National Museum of Anthropology

Padre Burgos Ave. cor. Finance Rd., Manila, Metro Manila

National Museum of Anthropology
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Most Recent Reviews

Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

I just recently found out that our National Museum is actually something that we could be proud of. It has a few divisions and I was able to visit the Anthropology Division.

It was very educational and I realized how rich the Philippines actually is. And that’s why we were colonized. That’s why we have people in power who are corrupt. But I digress.

The National Museum of Anthropology is a huge museum so you’ll probably need about 3-4 hours to really absorb everything. There’s a lot to see here, I just didn’t take a lot of photos.

Take advantage of the free entrance. Be there early since they close at exactly 5pm.

*2nd photo is a view of the National Museum of Natural History from the National Museum of Anthropology.

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Bella J.
5.0 Stars

I usually take myself out for some much needed me-time and for some reason, I prefer going to Manila during such occasions. One of the places I went to last week was the Museum of Anthropology.

Again, you no longer need to pay to enter the National Museums so please, please do take the time to visit! I highly recommend that you allot a couple of hours for this museum so that you have time to read everything in the galleries. When you read, you learn. When you learn, you appreciate. So do take the time and not be lazy.

The gallery that I enjoyed most is the one dedicated to the Lumad. Being from UP, the Lumad stay on campus every now and then. I usually don't get to attend the cultural nights and all that so learning about them through this gallery is quite an eye opener. They have such a colorful and vivid history and culture and the gallery will give you a good idea of what we're all missing out by not learning about them.

I also enjoyed the gallery on Philippine textiles. Seeing different examples of textiles and how they're traditional done made me understand the genius behind it. A lot of hard work and creativity goes into these textiles and they deserve to be appreciated.

Of course, there's also the Marble Hall. While not as huge as the one in the Museum of Fine Arts, the Marble Hand is so elegant and beautiful. I spent a long time just standing there and staring at everything.

I spoke to one of the guards during my visit and asked about the third museum, the upcoming Museum of Natural History. She said that she didn't think they'd make it to the scheduled opening since the museum was still in the process of transferring things to the old Tourism building. Judging by the fact that it's already July tomorrow and the Museum hasn't opened yet, yep, they didn't make it to the deadline 128517

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Marylouise M.
5.0 Stars

You should go here at the National Museum of the Philippines, you will see a lot about the Philippines like cultural, food history, historical events and a lot about the Philippines. It's very nice to the eyes.

National Museum of the Philippines 🇵🇭
Free admission
Open Tuesday-Sunday
10:00 am- 5:00 pm

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Jaja R.
5.0 Stars

Spent the day visiting museums in Manila. Entrance is now FREE!

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Gwen I.
5.0 Stars

Manila. Who would have thought that it has a museum like this one? 128522

I went here last Saturday as part of my solo Manila city tour just 'cause it's the perfect time to do it while everyone is out of town hanging on the beach. 128513

As I walk in front of it, I let out a "wow.. what a beautiful building.." 128525. I stood there with an umbrella staring at it for a few minutes amazed by its beauty while ignoring the merciless heat.

It has 5 floors full of different kinds of galleries ready for you to discover. 128522 For someone who loves history, it's like finding a treasure chest. 10084

There were a lot of people that day, so I went up to the 5th floor and started there to avoid the crowd. It probably took me an hour and a half to finish everything. Such a huge museum! 128522

My favorite is the San Diego gallery. It's the name of the ship that sunk in Manila due to its weight. The ship was built in Cebu originally as a trading ship, but later on converted to a warship. The entire 3rd floor is full of its artifacts. 128077

They change galleries from time to time, I just don't know how often. The AC inside is cold and there's no entrance fee, so why not pay it a visit? 128522

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