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Earl M.
2.0 Stars

We decided to have our post dinner chat at Museum Cafe after seeing the resto rating and because I was a Zomato Gold member. The reception was acceptable enough. The waiter promptly greeted us upon entering and told us that they had a limited selection we could order from the menu (probably because it was already around 7 PM and it was a holiday). We ordered coffee and their Ultimate Avocado Sundae, which only took a few minutes. Then after, there was limited engagement with the servers, which was all fine and dandy since we were enjoying our conversation.

I remembered I had the Zomato Gold promo (1+1 food), so we decided to order a slice of chocolate cake. I asked the waiter if we can still order an additional item, since we were claiming the Zomato Gold benefit. I even asked him if I could show the code to him immediately, but he turned it down and said that it would be asked from us later instead. So we got the cake a few minutes after and started to chow down on it. Halfway, the waiter approached us and told us that the manager said they won’t accept the Zomato Gold because it was meant for entrees only. Since we were already halfway in eating the cake and we didn’t want to make a scene out of something seemingly petty, we agreed and went ahead. The manager didn’t even have the guts to personally explain why. I had to re-read the exceptions to the Zomato Gold 1+1 Food promo and it was clear that desserts weren’t exempted. We were basically induced to order with the expectation that we could avail of the 1+1 benefit, but we were shafted out of the deal in the end. Not cool.

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Patrick U.
3.0 Stars

Classic Margherita Pizza:
As far as the flavor's concerned, it was good! But, the dough of the pizza softened up pretty quickly. In fact, it was already very soft when it arrived at our table. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed my crust! :)

Crispy Vietnamese Spring Rolls:

These were also good but not something I'd regularly look for or feel excited about.

Grilled Lemongrass Prawn Pad Thai:

I can't recall not enjoying any pad thai in general, so this one passes too! But the prawn...perhaps more would be better.

Feel free to check my review for "Kabila Filipino Bistro" since they're both the same visit. :)

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Charlzz C.
3.0 Stars

Book hunting was tiring especially if its not in a mall .So we had decided to cool down and have some meryernda in Makati.One of my usual meryenda places whenever I'm in Greenbelt the Museum Cafe.

Intrigued with the influx of reviews of months ago ,the Ube champorado so without thinking twice I went for it ,another order was the Ultimate Avocado crush.

Ube Champorado - as an ube addict I like it with nutty taste combined with the union of that distinct aroma and flavor that only ube has.The issue here is when the dish was served the "dried danggit" was already drenched inside the champorado ,I have to lift them up to have a good shot at it.Consistency is way too thin and not that thick .As for the taste it was good but as you eat it you will eventually taste the fishiness (malansa) of the danggit .So if you're not a danggit fan like me it would be a ruined experience .May I suggest that they separate the dried danggit from the dish and let the person who ordered it make his or her own options of eating it.

Ultimate avocado crush- avocado pudding ,ice cream,cheese,small sago and coconut milk.The pudding is just ordinary,the saving grace here would be the avocado flavored ice cream yet the flavor will be muted down by the presence of that coconutty milk.The issue here is that the sago was still not cooked,matigas pa ,still not in the right sago texture and consistency with that simple concoction that was not executed well it is a no.

I will my rating base on this two dishes and this particular experience ,however service of the staff is still at par.


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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

127836Chicken Noodles and Dimsum has always been a classic partner! 128525

127865Mango Crush to crush that afternoon heat!

127848Mango Madness for the perfectly cool ending!

I can't even call this meryenda! More like early dinner! 128525


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Eboy D.
5.0 Stars

Located right across the Ayala Museum at the sprawlingly lush Greenbelt Mall, one would think that Museum Cafe is managed by the Ayala Museum but it is a completely independent restaurant managed by the Raintree Group. Taking inspiration from the local and proud Art, Museum Cafe offers a relaxing atmosphere for an afternoon snack with yourself or resetting the rewind button during the early evening with office friends. One can opt to enjoy their varied Summer Combos for a budget friendly price between 220 to 275pesos. I was able to sample some of these items and they are suprisingly good for sharing. Go for the Noodles pairing and ask for an extra bowl.

