Myrna's Bake House

50 KM 4, Pasonanca, Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Sibugay

Myrna's Bake House
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Abby L.
5.0 Stars

One of my favorite chocolate cakes comes all the way from Zamboanga City! Look at that chocolate swirly goodness... 128525

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

presenting!!! another creation from myrna's believe it or not, this is worth 5 stars. who could guess the name just by looking at the picture?!?!

uhhhhh! never mind the picture is bad. well, this has been standing in our fridge for 3 days before I got the courage to try it out. who would believe that this is an Oatmeal Durian Bar?! yes you've read it right. it's made from the smelly fruit famed as durian. honestly, I've tried the fruit once and the experience wasn't magical, that's why I braved myself for this one. why?! cause it smells sooo good! not the typical durian candy smell but it was like a butter cake smell.

At first I was hesitant but knowing boyfie's ate won't give me anything foul, so their. I couldn't believe it, but it tasted like a candied pineapple or more of like a pineapple upside down cake with no pineapple in it. swear!! 9995 this really made me wish that they'll put a franchise here. good chewy sugar bottom which am clueless of what it's made of but definitely set the mood and the top was a moist cake with durian on top. C128523128525L and Yuum!

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

No, I wasn't in Zamboanga, but thanks to boyfie's ate for the pasalubong, I've got to try this gorgeous. 128523 I've been away for the past days because of the most hated Haiyan typhoon, grrrrr!!!

but so much for that, here I present to you guys the Walnut Oatmeal Brownies. 128079128131128111
Perfectly baked chewy brownies that is sooo sooo chocolatey, the oatmeal gave it more texture, it was heavy so for a sweet tooth like me a bar wouldn't be enough but two can be so so sinful. I love how it was crusted with walnut, it was blending perfectly with the brownie, every bite was like a different adventure. the walnut was the best deal on this one. 128076

I hope they'd really open a branch here in manila 128514

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Abegail H.
4.0 Stars

This bake house is really a must. if you go asking locals for the must try then they'd tell you to go to this place. from the name of their store you'd know that they have sweet goodies for you to try on but they got a lot more, pastas, fruit shakes, frappes are sold too. they got quality food for a cheap price. for my 4 day stay at zamboanga i went to their store once a day so i'd get to try most of their cakes, yeah am a sweet tooth specially for cakes and the like. the bake house got 3 branches in the city and this review goes to all.

the ambience of the place projects a calm and friendly environment. staff are nice, clean area good for long talks with clients since the place offer appetizers down to desserts. I've tried their blackforest cake the one with yellow circle in the middle, at first i thought that was just another ordinary cake. while i was slicing it I saw something odd coz here where white colored goodies inside the cake, realizing they were fruits and cashews (wow cashews!) now who would think of putting something like that as a filling in a cake. aside from the two, the center was also spread with a proportioned amount of choco icing. everything goes well, even with the icing, fruit and nuts the cake still stands out with its flavor.

the next day i tried a slice of choco log roll and it was so amazing that I can even compare it with my grandma's super duper really uber delicious moist choco cake. the cake was very distinct with its choco flavor that goes well with the choco icing and choco shavings.

then, their best seller mango cake. for me the cake was a bit dry but because of the generous amount of merengue and mangoes, it complemented everything.

the last was the mango yoghurt cream pie, this was a hit for me because it was like all in one, i love mango, i love yoghurt, and i like pie crust. the filling was a really creamy, next to an ice cream texture thought it wouldn't go well with the pie crust but it was amazing even the locals that I was with were amazed coz it was their first time to taste it since their fond of ordering the bestseller.

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