Negros Inasal Express Bacolod's Pride

Timog Ave., Timog, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Negros Inasal Express Bacolod's Pride
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Most Recent Reviews

Cj A.
4.0 Stars

We've been passing by this Inasal joint since it's very near the place and we never bothered to check it out because aside from not being fans of inasal (except for JT's Inasal), the place looks old, dilapidated, and uninviting. We just knew that they serve inasal because of their old, dirty signage. Looking from the outside, you already know it needs major renovation. You would also have mistaken it for being out of business because they aren't even trying to improve the place.

So imagine our shock when we learned that this old resto beat JT's Manukan on Food Network's Food Wars Asia. We saw the commercial on Food Network but failed to watch the episode because of work, but out of curiosity, I googled who the winner is and I had to google multiple times coz I couldn't believe they won. I mean really, except for authentic inasal restos in Bacolod, what resto here could beat JT's?

Needless to say, we had to try their chicken, stat. To be honest we walked there still full of doubt, and you will understand when you see the place. I even searched for it here on looloo to check the reviews. It's rated 4.5, but only by 2 people. So we had to taste their food to experience it first hand.

When we got in front of the door, we thought it was closed even if the sign says it's open. You can't see anything from the outside kasi. When we opened the door and peeked inside, we were like lost wanderers, looking for people, checking and wondering if they're open. Until one waiter signaled us and offered us a table.

We ordered one pecho each, plain rice for the girl, garlic rice for me. They served us a bowl of soup. I thought it was kansi, but it was tinola soup. It would have been better if it was kansi soup.

The food took a while to be served. We were prepared to wait, coz we read it on one of the reviews here. While waiting we kept on criticizing the entire place. It needs renovation, big time. The tables and chairs were old, the walls need serious repainting, and even how the place is set up needs major maintenance. It looks like an old restaurant in a province. Hindi pwedeng maglooloo meetup dito lol.

Finally, our chicken is served. And on the first bite you'll know why it won. The chicken was so flavorful and so tender. Sometimes if a cook doesn't know how to cook chicken breast, they tend to overcook it, making the chicken dry or worse, rubbery. But they did it perfectly. It's like eating a chicken thigh because it's so juicy and tender. And it packs a whole lot of flavor that you can eat it without the condiments. Even my garlic rice tastes great. I even forgot to take a picture of my food because the chicken looks so good too!

Negros Inasal Express did redeem itself because of its amazing chicken. We're now converts. I would easily give it 5 stars for the chicken alone but they need a lot of improvement done on the place to make the entire experience much more satisfying. I really do hope that they renovate the place and make it more pleasant looking. The inasal joint got some huge potential of really making it bigger than its competition because their food is cooked perfectly.

Restaurant Makeover, if you're also planning to go here in our country, please have this resto on top of your list.

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Dheybert P.
5.0 Stars

The Authentic Bacolod Inasal in Quezon City
Juicy, tasty, yummy, enough said.
If you miss the Inasal chicken at Manokan Country in Bacolod, you know where to go. 127860127831
Napaka lambot ng chicken, swear. 12852210084128162128077128076128536

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Mickey C.
4.0 Stars

Bang for the buck! Be patient with the waiting time though:p it takes a while for them to serve the food.

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