Arroz Caldo + Tokwa't Baboy - thick bowl of Arroz Caldo with generous amount of Chicken paired with, what else but Tokwa't Baboy. The vinegar and soy sauce of the Tokwa't Baboy, i always enjoy seasoning it with the Arroz Caldo. The tokwa was soft and the Pork had a good time marinating in the soy. Flavorfully good.

Batchoy + Lumpia Kabila - The batchoy was filled with Pork, Chicharon and soft Egg Noodles. The Freshly cracked egg mixed in, gave it a hearty, flavorful taste. The Kabila Lumpia, is a huge fresh Lumpia, on a beautifully designed wrap. Don't forget to add a bit of the dipping sauce.

Pancit Kabila + Fried Lumpia - salty, umami rich stir-fry Noodles with meat and vegetables. The fried Lumpia was not too oily but has a thick wrapper. Good pairing.

Chicken Noodles + Dimsum - flavorful and Light broth, i like a bit of calamansi Squeezed in. Two pieces of steamed siomai are included on this pairing.

Congee + Dimsum - looks Light but this can easily fill you up.

Seafood Linguini + Pizza - they also offer an Italian Merienda pairing. A small personal sized pizza that packs much flavor. Tomato sauce, cheese and Brasil leave gives it a refreshingly delicious taste.

They also offer coolers to keep the Heat at bay. Take your pick between Mango Cooler or Saba con Hielo for 175pesos each.

Disclaimer: Sponsored dining by Raintree Group.

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Alex A.
5.0 Stars

Summer Time has never been this good! Museum Cafe's limited time offer "Summer Merienda Combos" are just the best food pairing one that shouldn't miss! I know it's summer and eating between meals is a no no if you are prepping your summber bod for your summer escapade but once in a while, our meryenda customary is always part
of our daily routine so why not try these?

Here are the Merienda Combos:
1. Arroz Caldo and Tokwa't baboy for 220Php
2. Batchoy and Lumpiang Kabila for 220Php
3. Chicken Noodles and Dimsum for 220Php
4. Congee and Dimsum for 250Php
5. Seafood Linguini and Pasta for 275Php
6. Spec and Peas Pasta and Pizza for 220Php
7. Pansit Kabila and Fried Lumpia for 220Php
8. Mango Madness for 175Php
9. Saba Con Yelo for 175Php

Some of the notable dishes and also my favorites were the Congee and Dimsum combo and the Pansit Kabila and Fried Lumpia combo. The pairings were thought of carefully so to create a nice balance to each dish. Most of these comfort foods just reminds me of home and childhood thus I really loved this concept. The serving size by the way
were good for sharing and they were so affordable considering the location and the overalservice you'll get from the restaurant. Kudos!

Thanks to Teamkaladkarin and EJ B for the invite. Flatlay by EJ B

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Ojie D.
4.0 Stars

Do you remember the merienda your mom or your lola lovingly used to cook for you? Guess what , you can find most of them in Museum Cafe in Greenbelt of all places.

Yes that resto with the posh vibe serves Pinoy merienda too along with their regular fares.

A couple of weeks back, we were invited to taste M Cafe's Summer Merienda Combos thanks to Team Kaladkarin via John Bunag.


Arroz Caldo +Tokwa't Baboy P220
This is one huge bowl of comfort food right here. It was delicious and flavorful. I loved how the annatto oil (atswete oil) made the arroz yellow-orange. The tokwat baboy more than made up for its small serving by its surprised crispy crackling which is a delightful twist to the classic boiled and chopped baboy or pork.

Batchoy + Lumpia Kabila P220
Batchoy had the umami flavor. Noodles were tasty as well. Lumpia Kabila or Fresh Lumpia delighted with its artsy-fartsy wrap.

Chicken Noodles + Dimsum P220
Chicken noodles were a little bland but easily salvageable by drops of fish sauce and calamansi. Dimsum were plump and delicious.

