Neighborhood Game Cafe

48 Ubay St., Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Neighborhood Game Cafe
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Jomarie A.
4.0 Stars

What better way to spend more time hanging out together than eating? 128516 Eating and drinking, while playing board games! 128513

After our dinner at Xiao Nan Men last Saturday, we made our way to a nearby board game cafe called the Neighborhood Game Cafe. 127922 We were initially worried that there might be too much people there, given that it's a Saturday night -- but we were relieved when the cafe was not that jampacked, but has plenty enough people so that most of the tables are occupied.

It's much appreciated that they do not require each person to buy a drink / food item, but of course, it's common courtesy to do so if you plan to stay long to enjoy the wide selection of games they offer. V and I browsed their menu while Josh and E went to check the games they are offering.

Here's what I got:
✔ HOT MATCHA LATTE (Php 130) - 11088110881108811088
The price is quite reasonable for me. The authetic taste of matcha was definitely there, and the slight bitterness in the matcha plus the creaminess of the milk is worth coming back for 128076 Towards the end of my cup, it became a bit too sweet for me, probably because of the milk. I expected that it would have a good latte art, but this drink fell short in terms of that aspect. 128546

On the other hand, V got the Signature Blended Dark Chocolate (Php 180), which, according to her tasted like regular chocolate and not dark chocolate. E got Blended Vanilla (Php 170), while Josh got Brewed Coffee (Php 100). 128522

While having drinks, we played our first game, Pandemic. It's basically a co-op game where all players have to work together to save the epidemic from spreading in the world. It's a fun strategy game! 128076

Before we started our second game, Josh ordered nachos for everyone:

✔ NBHD NACHOS (Php 169) - 1108811088
Okay. So for one, this took too long before it was served. Next, we were served with some nachos heaping with grated cheese... At least the nachos were crispy, but I did not appreciate its toppings. The beef was too dry and too few. There was little to no salsa in the entire plate, despite the description saying that it has homemade salsa. Please skip this when getting your food from this cafe. Not worth it. 128557

The boys chose to get our second game, Ladies and Gentlemen, from the difficult corner, (the games are divided into groups based on their difficulty level) but didn't want to ask for help from the staff. 128517 Josh spent some time reading through the instructions, and setting up everything. It was a fun game, but a bit shallow. 128514 It's about a lady going on a shopping spree everyday, while the gentleman works and toils for their money.

Overall, I love the ambiance of the restaurant. It is homey, and the tables had enough distance between them so that groups can play their games in peace. I also love how the customers / players are generally chill, aka, it was not too noisy during our visit.

I'm willing to come back again to try their other games, as well as their drinks! Might skip the food instead, though. 128541


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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

After one enjoyable and tiring afternoon of badminton, my friends and I extended the fun and brought it at Neighborhood Cafe.

This cafe is found along the street of Ubay in one of the busiest cities in the Metro. It was no big deal from South peeps like us to conquer this cafe, as they have parking areas, with a staff ready to guard our babies. Street parking is also acceptable, as the place seemed safe and spacious enough that street parking won't be an inconvenience on the road.

It was 5pm and the place wasn't as lively as other boardgame cafes, but I looked at this as an opportunity for us to have first dibs on all the available games. It's also favorable to us since we were able to play without worrying about how we could disturb other players, and vice versa.

They have a shelf full of games, although the choices weren't as unique and broad as what I've seen from other more well known cafes.

The cafe doesn't implement strict rules on orders during our stay. But, an order of a drink or food per person will be highly appreciated by their management.

They have lots of food available, from finger food, pastas, sandwiches, and even rice meals. They have lots of options for drinks, too, which, believe me, are all very very tempting. And oh, I won't forget to mention that they also have cakes perfect to increase your sugar levels and get you hyped up for that next game.

Since I was badly craving for chicken (and missing the karaage pops from school), I decided to go for their Taiwanese chicken pops (P149) which was described as a dish having 18-20pcs bite sized chicken fillet with five spice. Okay, I just realized that the cafe betrayed me huhu 128532 I just noticed that they mentioned the number of chicken pops on the menu and the number I was supposed to see on my plate while writing this review. It was definitely less than this! Although it wasn't too few either. The taste of the food wasn't bad. I expect food from boardgame cafes to be comparable to any menu for kids, but thankfully it was better than what I expected. It wasn't bland. The spices were there.

This is a cafe I'm glad to have set foot on despite its distance from my home. No regrets, just lakwatsa.

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Manfred M.
4.0 Stars

Board games and food come hand-in-hand in this ambient board game cafe in Banawe, Q.C. The menu was aplenty with chicken wings, pasta, desserts, and meat dishes. Add to that their imported board games; and you have a hit among teenagers, families, and people looking for a fun way to kill time.

I first had their Taiwanese chicken pops. These crispy chicken chunks reminded me of the ones sold along my elementary school. I used to savor those with 5 spice sauce. It was a trip down memory lane as I savored every bite of it.

I then moved on to their Chicken wing variants. They had the usual sweet and spicy and terriyaki variants which were pretty tasty. However, the most remarkable one was the salted egg variant. I was firstly appalled at the prospect of having to eat it; so I stuck to the spicy and terriyaki variants. The meat was tender; plus these were easy to tear off from the bones.

I then tried out their Coffee ribs. This dish was the standard baby back ribs glazed instead with a coffee sauce. It was pretty decent for its taste and size. The Tomato Porkchop, on the other hand, was a humungous slab of breaded porkchops with creamy tomato sauce and cheese. I liked this dish better. The Orange chicken was pretty sweet and tasty as well.

As for pasta, I had the Orange hair pasta. It was cooked to perfection; and it came with two slices of butter toast. I'd say it was pretty good with their creamy seafood rice which was topped with white sauce over slices and bits of fish and shrimp.

Dessert was the killer. I had their Dutch Baby Smores and their specialty drink called the Butterbeer. The former was a pan heated delight of thick marshmallows topped with an ice cream center, choco syrup, and a pancake bottom. I loved this the most! The marshmallows mixed well with cold ice cream and the sweet syrup. I'd definitely come back for more. The Butterbeer was excellent as well. The drink was a golden yellow concoction of milky and buttery goodness.

For those who love boardgames and great food, come over to this place!

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Sheyz U.
4.0 Stars

The Neighborhood Game Cafe's ambience is very light and cheerful. Counter / bar is right across the door, with the shelves of games immediately to the right of the entrance. We went there on a weekday, but it must have been school vacation or some sort of a holiday because a big group of about more than 10 high school kids went in a few minutes after we did. They were super rowdy and noisy that they didn't care that we had a sleeping baby with us (but that's digressing).

Anyway, the orders took some time to arrive but it was worth it! Sister had the pesto pasta. When it was laid down at our table, it looked plain and not really that appetiZing but when we had a taste, grabe sarap! Will order this next time.

I had the baked rice duo. It was reminiscent of the dish I always eat at Cafe Coral in HK. Love the two sauces. It was served piping hot, albeit having to wait for more than 30minutrs for it.

Also had the salted egg custard french toast. Hands down my new favorite!!! Price was a bit steep, 200+ (I think) for this but that wouldn't stop me from ordering this again. Let's just save this for those splurge days hehehe.

For the drinks, they had a BOGO on Vietnamese coffee, which my bro in law finds unsatisfactory but which I find is just right for a Vietnamese coffee.

Will I go back? Definitely! I just hope high school kods nowadays be taught how to be compassionate of other people around them, or at least respect other people's personal space. 128566128566128566


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