. She even approached us to ask how our food was and to check if we need anything else. 128077🏼

Thank you looloo for making me part of the first ever #LoolooFoodTour! You fed us like there's no tomorrow, but we're not complaining. 128521 Peanut D Odell R Roegan T 9995🏼 Thanks to The Bistro Group too!

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3.0 Stars

MURRAY: the last and final stop for the Looloo food tour. We were all stuffed so couldn't eat too much.

Had 2 glasses of white wine (because the first one spilled over me. Stupid mistake 128517). Loved that they used a chilled glass. It really heightens the wine experience when your white wine is chilled correctly.

Honestly the food was so so ( well it's both because we were stuffed to the brim and also they prepared the food a couple of minutes before we arrived so it was not as hot). But I particularly enjoyed their burger sliders. It's a skewer with mini burgers meant for sharing or for burger lovers who'd like to enjoy small bites.

The staff are really friendly and accommodating. Thanks to Princess, their manager, for being hands on and checking up on us from time to time. Not all managers do that and it's much appreciated.

Will surely be back to try it out with a clean slate. I think it deserves another try (and they're the only joint in serendra that's open until 12mn on weekends ready to serve good bear and wine).

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼Value for Money: 3 yums
128073🏼Taste: 3 yums
128073🏼Ambiance: 3 yums
128073🏼Overall happiness: 3 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*


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2.0 Stars

Go here for their food, not their expensive, overly-sweetened cocktails.

  • No. of Comments: 6
Felice B.
4.0 Stars

You will fall in love with their burgers... And drinks but it's kinda pricey mehehe10084128556127828

  • No. of Comments: 1
Lorraine E.
5.0 Stars

Would highly recommend their special wagyu beef burger.128525

  • No. of Comments: 2
Mari G.
5.0 Stars

I always loved this place,cozy ambiance,nice servers,not too pricey and their cocktails - two thumsbs up!!! 128077128077

And what's best about them, their happy hour!!!
Go their between 4pm until 7pm - 6 different cocktails for only 98php each!!
mojitos and the one on the picture is mango toar and some other mixes..

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

I was invited by a friend to celebrate the Halloween or the 1st November eve at this bar in Serendra. We were entertained by the manager of the bar who was also a friend of my friend.

The place was packed so we're seated in the Balducci area where I will make a separate review for it.

We were first given few bottles of Bavaria, a Dutch beer that was exceptionally good due to its pure taste. It was a bit sweet but not juice-like ala Deutschland's Radler.

Then, we had some sampler consisting of kebab, fish fingers and their signature (steak) burger slider. The kebab and the fish fingers have been perfect and juicy, while the burger slider was just so-so for me. The meat was juicy, but it has no sauce in it to make each bite tasty and remarkable.

Then we also tried their Baby Back Ribs that also comes with shoestring French fries. The fries were okay and the Baby back Ribs was so meaty and delicious. It was big so we split the whole dish to everyone in the table and we actually finished the whole slab. It was tender, juicy and so good. You would actually wish for another slab. 128513

Would love to go back to try other dishes, and will give their burgers a second chance.

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Pia I.
4.0 Stars

Me and burgers. I don't know what it's all about! Haha 128131127828 that explains the weight gain!

Friday night dinner with Feliche! Been coming here since '09. Had my surprise party here as well! Great memories here :)

Anyway. Their burger was yummy. As usual. I got the bleu burger. 128077128077128077 busog na busog na ako after about 20 minutes? Haha lovely!

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Carla Fenella A.
4.0 Stars

Finally got to try this burger joint at Serendra.

The first time I passed by this place it already caught my attention. First of, I love burgers then the place seems foreign. It looks like a small burger joint in the U.S. It looks cozy and dark. Just the right place for a burger lover who also appreciates the ambience of a good burger place. It seems to me that time that the place looks like a good place to hang out over a good burger. Just like what we see on tv. Man vs. food or 'the hunt for the best burgers in town' (just made this up. Lol).

It may be located in an upscale or high end location but the place is very inviting. It has a cozy and casual feel and the staff were accommodating and courteous. They even took our picture and posted it on their fb acct. Haha.

They had a DJ playin the time we went there and mostly the songs are reggae music which adds up to the 'good vibe'.

I tried their Juicy Lucy Burger, one of their specialty burgers where you have the option on what type of cheese you would want for your burger, you can also choose from beef or chicken, caramelized onion or sautéed and how you would want it to be cooked. I opted for the beef burger which I prefer it to be cooked medium rare so the juices would still be there and it wouldn't dry up with swiss cheese and caramelized onion.

Well the burger was good but not that extraordinary and it has a large serving. Bad thing I wasn't able to eat it with my bare hands. Haha. The beef is 100% meat, juicy and it's not that greasy. Their buns are heart-shaped and their condiments are served in a small bottle which is unique. I think it would be better if I ordered it with cheddar cheese to make it more flavorful.

It was also the first time where I ate a burger And paired it with beer. Well, the experience was just ok. Feeling westernized. Hahaha.

Will be back to try their other gourmet burgers like the Ostrich burger, Goat? Burger, Baby Back ribs, etc. 128516

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Gibbz A.
3.0 Stars

burgers were okay though this place is set up like a pub, looks like a fun place for drinking and it's usually filled with foreigners in the evenings.

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April H.
3.0 Stars

Tried the ostrich burger... Will not do this again... Tasted like liver=( the twister fries were good though=)

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Inna A.
5.0 Stars

Juicy Lucy! Awesomeness in every bite. 128077128077128077

  • No. of Comments: 2