Nagpatong Rock Formation

Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal

Nagpatong Rock Formation
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Judie Ann Princess M.
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I miss the mountains and my inner cry was to climb before 2017 ends.

So after my region 8 trip last November, I excitedly asked my college barkada if they wanted to hike before the year ends. Originally, there are 4ppl who agreed. But! There are still back out dancers. So from 4 down to 2 and all of 3 are good to go. I don't mind climbing soul-o. I was doing it since last year. Hehe! So December 16 came. I was late on our call time for an hour 128557 they didn't blame me and this 2 lads are so sweet they even bought me Gatorade and even talked to me with all smiles as if I was not late. Not to mention that Chester the tall guy was at Cubao before 5AM 128514 i love these lads! Haha we were friends for several years and we were climbers. But it was the FIRST TIME that we climbed together. Swear! For our itinerary, here it is:

128204Cubao-Cogeo Gate 2: 35 for UV/30 if by jeepney
(Travel time was about 45mins to 1hr)
128204Cogeo-Pico de Piño restaurant: 48pesos
(Go to City Mall where jeepneys bound to Sampaloc are. Then ask the driver to drop you off at Pico de Piño restaurant. The view on the way was so refreshing. As in zero pollution 128514 I was seated on the front seat btw. And my 2 friends are back riders bec. When we arrived the jeepney was full and needs only 1 to go. Since we were running late, they just decided to do that. Travel time was 2hrs. Max)
128204Pico de Piño restaurant-Brgy. Cuyambay: 25pesos
(You have to ride a habal-habal it is basically a motorcycle that runs fast. It was a fun ride because the place was so cold and the green scenery was really beautiful128525)
128204registration fee: 100/head
128204guide fee is 500 for the 1st mountain the additional 250 for every succeeding spots
(We arrived at the reg area around 9AM we decided to go for Mt. Masungki and Nagpatong Rock Formation that's why we paid 750.)
128204Brgy. Cuyambay- jump-off point: 40pesos
(After the registration, you need to ride a habal-habal again to bring you at the jump-off point. It was the best 5mins ride of my life on a habal-habal. Kasi dumaan kami sa highway for almost 2 minutes and it was really fun. Lalo pag lumiliko yung motor! 128514128513)

by 9:30am we have started the hike. It was an easy peazy trek and the area was surrounded by lush green plants and trees with so many flowers and butterflies along the way. It was really cute!! 128525

After the 1st tindahan, our guide kuya Warling told us that if we reach the 2nd tindahan at 11AM then we have to decide if we still want to proceed to Mt. Masungki or just choose Maikmo and Nagpatong rock formations.

5 mins before 11AM we reached the 2nd tindahan. It was the junction going to Mt. Masungki's summit, Maikmo, and Nagpatong rock formations. He told us not to pursue the Mt. Masungki summit. Because it will take us roughly 2hrs. 30mins from the tindahan to the summit. So that's 2 to 3 PM. And we will not be able to conquer Nagpatong rock formation if we insisted the summit. While going to Maikmo Rock formation will only take us 15 to 20 mins to reach the peak and from Maikmo was only 20mins to Nagpatong rock formation. So we decided to just take the 2 rock formations instead of going to the summit.

So quarter to 12noon we reached Maikmo Rock formation. Took a lot of photos, and enjoyed the view. From its peak Nagpatong was already visible. We tooks 15mins here.

Another 15mins has passed and we're on the foot of Nagpatong rock. When I looked from the bottom to the top, I was stunned! Like: Shookt! 128561128552 I literally blurted: "Kuyaaaa, paano???!" 128514128514

There was a ladder going to the 2nd floor so I said, ok! Kayang kaya ko to. Then on the 2nd floor, I was wondering how can we climb to the 3rd flr if the only tool was the thick rope? 🤔 then kuya Warling demonstrates the proper way. And I tell you, you NEED to obey him kasi ang babagsakan mo was 20 to 30 feet lang naman na bangin and I don't want to risk any. He assisted us while crossing the rock. Ok. Going to the peak, there was a ladder again. And OMG!128562 the view deck was so peaceful!!! We were all by ourselves when we get there. There were no one there except us. Aaaahhhh. Refreshing!!! Here you can see all the other mountains of Rizal. And saya!!!

I was really wondering how they took photos. As in ang iniisip ko was ang layo ng deck kung nasan sila para lang makuhanan kami ng ganyang picture. But then, yun palang katapat na rock formation ni Nagpatong yung susi 128514 and I really appreciate yung effort ng guides to climb with us going to the peak of Nagpatong and then going down and up again sa kabilang rock just to give us a good shot. 128524 then after the photo ops, it suddenly started to rain. So we really wanted to go down as fast as we could. Iniisip kasi namin na pag nabasa yung rock, it will be harder to go down dahil dudulas yung surface. Then nagulat kami kasi kuya Warling was as fast as lightning, as in nag aabang na sya sa amin dun sa rope segments. 128514128558

The trail got more slippery. And muddy and I really stumble and fall several times. As in nasubsob ako sa mud pero I found it fun kasi haha

By 1PM we reached the very 1st tindahan then had our late lunch. 15mins had passed and we started to decend again and we reached the jump-off at 2PM. Just a reminder! Going up sa jump off point was harder than taking the trail. As in never ending yung paakyat na flat surface. Mas pinagpawisan pa kami dun sa part na yun. Hahahaha

🏕Mt. Masungki is part of the Maysawa Circuit, the trail was really new and fresh. It has been opened to the public just this February 2017.

🏕I just noticed that the mountain ranges of Rizal was really muddy, and rocky. As in literal na matatalas ang bato so you must have your gloves with you.

🏕the registration area for Mt. Masungki was also the reg. Area for mt. Batolusong, and Paliparan.

🏕this is where the Treasure Mountain is also.

128099if you want to have a guide, this is Kuya Warling's number and contact him a week before your climb to secure a schedule with him 128522
1282420930 766 8154

128184 our total expense per head was: Php 576.00 to and from Cubao.

Hanggang sa susunod na ligtas na pag-ahon 128522

🏕hooray for my 12th mountain since 2016 128516128582

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