New Toho Food Center

422-424 Pinpin St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

New Toho Food Center
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Most Recent Reviews

Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

I really don't want to be meticulous about cleanliness ( unless we are in Singapore ) since this is not in a mall or posh hotel or any glam location... But basically The New Toho Food Center is your friendly neighborhood foodie destination... There's even a glass display of the meats and viands for those last minute takeouts!

I guess even our National Hero was able to dine here during his schooldays with its existence in Chinatown. 12852210084128077🏻 formerly it was known as the famous Antigua!

There's a luncheonette style dining with no AC and there's also a dining area at the second floor with AC with table setup and covers and all.....but be ready for a bit of increase in its prices if you're going up!

Our walking tour group opted for the AC, since everyone was #willing to pay 128522128077🏻 Me and the tourguide were both FilChi's, so we ordered foodies that would give an instant check! to our fellow pinoy guests!

So yes, everybody loves the all time fave, yangchow rice hehehe ;)

Everybody loves the oriental style Nido Soup!

Slices of their famous with their sauce or some puts ketchup on it

Roasted pork asado, a chinese foodie staple :) sometimes we snack on it hehehehe without rice 128522128077🏻128518

Fried Chicken, Antigua Style 128522 not your typical crispy home style chicken but more of soft, flavorful and tender 128522128077🏻10084

Seafood noodles loade with lotsa vegee and toppings!128522128077🏻10084

And of course, the Lumpiang Shanghai in bitesize portions 12852210084128077🏻

Having all these yummy selections I guess we have enough energy for our Binondo Walkies and some more foodie stops! Hehehe :)

Look they even have this vintage cash register! Hehehe 128522

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Mindy M.
3.0 Stars

This is your typical Chinese food flavour. The flavours are what we are expecting for. Nothing special. We ordered hototay soup, spring rolls, lechon kawali with kangkong, fried chicken and yangchow rice. What's good is they serve the food with options of making it good for sharing or for eating solo.

The food is affordable because even the smallest serving size (which they claim as solo) is actually good for sharing. A budget of P300 is good to feed two hungry diners.

The place is located at the outskirts of Chinatown thus requires you to intentionally drive to the area if you are interested of dining. They said the store recently changed its name, but the overall ambiance hasnt changed since time immemorial. The vinyl flooring is obviously not been replaced for years. No evidences of modern design. No air conditioning, so expect the place to be humid especially when packed with dining customers.
They have friendly and attentive staff. Service is quick.

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Darlene M.
4.0 Stars

On our last Manila walk, we went to New Toho to get our lunch. Located in Tomas Pinpin st in Ongpin, this unassuming restaurant is noticeable by its big name at the entrance. In case you get lost, you only need to ask a passerby or a local where Toho is located. It is well known because it is one of the oldest Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Our waiter who has been working there for 25 years, said that the old Toho was opened since 1888.

Restaurants in Binondo are not known for their fancy interiors. People go here because of the food and its affordability. Upon seating, I noticed that the interiors didnt look as old as its age. The new generation is at least doing some upkeep. We ordered Liver with Kasoy, Kangkong with lechon, spicy squid, plain rice and miki bihon. All in small sizes since we are only four people.

Liver with kasoy, priced at 180 for the small portion, is really a surprise for me since i'm not a fan of eating livers. The liver slices we're crispy, the sauce flavorful and masking the liver aftertaste, and it came with a few pieces of quail eggs. The cashew nuts are chopped in small pieces and adds texture to the dish. Kangkong with lechon, small for 165 pesos, is like an adobo kangkong with crispy lechon pieces. The kangkong weren't soggy and still has that crunch. Perfect complement to the liver.

Since i'm also not a fan of spicy food, I didnt think that I would like their spicy squid. But it was just so tasty and the squid tender and crispy at the same time. It wasnt overcooked. The spiciness level was also still bearable to my tongue without getting burned. Perfect for the white rice. Out of all the dishes, the miki bihon was my least favorite because it didnt wow me unlike the other ones. It was still good but I was more impressed by the other dishes.

We were also served unlimited service water with ice. All on all, it was a really good experience. We entered hungry and we left really really full that we had to take out the remaining miki bihon. I would definitely like to try their other bestsellers next time.


