Neva's Place

48A Taft St., Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Neva's Place
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April H.
3.0 Stars

Still not finished with my Puerto Princesa reviews; I just like jumping from one resto to another in no particular order...128522

The only place in Puerto Princesa serving brick oven pizzas!127829 I know that pizzas are not the food that comes to mind when thinking of Palawan, but the kids were requesting for something different after several days of rice!!!128540 good thing that we were there with locals (the brother of one of our in laws), who accompanied us in our tours... He suggested to eat here, just to change things up! 128522

So after Mass, we came here for dinner... It was a short walk from the gate to the main dining area, purely al freso! The place is an old house and you dine at the garden, amongst the plants and trees. It was already dark out and the place was only lit by candles and several lamps... The mood was romantic, perfect for a date!10084128155128154

We were seated in the longest table and we started to order... We ordered different kinds of pizzas, including Hawaiian and Beefy Beef... But their specialty is called the Wichhouse Special, with ground beef, sausage, ham, pepperoni, bologna, bell peppers, pineapples and olives... My brother and I shared a Caesar salad and a beef tenderloin fettuccini Alfredo in addition to our pizza orders! #gutommuch

I have to say that this restaurant should be given an award for THE SLOWEST SERVICE EVER!!! Dinner took two hours, only because the food was served one at a time and took such a long time!!! I hate it when there's a long pause in between courses, parang walang rhythm! 128563 hindi bitin e, parang utal-utal? The servers still smiled and tried to keep up, but I just can't believe how slowly the food came out. People were getting cranky, kids and adults alike!128545 as in, isang Caesar salad, pasok uli tapos may isa pang salad... At isa isa lang ang dating ng pizza and remember we were a group of 24! One pizza had 10 slices, so the rest would just stare... Until we figured we should cut up the pizza into squares just so everyone can eat a little at a time...128565 it was weird because other than us, there weren't that many people in dining in the restaurant... We were there at 630pm btw! Plus, the wait was made unpleasant for me by the many cats and dogs just roaming about the place, who must be used to being given scraps by the guests... Some watch you intently as you eat. I just don't really like pets whose vaccination status is a big ❓...128054128049

The food was okay, nothing spectacular... For the pizza, the crust was pretty good... The Wichhouse special didn't seem cohesive? Parang the ingredients didn't blend that well for me... The Caesar salad and fettuccini were okay too... I liked the lechon kawali that one of my cousins ordered... But that's pretty much it... Parang the food quality was just okay and not worth that kind of wait... 128549 But if you are in the area and you are looking for a date place, this is a pretty good option...128522

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Marvin A.
3.0 Stars

It took a very long time for them to serve the food and even served the appetizer last. No personal favorite but everything we ordered were nice.

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