Naxional Latino Diner

2/F Uptown Parade, 9th Ave. cor. 38th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Naxional Latino Diner
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Steve Bryan V.
3.0 Stars

Sometimes I get bored and wanted to try something out of the box, that's when I decided to give Naxional a try.

I haven't eaten anything yet from South American countries, that's why this is totally new to me. Naxional promises to bring Brazilian, Peruvian, etc. home traditional foods to our tables and this is going to be my first introduction to the Latin Cuisine.

When you enter the restaurant you will feel a warm and festive ambience. Interiors are striking to the eyes. They know how to bring color to their cultures, they used bricks, interesting big and small paintings and even colorful wall murals. The centerpiece of the place is those beautiful recycled chandeliers made of used coca cola bottles. Outstanding!

There's also a bar outside the restaurant for your Alcohol fix.

Now with the food, We ordered:

Bandeja Paisa Platter from Colombia
- It has Griddle Steak, Crispy Pork Belly, Morcilla (Blood Sausages) plus Caramelized Plantain and Avocado that serves as a dessert. The servings are good enough for one person, it can be shared maybe. I think this is a complete meal already. I liked the steak, it tastes good. The pork belly is somehow ok. I didn't know that i ate blood sausages! Just now while doing this review. Eeeew! Haha

Pollo Peruano from Peru
- It's a Peruvian pit chicken with corn rice and greens. This for me is a big disappointment. It tasted awful. The chicken is too salty, very salty actually and the corn rice is blah! Chimichurri sauce is too bold for my palate. I should have not ordered this. It just ruined my dining experience. Sigh.

Their cuisine tastes really different from others, they have distinct, strong flavors. I'm too overwhelmed. This may not be a good introduction of Latin food to me, but hey, I have discovered the interiors so fascinating.

The dining experience is a bit ok but as for now, I don't have any plans of going back. I just tried it! Plus the price is somehow pricey. Food not worth the price.

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Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

We were looking for a place to eat in on a Friday. We saw Naxional and a friend who is bilingual wanted to try South American food so we decided to try it.

They have a wide variety of South American food choices and these are what we ordered:

Vegetarian Ensalada P274 (mixed salad greens, roasted corn, crumbled cheese, black beans and chipotle vinaigrette) - the vinaigrette is really good and different from my usual salad dressing choice which is caesar dressing to be safe.

Bandeja Paisa Platter P599 (griddle steak, crispy pork belly, morcilla, caramelized plantains, black beans, avocado, rice) - I’m pretty sure it has a black sausage (good thing I asked since I know blood sausages has blood in it and I kinda don’t like blood on my food.) and chimichuri sauce which was really good. I like the doneness of the steak and the crispiness of the pork belly and the meat is really tender.

For the drink, we ordered the Watermelon Agua Fresca (P80). It is really refreshing with the right amount of sweetness.

We chose Nido Frito (P165) for dessert. This is funnel cake with a choice of strawberry of mango compote (we chose strawberry of course). And it is served with a really good ice cream. The funnel cake is close to our version of maruya.

Four stars for a very filling and satisfying meal. They also have cool lights and paintings.

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Vinny L.
4.0 Stars

“X” marks the spot, the spot being in Uptown Parade in Bonifacio Global City where you can get some really good grub.

For South American diner Naxional, “X” also represents 10 of the continent’s nations, introducing a wide range of comfort food developed straight from home cooking recipes of Latina mothers.

With the Philippines’ undeniable Hispanic roots, most South American dishes may come off as familiar, but there are a huge number of dishes with festive flavors that remain uncharted—and yet easily welcomed—by the Filipino palate.

Naxional isn’t the place to stick to your regular American favorites that one may easily (and maybe comfortingly) find in their menu. This is where you stop playing it safe by choosing dishes with names that would require some roll of the tongue (although an order of their smoky fall-off-the-bone ribs won’t hurt either).

