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Museo Orlina
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Jomarie A.
5.0 Stars

DAY 2 - STOP # 4

After a rather disappointing trip at Picnic Grove, my mom and I were already a bit tired, but since we didn't want to end our day on a low note, I asked my mom if she would be willing to go to a museum with me. She initially told me she does not want to look at "old stuff", but I told her that the museum will be mainly comprised of sculptures. Besides, route going home is a similar route whether or not we visit Museo Orlina. So, I was thrilled when she agreed! 128525 From Picnic Grove, we boarded a jeepney headed toward Olivares, and got off near Museo Orlina. Upon alighting from the jeep, we had a 5-minute walk (downhill) towards the museum.

Upon reaching the entrance, we were warmly greeted by the receptionists, and upon issue of the entrance ticket (Fee is Php 100 per person), we entered this sanctuary filled with glass scultpures, mostly made by Mr. Ramon Orlina. I would've appreciated it if there was a tour guide to show us around, but it wasn't that hard to roam around the place on our own.

Museo Orlina is composed of 4 levels, each level named after Mr. Orlina's children. Level after level, we were awed at how creative and exquisite each piece was. It is only during this museum visit that I realized glass can also be used as a form of art.

One of my favorites were the Orlina Jewelry, which showcased the various glass jewelry pieces. They are classy and beautifully crafted pieces that will surely go well with your dresses. 128525 Another favorite would be the "Rich Harvest in Banaue", Mr. Orlina's take on the famous Banaue Rice Terraces, using carved glass blocks in amber crystal.

After going through the galleries, you may take a rest at their roof deck, where you'll have an overlooking view of the Taal Volcano. From previous reviews, I think there used to be a coffee shop here, but it's not there anymore when we went there.

Overall, we had a great time here at Museo Orlina. It's definitely a place for those who love art! After our trip, my mom was slightly dreading the uphill climb back to the highway, but it was a delight when the staff told us they have a brand new e-jeepney, which can bring us uphill, free of charge! Now, that's awesome service right there. 128521 We were the first ones to try their e-jeep. Yaaaay! 128513


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Zef A.
5.0 Stars

art·sy-fart·sy is 127942

sarap balik-balikan.. Sir Ramon is lodi for his artworks! 128079

4 Floors of complete package.

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Sheena D.
4.0 Stars

We were feeling artsy and visited Museo Orlina when we went to Tagaytay. This is the glass house of Ramon Orlina, the world renowned glass sculpture. There is an entrance fee of PhP100 to view his amazing masterpieces. His works are excellent, and can be interpreted in different ways depending on your perspective. Jusko, art. But the sculpture garden outside is underwhelming.

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Kirstie Mel V.
4.0 Stars

One of the few art museums in the country, this place is best for artsy people and those who would want to see the Taal Volcano closer (via the building's roofdeck). It was a good experience to see trivial creations and history in replicas as they were created by Sir Ramon Orlina.

The place is not that hard to find since it's just near Tagaytay Econo Hotel. You just need to walk downhill for a few meters, no need to take a tricycle, the sign is very visible from the highway.

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Shayne B.
5.0 Stars

If you think Tagaytay is just about bulalo, horses, cold weather, and cozy cafés, then you haven't researched enough about it that you didn't find out about Museo Orlina! 128540

I've been hearing a lot about this museum since 2014 but only had a chance to visit yesterday. It was quite hard to find as it is located inside the residential area. Even the locals and tricycle drivers don't even know where Museo Orlina is when you ask them. 128556

For only P100, and P80 for students and senior citizens, you can have an access to this beautiful 4-storey museum. Each level has its respective "name". Level 1 is Naesa, level 2 is Ningning, level 3 is Anna, and the roof deck is Michael. When we entered the museum, we saw Mr. Ramon Orlina (the owner and artist) himself at the lobby, I wanted to approach him for a photo but I felt shy about it. 128513128586

The glass sculptures and yes, every artwork is beautiful! I found myself telling my friend that I want one glass sculpture in my future house. 128514 There were moments I was tempted to touch the artworks to see the texture but nah. You don't do that. Respect the museum rules. 9757🏼️ And of course, the artist! 9757🏼️