Pansit Kabila + Fried Lumpia P220
The fried lumpia was fully stuffed and was crunchy outside. It became doubly delicious when dipped in vinegar. They paired well with the pansit kabila.

Congee + Dimsum P250
Another favorite, this one packed a lot of textures and flavor. Make sure to stir the raw egg in the piping hot congee. Will order this again.

Seafood Linguini + Pizza P275
Pasta and pizza were good but paled in comparison to the other preceding dishes. The kids though will love this.

Mango Madness P175
Give me anything with mango and I will love it for sure. This dish had something different going for it though. It had the majablanca magic. Those pale yellow cubes were a delight and blended well with the mango ice cream.

Saba con Yelo P175
Those slices of sweetened and chewy sabas were a joy to eat. Just the sight of that saba con Yelo easily lifts you up from the doldrums.

Indeed Museum Cafe's Merienda Summer Combinations are reminiscent of the ones my lola and mom used to make. They tasted home-made and you can feel the care that went with cooking it by the quality ingredients that were used.

Moreover, the 9 summer merienda combinations all fall below P300. What a steal! Each order can even be enjoyed by two people.

Merienda is available daily from 230 -530 pm.

Enjoy them amidst elegant surroundings while being attended to by cheerful servers.

Thank you for having us Museum Cafe.

Museum Cafe is located at Level 1 Greenbelt 4 Ayala Museum Ayala Center, Greenbelt Makati

See you there !

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Anj C.
4.0 Stars

Hooray for Museum Café as they now offer Summer Merienda deals. Comfort food at its finest bringing local and some foreign favorites as well. They offer our favorite Arroz Caldo, Pizza, Pasta, Dimsum, Lumpia, and some thirst quenchers perfect to beat the heat! What more exciting is that they offer this in a combo. You can choose among the following:

Arroz Caldo + Tokwa't Baboy (220php) - The soft sweet rice grains and the crunchy perfectly cooked pork and tofu with soy sauce and vinegar. All the flavor just burst in your mouth.

Batchoy + Lumpia Kabila (220php) - The noodles were firm and the soup was tasty too. I liked that it does not have that too much umami taste to it. Lumpia has fresh vegetables in it. It also has that’ web-like’ wrap that makes it look so Instagram worthy and the taste was just as good as it looks.
Chicken Noodles + Dimsum (220php) - Chicken Noodles is something that you’d be wanting to cure a hangover. It tasted a bit bland so the soy sauce and other seasoning would help. The Dimsum tasted sooo good. One bite, and you can taste all the meat and shrimp inside.

Pancit Kabila + Fried Lumpia (220php) - The firm noodles and fresh vegetables were coated with its sauce and it’s just delicious. The crispy Bagnet added more flavor to the already well seasoned Pancit. This is so good with Vinegar. Vegetables inside was still crisp after being deep fried.

Congee + Dimsum (250php) - The thick soup of the porridge with fresh egg. Beat it for that added creaminess. It tasted really good. No need to add any fish sauce or garlic, in my opinion. Dimsum is great paired with this too.

Seafood Linguini + Pizza (275php) - Seafood were tender and tasty! Sauce was a bit sour just like what I wanted. I just wish they could add more seafood in it. The Pizza tasted ok. I was looking for meat in it, seemed like there’s only tomatoes, some herbs, and cheese.

We're also able to try their coolers to beat the summer heat.

Mango Madness (175php) - The Mango Maja with some Nata de Coco were soft and the Mango flavor really is evident in every bite. Add milk to have an extra creaminess to it.

Saba con Yelo (175php) - I find the Saba a bit chewy. I think it should be cooked a few more minutes. For drinks, have yourself some refreshing Lychee and Mango. Both were such quenchers. Perfect for Summer weather.
Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent here in Museum Café. Don't expect huge servings on each dishes since it's a combo. I find its price relatively cheap for a place in Makati. There’s a lot of people in the evening as per the manager, so this is probably a good time to enjoy the place as it was lax and does not have much crowd. Food, service and ambiance were impeccable. Definitely be coming back for more meals here in Museum Café.

