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Namoo House
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Most Recent Reviews

Anne D.
3.0 Stars

Not recommended for people with low EQ, slow service, inattentive staff, gusto kong bawiin service charge. Food choices are limited and banchan is so-so. Had the bibimbap, it was good but expensive. Tried my friends food and it was good too but again, expensive for the amount and quality. you can eat korean food virtually anywhere now, so there :)

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

We dont normally dine at korean resto usually its japanese food that prevails over korean dishes for us family. But since i had my really good korean food experience here, convinced my family to have dinner here. And the response was all the same, "its the first time that i love korean food". Besides since i had an upcoming korea trip, i need to brush up my korean food knowledge.

When dining here the bbqs are a must either pork shoulder, US marinated beef or the samgyup, dont worry as someone will cook it for you on a very clean plate using traditional but safe pot which other korean bbq places doesnt have.

Chapchae, i hope i get the spelling correct was really good. First time i taste a really good one. Very diff from the bonchon.

Bibimbap and bulgogi was good for 2 and both were superb.

Kimchi was spicy good. Very different from those at grocery.

Since it was fathers day, the place was packed. But still i like the empty lined bottles as well as the winter nami island trees on the side.

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Jonathan R.
5.0 Stars


We ordered 2 Set Meals (B & C) for 888 pesos each (tax and service charge excluded)

🍽 Set Meal B 🍽
•Namoo House Salad •Korean Japchae •Woosamgyup •Pork Belly •Hot/Iced Tea •Side Dishes (1 set)

🍽Set Meal C 🍽
•Namoo House Salad •Classic Bibimbap •Marinated Pork Collar •Woosamgyup •Hot/Iced Tea •Side Dishes (1 set)

128205Namoo House Salad
- Loved this salad. The greens used were very fresh. The dressing is delicious and not overpowering.

128205Korean Japchae
- This is my first Japchae and I loved it. It is a stir fried noodles usually served as a side dish.

128205Classic Bibimbap
- Gorgeously presented. Black rice topped with egg in a bowl and on a separate place were the colorful veggies were plated. Mix everything with the sauce and you'll have your lovely bibimbap. Delish!

128205Pork Belly & Marinated Collar Pork
- Of all the dishes I ate, this was my favorite. I am pork lover so this is an instant bias. This is super delicious with their dip, sesame oil, sea salt, and pepper. 128525128525

- This was also my favorite, a thinly sliced beef. It has a different sauce from the pork. It was red, sweet, with a little kick of spice. Sooooooo good!!!

128205Hot/Iced tea
- This tasted like a burnt rice. The only thing I didn't like.

128205Plum Juice
- After we paid our bill and about to leave, one of the servers went to our table and gave us a shot of this heavenly creation. After tasting it, I wanted to ask for more.

Well recommended place to experience Korean dining at its best.

Credit to my friend, @hanahkristine for the last photo.

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

5 stars. They may be making you pay a premium for the bbq but the quality of the meat is definitely a notch above the rest. Premium quality meat and you can taste it.

We had the kurobota pork and the marinated beef short ribs and each bite was so flavorful i sometimes didnt want to wrap it with gochujang anymore haha.

Other must-tries are the equally as flavorful rib soup and the colorful stone bowl bibimbap. Their's has fish egg roe and uses red rice! My family loved the dwenjang jjigae too.

You can skip the pajeon and japchae, but i'm still giving this 5 stars because everything else brought a big smile to my face (and tummy)!

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

So it was an office team lunch out and 2 people wanted korean food but i guess im the only one who wanted japanese that day. 128529 as i dont exactly remember any taste bud lasting memory experience from any manila's korean restaurants. Reluctantly i agree since i lose by majority decision, little did i know that im the one who will enjoy here the most.

Went here weekday lunch time, and were the only customers here. They had their weekday lunch promo around 500 for 2 pax but i think its already good for 3 person. As i didnt care that i would smell korean bbq afterwards i happily seated in the middle of the action *in between 2 grillers.

Unlike some korean restaurants, their grillers are traditional but yet very modern, they still have this charcoal at the buttom but it can be control by a switch, they even used different types of grill and in our case 3 types for each meat type. And to be honest their equipments and grillers are very clean. Service was excellent.

As for the meat, it was fantastic. Cant remember what we had here but each type of meat had its own partner sauce.

Whats korean food without kimchi, theyre kimchi here was really goood.

Will definitely be back.

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

I invited my friend E to go boxing one Saturday, but when we heard LeTAO's open in Uptown Mall, boxing became a lunch date with dessert after. 128517 So much for working out! It's better to pig out! Hahahaha! 128514

We both agreed on Namoo House because for some strange reason we were craving Korean. 🇰🇷

The grill items were too pricey for us to share and we thought it wouldn't be worth it for just 2 people. So we went for the rice and soup.