Each dish served in the diner will surprise you with a size that’s good enough for sharing (but if you’re fully capable of eating their 300-gram steaks on your own, we won’t insist that you do). It’s not surprising, however, to want to fork off some bites out of your friends’ and family’s orders because everything looks vibrantly inviting—and with their servings, we assure you that you won’t be greedy enough not to share.

There are also street-art-inspired murals and framed paintings liven up the diner’s walls. Each of the artworks seen in Naxional, rendered in different styles and exuberant colors by a single artist, represents its partners (which includes Daniel Matsunaga, so this is one place on the list of where to spot him).

Here's what I tried:


A taste of Naxional’s rendition of this popular Latino street food alone is enough for you to fall in love with the place. Corn cobs generously slathered with chili butter, mayo lime and crumbed cheese creates a balanced pop of flavor. The play of zest and juiciness is a true party in your mouth.


Let’s admit it, anything with the word “bacon” on it easily sells. But this gastronomic innovation, which is quite similar to your favorite jerky, is pure genius. Thick barks of bacon-cut pork belly coated with a caramel and coffee rub—an inventive twist to the sweet and salty mix of your good ol’ tocino—will definitely set your appetite.


This should definitely be your go-to side with their mains. Its blast of flavors makes up for the lackluster impression you’d have after tasting their bland Naxional Paella, with the latter being considered a recipe that still remains unperfected to suit the taste of the local palate. The fried rice perfectly complements savory meat, adding a refreshing new taste to a carb staple.


The Black Angus Picanha is an interesting cut served at the Latino restaurant. Picanha is a famous and best-selling cut in Brazil and other South American countries, and has a similar taste to your regular chuck that also has a sirloin texture. The muscles that make up the cut are also said to be the less used in a cow’s body, making the meat naturally tender and easy to cook. The Picanha is cooked with a layer of fat trimmings, its natural oils making the meat extra juicy and flavorful. It's a bit salty though, so you can ask them to trim the seasoning portion.


Light plantain discs are topped with your choice of meat: carne (beef), cerdo (pork) or camarones (shrimp). We got to try the camarones and discovered a subtle sweetness in the smooth medley of fried plantains and guacamole, while the shrimp provided a fresh crunch followed by a bite of spiciness from its sofrito sauce. The South American flavors just keep surprising you with each bite.


They have a lot of interesting liquid concoctions, but the foolproof choices would be coffee and mojito. Their Brazilian lemonade, an unlikely combination of lemonade and condensed milk, is also a definite must-try.

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Karissa M.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Lei N.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Criszelle S.
5.0 Stars

Flavorful Paella 127860

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Ruth S.
2.0 Stars

Visited this place twice this year (err, last year! 128517) first was with my officemates for a light merienda while waiting and 2nd was just recently with our HS friend.

I was able to try the following dishes:

Bacon Tocino - this was good but not really. Labo! Haha! 128514 At first, we loved it but eventually grew tired of it. It was not crunchy and crispy anymore but was hard and chewy. It was a struggle eating this one. Not worth it, imo.

Patacones - this was okay.

Elote - this was goood! This is my only favorite dish here. Serving size's too small and too pricey for 200 pesos.

Barbacoa - usual salad. The greens were fresh but too much dressing was added. The pork was very tender and tasty. Lesser fat sana para healthy talaga!

Fish Tacos - this was too sad. Overpriced. The fish fillet looked old and the breading was not crispy. Parang luma na! And too messy to eat as well.

Churrasco Platter - highly recommended by our server. Best seller and good for sharing DAW. For almost 1400, I was expecting something more than what was served to us. Super small steak (tasty but tough), super small chicken (meh), one small super weird tasting sausage, one big grilled pineapple, 3 tiny asparagus, 3 cherry tomatoes. Not worth it. 128530

Service was just okay. The place is empty during my first and 2nd visit. And I fully understand why.

Not a place I'll recommend.

Overpriced. Not worth it. Sorry. 128564

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4.0 Stars

I went to Naxional for dessert after my lunch at Namoo House yesterday. Naxional South American Diner offers Latin cuisines from different countries in South America.

