Nadai Fujisoba

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Nadai Fujisoba
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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

One clear sign that you love Japanese food is when you crave for ramen on a hot day. I get that a lot and I just can’t help it. I need my noodle fix before I go crazy and one of my go to places is Nadai Fujisoba.

Hello, Nadai Fujisoba.

I still remember the delectable bowl of udon I had from its High Street branch. Its delicate broth taste and delicious tempura left quite an impression. This time around, I was in the mood for more than a bowl of noodles.

Its SM Aura branch has a similar ambiance with its light wood colored furniture, black and white Japanese comic walls and touches of colorful Japanese art.

The friendly server who assisted us suggested Niku Fuji Soba (PHP260), O-Ebi Ten Mori Udon (PHP260) and Ten Mori (PHP390). I've already tried the first two but I’m a sucker for anything tagged as bestsellers so I gave in. I also added Gyudon (PHP100, small | PHP190, regular), Kuro Goma Ice Cream (PHP100) and Macha Ice Cream (PHP100).

Service was delightfully fast and we got all savory dishes in less than 15 minutes.

The Niku Fuji Soba was like the noodle version of gyudon. The thin slices of meat were tender and had a nice light taste which was complemented by the delicate broth, egg and perfectly cooked soba.

I liked the O-Ebi Ten Mori as it is like tsukemen. I enjoyed dipping the thick and slightly chewy udon on the sweet and salty dip. I munched on the tempura from time to time for extra texture.

An order of Ten Mori or mixed tempura includes ebi ten, ika ten, chikuwa ten, yasai kakiage,oba ten and beni shoga. Though all were beautifully coated with crisp batter, I only liked the ebi tempura. Then again, I’m a bit biased here as I don’t really appreciate other kinds of tempura.

Gyudon, on the other hand, was bang for the buck! If you have a small appetite, you only pay a hundred for a filling bowl of rice topped with flavorful tender meat. It’s best to eat this with some pickled ginger for additional taste and sharp contrast in flavors.

Though stuffed and about to burst, we jiggled our tummies to make space for ice cream.

If I were to choose between black sesame or macha, I’d go with the former anytime. The sweet and grainy black sesame was a delightful way to cap dinner. Hardcore macha lovers would enjoy this green piece of heaven as its tea taste is very pronounced.

It was yet another pleasant experience. I can’t wait to try the other noodle bowls and curry!

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Early dinner last week with my sister's friends and since my sister and I were still full, we just shared a beef gyudon bowl. Pretty good imo, I like how they had tempura batter bits along with the other condiments. The tempura was also quite tasty. Wasn't able to try the soba but it was good as per my sister's friend 128513 they also have set meals like soba + don meal.
Prices aren't bad at all, will give this another shot with hubby next time.

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Dang Q.
2.0 Stars

Was craving ramen so I thought I'd try this joint out.

I ordered the potato croquettes and a spicy Chasu ramen bowl (didn't pay attention to the name, sorry!)

The potates were a ball of mashed poes in a crust. It wouldn't have tasted like anything had it not been for the sauce it came with.

The ramen was ok, but initially had a gamey taste. I got my fix of spicy soup but there wasn't anything special with this visit.

Service was a tad slow, no one pays attention to you even while you've had your hand up for 30 seconds - I must be as dispensable as this meal 128567

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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

Getting a very quick japa-fix from Nadai Fujisoba for my "meriendinner" hehehe I got a nifty bowl of this affordable Hiyashi Soba 128522128077🏻10084

Loved the texture of the buckwheat noodles, a bit chewy, dipped in this light tasting hot broth with tender meat slices and onions... One of my favorites inside this bowl were the generous nori flakes which really adds to the over-all flavor when you sip it altogether 128522128077🏻10084

I'd say this is an alternative meal if you're looking for something lighter from the thick and flavorful ramen that we have all around the city 128522128522128522127836127858

And yes those tiny tempura crumbs do add a twist! 128522128077🏻10084️ yummm 128522128522128522

The refreshing cold tea wasn't bitter tasting and had this sesame seed-like aftertaste.... Quite lovable as well 9749

That's how hungry I was, only took one pic, and focused on eating, aww128541128541128541 hahahhaa128518128518128518

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

The plan was to scout Uptown but Mother Nature got in the way.  The next thing I knew,  it was raining bears and hyenas.

I decided to wait it out in Aura.  Dinner is in order.  There are a couple of restaurants i haven't tried in Aura,  one of which is Nadai Fujisoba.   The place is empty when i came in.  The lack of customers got me a lil skeptical. 

