Need Coffee

252-B Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Need Coffee
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Most Recent Reviews

Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

Finally tried NEED COFFEE on a Sunday night! This place is always packed when we pass by but last night, before mass, we got lucky! The place was so spacious with a more smaller area towards the back plus an al fresco area. I don't know but IMO the place was badly designed lol there was something off about the distribution of floor space, the position of the order counter etc.. anyway...

I've been wanting to go here because of good reviews. I would day that it's a good place to work because of the fast internet plus the charging ports, good hangout place for friends but it's not as friendly to kids - which is just my problem really lol coz I have my daughters in tow almost all the time. Why?!? The chairs! Not so comfy and the chairs by the wall didn't have back rest.

Onto the food/drinks...

My eldest opted for a slice of Salted Egg Brazo. It was okay. It wasn't too sweet, which was good but my daughter taught it didn't taste so much like salted egg. I would have to agree.

My youngest opted for the Almond Cheesecake which was good - not too sweet with generous topping of almonds. The crust was a little different from the usual graham or cookie crust. This had a more crumbly, granola-ish texture.

Then I got a warm cup of Matcha Latte. Hmmmm errrrr this was bland! There was more milk than Matcha. Good thing they didn't overdose this with sugar but then again...more matcha please!

Overall it was an OKAY visit. Nothing wow about it. Just okay. Maybe will try their coffee next time 128527

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

There are times that you just really need coffee and a friend to chat with.

Whenever i’m at parañaque and i feel like just chillaxing, i always call Dennis O and suggest where i should go—or he just really wants credit, you know! Kidding aside, he suggested this place and commented that coffee is good here (i dont want to go to kapeng mainit)

So i gave it a go.
The ambience was cool and bright. There were enough seats for about 40 pax, including their al fresco area for smoking.

128204128525 Rose Water Cold Brew au Lait@180
This was dennis’ order of coffee, being a veteran at cafes around, he knew this in the secret menu. I tasted it and immediately fwll in love with the moderate rose water taste followed bu the seemingly latte coffee.

128204 Clementine @180PhP
This one got orange and coffee flavor. Served cold as well. I did not like it as much as the rose water because i could taste some heavy orange zest. We agreed to switch coffee! Haha!

128204128525 Pork Barbecue Sandwich @180PhP
I love the sandwich that i ordered! The bread was some kind of rye bread.. i remember my starbucks st. Charbel days... so soft when newly heated. The pork was really tender, highly recommended. The potato chips that went with it were somewhat homemade. It’s crispy thin, almost too brittle, but the tasty flavor (cheese base) was making the dish complete.

128204 Red Pesto Ravioli @190PhP
I like the taste— like as genovese. However I’m not happy with the serving. I wonder if nabusog ba si dennis dito. Lol.

128204128525 Snickerdoodle Cookie @60PhP
As far as i could remember, cartel is also selling this type of cookie. Need coffee is only bigger by 60%. If you like pastillas, you will enjoy this as this really taste like it. I like the cinnamon powder on it.

I will visit again for more rose water cold brew au lait and their cheesecakes and mousses!

  • No. of Comments: 14
Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Back at Need Coffee because we NEED COFFEE. 🤗

HOT MOCHA (180php) for Ony while I decided to try the ALMOND + CRANBERRY + CHIA YOGURT CUP (100php).

128129🏻‍♂️: Ony already had this before (this is his 3rd) and I guess he really likes this drink because if not, he would have ordered something else. For 180, it’s pricier than Starbucks but this tastes A LOT better (But TE pa rin talaga). 128540

128129🏻‍♀️: My yogurt cup was good. I thought it was too small and pricey but it was actually filling (thank you, Chia seeds). I just wish they added more granola and used greek yogurt instead (demanding!!!!). But overall, it was still a pretty good snack to eat while waiting.

And oh, SERVICE was better now. I guess namukhaan na kami since we were here just last week. 128518

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

While waiting, Ony and I stayed here for some coffee. This is the perfect place when you want to study or work. It’s not too crowded, they have a good number of tables, they even have an open space at the back, their playlist is nice, and they have a pretty fast internet connection. 💯 Instead of “studying/working”, we stayed here to play Overcooked haha! 128514128523

128129🏻‍♂️: MOCHA (180php). Bitter and sweet. This was good. The latte art was pretty! But TE pa rin for the best mocha latte. 🤗

128129🏻‍♀️: MATCHA (160php). Too sweet. This tasted like an instant matcha latte. 128563 Please skip this one. Order something else. Get the almond cheesecake. Just don’t order this if you are a matcha lover/addict. You’ll end up disappointed. Hayyyy. I should have tried something else (i.e., chai tea or hot choco).

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Finally got to visit this coffee shop!! Yayy! 🤗 The place is simple yet pretty. Perfect for "alone time" or for studying. Though not for those who would like to chill and/or bond and talk with your friends for a long period of time. Find a different place. Haha! But if you want a quiet and chill place to stay, this is a good place to consider. Wifi is pretty fast. And oh, they even have an open area at the back for those who'd like to smoke or whatever and they have a mini garden as well. 128521

Since we're just waiting for my mom, the boyfriend and I shared one drink and a cake.

9749️ MOCHA (180php) - 127775127775127775127775

127856 ALMOND CHEESECAKE (160php) - 127775127775127775127775127775

The Mocha latte was good (kind of remind's me of our favorite Mocha latte here in BF). The sweetness is just right, with just enough chocolatey-ness and bitterness from the coffee. You may think that it's kind of pricey for 180 pesos but it's good! Verrrry! 128521 and the Almond Cheesecake..... OMG, I cannot!!! It's really good as well and worth the price and calories!! Haha. 128517 Generous almonds on top, rich and thick cheesecake that's not too sweet, and the crust, panalo! It's not you're usual graham crackers, it's so much better!! It's nutty and almost like a cookie. Basta, masarap!!! 💯

For now, 4 stars muna since service wasn't really that great. I'll come back again next time to try the Chia Yogurt Cup something, the Salted Egg Brazo cakeand the Matcha Latte. 127861

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Another coffee shop this time in the south. BF Homes! Need Coffee? Yup that's the name of the place. Catchy and witty. Need Coffee is by the Champion Barista Daniel Roque. BF Homes is indeed lucky to have him open a specialty coffee shop. Giving us Magnum Opus and now Need Coffee. Yey!

Interior of Need Coffee is more of a modern cafe. Mainly black and white while highlighted by Mirrors and Lights. Lovely interior with an Al fresco area at the back of the cafe for the people who wants fresh air.

Need Coffee got some interesting with name such as flight, shake and latte. But I still settled with my flat white and really enjoyed the strong caffeine boost. Their bean are sourced from Yardstick which is another staple in the coffee scene.

Overall lovely and spacious place with great coffee!

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