I haven't seen the place on its full mode 'coz they arranged the restaurant for their grand opening.

I got Nido Frito ala Mode (Funnel Cake with a choice of strawberry or mango compote) for Php135.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Naxional is located at the second floor of Uptown Parade, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

South American or Latin American cuisine is close to my heart. Having the chance to visit that side of the world, I have a bias towards their food. I love the culture that goes with their cuisine! The interesting flavors, the use of herbs and spices, the love for coffee and the warm people are all unforgettable.

When Brasas opened up their flagship restaurant in Podium, I didn't miss the chance to go and I loved every bit of it. The food, the interiors and even the music - all brought me back to my Latin American adventure. So when I heard about Naxional, I was giddy as a child to go.

Right before meeting up with friends for our Salvatore Cuomo stint, I met up with hubby for lunch at Naxional. Located at the second floor of Uptown Parade, on top of Salvatore Cuomo, the place was barely full when we got there. An open bar, alfresco style, will welcome you as you get to the place and you will be immediately ushered into the dining area. As soon as you enter, an explosion of textures will welcome you - bricked walls, unfinished corners, wood accents and some industrial design flares.

Walls were adorned with colorful paintings bringing so much festive air into the space. There was also this area where the unfinished wall served as a canvass of yet another huge work of art.

The entire place was huge with lots of comfortably cushioned chairs and warmly lit with chandeliers playfully made with Coke bottles. What I loved the most were the hanging wire buckets with light bulbs inside that served as drop lamps! So creative!

Their menu also served as the place mat and they have a separate list for their beverages. Their menu was simple - all day breakfast, starters, soups, salads, sandwiches, grilled meat, entrees and dessert. They have dishes from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Argentina and Mexico. We got Bacon Tocino for starter and Bandeja Paisa Platter - both of which were Colombian dishes.

One of Colombia's main produce is coffee. I can attest that they offer great coffee blends and brews. I hoarded coffee grounds to bring home when I went there! That's why I was quite interested to try this Bacon Tocino because it was rubbed with some Colombian Coffee.

Served in a small deep fryer looking wire basket, slices of baked pork belly rubbed with Colombian Coffee and glazed with Agave Chili made it's way into our table. Each strip was crispy, a little spicy and sweet. The coffee flavor wasn't so evident but there were bitter and salty notes. It's good but not something that I will order again.

Since I was expecting a food crawl after this lunch date, I didn't really order a separate dish and decided to just eat some from what hubby ordered. Good thing the serving of his Bandeja Paisa Platter was huge! Enough for one very hungry pal but could be shared by two. It has a good portion of griddle steak, chunks of Crispy Pork Belly, Caramelized Plantains, Black Beans, Fried Egg, Garlic Rice and Sweet Potato Chips.

The Steak was well seasoned, cooked medium rare and was tender. It's not the melt in your mouth type but it was good. The crispy pork belly chunks were tasty and really had that crispy skin with fat trimmings that were a little toasted. What made each piece of meat great though was the dip that came with the platter. It was oil based with garlic, cilantro and some other herbs in it. It was amazing! I love garlic and cilantro so I basically drowned each piece of meat I ate in this dip!

Kitchen booboo during this visit: they forgot that our platter should come with fried egg! Good thing I noticed and asked. Honestly, it wasn't a big deal because it was just one fried egg but then again you should give what the menu says to your customers. Nobody noticed until we told them.

Service was good because there were just about 3 tables occupied, including us, when we visited. Should be good! All needs met, glasses refilled with water right away and I saw that they were helpful in taking the customers through their menu. I'm definitely coming back to sample more dishes plus dessert.

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

Had the chance to try Naxional with the kaladkarins, and as usual I was sooooo late. Luckily I made it in time right before the dishes came out.

