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Basement 1, The Podium, ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Nail Tropics
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Most Recent Reviews

Rachel T.
2.0 Stars

I really like nail tropics and so far this has been my go to nail salon for the past few months and since my first attempt with their service.

My usual branch was at Greenbelt but yesterday since I was around Ortigas, i decided to have my nails done at their Podium branch. It was my first time to try out this branch.

I Made my reservation through their FB page + called the branch mobile phone to confirm. Everything was OK, when I arrived at 3 PM until I left. Thier usual friendly, homey, accommodating vibe was similar with the other branches I visited. They even let me pay before my nails was made so that I won't drstroy my nails while paying.

My usual service was a Jessica Phenom on my hands and classic polish + 60 pesos add-on (for OPI, Orly, Jessica, etc and similar type of polish) on my feet.

My pedi was done perfectly with Jessica's Flirty polish while for the hands - I got the Jessica Phenom's Divine Miss. I noticed my left hand dried faster and the coat was thinner but with a few visible lines but not very noticeable unless you stare at it very long; while for my right hand, the coating was thicker, smooth and solid at first but I had a hard time drying it. Most of the time, I spend and stay another 15 mins. Inside the salon after my service to dry out the polish. But my right hand was really taking very long to dry up. I couldn't stay longer as I have another appointment. So While walking around the mall I was still very careful until i got home. But I couldn't help but noticed my right nails were still not dry which usually is not the case because the Phenom, if correctly applied, dries really fast. And today when i woke up, all my right nails isn't smooth and shiny and have light markings/chips unlike my left hand. Looks like even when I got to bed, it still hasn't fully dried up.

This isn't my first time to get a Phenom, and I think the coat was too thick on my right nails which caused this to happen :( i just feel really bad cause I paid for their expertise yet my nails look like it was done poorly even if it wasn't intentional. Probably just bad luck/not a good day. So far this is my first bad experience with their service.

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Abbey A.
4.0 Stars

It was full when I walked in but they were able to accommodate me 30 minutes after. I had a basic manicure and basic pedicure and foot spa. They delivered really well and I found it affordable.

I felt so pampered and relaxed that I even fell asleep. 128076

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Guia H.
2.0 Stars

The Lactol foot and hand massage were too quick. Had a feeling the attendants were rushing their work. The back massage was a painful experience. Like a man hitting your back 5x. Price isn't worth it. Nail polish peeled after a day. Value for money? Not here.

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Dinha O.
2.0 Stars

Nail cleaning was so-so. But forgiveable. What made me think not to go back is the extended back massage. Not worth my 300! All she did was brush her hands and clap it more than 4x! Ugh! Worst massage ever!

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Inez O.
4.0 Stars

Not crowded, staff was very accommodating :)

Downside is the free nail polish that comes w the foot spa comes off easily.. Didn't have time to go back so i just re-did it myself :) but i didn't mind, anyways i usually do my own nails. 128076

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Jazz J.
3.0 Stars

✅ The color was exactly like the color palette
✅ Love the back massage
✅ Perfectly cleaned nails
❎ The nail artisan was a bit loud and she kept saying how bad she wanted to go home err
❎ The polish was not perfectly done may mga onting lagpas fff

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Kathrina V.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Chuty S.
4.0 Stars

Increase your happiness by having time for self. And you can do just that with Nail Tropics.

Everybody enjoys a relaxing quiet time when you sit back, breathe and pamper yourself. You come out refreshed, you gain more focus, you feel vibrant and in the process you increase your happiness. Going to a nail spa is my most regular form of de-stress (well that and eating out!) and I have found a sanctuary in Nail Tropics. I particularly love that their staff are soft spoken and focused. The nail artisans don't chat with each other, they remain quiet and try to maintain the calming vibe of the place. When they need to communicate something, they whisper.

I got the Oh So Sweet Scrub from their Organic Delights Menu and my hands thanked heavens for it. The mix of oats, tomatoes and honey have natural antiseptic and moisturizing effects. The treatment is inclusive of invigorating scrub, mask, massage and manicure.

For my feet, I chose the Fruit Fetish treatment - a combination of lemongrass and calamansi which help strengthen the nails and treat discoloration (di ba nga ginagamit din sya sa kili kili bago nauso si Dra. Belo). The treatment ended with a therapeutic foot massage. Ahhh. 128077

A few of the nail artisans are to undergo more training and practice on the art of applying polish with perfection and precision but with good supervision from the senior ones, it'll take no time. Come visit, get pampered and increase your happiness on the 20th for their Grand Opening!

Congratulations Jamie G on your partnership with Nail Tropics!! And thank you for the sweet surprise -- Paula P Melissa P eiLeeN T and I had a fun time! It was nice to finally see you in person girlies!! Til next time!! 128571

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Paula P.
5.0 Stars

Me, Jamie G, Chuty S & eiLeeN T planned to go to Nail Tropics' soft opening few weeks ago. Didn't know this one's owned by Jamie! Said yes instantly even if the location is not accessible for me. Heh! I wanna meet people I talk to everyday on looloo, of course!

I had Mint-O-Feet for my tired legs. I didn't notice what they did because I was too busy chit-chatting with Chuty & Jamie. I remember she soaked my feet first then scrubbed it. I love the peppermint scrub they used. The massage was okay, kulang lang sa diin. Cleaning my nails consumed a lot of time, it's okay kasi bago pa lang yung nail artisan. So much better kasi hindi naman ako nasaktan. 128077 I love the polish I chose! Ang galing din ng paglalagay kahit ang tagal niya. Sulit! 128516

For 2 hours, instead of 90 mins, I think its okay for now. I know they will improve just like the other nail artisan of Nail Tropics.

Thanks again, Jamie! Hi, Melissa P! Nice meeting you, too! :)

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eiLeeN T.
4.0 Stars

Cheers to the newest branch in town and apparently, Jamie G's newest baby!!! 127864127863127867

It was also great to see Paula P again and to finally meet Chuty S and Melissa P. Sorry I had to do a mad rush because I have a meeting with my boss (and was a couple of minutes late, teehee!)

A month or so go ago, got news that Podium is finally opening a Nail Tropics branch. The girls agreed to be there during opening day. A couple of days back, Jamie G made all the preps of our schedule and finally admitting to having this new baby! Woohoo!!!

Had Nuts About Firming for my mani spa and Butter Me Up for my pedi spa and have to say that the service is pretty much consistent.

Given the new nail artisans, it is expected that they aren't as experienced applying polish and it's not as perfect as more seasoned artisans... But nonetheless, my feet were perfect!!! Kaya 4 stars only...

I want to give 5 stars because I was in for a surprise because I only had to tip the artisans this time!!! Sana palaging opening day, heehee!

Thanks Jamie G for the invitation and congratulations!!! Don't worry, I'll spread the word 128521

Next time around, we should also plan on having coffee/meal.

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