Aside from glass sculptures, there were also "designer" chairs (did I call it right? My fave is the butt chairs 127825128569), paintings, and other framed sculptures made of bronze, silver, gold, and ceramic from other artists. At the garden, you will also see the other sculptures of Mr. Ramon Orlina. Ahhhh his museum garden is my dream garden! Anyway, as you go through higher levels, you will also enjoy a view of Taal and Taal Lake. 127774

We also went to the "garage" to see his art cars. One was even painted by BenCab. 9786️ We asked the guide if they still use it on the road, they said not anymore.

At the Michael (roof deck) you can enjoy the overlooking view and some coffee. But during our visit, the shop was not open.

Before going to this place, I did a little research about this already and I've noticed that some artworks from such reviews were no longer here. I think those were sold already. Hayyyy... If I have a lots of money, I would also buy from this museum... especially the butt chairs. 1285409996🏼️127825

By the way, sometimes they have exhibits too! You can check their website for the event schedules. 128522

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Maye D.
4.0 Stars

Museo Orlina houses artist Ramon Orlina's glass sculptures. It is a 4-storey modern house located in the heart of Tagaytay. For an entrance fee of Php 100, you can see decades worth of his glass artworks located on the third and fourth levels. The first and second levels of the building display a variety of masterpieces by Japanese and Korean artists (their artworks are for sale). The ground level gives access to the Sculpture Garden which also serves as an ampitheatre whenever they hold events in the museum. The place is not that big so you can actually go around in an hour or less. If you plan on going to Starbucks afterwards, opt to visit the museum's coffee shop at the roofdeck instead. So nice to enjoy a cup of coffee with the cold breeze and panoramic view of Taal. Plus, it's peaceful and quiet here.

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Golly B.
5.0 Stars

Glass Museum! 128149 I learned alot after visiting this museum.

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

My friends and I went here for a special event dedicated to local independent music and arts. DocDef Productions, together with media partners and local independent music supporters present Tagaytay Artbeat 2015.

Museo Orlina is the perfect venue to showcase the artworks created by independent artists as its place also exhibits works such as the beautiful glass sculptures by Ramon Orlina, some works of art using wood and metal, and a lot more. The 4 levels of the museum is enough to keep you fascinated with the pieces of art created by these talented artists.

And on the gig, I got the chance to watch some of the bands I haven't watched yet such as the Math Rock band Fools and Foes & Post-rock band Tom's Story. Both bands impressed me with their live performances and couldn't wait any longer to see them again on stage.

I also had the chance to watch The Ransom Collective, Farewell Fair Weather, SUD, Autotelic & Bullet Dumas again. I actually watched these acts countless times and never get tired of listening to their music on a live setting.

The place is actually a bit small for big events like this, imo. The parking is quite a struggle too, but that didn't hinder us to enjoy and savor the night with great music. Also, there are some food stalls that night to keep our tummies happy, and some drinks to keep our heads twisting while watching the live acts.

On the photo: Independent artist painting the walls of the museum as his canvas. Hence, the caption "Colours In The Dark"...

Wish I can put all photos here though. Lol.

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

It's my second time at museo orlina and I must say that it's one of my favorites. Since the medium is glass, the 3D effect is just amazing. The piece looks different from any angle that you look. Pictured above is from the 2015 collection which is called Clear Stimulations. Just plain beautiful IMO.
There are also other pieces in other mediums that are equally awesome. The amphitheater in the back houses some bigger pieces and if they garage is open, you might be able to see a VW beetle commissioned from bencab and a Piet Mondrian inspired Volvo V40.
Less one star cos there was no tour guide to take us around; could've been better with explanations and commentary. The bathroom wasn't clean too 128563
Entrance fee is php100; php80 for senior citizens and students.