128055 Barbacoa - I know salads can come in different flavors but this is one of the few times I've tried something so close to savory. It's enough for one person, if it's all you're going to have, and want a bit more flavor than the usual leafy salads. Sorry, can't remember exactly what's in it anymore but I loved it.

128032 Ceviche Naxional - I added this order when I arrived because Jayson didn't see it in the menu when I asked hahahaha. I love ceviche, and this is really good - fish was really fresh, and the flavors were almost spot on though I found it a tad too sour. Maybe because they used coconut lime? Idek 128514

127844 Paella - love their version! Bursting full with toppings, and not like most na parang pinatong lang sa kanin ang toppings. Flavors really seeped through. Lip-smackingly good.

128046 Rabo Encendido - the oxtail was tender, sana toppings na lang ang serving instead of having the rice on the side, would have made the rice more palatable lol

128061 Sausages - my tastebuds may have been numbed at this point because I didn't find much distinction among the three kinds. Parang wala lang, it was just ground meat to me 128542 But I loved the Yuca sides. Hahaha.

Service could be improved, minsan talaga nawawala ang waiters. One of the managers were also chatting with us and invited us to share our comments, I commend you for being a good sport.

The interiors are lovely! It's a nice place to go and have a different vibe to your usual dinner.

Not sure if the other reviewers already mentioned it, but they have a bar/drinks area outside before you get to the door going to the main dining area. Reminds me of those romance pocketbooks set in London where the couple meets up at the bar for pre-dinner drinks before being shown inside to their table. Wala lang, it just occurred to me it's not the usual Filipino restaurant setup.

Final verdict - definitely worth going back to, but for a special date or occasion, not for your everyday dinner (not at my budget, anyway).

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

I've been seeing a lot of IG posts about Naxional Diner so I got curious to try this ASAP. Naxional is a South American restaurant in Uptown Parade. Their menu is quite extensive from appetizers to entrees to carnes, and even dessert.

My former colleagues and I went here last night at around 7pm. Being a Saturday dinner time, the staff asked us if we called beforehand for a reservation. We politely said no. After a few minutes, the staff managed to get tables for us. Pretty good start, I told myself.

I was really hungry that time so I ordered one of their bestsellers, the Naxional Paella (760php). It has clams, mussels, chorizo, sausages, quail eggs, and shrimps. Good for 2-3 persons. I actually liked this especially that it was served really hot. But I think I still prefer Alba's paellas.

I also ordered House-made Sausages (385php). It comes with 2 sides. You can choose from mofongo, potato salad, house salad, garlic rice, Brazilian fried rice, charred pineapple, and fried coated sweet bananas. I chose 2 orders of house salad. Taste-wise the sausages were good, but I'm not really a sausage expert. Actually these are perfect matching for wine. I wish I ordered one, but I'm not sure if they have wine on the menu.

My friends tried their Bacon-wrapped Chicken (445php) with 2 orders of Brazilian fried rice as sides. I actually had the chance to taste this and I liked it. You can never go wrong with bacon, right? We also tried Carne Desmechada (295php). I did not appreciate this so much. Maybe I'm not just a fan of such food. Lastly, we ordered Classic Feijoada (420php). According to the menu, the recipe is from Brazil. This is actually pork spare ribs with black beans. Sounds weird at first, but it was very delicious. I loved how tender the spare ribs were.

Naxional is currently on soft opening so they are still not accepting debit/credit card transactions. Aside from that, I hope they improve on their service. Our food arrived after 30-35 minutes, but they actually advised us earlier on this as the place was really jam-packed. In fact, I saw a lot of celebrities dining here last night. A lot of familiar faces.

P.S. Interiors are awesome! Cool wall arts. Too bad I was not able to take pictures. I actually love their Coca-Cola-inspired chandelier!

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

Naxional is a south american restaurant located at Uptown Parade. We were torn between Naxional and Cuomo (Which is close to impossible to get a reservation for dinner).

We ordered the following:

Ceviche Naxional, Barbacoa, Homemade Sausages with mofongo, yuca and sweet potatoes, Rabo Encendido, Naxional Paella.

