Mystery Manila

GA Yupangco Bldg., 339 Jupiter St. cor. Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Jupiter, Makati, Metro Manila

Mystery Manila
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Zey V.
5.0 Stars

Loved this that I got to try it for three times already! lol 128513 But this is the only time we got to solve it. Been here with my team mates at work and all of us had fun. Though it was a bit hard to locate it and the building is kinda creepy. I really enjoyed playing our chosen mystery. Will definitely come back and I recommend for you guys to try it! 128077🏻

Fun Factor 1008410084100841008410084
Place 1008410084
Value for Money 10084100841008410084

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

I get so excited every time I meet someone game to try Mystery Manila. My first experience was fun and I didn’t mind being a third wheel at all. The second time around wasn’t as fun though when we tried Sinister Sensorium as I was one of the blind players. (The blind don’t get to do much and I didn’t even know that the game was over!) But things were about to change when we tried Rebecca’s Room.

I just could not contain my excitement when I read the reviews about Rebecca’s Room. It is like being in a horror movie. (Exciting!!!)

I realized though that the mystery was not a joke when “Sherlock”, our game master asked if any of us have heart problems. (Then again, I thought that he was just trying to scare us.)

So we did the drill… read an article to have a background of the mystery and be briefed on what to do inside.

When we got inside, several furniture pieces were covered in white cloth. I had fun making a mess until… WHAT THE ****!!! (I won’t tell you what I saw!)

A few minutes later, the lights were turned off so we relied on the flashlight that I found and the cellphone R discovered.

The cool thing in this room is that it’s quite techie. We could talk to the “spirit” through the cellphone. (No, we were not textmates.)

We had a hard time with a few locks though which are important to solve the mystery and open something else. (I had the same issue with Justice for Jamila.)
I’ll stop here now before I share more than what I should. My point though is that YOU HAVE TO TRY REBECCA’S ROOM.

It’s also a perfect date activity. ;) #winggirl

Thank you, Mystery Manila for the fun day! I LOVE IT! 100841008410084

[Super late post]

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Marjorie G.
5.0 Stars

Mystery Manila is a live escape room game, which is said to be the first in the country. Currently, it has two branches; one in Libis, the other in Makati. To play this game, you must reserve a slot thru their website. Rates depend on the number of people who will be playing the game.

2 players: P550 per pax
3 players: P500 per pax
4 players: P450 per pax
5 players onwards: P400 per pax

The Jupiter branch offers three mysteries: Sinister Sensorium, World of Wizardry, and Rebecca’s Room. The games can be played by a minimum of 2 persons (except the Sinister Sensorium, which requires at least 3 players) and a maximum of 6. Players are only given an hour to finish the game. There’s a prize waiting for those who can quickly escape the room; t-shirt for the 30-minute finishers and pen for the 45-minute finishers.

There is a leaderboard where the best mystery solvers can be seen. You beat the time of the other teams, you will find the name of your group on this board.

My teammates and I played Rebecca's Room. Prior to the game, we had a briefing with our gamekeeper who prepped us about our mission and the rules of the game. Among the rules stated are the following:

No mobile phones
No scratching and tearing of the masking tapes on the wall
The furniture and other stuff inside the room can be inspected but must be put back into place
Knock on the door if you need a clue but for every hint given, there is a 5-minute penalty to be deducted from the total playing time

Despite knowing it’s all just a make-believe, we still couldn’t help but feel a little spooked, synonymous with that feeling you get before entering a horror house. That’s my biggest worry actually, if somebody suddenly pops out in the room to give us a scare.

55 minutes, 4 clues, three locks, and two doors unlocked later, we were finally able to escape the room. Because we asked 4 clues, 20 minutes were added to our total time (boohoo). Even so, we still felt quite accomplished and very relieved that we finished the game. It’s still better than to pose with the “Mystery Failed” board you know.

The tension brought about by the time constraint, the confusion and challenge caused by the puzzles, and the team effort required to finish the game, all made for a one heck of an experience.

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Zaida N.
5.0 Stars

Want a thrilling experience? Go visit mystery manila. It's a full packed of mind blowing mystery cases that u must solve with a twist! We tried rebecca's room, the experience is like in paranormal activity. We, esp my friends are very scared and cant focus in solving the mystery. Coz of this we didn't make it til the end. But we superly enjoyed it! What a great experience 128077

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

And it was a mystery fail for us! Boooooo!!! Got the Rebecca's Room and yeah, it was pretty scary there. If you're gonna try this one out, hurry before they change this one. Found out that they'll be replacing this by July so hurry! Hihihi 128123128584128123

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Yvette Mariezen N.
5.0 Stars

Best game ever! 128077

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Tei A.
4.0 Stars

I didnt really expect that I would enjoy this, but I did! 128077128516

We got the "sorcerer's room" something since this is the only one available left. The room's theme is something like a scene from Harry Potter movie. I wont give anymore clues so there's still a surprise for those of you who'll do this in the future.

It's a great group activity for friends if you want an alternative bonding activity.

The guide that was assigned to us was friendly and "helpful" enough. Too bad I forgot the name.

Went here with 3 of my close friends and we all enjoyed this. Will try the other rooms, esp the horror one haha 128121

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