2/F Northridge Plaza, 12 Congressional Ave., Congressional, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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April H.
1.0 Stars

Look at that "manager"...

She is actually sitting on the chair where I placed my bag, so that she can watch TV... E kung di naman bastos ang tawag dyan, ewan ko na talaga...

Of course this place will have customers, ang mura e. If there were another nail salon vwry near where I work, I would never ever come back... The service sucks, BIG TIME!!!

My very last time here

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April H.
1.0 Stars

Shucks after 8hours of drying (siguro naman dry na dapat), I wore heels last night and this happens...

It may have been an inexpensive mani/pedi/footspa but the hassle of changing polish now isn't worth it...

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April H.
3.0 Stars

Maaaan!!! The other nail shop had lots of customers and this is the only time I can fit this in...128563

So I'm here right now, waiting for my nail polish to dry... Better service in fairness, same affordable price...

This is their wooden tub lined with plastic that I wrote about in my previous review... It's not a place for relaxation since ASAP is blaring on the TV in front of us...128540

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April H.
2.0 Stars

My first time in a Nails.glow establishment... This is their main branch, I was told by the nail attendant...

It's a small place which can accommodate about 6 people at a time for nail pampering... The surroundings were cool to the eyes in green tones... The services were very reasonable... P100 for cleaning/manicure with local polish... P380 for a mani/pedi/footspa... They do have imported nail polish available, but they have very limited choices... No Essie or Orly... Weird, especially it's their main branch...

Mani/pedis are usually the same to me... But, I found it weird when they used plastic bags to line the wooden tubs used for soaking feet for the foot spa... Umm, ever heard of plastic tubs?128567 those are more sanitary anyways...

The nail technician who worked on my feet was nice... I'm not very chatty during these visits, so I prefer not to be bothered... But the girl who did my fingers kept stopping and watching TV... Sometimes mid-nip at my cuticles... Grrr!!! And she didn't stop doing so even when I called her attention gently... I didn't even like the shape, but I just wanted it all to finish!

And she was actually surprised when I didn't give her a tip...128127 pay attention to the customer please! I didn't come there to wait for her to finish watching Bagito... Hello.

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