My personal favorite was the Rabo Encendido. The oxtail was soft and flavorful. It goes with rice which was hard as bigas pa. Lol. But I still liked the oxtail. I also loved the Barbacoa because of the pork chipotle BBQ! I was looking however for the avocado which was stated in the menu. The ceviche was good as well.

Now for my dislikes (LOL). The mofongo was uhm weird. Banana plus bacon tapos mashed pa? It tasted savory and sweet and had a weird texture. Sorry. The sausages were meehhh. Nothing special about them.

I wasn't able to try the paella because it had shrimps and I was scared to get rashes again. I just ate one quail egg from it. Haha.

Overall, the food is good. Service was OK. I don't know if the servers are really not attentive or if they were just really tired. When we got out we just saw them making tambay outside. Hopefully they can still improve their shortcomings since they are still on soft opening. Maybe I'll come back but not anytime soon. 128512

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

A new Southern American food resto has open in Uptown BGC. This one is co-owned by Brazilian Daniel Matsunaga. The place is very lovely with lots of wall mural. The creative lighbulbs was also very nice.

For the food we tried out a variety of dishes.
128073Barbacoa Salad - love the spiciness of their bbq dressing. Very fresh veggies and tender pork. Missing was the avocado not sure if they were just out of stock

128073Ceviche - I'm a fan of ceviche and I like this one. Love the crunchy texture of cornick and very soft tuna. Tastewise it was very good maybe just a little more coconut milk.

128073Rabo Encendido - a callos style ox tail dish. I also love this one. The soft fatty tail was so good. Drawback of this dish was the not so good rice that comes with it. It was a little hard.

128073Homemade Sausages - a serving of 3 types of sausage. The portugese sausage which was my fave among three reminds me of the one I tasted in Harbin. It was delicious. The Morcilla the blood sausage wasn't that bad but not a fan of it. Chorizo just typical chorizo. Sides that came with it was mofongo which was a mashed banana and bacon. I like the mofongo reminds me of linupak but doesn't appeal everyone in our group hahaha.

128073Paella - The star of the night. Everyone like the strong seafood taste. Every ingredient was good except for the squid . Would have preffered if it wasn't breaded.128522

Overall I like the place. Just an improvement on their waiter. There were times that not a single waiter was around in the dining area. Luckily the manager in charge was very friendly and listened carefully on our feedback about their food and service. Hope they can improve since they are still in a soft opening.128522128076

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Now this one is a little bit uncommon. We know a few Southern American Cuisine serving restaurants, this one covers Peruvian, Brazilian, Mexican, columbian, Venezuelan, puerto rican, cuban, Argentinian, Ecuadorian-- authentic southern-- naxional!

This is one thing why you should visit the place, and if you are a big fan of my friend Daniel Matsunaga, you might be able to spot him--lol-- kidding aside, the food items / choices here are great. There were a few surprises at the end, but before that...

128204 ceviche naxional @290php
Citrus marinade fish. roasted corn. Pickled pepper. Coconut lime. And yes. Dont forget the saba. As in banana. Am not really a connoisseur pagdating sa ceviche pero according to @kristin comparable sa nikkei.

128204128525 barbacoa @340php
Pork chipotle BBQ --love how spicy the BBQ sauce us. The pork is so tender too. Mixed greens--Avocado-- but we did not see it. What we saw is feta cheese. Croutons--whenever there are croutons, you should eat it right away. Red onions, and Passion fruit vinaigrette!

128204 homemade sausages with choice of two sides @385php
Inside story: we told server A we want mofongo and yuca and sweet potatoes as side dishes. However we were surprised they served us plain rice with the sausage--server B told us the sides were out of stock so they serve us rice instead--but when i asked server C, he took it away and gave us what we ordered!

Portuguese sausage -plump and good. Chorizo- this looks burnt did not appreciate much
Morcilla- looks burnt also pero tge server told us it's just the way it is cause it's blood sausage daw, with rice supposedly but no, i did not taste anything recommendable.