Shout out to Team Kaladkarin for hosting this Mirienda. :)

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Charlzz C.
4.0 Stars

The heat is on and the summer intensity is unrelenting,however Museum Cafe is always there to refresh us with menus that will make the season worthwhile.

Summer Merienda Combos

**Congee and dimsum Php250 an oriental version of the arroz caldo usually cooked in vegetable or meat stock their version is with mushrooms,shredded chicken,spring onions, toasted garlic,raw egg and tofu tandem with pork dumplings.

**Pancit Kabila and fried lumpia Php220=The "kabila " name was used for the other half of the Museum Cafe facing Makati Ave. yet the menu list for each other is the same.The pansit here is a canton variety with the usual Filipino flair with meat and veggies usually served with a dash of calamansi while the fried lumpia is spring roll stuffed with veggies predominantly together or bean sprouts and minced meat .Pinoy merienda in its element.

**Arroz Caldo and tokwa't baboy-Php220- Rice porridge cooked in chicken broth with  "kasubha " or safflower as a tinting agent.Nice flavorful and comforting snack or even as a whole meal paired with the palate stimulating fried tofu and pork in a sweet and tangy vinaigrette.

**Chicken Noodles with Dimsum Php220 this is not the typical Tsinoy mami as its more on the Philippine variant,strings of egg noodles in chicken stock topped with wedges of chicken breast,bokchoy, mushrooms of shitake and inoki varieties served with soy, chili sauce and calamansi as condiment complemented by meaty siomai.

**Seafood Linguini and pizza-Php275 -liguini pasta with seafood in a tangy liquorish tomato sauce coupled with pizza ,noticeable is the sauce on both dishes taste identical

**Batchoy and lumpia kabila Php220-Iloilo noodle dish with miki noodles  in pork soup flaired with crispy pork belly,crushed chicharon ,scallions and pork innards,the stock is so flavorful my favorite item whenever I visit this place, partnered with an eye appealing fresh lumpia.

**Mango Madness Php175-Mango cold dessert of mango flavored ice cream,fresh mango cubes and some nata we coco in crushed ice flooded with milk.

**Saba con yelo Php175- the traditional sana banana in sugar syrup poured in with milk in crushed ice.

Summer Refreshers at Php130 each

**Lychee Mint Cooler refreshing drink with mint and canned lychee fruits cool and refreshing but need to use ice cubes than the crushed ice so that it won't be diluted easily.

**Teapuccino -never tasted

**Mango Crush- visually good but never tasted

I'm a frequent merienda diner here so I must say it's a thumbs up ,my favourite here is the Batchoy and their brewed coffee,pricewise very reasonable with the serving ratio.Service is very good ,ambiance very classy.Elegant place without ruining your budget.

Thanks team Kaladkarin and #ilovetoeatph for the invite

Thanks Museum Cafe/Kabila,Raintree Restaurants for this wonderful meal .

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Hey foodiestalkers! There’s a very sulit (get more than what you paid for) place to go to for your afternoon snacks from 2:30 to 5:30PM

Thanks to the raintree group fir having us team kaladkarin experience their new meeienda (afternoon snack) set! Each order is really a heavy snack already, i could eat less at dinner.

128204128525 Congee + Dimsum @250PhP
This congre is surprisingly good, the taste is so appetizing, i think it’s because of the garlic. There’s also white chicken, chicharon bits, mushrooms, green onion, and raw egg— i like the deep fried wonton wrap with it. The siomai dimsum is a good filler with the congee.

128204128525 Arroz Caldo + Tokwa’t Baboy @220PhP
Weird looking because it’s orange color. Nonethess it’s not that tasty as the congee when eaten by itself. But as @marc mentioned, the solid tokwa’t baboy is meant to be mixed with the arroz caldo, and he’s right, awesome pair!!