Being a fan of Korean dishes, I prefer bibimbap served in a stone pot where you get that extra crunch of burnt rice at the bottom. 10084️ Plus the fresh egg that you mix into the rice makes it a bit gooey. 128514 Am I weird I like it this way? 128584

They give you a choice for the rice!! 10084️ Plain white rice or black rice. Since we already ditched working out, might as well TRY to eat healthy. We got the black rice. It was good and I like that they offer this option. Definitely a plus! 128077🏼

As an added bonus, this order of bibimbap comes with a small bowl of bean paste stew!! Value for money? CHECK! ✔️

When I saw this on the menu, I drooled. I'm a huge soup fan and nothing beats beef ribs cooked for long hours to bring out that rich flavor! 10084️ Yummm!!

This soup comes with a bowl of rice too. Same choice, white or black rice.

WE LOVED IT! 128525 The menu actually says (1 rib) but when we ordered it, the server asked us if we wanted to split it into two. We said yes and the both of us got a giant rib like in the photo.

I didn't get this, my friend did. But it just looks so damn pretty served layered like that. 128514

And we also had side dishes, as any normal Korean restaurant would offer. 128513 When we billed out, they also gave us a juice served in tiny cups and it was very sweet. So I had to dilute it in water.

The interior was really awesome! 10084️ One wall was lined with green soju bottles! The place was also quite well lit during lunch. One thing I like is the table by the door separated by a wall of maple tree wood. It has direct natural light that goes in because of the glass wall. Perfect for shooting at the right time. 128076🏼

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Manfred M.
4.0 Stars

My foodie adventure for this day started with Namoo house. The word “Namoo” means Korean for “tree”. The name came as a derivative from the original Korean name called “Maple tree house”. Upon entering, I found the interior very stylish. The dining area was line with thousands of soju bottles. Also, the range hoods for every table had their own shiny bronze chimneys.

Namoo house boasts of authentic Korean dishes. Its selection of meat is of the highest quality imported straight from abroad. Most of it is freshly grilled right in front of you. The restaurant uses only the finest Korean cutlery and grilling equipment for the authentic experience. Hence, one can see their dedication to creating a quality meal.

We started off with their customary Korean appetizer. This was composed of omelette, Kimchi, Spicy Dilis, and sauteed Kangkong. I particularly liked the kimchi as it was made fresh and lacked the strong smell the dish was usually known for. I used the other three later as toppings for the meat dishes. The Dilis was also tasty. The combination of spicy and bitter flavors was an excellent starter for better things to come.

The meat selection came next. The Kurobota Pork Belly, which came straight from Japan, was unlike the typical grilled pork dish I usually eat. It was very tender and chunky at the same time. The fatty parts were melt-in-your-mouth.

The USDA Prime Rib Eye, on the other hand, was their top of the line beef offering. The dish was also grilled in the right temperature. Upon tasting, I truly experienced the zenith of my beef-tasting existence. The meat was grilled in all the right places. No burnt parts or bloody chunks were present.

The Marinated Boneless Short Ribs with Pineapple Chunks, thick pork ribs doused in fruit marinade and topped with pineapples for the sweet and rich taste Filipinos usually enjoy.

This was good with their brothlike sauce.

Woosamgyup was composed of an array of brisket slices with the texture and thinness of bacon. This grilled favorite was easy to chew, unlike the beef dishes in other restaurants.

This was excellent with their chili paste and steaming black rice.

The Special Jumbo Beef Rib Soup was the restaurant's standard offering for cold days. It was composed of a huge beef rib boiled in a flavorful soup. While I disliked the fact that bits of bone

were in the soup, I still admired that rich and flavorful taste.

All of these meat dishes comes with refillable fresh romagne and red lettuce plus a generous helping of perilla leaves. The latter, not readily available in our local markets, had a minty taste. According to the staff, the meat was usually wrapped in the leaves then gorged in one single bite. I didn't have diifculty following their suggestions, given my regard for the taste and variety of their dishes.

The meat was also well-complemented by their Classic Bibimbap and very filling Black Rice. The Bibimbap was steaming hot. It was topped with carrots, black mushroom, cucumber strips, and their special rice paste. I liked this dish for its mild, sweet taste. The black rice, while not being so flavorful, served as an excellent filler to the taste of the meat viands.

Our wonderful experience was ended by the refreshing taste of sweet plum juice. This is typically good for digestion and cleansing.

Namoo house comes as a high end place nestled near the outskirts of BGC. I'd say that the prices were pretty steep in terms of quality. However, the price is justified by the quality of the meat. The latter was truly of the highest order and the most meticulous preparation.

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Ms Y.
5.0 Stars

Great authentic korean food!

