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Nagsasa Cove
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Foodcrawl P.
4.0 Stars


Pundaquit Beach is the dock-off point of travellers heading to the islands of Capones, Anawangin, and Nagsasa.

We prepared less for this trip and it took us 6-hours to queue at the bus station. We took an Iba-bound bus for another 5 hours on the road. We arrived San Antonio by sunset. Quite honestly we are initially disappointed upon arriving at our accommodation. It is an extremely tiring trip and there’s is a big group occupying half of the resort. They tend to be rowdy through the night.

We stayed here since we refuse to camp in the islands. We got non-aircon cottages which is actually a steal for a budget of less than Php1000 per night. Meals is not a problem, they serve pretty good breakfast. Tables and chairs are also provided outside the cottages. There is also a tree house deck for relaxation. Like most backpackers inn, the rest rooms are communal but well-maintained. There is no vehicle parking in their premises but there nearby spaces available for rent.

On to our second night of stay, as soon as the big group leave, it turned out as a quiet place to stay and unwind.

The hotel staff also assisted us in getting a boat to Nagsasa for our Day Tour. We booked the boat for Php1200 back and forth.

Tried Ohana Art Cafe for dinner. Food is just okay. We ordered the set meal for P350 per plate.

For our last night in Pundaquit, we had a Filipino food feast at Canoe Beach Resort. Menu extremely affordable and surprisingly good. We had Sisig, Sinigang, Caldereta, Ensalada, Grilled Fish, and Drinks for Php1200.

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Kara G.
5.0 Stars

OWTA and Kaladkarin Mnl organized an outreach for the Aetas and were generous enough to have us tag along.

2 of my coworkers joined the Sportsfest team while I was in charge of the kitchen duties, while the other 2 were the medics for the day.

To reach Nagsasa, you have to go on an hour's boatride and for someone who's been seasick since childhood, that wasn't a picnic. I felt nauseous the whole time but weirdly enough I still managed to enjoy the scenery.

Loved our time with the kids and their parents. It was certainly a privilege to have been a part of their community if only for a little while.

My friends and I were supposed to go hiking but the unpredictable weather kept us from going. We went swimming instead.

On the way home though, torrential rains and lashing winds, plus the high-strung weather and rolling waves kept me terrified the entire boatride back. One of those I almost died and lived to tell the story moments.

Overall, I am grateful to have been a part of such an amazing trip. Cheers to more!

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Nizhel V.
5.0 Stars

Nagsasa Cove is the best place for relaxation after a long, tiring, and stressful working week.

You will definitely be in love with this majestic place like when your fantacy turns into reality.

You can buy seafoods fresh from the sea when you wake up early in the morning at around 6-7am.

...and the beach? Oooohhhh it's just perfect for your bare feet like the finest sand in Boracay.

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Macy A.
5.0 Stars

Isolated beach, clean surroundings, and breathtaking views! Lots of things to do too-- trek to the waterfalls, climb the mountain, bathe in the stream, and snorkel in the sea.

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Judie Ann Princess M.
4.0 Stars

Our haven after our very loooooong tiring trek. Nagsasa Cove. Although, hindi na sya kagaya nung dati. Or dahil sa hindi lang matao this season. Never nag fail tong cove na to.

This will always be my mother beach! 128522

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Kai O.
5.0 Stars

Having a rather spontaneous, half-baked first time camping experience and an even more unprepared consciousness for the stories of paranormal activity in its sister cove, Anawangin, I returned to the mountainous coast of Zambales with my closest kin, just a bit more primed and mentally equipped.

Zambales is only a three-hour drive from Manila, but it offers a kind of picture you never thought would’ve existed just on the outskirts of the capital. Frequented for its glorious surf spots and scenic hiking trails, the coves of Zambales offer a pleasurable and charming escape from the bustling city life. Aside from the more populated and commercialized cove mentioned above, Nagsasa is a more remote and pristine option.

From the jump-off at Pundaquit, it’s roughly an hour away by boat. It’s not too bad given that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the panoramic view of the mountain ranges and see a mix of private and tranquil enclaves that invite you to dock. Keep your heart still and wait for the grand view that awaits you at the last turn. Notice how the shore is lined with pine trees that were built by the Aetas when the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo consumed the natural seabed and covered it in a blanket of ash, though still abundant in marine life, which you can see clearly through the spotless waters. It’s magical, really, though not nearly as exquisite as the view from the top of the mountain to the left of the cove. It’s a quick 20 min hike that you should do just before the sun sets.