128204128525 Batchoy + Lumpia Kabila @220PhP
The batchoy itself is already a winner, the soup is tasty. The Lumpia was just okay.

128204 Chicken Noodles + Dimsum @220PhP
This dish is one comfort food everyone should try. The main taste were the chicken and mushroom.

128204128525 Seafood Linguini + Pizza @275PhP
For those not fo d of filipino food (like me—not much) you could try this— i like that both the pizza and pasta got that tangy kick. I love the tomatoes in the pizza in particular? I am thinking of getting the taste of balsamic vinegar in it.

128204128525 Mango Madness @175PhP
Some summer snack you should not miss is this ice crusher mango flavor. It got mango ice cream, custard cubes, tapiocas, pinipig.

128204 Saba con Yelo @175PhP
I was not able to appreciate this ice crusher that much, because the plantains were a too hard for my liking. I suggest they make it softer.

To go with these filling snacks, are these cool summer refreshers for only PhP130+ each!
128204 Lychee Mint Cooler
This us good for health conscious people— very light taste of lychee and mint; not sweet at all. But for me, i prefer more Brown sugar syrup.

128204128525 Teapuccino
Milktea with froth!! Cinnamon powder on top. I like it because ima milktea lover.

128204 Mango Crusher
It’s Anj C who order this. Seems good to me, it got real slices of mango on top.

The place could be intimidating at first, but really, it’s just a nice place and an affordable food. Guests may actually come in casually.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

M Cafe merienda all-you-can-eat buffet for P295+!

We were treated to a sumptuous Filipino buffet here in M Cafe. I like how affordable it is, especially considering they’re in such a great location right across the Greenbelt garden, koi pond and the Ayala Museum.

You’ll find bite sized pieces of Filipino food here, both sweet and savory. This is merienda. Our favourite would have to be the fish cakes in lemongrass skewers with the sweet and spicy sauce. We kept asking for them and grabbing them as soon as they came out. The Krispy Kangkong was crispy indeed. I can't seem to not get them every time i see them in any buffet.

They had purple ginatan and champorado too. The small, crunchy dilis was the perfect topping for a classic sweet and salty combination. Brings back a lot of childhood memories.

Best part of the buffet here is the pansit station. I dont exactly like pansit, except for palabok and pansit malabon. I absolutely loved the crispy palabok here with a generous amount of shrimp and tofu. I like food with a lot of texture. I think (I know) I had 3 servings of this. Just tell them to hold the salt as I found the sauce already perfect on its own.

The price is unbeatable. 295 is really just one order of food in Makati and Taguig. They have new summer merienda combos still at a a very friendly price and I’m looking forward to it.

Thank you, Raintree!

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

Museum Café is probably one of the prominent sightings whenever I pass by at Dela Rosa - Makati Avenue area. I always had this assumption it’s part of the Ayala Museum mainly because they’re facing each other, and the café’s name made you think that they’re bind together, but they’re actually not. Museum Café is part of the Raintree restaurant group alongside with some of the most-acclaimed restaurants like Chelsea Kitchen, Terraz, Stella, my favorite Rocket Room, and a lot more. In short, wag mag-assume baka masaktan ka lang! 9996🏼
Museum Café offers a modern twist to several Asian cuisines and dishes. Team Kaladkarin were grateful to be invited for an afternoon of music and food during their Musika & Meryenda. The Musika & Meryenda at M features deliciously bite-sized favorites and treats in buffet setting that will surely fill your tummies while listening to great music being played in the café for only Php 295+!
Some of the remarkable treats that I really loved are the ff.
Champorado with Dilis – Dark rich tablea with dilis on the side as an option of definitely one of the highlights. The champorado is thick and not that sweet which is perfect to pair with the dilis or even on puto.
The BBQ selection that has Pork, chicken, or tofu. My god, I love this so much especially the chicken and tofu! I could barely remember how many times I went back for a few sticks of these goodies. Among the three, I really love the tofu one - it’s quite sweet, and the texture wasn’t too spongy.

