My Cuppa Fix

218 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

My Cuppa Fix
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Most Recent Reviews

Marti M.
4.0 Stars

Had a great time with cool foodie friends here at My Cuppa Fix. If you’re familiar with BF, it’s nearer the El Grande side of lengthy Aguirre Ave, near phase 4. No big outdoor sign to tell you except the icons out front (check out my last photo). Parking can take at most 3 cars.

The number of specialty coffee shops is really growing, thanks also to the growing clientele of “coffee connoisseurs” who happen to be GenXers, GenYers and of course, the millennials who seem to be experts when it comes to coffee. There are quite a number of places to spend time here at BF and some are a bit too fancy. My Cuppa Fix fixes that (forgive the pun!).

This place is home to the GenXers and GenYers who grew up with the radio cassette player, the TV 128250 set of yesteryears, and who could ever forget the Betamax? I do wish these are still working! The place is super conducive to studying as there’s no loud music nor noise from the outside. The fancy lights enliven the mood.

As you enter, the smell of freshly roasted coffee entices your senses. While My Cuppa Fix gets their beans from local suppliers, they do import some of their beans from Malaysia. For coffee lovers like me, they do sell coffee accessories in-store. Their resident barista knows her stuff well, you can ask her to whip you a good cup with her signature latte art.

Do try out their taco rolls as it is really, really good. They did have their own fries - which are actually spam fries. Spam lovers would cherish this dish! Being a potato lover, I wish they had offered large-cut potato fries. Caesar salad also had spam, which gives proper balance to the salad. pesto chicken pasta. The tuyo pasta is something you would definitely get. Don’t expect it to be as salty as your tuyo rice, but the tuyo jives well with the pasta. The waffle burger is quite good - the beef patty is well prepared but I do wish the waffle was a bit softer to the bite.

Those craving for after dinner tea do not need to look further as My Cuppa Fix also has their own selection of teas. Wasn’t able to try the teas on this visit, though, and I’m sure I’ll be back soon to try.

With good food, good ambiance and great coffee (and tea, which I’m going to try soon), My Cuppa Fix is a great hang-out on this side of BF.

Big thanks to @teamkaladkarin for the invite!

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

My Cuppa is an awesome specialty coffee shop along the busy restaurant row of BF Homes. While the reviews for them are not plentiful here, I saw many positive reviews on their FB page.
Beautiful red door, Edison bulbs, cassette players, and large black writing boards decorate the space. It’s a very lovely place with several areas to take your time just enjoy the day. They’ve hosted photoshoots and meetings, game days, and workshops.

Their primo barista, Sturg, has radical latte art skills. Pulido. Cup after cup we saw how intricate the patterns were. We saw her create the most amazing ghost pirate with an actual bubble eye. A bubble eye! And galing.

I tried the iced matcha latte (160.00 / hot 150.00) and it was one of the the best cups of matcha i’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot. Seriously. They used a good quality matcha powder, not the sweetened ones already mixed with sugar that you can buy in the grocery. It had that slight characteristic bitter taste which i love, a perfect amount of milk for that creamy texture. It wasn’t sickly sweet, which is what i can tell about what the mermaid makes. The bonus, the tea itself had a wonderful floral taste, like jasmine. We absolutely loved it. I hope they make it this way every single time.

The food they had was interesting. The menu is simple, something you can enjoy with your cup of coffee. The food to me is something you can get near a University. They did try to make it interesting like adding spam to their salad and using bread for their taco rolls, which i both liked, especially the tacos and the spicy sauce it came with. They served a pretty waffle burger, your main and dessert on one plate.

I just found out they’re planning to move to a new location, with nothing definite for the moment. I do hope they find a good spot, and if they were any nearer to me, id be a regular for the iced matcha for sure.

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Was able to try My Cuppa Fix twice in the last couple of weeks - once with my cousins after dinner and a couple of days later thanks to the generous invitation of Team Kaladkarin 128522
It's located along Aguirre Ave right across Palacio Grande. They do have a signage but it's quite small so keep your eyes peeled for their emoticon lights on the store front. Interiors are bare/industrial with a few knick knacks and gadgets from the 80s scattered about. There's also chalk wall art and some affirmations too.
They will start to serve some hot dishes this month and we were lucky enough to try them out. We were able to try their taco roll ups, spam (not spam) fries [not in pics], spam Caesar salad, pesto chicken pasta, tuyo pasta and Waffle burger. For the drinks we were served their lattes, hot and cold Marcha, flat white and iced mocha.

Food was just ok for me, nothing spectacular or something I would crave for. I actually liked the salad the best cos of the homemade dressing but the other dishes didn't have that 'spark'. They also used luncheon meat in most of their dishes like the salad which I found weird but ok. The waffle burger was indeed creative but too sweet for me, I like my burgers savory 128522

They were blessed with a very good barista! She made really nice Latte art! The hot matcha as well as cold matcha was good. The flat white was a tad too sweet for me. However, when they served my iced mocha, there were several ants swimming in it 128560 when I returned it, the chef asked 'na picturan nyo ba' instead of asking if I was OK 128518 oh well towel!

Verdict would be, it's a nice and cozy place to hang and chill. Ambience is cool as well as the interiors. Drinks are good as well but food is just OK for me 128522

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