Enjoy an evening free from the conveniences of technology and listen only to whispers and songs of fellow campers alone, while you seemingly wait for your campfire to die down and call it a night. In the morning, grab a quick bite and prepare for a trek to the waterfalls. Make sure you do it briefly and avoid the 12 o’clock sun or you’ll come back baked like a hot potato.

I isn't for the faint-hearted, It’s clearly for the adventurous and the so-called cowboys. Because if you’re not afraid of roughing it, then roughing it in pitch black darkness could get to you. It’s an amazing experience and something that you should do at least once in your life.

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Rian K.
5.0 Stars

N A G S A S A C O V E , Z A M B A L E S 128205
perfect for a stress-free weekend escape from the hassle days in the metro. A very pristine sand in nagsasa along with the coves surrounded in the island. And it is only 3.5hours drive from manila. If you want to have getaway with your barkadas/family this place is very perfect for you. 🤗

128681 HOW TO GO HERE?
- Ride a bus to Iba, Zambales at Victory Liner Cubao. The fare cost Php 250+ regular rate. If your student just bring valid ID.
- Tell the driver to drop you off at San Antonio.
- Ride a tricycle to Brgy. Pundaquit (30mins away)
- Ride a boat on your desired island

When you arrived at Brgy. San Antonio, Zambales there was a locals who would talk to you regarding your island hopping trip and they'll offer you a budget friendly price for your group. We paid 4,500 in our boat + Island hopping tour were group of 6.

128681 WHAT TO DO?
- Eat like a locals (there are some cuisine that we don't even know it's like a duck or frog.
- Island hopping in Capones, Anawangin and Nagsasa cove.
- Build a tent for camping
- Play teambuilding
- Photoshoot along the beach
- Watch the sunset and sunrise
- Bonfire + Truth or dare night
- Trek the Mt. Nagsasa or just go to nagsasa falls.

If you want to have side trip just straight ahead to Narciso, Zambales and try surfing. 127940🏼

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Joana Marie B.
5.0 Stars

Make sure to check out Pamimili Beach Campsite if you're planning to visit Nagsasa Cove. 128099127754
Highly recommended128077128514

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Annica O.
5.0 Stars

Of all the beaches I've been to Zambales will always have a part in my heart. Clear and calm water, powdery sand, magnificent scenery. I could not ask for more. I've been to Anawangin waaaay back but I must say that Nagsasa Cove is really one for the books. 10084

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Gerald B.
5.0 Stars

When in Nagsasa Cove, Zambales - The place is so cool not the weather babe but the place itself. It is a perfect summer getaway indeed. Tired of work, tired of the city, looking for something that is so basic, no electricity and network signals, sleep on your tents, water source is very available - God! You better go and get here. I will not tell the whole story of our trip it may sound boring to someone who is reading this review. But one thing for sure, you are going to love the place as how you love God, your family, friends and yourself. Oppppssss! Kinda OA 128540128540128540

Now experience Nagsasa, embrace and appreciate Zambales. Choose Philippines. 🇵🇭

Here is how we live there for 2D and 1N (two days and one night).

Team T.I.T.E (Trabaho, Ipon, Travel at Enjoy)
Our suggested itinerary:
Date: May 7-8 2016 (2days&1night)

3:00 Pick-up point (SHELL AYALA)
3:30 ETD to San Antonio Zambales
7:00 ETA San Antonio Public Market Breakfast, buy food to cook and buy your things.
7:30 ETA Pundaquit
7:45 ETD Pundaquit to Talisayen
8:15 Talisayen (View Deck) picture taking
9:00 ETD Nagsasa Cove/Set up Camp/
9:30 Trek Mini falls
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Free time, *Cliff Diving*(OPTIONAL) 50/pax boatfee
18:30 Prepare for dinner
19:30 Dinner
20:30 Socials/ shot-shot
11:30 Lights off
DAY 02
6:00 Wake-up call
6:30 Start trek Mt. Bira-Bira
9:00 Breakfast
9:30 Freetime (SWIMMING)
11:00 Break Camp
11:40 Island hopping Capones & Camara
13:30 ETD Pundaquit back to Manila
14:00 Late Lunch (along the road)
18:00 ETA Cubao

Total Damage of Php. 1,800/pax

Van Transfer (Driver, toll fee, Deisel, Parking fee and driver's meal)
Boat Transfer
Life vest
Entrance fee Nagsasa Cove
Set of bonfire
Kitchen Untensils
Mineral water
3 Hosted Meals
1st day Lunch & Dinner,
2nd day Breakfast with Coffee

Please bring the following:
Garbage bag
First Aid kit/Medicine
Power Bank

Let me know if you want our next trip that will happen this end of May.