Bibingka - One of my not-so favorite kakanin in general, but M café made me love it because it’s not too overwhelming for my taste.
Thai Fishcake – Fish cutlets with sweet & spicy dip that’s something to die for!
M Panada (their version of empanada) – It’s been a while since the last time I had a good empanada and wow, this one’s just struck me so good with its generous serving of tasty fillings. Almost the traditional Ilocano way of cooking though it doesn’t have the almost raw egg inside.
We heard that the pansit + palabok station was one of the must-tries, so we got the Pansit but it’s quite salty for our taste. You can actually tell the chef to not put some salt on it which we just found out after we ordered.  
We really had a great time spending the afternoon with delicious food and great company. Thanks for having us, Museum Café!

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Brie K.
4.0 Stars

Well-lit, great style and good food. That is how I would describe Museum Cafe when I tried it with a friend. This is located beside Ayala Museum which you will first thought it is part of the museum. We were supposed to try the Music & Merienda offering but the gift cheque given was not communicated well, so we try some few offerings. I think Kabila is the one who offers Filipino food.

Here are some of the orders (11088️ for rating)
- Grilled Pork Belly and Pig’s Ear Dinakdakan (110881108811088️)
This is promising for me, perfect with either rice or beer. However, it taste a bit bland for me so I was using alot of the vinegar. Good thing you also get to taste something spicy just to kill the bland.

- Kabila - Special Pancit (110881108811088️)
It really tasted like pancit habhab (feeling ko) but less saucy. Seryoso, wala akong alam masyado sa pancit but I think habhab is somehow saucy. Good thing there’s shrimp to go with it, so am good na!

- Fried Kang Kong Crisps (11088110881108811088️)
I gave this a four because of the serving. It was huge and we were not able to finish it. A little oily though for me, so hope they can make a way to lessen that feeling on your mouth. Ang hirap i-explain, basta ma-oil siya ganyan! 9996🏻

- Mango + Ube Sticky Rice (1108811088110881108811088️)
This is a treat! You need to eat every layer of it. The mango has a hit of sourness that goes with the sweet part of uber and rice. So really enjoyed this one.

- Buchi Balls (1108811088110881108811088️)
What I love the most is when you bite the butchi, IT IS NOT AIR! 9996🏻 And it has something inside as well. Then you need to dip it with either white chocolate or chocolate. Super enjoy promise!

The other offerings is on mid-to-high range in price. I am curious about the pizza as well, so hope to visit soon.

#EATSmeBRIE #WhyWouldITravel

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Haven’t tried this place yet? Maybe it’s time to!

We’ve known M cafe to be a stay place every Thursday snd enjoy ice cold Heineken and their delicious pica picas, also they have on going eat all you can filipino snacks in the afternoon, today, i’ll share you how M cafe serves a full meal for lunch or dinner.

128204128525 Hainan Chicken @395PhP
This is their best seller, this huge serving for one, this one got hainanese rice, hainanese chicken, and bokchoy. I like the chicken, but not the fall off the bone type. I like it because it’s worth the money you paid for.

128204128525 Buchi balls @195PhP
Three pieces of soft and hot buchi balls filed with white chocolate, dark chocolate and mantecado ice cream— so good.

128204128525 Ultimate Avocado Crush @250PhP
Blown away by this unique dessert, avocado aficionados must try this, more on the milky and “earthy” avocado ice cream taste, i was so engaged in tasting the avocado pudding, pomelo shreds, and cheese!

Desserts at M cafe are also available at Kabila.

Guaranteed full stomach and satisfied tastebuds here!

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Charlzz C.
4.0 Stars

My favorite items at the Museum Cafe's Musika at Meryenda promo were the:

Thai Fishcake- authentic Southeast Asian flavor of this dish,paulit ulit kong binalikan.haha

The ginataang Halo Halo -my favorite ingredient of this classic Pinoy meryenda was the purple sweet potato (different from purple yam) I like the creamy texture and the purple hue that it provides into the dish to make it visually appealing.And the taste is not too sweet.