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Yoko T.
4.0 Stars

If you want real chinese food I suggest to visit this place. Very cheap and the serving sizes are great for sharing

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Celine V.
5.0 Stars

I really love chinese food. This is one of the oldest chinese resto in Binondo. Though the place looks old but their food is so delicious.

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Anne M.
5.0 Stars

One of our family favourites and default "handa" food. I've only ever been outside their quaint little restaurant waiting for my lolo to grab our take-out. Anyway it doesn't matter whether you eat there or in your own bahay. Their food is the best. Giants like Hap Chan, Man Hann, or North Park do not hold a candle against the great Toho.

Favourites: fried rice, asado.

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Peach L.
4.0 Stars

Said to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest chinese restaurant in the Philippines. Have to verify that though.

If you're familiar with asian cafeterias, mostly chinese and taiwanese, the interior looks pretty much the same... An old cafeteria with dim fluorescent lights, noisy ambiance, duck and pork hooked and encased in the front with the cashier by the side. Imagine? Good.

This branch in Binondo which I'm not certain if related to the Sucat branches is said to be the oldest... It looks it, too.

As you enter, you will be greeted by the deep voice of the owner. You can check the menu from there or sit first and have someone take your order. If you're familiar with the chinese food culture, everything is hefty in serving. We got one order of each: Their famous liempo asado, the pancit (not sure what kind), the lumpiang shanghai, yang chow, and the broccoli leaves with toasted garlic.

I don't actually eat asado since I'm not a fan of sweet viands but since my companions were raving about it, I tried. It was ok for me, not dry, not too sweet... Just a hint of the sweetness to probably marinate the meat and it was tender. The pancit I didn't touch because one reason why I didn't eat chinese food before was because of the thick saucy dishes that chinese are most famous for... And I'm still no fan right now. 128529 The broccoli was okay too but it was also drenched in thick sauce.. i like my broccoli sauted only, no sauce. The yang chow was nothing fancy like the one in Gloria Maris but it was good 128077 the one I liked the most was the shanghai roll. It was crispy, the wrapper was thin, and the meat filling was generous and very tasty. I didn't even bother dipping it in sauce since the roll itself was pretty delicious already 128076

One thing I liked in this place was the lack of "hilo" feeling after eating authentic chinese food. 128077

Service was a bit fast and the food is reasonable.

If I'd go back here, yes... To taste the other things I haven't tried.. Or to have shanghai. But I'd probably go to other restaus in Binondo first before going here again.128522

  • No. of Comments: 11
Ruel P.
3.0 Stars

I love Chinese food. I decided to take my friends with me to Toho, which is located at Tomas Ponpin street, Binondo. What made me curious about Toho is the report that it is the oldest Chinese restaurant in the Philippines, established in 1888. Based on blog recommendations, we tried toasted bihon and roasted pork asado. The foods were not to die for but chewing extra crunchy bihon was a different experience. At least, the saving grace of Toho is that the place doesn't smell dirty.

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Frances H.
5.0 Stars

Food was terrific! Ambiance is not good.
Camaron Relyonado at its best.

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Christina F.
5.0 Stars

I'm so happy looloo finally added this 10084

This place is fantastic! I've been so excited to have a Binondo trip and saw a lot of good reviews about this place so we checked it out.

We had a hard time finding the place so we were both exhausted when we finally found it but it was all worth it! The food was great 10084

We ordered lechon, asado, and sze chuan chicken. The lechon kawali was perfect, the meat was flavorful and the skin was crispy. It was my first time eating asado and theirs was absolutely delicious! It was kind of sweet so I really enjoyed it! Almost finished the whole serving by myself. And for the sze chuan chicken, it was a bit salty but it's just right for you to want more! I was so full when we finished eating.

Their prices are low and their serving was plenty. For our orders plus one cup of plain and fried rice and a 1.5 liter coke we only paid around 600 php.

Their staff were too cute. Haha. Because they all looked like chinese so i was expecting a chinese accent but when they got our orders i was surprised because they have a hard filipino accent. Sorry i just need to mention that 9786

I loved this place and I will definitely come back! 128077128077128077

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