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Sarah L.
3.0 Stars

Service was excellent. But food servings were so little. There are other korean places that serve better food with better servings.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I’m hooked to Korean food these past months. It all started with my addiction to kimchi rice. The mildly spiced bowl of carbs with some crunchy greens is just too irresistible. And so when I heard that Namoo House, a franchise of Maple Tree House in Seoul, Korea, is opening in Manila, I twirled with joy and giddily waited till it opened. And after a few reschedules, I finally found myself in front of the newest Korean restaurant in Manila.

Hello, Namoo House!

Located at the quieter side of Fort Bonifacio, you could easily miss this restaurant by car with its dim facade lights. But you’d easily spot this place if you’re strolling around the area as its friendly hostess will warmly greet you with a big smile on her face. And the glimmering green bottles will surely catch your attention.

I couldn’t help stare at the walls filled with Korea’s famous green soju bottles. It created a striking contrast against the golden exhaust tubes and levelled up the Korean grill restaurant's ambiance.

During our visit, we were able to try Marinated Boneless Short Ribs (PHP750), Woo Samgyup (PHP495) and Stone Bowl Bibimbap (PHP395).

First served were the sides and true to Korean style of dining, they served a lot of side dishes. There were the staple kimchi, spiced dilis and some greens. No egg rolls were served but they gave us a small plate of sliced pickled mushrooms and it was better!

Kat, the hall captain, grilled the meats for us and she prepared the Marinated Boneless Short Ribs first.

While grilling, she mentioned that the short ribs dish is Namoo House’s bestseller. Marinated in house fruit marinade made of apples, pears and pineapples, each bite guarantees a subtly sweet flavor.

We immediately took a bite as soon as the short ribs were ready. We put a bit of pineapple on top of our meat as we were told that the short ribs are best enjoyed that way. And she was right! We loved it!

The meat was so succulent and flavorful that you don’t need any dip for it. Its sweet taste was so addicting that one order is not enough! But we had to resist as Woo Samgyup was about to be grilled next.

We noticed that they replaced the grill before cooking the Woo Samgyup. Kat mentioned that it’s because there’s a specific grill or plate per type of meat. I was impressed as I’ve never been to any grill restaurant that pays attention to the grills used to cook its meats.

While prepping the Woo Samgyup, the bowl of bibimbap and a complimentary bean paste soup was served.

Kat was so nice that she was the one who poured soy sauce and some red bean paste on the bowl of bibimbap and mixed it for us. That’s awesome service right there!

Soon, both the Woo Samgyup and bibimbap were ready to be indulged.

The short-plate brisket slices were so tender and had a noticeably sweet taste. I enjoyed this with its sauce. But I also rebelled a bit and tried it with the sauce for other grilled meat and added a slice of garlic on it. And it still tasted great!

The bibimbap which is a combination of assorted vegetables and rice sure was a nice touch to complete the meal. We were told that most Korean diners request their bibimbap to be served last and Namoo House seemed to have practiced this too. So make sure that you tell them to serve your bowl of rice together with the meat if you want to enjoy it together.

We capped our meal by drinking a cup of complimentary plum juice which is known to help digestion. It’s a perfect drink after eating a plate full of meat.

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. I would love to go back for more short ribs!

P.S. If you plan to have lunch here on weekends, it would be best to call ahead and make reservations as the place is packed on these days. You may contact them at +63 2 946 37 33 or at +639 17 527 38 98.

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Inna A.
2.0 Stars

Completely different experience from the first time. It was so slow, we had to wait 45mins for the meat to be grilled and we were almost done eatine when the bibimbap was served. I felt bad for our server, mag isa lang siya.

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4.0 Stars

I went to Uptown Parade to eat my lunch at Namoo House after the cancellation of Hey Handsome meet-ups due to the restaurant is not yet operational.

The staff greeted me outside and invited me in to their elegant and cozy Korean restaurant. I like the interior especially the hundreds... thousands of green bottle wall.

Once seated, she handed me the menu and I find the dishes price is high.
Still, I tried the Classic Bibimbap for Php350.00 served with free Bean Paste Stew worth Php195.00 and unlimited sides. By the way, the menu price is exclusive of tax and service charge.

Classic Bibimbap - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
It's very flavorful, they used organic rice. Served with separate spicy and sweet rice paste to manage the spice level of my bibimbap.

Bean Paste Stew - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Hot soup and as expected... SPICY!

Unlimited Side Salad - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
Lettuce served with Namoo's homemade sesame dressing. Yum! 128525

Complimentary Plum Juice - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
To minimize the after taste of spiciness.

All in all, the service went well. The food is great but I think Value Added Tax (VAT) should be included in the menu price.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Inna A.
5.0 Stars

The meat is excellent! Really nice cuts. And the marinad on the beef we ordered was just devine. I absolutely love this i would definitelt go back. This place could actually take the place of Sariwon in my heart (which I think is the best Korean BBQ place here in Manila).

Just one thing, they only had a few side dishes. Like 5 maybe, I think.

But I didn't mind, since everything else is super good.

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