My Cookie Lab

75 N. Roxas St., Sto. Domingo, Quezon City, Metro Manila

My Cookie Lab
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Reopens Mon: 1:00p - 10:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Jown P.
4.0 Stars

We had lunch at Shiok Shiok and we were kinda umay of too much fried food so we wanted something sweet to cleanse~ our palette. Luckily we found this cute cookie place few steps away from Shiok Shiok.

The place from the outside doesn't really catch your attention but we were curious since the place kinda looked ~instagrammable~ inside.

Really small inside they only had 2 tables and 4 bar stools you could use. They sell all kinds of desserts from ice cream, home made cookies, waffles, floats and even those hard to find flavors of importaed chocolate chips/oreos, they have them too!

Me and my friend had the rootbeer float with a scoop of ice cream. It tasted good since they used A&W rootbeer :P The place is really nice too! Might return again to try the waffles and the cookies they sell 128522

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Serena M.
5.0 Stars

Super cute ice cream crinkle sandwich... 128150128149128154128156128155128153128149128150

We ordered avocado ice cream with chocolate crinkles, dark chocolate ice cream with blue velvet crinkles, cheesecake ice cream and red velvet crinkles. All taste so good! With a very affordable price of P75 only!

Love the whoopie pies also. They have so many flavors to choose from. Green tea almond, red velvet, blue velvet, baileys, cookies & cream, honey lemon, tequila rose, dark vader and classic. I only tried the baileys and it's super duper yummy!!!! 128525128525128525 As in!!!! 128516 It's moist, soft and taste heavenly!!!! Costs P50 only!! 128077🏻

The place is just small but i'll definitely come back to try their other flavors... 128522

Thanks to Jayson J for introducing My Cookie Lab in Looloo!!! 128521

  • No. of Comments: 6
Marianne P.
4.0 Stars

I thought.. Literally they are selling cookies, in reality the place is full of Whoopie pie128522 wide range of flavors seriously.

Dark Vader- similar to chocolate cake, bittersweet chocolate ganache filling between soft,moist chocolate bread?!

Lots of flavored crinkles sandwich (huh?!) they come in pairs, with filling 🙂box of 4 110pesos redvelvet,lemon,chocolate and greentea.

Pistachio ice cream is good but taste like almond128529
Green tea ice cream is good with greentea crinkles128513

Waiting for their milkshake soon128515

  • No. of Comments: 5
Stanley T.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

This wonderful cookie shop might be a misnomer for some. They don't sell the usual hard cookies that we know. They do bake and sell good quality crinkles and whoopie pies! Now, we all know what crinkles are--yes, it's cookies! Crinckles are flavored (usually chocolate but this store plays with flavors!) cookies covered in confectionary sugar! Yes. They do sell cookies after all. Their crinkles are big sized and got thick filling in between--that makes their crinkles one of a kind.

Whoopie pies are popular in US (Pennsylvania)-- it maybe considered as a cookie, pie or cake! It's a two round-mound cake (usually chocolate) that is glued by a frosting. Another info from wiki is that it is also called "black moon" or "gob" or "big fat oreo".

128204 green tea and almond crinkles @50php
I told you they really play with flavor and this one is one of their best sellers. This is not matcha flavored it is more on the herbal green tea cause i really did not taste any matcha in there... But the almonds are more resounding, more brilliant. It is not that sweet the almonds just "echoes" in your nose.

128204128525 baileys whoopie pie @50php
One cake is made up of chocolate the other is baileys flavor-- two cakes absolutely super moist it sticks in my fingers. In between is a resounding (re-tasting? Lol) baileys frosting! I love how dark the chocolate cake was.

128204128525 honey lemon crinkles + cheesecake icecream @75php
The lemon were light and cute tasting (like yuzu at farmacy--Japanese lemons) which is perfectly paired with this really good cheesecake ice cream--both were harmonious. The green tea crinkles with dark chocolate ice cream i think is a good option too!

I had a chat with the owner Stanley--who is also a Chinese. It's their first store. The one at SM just happens every weekends. They are trying to do coffee since the cookies are really good to go with a cup of coffee! What's good is they also cater events -- souvenirs, desserts (of course not main) so check this out if you have one upcoming and you're hosting.

Surely my vocabulary of cookie was expanded. 1285171285239786

PS i was looking for a dark chocolate flavored cookie but then too bad it was still being baked in the oven.

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