Skepticism aside.  Their interior is the shiz!  It felt like i  stepped inside a Japanese House in Feudal Japan.   This reminds me of Ken Watanabe's house in The Last Samurai.  I specifically liked the wall art and the mural of sorts.  Colorful and reeks of Japanese culture.  And the curtains are pretty nifty too.

I'm not sophisticated enough to appreciate cold soba hence i focused on their rice meals.   I picked Katsudon and green tea ice cream for dessert. 

| Katsudon (php 190).   This bowl is filled with katsudon goodness.  The pork is cooked perfectly and the pork is tender.  Apart from the meat,  the rice is cooked right and the seasoning is spot on.  Good deal at 190!

| Green Tea Ice Cream (php 100).   This one is a keeper.  Creamy,  oozing with green tea goodness.  I can eat this by the tub.

I liked my impromptu visit at Nadai.  I am coming back to try the other rice bowls.

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Mika L.
3.0 Stars

It's that one place we go to by default because we live so near and the price is just right. Every thing in this place would be best described as good value for money. Their sobas and rice bowls are just average I would say but their service is quick.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Nadai hits the spot for us when we're craving for noodles but don't want soup as rich as that of a ramen.

For a weekday dinner we arrived around 830PM and we were seated immediately. Price is very pocket friendly.

We got the a gyudon & soba set for the H, tempura rice bowl for the son, a fish soba for me to share with my little girl, and a can of Japanese beer for the H & me. We liked our food. Nothing mind blowing here, but it tastes exactly how it should and it's good enough to satisfy a hungry belly.

What we love most is the tenkasu, the crunchy tempura flakes you can add to your soba, served in a metal container. If you like food with texture, it's a must to add this to your food.

Service is always great here.

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Carla G.
4.0 Stars

This is my new favorite Japanese-on-a-budget restaurant!

It's fairly new at SM Aura so we decided to try it. The servers were nice and quick to attend to your needs. I was also starving so I was pleased that they served the orders quickly.

We liked everything we ordered.

O-Ebi Ten Soba 1108811088110881108811088
Loved it. For P260, I think this is a good deal. With two pieces of prawns and a generous amount of tasty soba, it was really filling and satisfying. The tempura batter was light and crispy, which I know is how it should be and how most people like it (I honestly prefer tempura being slightly doughy but that's just me being weird. In any case, I liked this tempura.) The soba had the right chewiness and flavor to it as well.

Gyudon Donburi 11088110881108811088
I ordered the small bowl and at P100, I think this is also fairly cheap. If I weren't too hungry, this could be my entire meal. (but since I was starving, I ordered another small bowl of Buta Bara Donburi, lol) The meat was thin, tender and flavorful, the rice was perfectly cooked, and the sauce went well with the meat.

Buta Bara Kimuchi Don 110881108811088
The pork version, which I liked a little less than I did the Gyudon, but again at 100, I couldn't complain. My date liked this a lot (more than the Gyudon). It also had kimchi (or the Japanese version of that) which made it spicy (and more delicious in my book) and the mix of flavors interesting.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream 110881108811088
I know it was odd that we got this for dessert, but anything salted caramel on the menu jumps out at me--even at a Japanese restaurant, lol. Being a salted caramel aficionado though, my rating for their salted caramel is just average.

Definitely will be coming back!

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Marc M.
3.0 Stars

Been eyeing this place for some time now. I would find myself standing outside and scanning their large menu. But whenever I realize this is not ramen and the soup looks very light I always pass up on the chance.

Enter Christina R for encouraging me to try it. It was very affordable after all and it still was soup. I love soup! 128525

Good thing they had Sets so I can make the most of my visit. Got the Katsudon with the Plain Soba.

I'd have to say that the Katsudon was quite standard and didn't really stand out. It was'nt bad though and it was very filling.

Their signature Soba as I predicted was very light. But I appreciate the subtle flavor that the Soba and Soup gives off when eaten together. The soup was close to sukiyaki, a bit sweet. Chew on the soba and it incorporates the flavor and saltiness with the soup. Loved it! 128536

The set really fills you up and at P350+ it's really affordable. 128522

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Butch G.
5.0 Stars

I had the Kisu Tenmori Soba, which was very similar if not the same quality with what I have had in Japan. Not overly stated, interiors, staff was quite attentive to our needs.
Food is affordable. What I ordered cost me 230 pesos plus service charge. We also had kakiage, and Udon in broth which were equally good.

