3/F Starmall EDSA, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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Nail Salon
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Most Recent Reviews

Odessa G.
4.0 Stars

For 250php you get the basic foot spa and pedicure! They have a lot of packages one can choose from plus I am satisfied with my pedicure!128076🏻

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Angelyn F.
1.0 Stars

I saw this establishment here in looloo and saw that the single review they had was a 5 star. Thinking that the review was made in August, I started to be believe they still had good service by this time. Since I just reside along Shaw I, together with my vacationing sister gave it a try.

So, my sister and I tried availing of their service. I had mani and pedi while she only opted for the pedi. We brought our own choice of Orly polish and asked that it be used for our nails.

The service was really simple. Nothing great or unique. The chairs were not maintained (leather was wearing off) and their tv set provided poor quality images.

It could have been okay if it were just those inconveniences as we were not there to sleep nor to watch tv, but the bad thing was, even the nail service was terrible! It was very painful (the most painful I ever experienced).

The one who handled my nails was HEIDI, she was NOT careful nor mindful of what I was feeling I had to call her attention just to say it was painful already. She does not have gentle hands at all. I have had many pedi sessions before and none of them was painful. My nails did hurt BIGTIME after the service and I had to put antibiotic cream to the inflammed part just so it won't get infected. This is indeed the worst experience EVER.

My sister had issues with her nails too. When we got home she was able to get a nail trapped beneath the skin of her big toe (the reason why she felt uncomfortable when we were walking after the service). My sister wanted to let it pass, but I simply cannot.

Both of us had very thick layers of polish in our nails. It even caused most of the polish to chip off the day after application. Such a waste indeed! Perhaps because we brought our own polish they did not care wasting it! Such inconsiderate people.

I downloaded looloo just so I can review this spa. I really am DISSATISFIED and ANNOYED with this experience. Lesson learned, pay high to receieve good quality service.

This place boasts affordable prices with quality service which actually caught my interest, but they really are NOT TRUE to that!

Certified BOO for me and my sister. Good thing we did not give tips to them. They should be the ones to give us refund for what they did to our nails.

I just wanted to make this review to WARN others of potential harm should they consider this spa. Maybe some other branches are okay but this one? Definitely a MISS. Especially H E I D I. We did not get the name of the other one who serviced my sister as she was not wearing her name plate.

Hopefully my toes get okay soon. If not, maybe I have to ask them payment for the damage and inconvenience they have caused me!!!

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Jacqui T.
5.0 Stars

Pamper day! Manicure, pedicure and foot spa after the long and tiring run.

Hubby and his dentist friends went to VnT Dental Center to attend their scheduled patients for that day. I was getting bored inside so I went outside and saw a nail spa beside their clinic. I checked |ooloo and it has no reviews yet. I was hesitant at first, but Ralph won’t allow me to go to Shangri-La alone and I need to kill this boredom.

I took their package including mani,pedi and foot spa. I upgraded mine to premium foot spa and it includes 7 applications (foot soak, scrub, mask, cleanser, oil, butter and mist). It was very relaxing and it soothes my lower leg pain.

They use ordinary polish (Caronia), but you can also upgrade it to imported polish or gel polish. I chose ORLY - Boho Bonnet. See photo above to see its color.

Staff were very accommodating and professional. They have this professional tone when they talk and address their customers, no vulgar words or gay lingo. I have nothing against gay lingo, but I can't understand most of it and I think it is unprofessional to use that in front of someone who can't understand it. It is just same when someone uses a native language in front of someone who can't understand the language right? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

Going back to their service, they gave me a wow experience and I only paid 460 pesos for all. Nice! 128079128079128079

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