National Museum of Natural History

TM Kalaw Ave. cor. TF Valencia Circle, Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila

National Museum of Natural History
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Most Recent Reviews

Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

I never thought we could have a museum as gorgeous as this. 🤩

National Museum of Natural History
128205Kalaw, Manila
8986 11:00 AM - 05:00 PM
💯 Free entrance fee
128249 No video recording allowed
📸 None flash camera only
127890 No bulky backpacks allowed inside; baggage counter available inside

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

I’ve been wanting to check this out for the longest time ever since I saw the “preview” photos online.

Finally, I had the chance to check it out a couple of days ago!

I read online that lines can be super long but there’s a separate entrance for PWDs and senior citizens. Soooo I asked my mom and dad to go. It was also their anniversary so I thought that maybe it’d be a good family date! 128106

It took us an hour to get there from QC — and yes, no lines for the senior citizens! We got in quick! 128556

Upon entry, I was asked to leave my camera bag, umbrella, and even the bottled water that we had. I was also asked to remove my cap. I asked them if I can wear it “siga / douche” style wherein the visor’s at the back. They allowed me to wear it. 🤣

First piece that we noticed was a limestone that’s believed to be 100,000+ years old. As you walk towards the staircase, you’ll see Dr. JP Rizal’s bust (sculpture that represents a person’s head, neck, and shoulders). I googled it. 128521

Then going to either your right or left should lead you to where the “Tree of Life” is. The structure mimics a tree and it has an elevator that takes you to the upper levels of the museum. Unfortunately, levels 3-5 are still not open to the public. 128542

It’s a cool structure given that it looks like a DNA helix + the ceiling lets sunlight in — which saves energy since it lights up most of the ground floor.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the entire structure. I was limited by my lens. 128517

Going through the halls on the ground floor should show you different displays such as preserved Philippine Eagles and skeletons of other creatures found in the Philippines.

On the 2nd level, there are 2 rooms that you can check out. The first room is where you’ll see different plants on both land and water that can only be found in the Philippines (I think). The other room showcases marine life. I’m telling you man, we have some bat shit crazy creatures that dwell in the deeper parts of the sea. One of them resembles the bugs that carries “The Brain” in the Starship Troopers movie. 128561

There’s even one that resembles the “Face Hugger” from the movie, Aliens! 🤭

I definitely had fun and so did my mom and dad. I had high expectations for it because of the hype and believe me, the hype is real.

National Museum of Natural History is one of the most well-maintained museums I’ve been to. Air-conditioning was pretty good for the most parts of the museum, restrooms were CLEAN (no paper towels though), and the museum had a lot of staff roaming around to make sure that no one breaks the rules.

There was a fair amount of crowd when we visited on a weekday noon. I asked one of the museum staff and she mentioned that they do get overwhelmed on weekends — which makes sense because it’s FREE.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this place to family and friends. Place looks cool + you get to learn more about the flora and fauna here in the country. 🇵🇭


1. Tripod, monopod, selfie stick, and flash photography are not allowed.

2. You have to leave your bag at the baggage counter.

3. They also discourage you from wearing a cap/hat while you’re inside the museum (for security purposes).

4. Entrance is FREE!

5. There’s a separate line for PWDs and senior citizens so bring your old folks with you! 128556

6. Clean restrooms on the ground floor (I haven’t tried the one on the 2nd floor).

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Abby M.
3.0 Stars

Recently opened in time for the International Museum Day, the National Museum of Natural History has the potential to be at par with other national museums. Though incomplete (three floors are not yet open to the public), its complete half boasts various artifacts to be proud of (there are some which seems to be collected from years back). I won’t say much because I’d rather you explore them. But, I am going to say that the arrangements, the minimalist interior, is refreshing.

A little note, because of the sheer number of people, it tends to be crowded and the comfort rooms dirty. But that says more about us as people than the museum itself.

Also, bags bigger than a short bond paper are not allowed. They do have a baggage counter though. Monopods, selfiesticks and the like (gimbal included) are also not allowed.

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