Nayong Pilipino

Centennial Rd., Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles, Pampanga

Nayong Pilipino
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Most Recent Reviews

Salie D.
5.0 Stars

At my age, Id like to stay more at home and sleep and do my chores and online job.
I never thought Id be liking this experience and enjoy it as much as the kids do. But I figured, if you love your country as I do, you'd be very proud!

Few months ago, during our visit and stay in the North city of Pampanga, the family about 25pax all went here. I think entrance fee is aroung Php50/head. If I'm not mistaken. Bata at matanda.
2nd day kami nakapasok kasi nung first day, 5pm na and they are closing na.

May tour guide na sasama sa bawat group and introduces each section na mahihintuan namin. This is very educational and entertaining at the same time.
First, we feel like nalibot mo ng mabilis ang Pilipinas by the old houses display na fineature nila.

May mga tribals din who showed their Culture dance. They are very friendly and serious about giving us a good show.128515
Free din sila magpa picture taking and there is this one time that they invited us all to dance with them.128522

As we go on, May Church kaming nakita before kami makarating sa Show Museum nila. We watched a very funny, worth watching live show. Stand up comedian na hindi bastos but child friendly. 128525
I actually commend them sa maganda at masayang show nila. Nakakatawa and the tagalog songs they sang simply brings back memories in each of us. Nakakaiyak actually, that's just me and I hope we all feel the same...nakakabata balikan ang mga Tagalog Folk songs natin!

When the show ends, they gave us the chance magpapicture sa stage with them. It's up to you na bigyan sila ng tip, and I think they deserve it.128079128079128079128079128079

Every corner of Nayon Filipino is very worthy picturan. It is very well maintained, and Park lang ang peg. May Kalesa, Church, Souvenir Stores, Ice Cream Shop, Old Historical Train, at may road show pa sila pagkatapos ng show where naka Filipiniana and Barong at very Pinoy and kanilang kasuotan. Sumasayaw at kumakanta sila.128525

Lastly, we entered a Museum where original clothes at klase ng tela ng ating mga ninuno ay naka seal sa mga glass tables.

I did enjoy this. All throughout the Nayon tour, I felt that every family, young and old should go back here again like we did. I'm sure everyone has seen this when we had our Field trip back in our school days, I believe this is one of the must visit place by Filipino groups once again. I hope my pictures would make you feel like visiting this place.

Total hours of stay is around 2hours. Sulit na at Free Parking pa.

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Mico C.
4.0 Stars

I think the level of satisfaction a person gets from a visit is correlated to the expectations from the place. I honestly went here just to kill a bit of time and have a quick review of some sites in the Philippines.

It's 150 php to enter for adults. We leisurely walked around the place and finished in 45 minutes. Not too bad.

1) Orchidarium: not that much but 127802 s looked nice to look at.
2) coin museum: loved how they were able to show the timeline of our bills and coins. Very informative and for the older ones very nostalgic. Saw the 50, 25, 10 centavo coins i used to pay people with
3) boat ride: even though i did not try it (75 php per person) i feel like it would have been a nice experience. Lagoon was huge if compared to the place so there's a lot to paddle around to.

1) there were several attractions closed such as the museum # 2 and some other huts
2) i pity the fishes in all their ponds :(

Sakto lang:
1) mt tabon: look around and you'll notice that apparently they have this huge stone mountain beside the orchidarium. I describe it as one of those high effort low impact displays. If i didnt look at the map, we would've just walked past it without noticing it. I appreciated it though when i saw it.

That's it for now! Take care everyone! :)

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Kiko G.
2.0 Stars

Bida man haha!

I still remember being very inquisitive about Nayong Pilipino in our SIBIKA class back in elementary days. I always wanted to see the miniature tourist spots in the Philippines.

I never had the chance to visit the one in Pasay. I thought they're going to reform the entire place but instead, moved it to Pampanga.

We visited the place in Pampanga and WALA!! Walang laman. Walang Tao. It's a vast garden with synthetic lake, an old church, different huts from different tribes, an old plaza surrounded by hoary houses and that's it. They said they're going to have a cultural show at 3PM pero 4PM na wala pa din.. Sinungaling.. Haha

Tsss.. Where are the minis? Buraot

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