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Suzette C.
4.0 Stars

Escape rooms are getting very popular in Manila, me and my friends always wanted to try those but it's always booked on our preferred time so i never got the chance to try one until I recently went home to Davao.

Someone has brought the escape room concept in Davao and I'm pretty sure it's easier to get a slot here than in Manila.

I initially expected to try it with my friends but our times just won't cooperate with our plans so one day I decided to book/reserve a room and then told my parents and sister Chantal C that I booked a room and we are going to play. They cannot backout! 128514

Side note:
128221The booking did not require any downpayment (not like in manila) i once tried booking before and cancelled and they were very kind and considerate about it. But I'm being a bad example. Don't do that! 128514

I just found out that chany already tried mystery manila, that's why she wasn't too excited about the idea of playing because last time she played it scared the crap out of her and she couldn't sleep for how many days128514 but I booked the easiest room and I promised her that it's not scary nor creepy! I made it parents-friendly. Our parents might have signs of aging that we dont know, I don't want to risk it. Joke128514128514
*knocks on wood*128682

When we got there, we were asked to sign the waiver for non disclosure which i think is common for all escape rooms. Then they proceeded with the breifing and dos and donts and then finally handed us the story of the escape room we chose. The title of our escape room is "Secret Agents on a Mission". Our mission was to find the secret formula of some zombie apocalypse Dr. De Ville is planning. At first, we were confused on where to start or how to even start but later we got the hang of it. We automatically got more observant. HAHA!

We actually escaped the room with the secret formula! Everyone was in the zone except for my mom who
just kept threatening the game master. The whole time she was like "magsalita ka na kung ayaw mo masaktan" and "sabihin mo na kung gusto mo makalabas ng buhay!!" HAHAHA but she found one of the most important keys which was really helpful! Good job, mom. Haha128514 while my mom was getting kinda bored128105, my dad was in the zone! 128104 he started doing the sneaky and snappy moves like he was in an actual detective-suspense movie looking for clues. "What the hell are you doing pa!?" while me and my sister were just laughing, including the game master. 128514

The rules of the room and time is different from the rooms Manila. Here, you start with "Houdini Level" and if you ask questions, you go down to "difficult" or "easy" level. You can only be in the hall of fame when you finish in Houdini level. I think in Manila they deduct 5 minutes from the time but still get a chance to be in the hall of fame. Which i think is more fair. Sad to say we weren't able to finish in Houdini level. My mom asked a question and it degraded our level, but still, we are super proud that we were able to finish the room! Yay.

According to Chany, the one they tried in manila is more realistic and you really do feel you're in the scene. You can't help but compare in terms of the quality. Also from an interior designer's view, I would have to say it was just okay. A lot of things can be improved. I'm pretty sure they can afford to redo the scene, considering the price we pay (But still Manila's is like 100 pesos more expensive). If you think about it, they do get fully booked din ha! Even on weekdays! But don't get me wrong. Our experience was great. And it was a different kind of family bonding for us!

After escaping the room, the game masters took our picture for their fb page. Photo quality kinda sucks. I just hope they took the photo properly. (Check out photo above) Also, the place lacks good lighting, it was very dark, not very inviting and especially, not photo-friendly. They should improve the look of their area. As mentioned above, what we paid for is not that cheap and we expected better ambiance. Also they should have anticipated that people are really going to take pictures. It was worth the experience but the only reason we are coming back is because Kenrick C is not with us this time.

The game masters were smiling the whole time we were there. They can't help but commend us for finishing the room and it's the first time they had a family playing. Usually players are group of friends or co-workers128522

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