Saan ka dadalhin ng #TipidBudget mo.

Yes, you read it right. It is so budget friendly.

Till next time, mi nombre gerald. 128675🏽

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

Sick and tired of the city? Plan a getaway to Nagsasa Cove!

Nagsasa Cove and Anawangin Cove became favorites of Philippine beach goers and campers. These beaches are perfect for a quick and cheap weekend get-away.


From Manila take a bus bound for Iba, Zambales. Get down at the Municipal Hall of San Antonio. A wet market is located behind the town hall where you can buy food and other provisions. Travel time by bus takes 3.5 hours extended by multiple stops. Whereas, land travel via a private vehicle will only take 3 hours via NLEX forward to Mac Arthur Highway.

From the Municipal Hall in San Antonio, ride a tricycle and head for Pundaquit beach. The tricycle fare is 30 PHP per person. You will arrive at Pundaquit beach in approximately 10 mins. Pundaquit beach is the jump-off point to the coves. Rent a boat to take you to there.

We bought drinking water, charcoals and other stuff for our camp. We brought our own tents too! We had bonfire at night, stayed at the beach until morning. We cooked our own food (they have specific place for cooking and some tables) They have restrooms too but make sure you have flashlight during night cause it's really dark (no electricity)

The next day, we went for a quick hike, island hopping and snorkeling. 128525

It was a fun-filled-cheap getaway and a breath of fresh air with the whole barkada 9786️ I super love the whole place~ the nature, the beach, the simple life, the experience! 128151

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Jacob N.
5.0 Stars

I never thought that zambales will be this good 128525
It gave me the same feeling when I was in elnido, crystal clear water, jaw dropping mountain scenery, calm and infinite..

Nagsasa cove is the best place for camping, it is less crowded than anawangin, with bigger space, and awesome view from mountain top..

We just spent around 1500 each going to zambales and we were able to visit 3 islands, nagsasa, capones and anawangin. Ill make a separate review for the other 2.

Heres some tips.

1. Bring your own tent, rental is expensive.
2. Arrive as early as you can to get the best spot for camping.
3. Hike, you cant miss the view.
4. Bring foods, everything is expensive in the island
5. Wake up early, around 4:30am, just lie in the sand watch the stars turn into sunrise 128525
6. Forget about work, life etc. just enjoy the moment..


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Camille Bianca D.
5.0 Stars

Nagasasa Cove is an hour boat trip from Pundaquit but It was worth it. The beach was amazing, crystal clear water, perfect view, and fine sand. Overall we had a great time.

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Maureen L.
4.0 Stars

Tried camping for the very first time and as a city girl, I wad very nervous. Wasn't sure what to expect on this kind of trip... And it's indeed something to remember!

Camped overnight in Nagsasa Cove - which was a good thing because Anawangin Cove was crowded! Couldn't imagine how you could sleep and get some rest there with all those people 128514

In Nagsasa, we set up camp near the back so it was a good spot. They had tables and benches available, toilet, running water and even a small store to boot. The people there were so helpful in assisting tourists with their needs. 128077🏼

The afternoon wind was so relaxing I couldn't help fall asleep on our hammock. The only problem was when night came, there were no winds at all. I had a hard time dozing off inside the tent because I felt like I couldn't breath because it was too hot! I swear I wanted to cry and go back to the main island (where there's mobile signal available!)

Didn't think I would last almost 2 days without internet but I did. And I survived "roughing" it overnight. I think I'm ready for the next camping trip with some tips in mind:

1. Sunblock is a MUST
2. Fan and flashlight are your friends at night
3. It's fun hanging in the hammock
4. Bring ihaw food to complete the trip - pork, fish... Or even just hot dogs! 128513

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Bebe R.
3.0 Stars

✅ This is a good place for adventurers. You will see all sorts of terrain in this island: sandy beach, grasslands, mountains, waterfall
✅ If you like an undisturbed Sunset shot, this is a good location.
✅ Waters in the cove are calm at all times.
✅ Location is good for bonfires and large gatherings by the shore.
✅ OK to release sky lanterns.
✅ If you're ok sleeping in tents then that's good coz it's less money for accommodations.