Crispy Palabok- whether it's ala carte or part of buffet it was alwayd good what i liked about is that they have topped it with some pork crackling and the crunchiness of the tofu bits,tastewise spot on,texture ingenious.A new way to eat our favorite pancit.

Thanks to #teamkaladkarin #ilovetoeatph #ejbunag #christinar for the tip and recommendation.

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Jasper T.
3.0 Stars

I had high expectations for this place. Given its location and price, you'd think the taste of the food is at a high level. The presentation and service was excellent though.

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5.0 Stars

Team Kaladkarin was invited for a mini Christmas Party at Museum Cafe, as The Raintree Groups will launched its Music & Merienda at M where you can eat any kinds of pancit and merienda like Barbecue, Champorado, M Panada and many more for Php295.00+ from 2PM to 6PM Monday to Friday.

One of the food stations that will make you back for more for Music & Merienda at M is the Pancit Station. It’s a make your own pancit that you can choose your favorite noodles and toppings. Crispy Palabok is to die for. So good! And btw, it’s unlimited. Ooopppsss, you should remind the chef who will cook your pancit to lessen the salt or no salt at all. It tends to be salty.

The promo is for limited time only.

Merry Christmas! 127876

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

I've been to Ayala museum quite a few times. All along I thought the Museum Cafe is part of the Ayala Museum. Haha. Learn recently that this cafe is part of Raintree group of restaurant. This December they introduced a Meryenda buffet during weekdays from 2pm -6pm for only 295. I really enjoyed the classic pinoy meryenda selections. What stood out for me was the fishcake. It was the most delicious kikiam I've ever had. I also enjoyed the diniguan with puto. Their version of dinuguan was purely all soup. Making it perfect for puto dipping. Another fave of mine was the champorado with dilis. The two contrasting flavor was so good. While for the pancit station, I enjoyed the palabok with extra shrimp no salt. Make sure to emphasize the no salt if your not into salty flavor. Plus point was the awesome buko melon! Refreshingly good!

Overall I love the food and drinks but what made me fall in love with this place is their lovely interior. Lovely art work displayed making it truly a museum cafe.

  • No. of Comments: 6
Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Another reason to visit this cafe every weekdays is their super good merienda all you can from 2-6pm for only Php250+

Here, ill let you know my personal favorites.
128204128525 crispy palabok
There’ss pansit station where your chef will cook your noodle dish customized by you. They got palabok, egg noodle pansit and glass noodle pansit. Just remind your chef not to put salt anymore because it’s a little salty already (especially the soy based pancit)

128204128525 thai fishcake
Mainstay! These little fish cutlets with sweet spicy thai dip really is delicious. There’s a lemongrass stalk used for your stick and so adding that dash of lemongrass flavor at ypur bite.

128204128525 barbecue
May it be pork, chicken or tofu, they all are very tasty, the sauce is thick, everything is tender.

128204128525 krispy kangkong
Looove this too, dip it in the tinapa mayo sauce and experience consistencies of the crunchy kangkong and tenderness of the fish!

128204128525ilocos empanada

128204 champorado
I think the champorado needs more chocolatey taste. Also i suggest they should have tuyo to go with it instead of anchovies (for me anchovies tastes a little toasted, and did not reciprocate much saltiness to the sweetness the champorado got. The champorado, on the unique side, got glutinous ruce on it!

128204128525 ube ginataan
Loove this better than the champorado, howeber this is not a mainstay— the more interesting dish (alternative of ginataan) is the UBE CHAMPORADO— too bad it was not served that day

Puto at dinuguan (so sad i dont eat dinuguan)

128204 lumpiang hubad
128204 thai salad in wraps
128204 turon chips

128204assorted cookies for the sweets

I think it’s good to visit this affordable eat all you can merienda. Try it, while it’s still available.

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Jae A.
3.0 Stars

Ube cake was too sweet. But their cinnamon tea & cafe mocha was delightful. 128077🏽

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