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Karyl Hannah V.
4.0 Stars

This weekend, my family decided to celebrate my sister's birthday in Tagaytay. Of course, no trip to anywhere with my family would be complete without food trips (duh!) and hole-in-a-wall place hoppin' 128514

Credits to Gene G for recommending this museum to me 10084

For Php 100, you get to marvel at 4 floors worth of beautiful glass sculptures by Ramon Orlina. The museum is basically a house overlooking the Taal Lake, which makes its location a sight to behold, too.

The house also has a Sculpture Garden which showcases other sculptors' works of art using wood and metal and other materials. 128077

If you're the type who's fond of checking out art museums, this one is a place you must check out because it is rare that you get to visit one that has glass as its main attraction.

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Gene G.
5.0 Stars

Museo Orlina isn't your typical art museum. One would think that this focuses on paintings but actually, it's glass art.

Ramon Orlina studied architecture in UST and he later discovered how to use glass as a form of art. You can see different kinds of glass arts done that you might think how is this even possible? Hahaha 128514

There were some artworks of his that were being sold. The cheapest would have to be 100k and the most expensive would have to be millions of pesos. 128517 Napalula ako sa presyo but I just had to understand because you are buying artworks due to the artist's talents.

My favorite would have to be The Schott Crystal Glass (picture I posted). There's something about this artwork that caught my attention to it. Of course this must be on the millions because Schott glass is an expensive one.

If you want to experience different form of artwork, I really suggest that you go to Museo Orlina. Til my next visit !

Note : entrance fee is 100 but if you are a student, 80 pesos.

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Maria D.
5.0 Stars

Came by myself on a weekday and had the whole place to me!

Definitely, a big plus to the Museo is Paolo, the tour guide. Paolo was a very knowledgeable guide who brought me through the art collections spread out across the place. The garden had a vast display of outdoor installations while the garage stunned me with working cars restored as art pieces.

Paolo had a good knowledge of the beginnings of Mr. Orlina with the art and how he alone has polished and mastered the craft in the country. There was interesting information on the glass art itself from the materials used from the then excess factory glasses to the Swarovski crystals that had to be imported. Paolo knew the process of creating these very well too.

A good number of pieces had their own story adding color to these. A piece named Dawn was commissioned by Richard Gomez. Makes you wonder if there is another one named Lucy. Piolo Pascual has a replicate of his head in the place as a study for the UST commemorative installation. Could not help but touch it, 128518

And why is there such an abundance of breasts? Gotta have to wait for Paolo's explanation for that...

I would probably have lingered longer in front of the touch screen monitor had I more time for it. There were lots of videos to choose from and, honestly, I've not seen a monitor as big that could actually be manipulated like an iPad ala Tony Stark!

They didn't have the coffee shop open that day. But, yes, having one in the area would have made me want to hang around more.

They did have on exhibit works of Japanese Artists and Paper Cut-Out Crafts of Sinag De Leon.

All these for just P100! No question about it, will be coming back soon...! 12777510024128171

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Masaya S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Kenrick C.
5.0 Stars


This place is amazing! A lot of interesting piece of art 128076

Diamond-cut to perfection 128298

128205P.S. Admission is 100 but for students it's 80 I think? There is a coffee shop at the top floor 128513128076 hahahaha. Didn't expect that 128517

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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

Something new to do and appreciate while in Tagaytay. A cultural indulgence at the newly opened Museo Orlina where art lovers and enthusiasts may get to appreciate awesome art pieces and works from one of the country's renowned artist-- Ramon Orlina.

Other pieces of Philippine art masters are also on exhibit. If Baguio has it's now popular BenCab Musuem, this is Tagaytay's answer to adding culture as part of the city.

Ramon Orlina, a multi-awarded artist both locally and internationally, is best known for his abstract glass sculptures. But he is also a master in bronze sculptures and canvass pieces. His artworks are coveted , both locally and internationally, by avid art enthusiasts and industrial designers. His unique art pieces grace the finer homes, offices , commercial establishments, and respected art galleries. His pieces range from 4-digit prices to multi million pesos each.

This is his second museum. The first being at his ancestral home in Taal, Batangas (Casa Gahol). An architect by profession, he had a late calling to sculpture. Ever since, he has been creating unique works that had put the Philippines in the International Art Map.