❌ This is a 6-hour trip from Manila.
❌ Food and drinks on the island are expensive. demand-and-supply kind of thing.
❌ JELLYFISH. Lots of them.
❌ Public Toilets are limited and dirty.
❌ No electricity. Bring lots of batteries.

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Josette P.
5.0 Stars

A peaceful place with no electricity and very much away from the noise of the city but for a brief 2-3 hours drive from Manila. The place offers great white beach, with a little trek to a small nearby falls, and a whole lot reason to enjoy some camping. Bonfires with mallows are great activity during night time too under the starry sky. The place we stayed at have a decent comfort room, and provided the tents, cooking materials and boat ride plus island hopping. Would definitely go back!!

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Anjela S.
5.0 Stars

Fine sand. Cool Air. Clean Waters. Tall Pine Trees. Picturesque Sceneries.

You could never go wrong going to Nagsasa Cove!

We went here for a retreat from the stress of Manila and it did not disappoint. All money spent was totally worth it!!! 128147

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Thel C.
5.0 Stars

Of all places I've been, Nagsasa cove was my favorite. It is located in San Antonio, Zambales and the jump off area was in Pundaquit. We've reached the place after 5 hour land travel from Cubao and 45
minute boat ride from Pundaquit. It was quite tiring but as we've reached the place, the exhaustion turned into excitement. Excitement to taste the ocean, to put up our tent, to take out obligatory jumpshots, to share different experiences and stories and just to feel the simple life away from the city. If you are trying to find peace and serenity,Nagsasa is the best place to go. If you want solitude, you can go for a long walk by the beach at night, look up in the starry sky and realize how life is amazing. Or if you want to go on 'happy go lucky' mode, you can get in touch and make friend with the people around. Get along, laugh and sing with the fire burning in between. The feeling is really different so you might wanna go ahead and try it for yourself :) #12days

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Josette P.
5.0 Stars

The tranquility of finding peace in a secluded place. Nagsasa Cove is a great place to stay on a weekend where you want to be away from the world. They do not have electricity nor cellphone signal. But, the nature has a lot to offer. You can choose to trek to Nagsasa Falls or the "Toblerone Mountain" (I forgot its actually name, it's my way of calling it). You can swim and swim and swim. Have a bonfire under the starry sky. And get back to Manila the day after feeling a lot better. 128588🏻 We stayed at The Beach Place where they have a decent comfort room, provided the tents, kubo, cooking materials and the boat ride plus an island hopping trip. 128522


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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

We decided to include this on our I.T after Mt. Balingkilat climb. It was my third visit in Nagsasa. It was a back to basic experience, there was no electricity nor phone signal at all!

We cooked our food using the firewood because we ran out of Butane Gas. I'm the only one who brought one and we have a lot of food to be cooked. I didn't join them preparing the food for dinner because my legs are hurt after the bad experience in Balingkilat.

Anyways, despite that bad experience,I enjoyed the food.
We cooked some"pulutan" like Sisig, Nachos, and BBQ. I was suprised that the locals were able to maintain the cleanliness of the place despite of more resorts and stores were opened.
The "bantay" was also checking the place, making sure that all the campers were safe and secured which really made me feel comfortable.We had a beach party. I brought my speaker and 6 cans of beers, oh Yeah! T'was the best!

On the following day, I explored the whole Island. It was nice walk on the seashore with some campers. It was lovely to see some foreigners campers enjoying their stay.

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a getaway closer from Metro Manila, you're good here. There are mountains around where you can trek and adore the view of the cove from above sea level. Be aware of wildlifes so it's good to pay a tourist guide to escort you through the mountains. I believe there's also a cliff you could dive to the sea! That would be awesome if I have done that. So i suggest you try it once you're there and not regret it. The waters are calm here but when i went here there were too many jelly fishes so be aware of that though they were no harm. Trivia: jelly fishes are eaten by sea turtles, another jelly fish, tunas, sharks, swordfishes and some species of salmon. In case you are wondering about that as i was wondering when I was here because they were just too abundant! We were literary jellyfish-hunting there hehe. There was even a karaoke available if you wanted to spend good times drinks are also available. I guess karaoke machine was available till 10PM only as respect to other campers for the loud sounds. Waters are undeniably clear and shallow so it's friendly as well for kids.

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