128204rabo encendido @350php
This is cuban. This is slow cooked beef oxtail with pork hocks--egh-- this is @patr order and i just tasted fatty substances full of bones... Lol i could not learn how to eat this. This goes with a hard rice--looks like it's old. This what made me dislike the dish more.

128204128525 naxional paella @760php
This is the best dish among the dishes we ordered.
Sofrito and black bean rice-- very mushy. House made chorizos and Morcilla--i appreciate these sausages here in the paella more than the one that we ordered separately. Clams and mussels-- the mussels taste strong and the fail part of the dish was the fried squid--very rubbery!

There's a common CR at the back beside the bar. Take note there's no signage--but there were two doors. I thought it was the other door but i was surprised upon opening it kasi it was a messy stockroom--sort of?! The CR is good naman. A little different than the usual.

There were several occasions the servers had a difficult time calling their attention. We noticed a lot of them hanging out sa may bar--only a server or two were a attentive. The servers were vey helpful on the other hand so... Hehe.

The ambiance is like a very high class el chupacabra. The paintings on the wall and the creative lights paraphernalia were a hit as well.

Will rrturn? Not really but still liked the food. Overall will be a high 3. 128527128517

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Uptown Parade is becoming a foodie destination for those who are up for something different. Though there are only a handful of restaurants in that block, all (except for Sweet Ecstasy) establishments are new. Salvatore Cuomo for one is in that area and it has been attracting serious foodies to have a bite of its mouthwatering pizzas. The Italian joint has created buzz in social media thanks to its showbiz and high society patrons. This is why it would be easy to miss this sweet South American restaurant which opened on the same day as a famous hot dog joint.

Hello, Naxional South American Diner.

I must admit, I wasn’t planning to dine here for lunch on a weekday. We were eying Moe’s Southwest Grill’s PHP10 burrito promo but the line was just too crazy. We had to wait for 3 hours if we want to take advantage of the said promo. Since we are mere salarymen and salarywomen, we opted to go elsewhere and that elsewhere turned out to be Naxional.

Only a few tables were occupied when we got there at 12:30 p.m.. We were greeted by beautiful bright colored wall decals and diner seats. Take time to check the restaurant's adorable lights. 128525

We quickly ordered Pollo Peruano (PHP385), Rabo Encendido (PHP350), Carne Desmechada (PHP295) and Picante de Pollo (PHP330). We were told that our food will be served in 25 minutes so it was such a delight when it took them less than 20 minutes to serve our dishes, except for the Picante de Pollo which took a bit over half an hour.

M’s Carne Desmechada was served first and it looked like a fancier version of corned beef. A dish from Venezuela, it is made of pulled beef short ribs in tomato stew served with white rice and caramelized plantains. I had a bit of the pulled beef short ribs and it did taste like corned beef, only it was more flavorful and not as salty. It was actually pretty good.

D also liked his Rabo Encendido and said that the dish had a rich taste. He also said that it would have been nice if there was more rice served with it.

The Picante de Pollo, a dish from Bolivia, was served late. No one complained though as the slow braised chicken with black beans, root vegetables, coconut crème and fried garbanzos was worth the wait. It did look like afritada though and M said that it did taste a bit like it. M’s husband G said that he wasn’t so fond of the coconut crème as its taste did not go so well with the rest of the ingredients.

I loved my Pollo Peruano. I loved the tender and succulent Peruvian pit chicken. It went so well with the corned rice creating a harmonious salty and sweet taste. I didn’t really dip the chicken in chimichurri anymore as the dip was bland. Do not order this if you are on a diet as one order of this is good for two light meals.

I was eying the cheesecake and funnel cake but I was already too full and we had to head back to work.

I’d definitely be back for more! 128518

(Note: Sorry, I wasn’t able to take photos of Rabo Encendido and Picante de Pollo. We were all famished when our orders arrived.)

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