Nayomi Sanctuary Resort

JM Katigbak St., Alangilan, Balete, Batangas

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort
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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

If you want to disconnect, have a gadget detox or just be enclosed in nature, then this resort is for you. I've always been curious about Glamping as I've read a few articles about it already. In New York they offer Glamping services on their penthouses so you can look at the stars, away from the light pollution below. Thankfully, you can now experience Glamping right here in the Philippines at nayomi sanctuary Resort!
The resort is tucked away in hilly Balete, Batangas but it is easily accessible via the star toll way. It is even nearer than Anilao and laiya. Upon entering the gates you can see the an open area to the left and the front desk to your right. We were assisted right away by super friendly and helpful staff (led by ate len) and was then led to our tent via electric golf cart. It was about a 3 minute ride with some climbs. It was drizzling when we arrived and they assured us that the tent is totally waterproof so no worries.
Each tent is strategically placed under a tree of course to reduce the heat of the sun and to provide shade too. The tents are far away from each other and each has its own picnic area (no eating inside the tent) and a good sized bathroom with bidet. You can bring chips, cookies and water.
Inside the tent there are 3 queen size mattresses which are surprisingly thick and comfortable. A lot of pillows, a huge fan, a couple of lamps and an electric mosquito killer. There are also enough outlets inside the tent for charging.
I immediately took a nap as the weather was cool and it was so great to reconnect with nature. No TV's, no wi-fi. There is a decent 3G signal if you want to browse and post pictures.
When my niece and nephew arrived we went to the pool (even though it was raining). It was an infinity pool and it also had a jacuzzi like area where you can relax with jet stream bubbles. There's also a bar (not manned though). Pool is shallow so it's pretty safe.
Come night time, the weather was good enough to enjoy an outdoor movies, we watched Moana and it was hilarious. There was also a bonfire when you can roast hotdogs and marshmallows.
The weather was much better the next day and we were able to explore the resort. It was so quiet! It was like we were the only ones there!
Less one star though cos the food is not too good. I ordered inasal for dinner and there were still some bloody spots inside, the ribs were tough and all the breakfast food seemed to have come from CDO (they have a facility nearby). It's just unfortunate because you have no other choice, there are no other establishments nearby. Ate len mentioned that the chef was from Manila, maybe they should hire a local chef to promote the dishes of the locality. Also, I counted 3 power outages during our stay (twice during the movie).
Overall it was really nice, the place was beautiful, well kept and clean. Will definitely go back when the food improves.

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Josette P.
5.0 Stars

Looking for a relaxation that's near the Metro? How about a camping activity with some upgrade? Well, if you're someone who can easily go for a two hour drive down South to Balete, Batangas and is interested for the new glamping trend then this one's for you. Balete Batangas is the fourth exit at Star Tollway and Nayomi Sanctuary is easily accessible through that exit. Nayomi Sanctuary has a lot of other accommodation that can suite your needs. They have villas that can accommodate up to 5 with prices from Php 7,999++ each that includes ala carte breakfast. And Himalayan Houses, which is roughly Php 11,000++ with breakfast as well.

But since we wanted something different, they also offer glamping. Glamping or short for glamorous camping is the way to go if you want to feel like you're camping less the hassle of setting up the tent, and plus the major convenience of your own non standard double bed, fan, and the comfort of a clean comfort room. So that's what we had. It's around 8,700-ish for a group of 6 that includes an ala carte breakfast.

We had a great stay at our tent. Accommodation wise we do not regret trying it because the tent is big, it has three non standard double beds, and we have this big box for our bags and a big fan. It's very convenient. Plus, they have this area with umbrella that's like a veranda for your snacks and meals. The bathroom is clean, and even has a bidet with it. No hot and cold water though but the water is warm so it's okay. The space for the glamping is very spacious. We really liked it a lot.

The entire facilities of Nayomi itself is good. They have two pools both of which are around four to five feet deep which is child friendly. The entire vicinity is big, they have an outdoor theater, and even have bonfire at 8pm. They also have a water refilling station, and what they call as Teraza Bar where you can chill and enjoy your chips and drinks. They do not have a tent service but they will bring your ordered drinks there unlike for the villas and himalayan houses where you can opt for room service and enjoy your meal at your room.

Check in is easy as well as check out. Upon check in you will be given a pouch with the keys and a cellphone. Yes! A bar phone. Talk about convenience! Haha. You can text or call the front desk for any question or request. You can even ask to be picked up by the golf cart by just a phone call away to the front desk. I am amazed by this service! Convenient indeed!!

Food wise, you can enjoy your merienda or dinner at Anahaw Restaurant. Their food is okay, variety of Filipino food such as Kare-Kare, Sisig, Pancit and alike. Prices are not too bad for a hotel charge place with average price ranging from Php 250-400. Breakfast is ala carte with options of either Fried Tawilis, Tocino, Longganisa and Corned Beef plus refillable kapeng barako. Ohhh I just love Kapeng Barako.

Check in is at 2pm, check out at 12nn the day after. Staff are nice and approachable. For a place with a few staff, they are efficient. I am definitely recommending and definitely going back. Considering on trying the Villas next.

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Shiela B.
3.0 Stars

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort is located in Balete, Batangas. You can reach the place via Balete Exit or Lipa Exit thru startollway. It is owned by celebrity Family of Pratts. The place is nice and beautiful, with an overlooking view of Taal Volcano. I like the place, i would rate it 8 out of 10, but their service is poor. I wouldn't elaborate more the details of the things that dissatisfied me and my friends.

I guess, i'm the first one that would give review for this place in looloo. I'll just give the readers the benefit of the doubt.

Anyways, if you want to relax, the place is recommendable and their food is delicious too.


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