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Nail House
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Nail Salon

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Kristyn Louise W.
2.0 Stars


What I thought i was getting:
Foot spa including a back massage and foot jacuzzi plus ultimate pedicure for 1 hour and 30mins ( or 1 hour and 45mins).

What i actually got:
(I felt like i didn't get my money's worth.)
slathered a thick layer of soap scrub on my feet
dipped it on the foot jacuzzi
scrubbed my feet for 3 minutes
dipped my feet again
massaged it for literally a minute and applied nail polish.

Their nail polish must be old since it took very looooong (30mins) to dry even under their mini dryer. It actually wasn't even dry enough yet!

Oh yeah, and their back massager (which is part of their foot spa package paid for) wasn't functioning well. The package i got was good for atleast an hour and a half.
They cut me short (less than and hour including drying time of the polish) because a group of clients walked in and their massage chairs could only accommodate 3 even if there were about 6.

Their staff are also very noisy (nagchichikahan and complaining about their wifi). I felt like i was in a really cheap salon. 128078

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Katherine A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Angel J.
2.0 Stars

What is up with this.. Seriously everyone here was really grumpy. :( their services wasn't that nice except for the massage and foot jacuzzi.

I hope they'll learn how to smile so that they can give good energy to their customers. :)

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