The museum held a soft opening last November. The structure is in a 4-storey modern glass and concrete box type building. The building is divided into two. The museum faces the Taal ridge affording visitors a lovely vista of the famed lake and volcano. From the main road, one can only see the museum sign, but the museum itself is hidden at the back. The road-side part of the building looks empty. Work and finishing is still in progress , but the place is open to the public who are treated to fantastic art works on display.

The museum also has an amphitheater at the ridge side (where plays, events, and other special occasions may be held for a fee). They also have a Sculpture Garden-- an outdoor garden of art piece installations where visitors may take a leisure walk thru the exhibit while enjoying both the Tagaytay breeze and ridge view.

The roof deck will be a coffee shop that will be run by Green Bean (still closed). This visit, the coffee machines were there but some minor finishings were still being done. The coffee shop is scheduled to open at the same time when the museum formally opens on January 26, 2014. Once opened, diners may enjoy quality coffee while enjoying the breathtaking view of Taal volcano.

There is an entrance fee of Php 100. The fee includes a guided tour. This visit, our guide, Paulo, was very knowledgeable and eloquent. He shared very interesting trivia regarding some of the art pieces and the artist. He made the tour animated, informal, but very informative.

I liked the fact that the exhibits have nameplates and a short explanation of the art piece. Quite informative.

What I loved with Orlina's work was his use of angles , illusions, and the fine lines and colors of his masterworks.

All artworks are only for display except for a room where artworks (most of which are Orlina 's works and some renowned artists) while on display are available for public auction ---part of the proceeds shall be donated to the victims of Yolanda.

My Favorite pieces:

A five foot tree-like Glass sculpture that doubles as a wine/champagne fountain and chandelier (center photo). It was recently used when they soft-opened to the art patrons and friends of the artist last November. Gallons of champaign were poured in the sculpture and flowed out through minute holes in the glass leaves. Was told, they will use it again when they formally open to the public on jan 26 (opening day-by invitation only).

Fully restored vintage Volkswagen Beetle, with artwork painted by National Artist Ben Cabrera (Bencab)--- aptly called Sabel.

Fully restored, retrofitted, and accessorized (complete with ref, champagne and glass holders, dividing in-door windows, leather seats) by Orlina -vintage Volkswagen stretch Limousine with Orlina stained glass artwork---can be rented out as a bridal car

The Blue Sapphire - a ring like blue sapphire and black,glass sculpture.

Maria--a two dimensional glass sculpture of a woman's head (looks very much like Mama Mary) that looks different from various angles. And from the back angle, the sculpture's eyes give the illusion to follow and watch you as you move.

Interesting and lovely pieces:

A 5 1/2 foot glass water fountain

A black glass sculpture of a naked woman's torso commissioned by Richard Gomez and sculptured by Orlina. Currently on loan for the museum's display called "Dawn". Speculations have been raised on whose torso was used as model to create the masterpiece.

The bronze studies of the UST quadricentennial sculpture (supposedly one of Orlina's most expensive art works). The study includes a face bronze sculpture of the artwork's male model- Piolo Pascual.

A fully restored and "art" painted vintage Volvo owned and accessorized by Orlina. His signature colors (orange, green, white, and blue) painted all over the car's body in an interesting cubist-abstract hue.

Framed artworks and sketches from other renowned Philippine artists- Sanso, Borlongan, Bencab, etc.

A study of the PBA tournament trophy (the Championship trophy was made by Orlina).

Other glass sculptures made in different colors and hues of glass and crystals (pink, yellow, orange).

These are only a few of the lovely and interesting artworks on display.

The museum is a just few meters across the Sta Rosa-Tagaytay road. Landmark is the Econo Hotel. It is inside Hollywood Subdivision.

This museum certainly adds another great venue of interest in Tagaytay. Prior to this, Tagaytay has been a haven for some chilling out, foodie trips, and other what-nots. The museum adds a certain refined and cultured option to Tagaytay visitors and weekend residents. Highly recommended to art enthusiasts and to people looking for something unique while enjoying the cooling breeze and lake vista.

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