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Anne K.
4.0 Stars

When we visited Nadai Fujisoba, it was still on soft opening. Nevertheless, the food and service were great. We also liked the japanese interiors of the restaurant. As a big fan of soba, i had a hard time choosing what to order. Some items on the menu were unavailable but it was okay since there were still a lot of items on the menu to choose from. i ordered the ebi ten moti soba for P 260.00. The sauce for the soba had the right sweet/salty combination. The tempura was also perfectly crispy and light. The noodles had the right texture and taste. 128077128077

Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Very affordable Japanese noodles and rice bowls. I find the decor very appealing, even from the outside. It looks clean with its white walls. I enjoyed looking at the colorful ceiling while waiting for our food.

I got the Soba with Tempura (260). Hot noodles with 2 pieces of tempura. B-u-s-o-g. Loved, loved, loved the tempura bits they have on the table which you an add to your food. I asked for a plate for my tempura as I didn't want to eat it soggy. I added a little sesame oil to my soup.

My son got himself a full gyudon bowl (190). I took a bite and I think I prefer Yoshinoyas for the thinner slice of meat there and the cheaper price. Sadly, he also found it so bitin. I had to get him a katsudon (190) which he said he preferred between the 2.

Got fresh buko for less than 100. Our bill for 3 bowls and buko was only a little over 800. They have rice bowls + noodle sets for about 380 only. There were several tables occupied by Japanese so they must like it here too.

You might need to ask the servers to decipher the menu. It was great that all the items had photos, so appetizing! However most of the items were battered and fried and I couldn't tell what a few were. There's no description too.

Marc David M sana naman puntahan mo Ito dahil alam ko mahilig ka sa soup at ang dami mo ng score sa akin sa mga reco mo.

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Ron M.
4.0 Stars

'Tis the season to be chubby falalalala lalalala 128514128055

After walking through the cold streets of bgc we dropped by sm aura and was in search for a nice hot meal, their ramen selections are great and the noodles were fresh and handmade, i ordered the yasai kakiage ten udon, there is a choice between soba which is the buckwheat noodles, the thinner and firmer variety and udon, that white fat and chewy noodles 128518128523, it was delicious, its got that umami taste and the condiments seem to complement the ramen, since i wanted to eat the kakiage crispy, i separated it from the noodles to prevent it from absorbing too much soup

Overall it was delicious, has a quality and was worth the price 128077🏻

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

A bowl of steaming hot noodle soup is the best meal on a rainy day. After hearing Sunday mass, we headed to Nadai Fujisoba for lunch before going home. It was a stormy weekend and we needed something to warm our tummies. 127836

128261 Onsen Tamago Udon
It was my first time to try their hot noodles. The broth tasted clean and was very light, and the udon had the right chewiness. I liked the soft boiled egg on top. Although I would still go for cold soba or udon next time. 128517

128261 Ebiten Soba (hot)
My sister chose to order the same item she had during our first visit. She liked it better than the one in their Bonifacio High Street branch. The batter was light and crunchy. Not nakakaumay. She promised to try the cold soba next time.

128261 Gyudon with Kake Soba
Mom chose their Teisyoku Set. You can choose any small portion of donburi and pair it with noodles. Hers was gyudon with kake soba. Filling and sulit for P250. 128512

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4.0 Stars

Nadai Fujisoba:

Aka Fujisoba - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Beni Shoga - 110881108811088️ 3/5

#ilovetoeat #NadaiFujisoba

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Last sunday night, we went to aura because I need to buy something. From the basement, the first restaurant that welcomed us was Nadai Fujisoba. The area's so bright you can't help but look and out of curiosity, you ask for the menu and you see that most of the meals are affordable. For as low as 100 you already get to enjoy a small bowl, 190 for a regular sized rice meal. Set meals for as low as 250. And just like that, you are already asking for a table and yes, ordering. True Story. 128517

I've read a review about this restaurant in High Street before but the appeal of their cold soba never made an impact. But it's the price that made me try this place! 128517 While looking at the menu, I remembered the meals we had in Japan, "Ohh, so eto pala yun!" 128514128541

It would be nice if we were able to try their version of the cold soba to compare but sadly, we weren't feeling that adventurous that night! So instead, we ordered the following: Gyudon (190), Katsudon (190), and Teisyoku Set: Ebi Tendon with Kake Soba (380).

They were all just okay. Nothing extra ordinary. I don't like salty food, bland meals are okay with me but the meals we had were all extra bland. Parang ang daming kulang. 128563 The meat were not as tender, as well. I even heard the table beside us say, "parang tokyo tokyo lang, tas maalat pa sa tokyo tokyo!" 128514128514128514 That. Or we just ordered the not so good meals. 128517

Service was just okay as well. They were helpful just not as welcoming and nice.

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