New York Supreme

Nepo Quad, Teresa St., Angeles, Pampanga

New York Supreme
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Grace Y.
5.0 Stars

We ate sa SM Clark branch
The servers are courteous and attending

We have
1 zippolis with chocolate sauce
2 NYC special rolled pizza
3 chicken salad

The best rolled pizza, if I were there sa Pampanga gusto ko everyday 128514

Zippolis super chewy na donut dipped in chocolate sauce, perfect for my sweet tooth

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Ryan R.
5.0 Stars

So I've been on hiatus... To make a long story short, I switched to android because I thought I would at least be complacent with it. I was wrong, and now I'm back and also moved to Pampanga from Laguna. :)

Reviewing NY Supreme again at this point is actually awkward. For the most part being that I've been eating here at least twice a month for the past year. My uncle loves this place, and we all rode the addiction eventually. We practically live at NY Supreme.

If you're on a budget, and are a fan of the fearless fried chicken at armynavy. You're in for a treat because they have something similar for 25 pesos cheaper. Order the fried chicken with confidence, best deal in the quad.

If you're out with a group, you would think ordering a pizza is a requirement. It isn't! You can get full on other entrees and completely ignore the pizza selection. Nothing wrong with their pizza, just saying it isn't the only way to feed a group. Most of the selections are fairly big in portion.

I've just about eaten the entire menu, which tastes like cardboard btw, but I'll only talk about my personal favorites to subdue the ADHD.

The vinaigrette balsamic salad with chicken strips is my absolute most favorite item on the menu. It can be an appetizer, it can be a meal, and at times I've actually substituted it as dessert. The dressing by itself is already captivating, takes me back to Italy with every drip on the tongue. The arugula is aromatic, makes the sensation that much more sensational. The lettuce is crisp as it can be. Cover your ears and chew the lettuce, you can hear your brain process the crispness like a fresh new piece of information. It will devirginate your standards. The tomatoes are in there to make the salad more colorful, but to be honest they're more of a background singer than a spotlight hog as far as taste buds go. And my most favorite part is the alfalfa sprouts. They all point to your mouth because they want to be there as they were destined. They loudly scream, I'm not a garnish! I am the alpha alfalfa! Yes, it's THAT good. The chicken strips are the garnish to me, as much as I love chicken it's really hard to compete with the salad. The chicken is a mute slave to the salad. I mean seriously how do you cluck cluck cluck when all you hear is crunch crunch crunch.

If there's only one other appetizer that you must absolutely order, it's the knotted bread with olive oil and pesto. Forreals. The bread is heavy, like real bread should be. First bite of the bread and you start thinking.... Screw this group, I'm gonna double dip this bread back onto the plate and wipe the olive oil and pesto clean from it. For 100 pesos per order you get 6 of these bad boys swimming in the Italian fountain of youth.

How about the beef stroganoff? Hey, it looks simple. At first it can even taste simple as any other white sauced pasta. But for some reason every bite progresses, creamier and creamier. The beef is just bits of steak, and comes with one piece of knotted bread. One piece is not enough, it's like watching the trailer for a movie that you desperately want to see. What? That's it? Just order the knotted bread already and do you and your group a favor.

Baked beef Ravioli.... So why would you order this if you already have the stroganoff? Because though it's still pasta with beef and white sauce... It tastes different. Where else can you get ravioli that's both fairly priced, healthy, and tastes awesome? If you don't order the stroganoff for some strange reason, order the stroganoff anyway and order this too. I think this is the only dish where I feel compelled to lick the plate in public.

Chicken parmigiana. It's not the normal run of the mill chicken parmigiana with red sauce over a chicken patty blah blah blah. When you first get this, it looks like lasagna in a pan. What it really is, is penne pasta in parmigiana sauce with a really thick layer of cheese and breaded chicken strips on top. If you love cheese, this is for you. You might also be a mouse.

My take on pizzas: The veggie is my favorite so far, you don't even feel like you're eating a meatless pizza because it tastes so good. The cheese is okay too.

My take on Pizza rolls: Want a bigger portion for your money? Just order a pizza and roll it, duh.

Lastly, I usually order water these days but if you order the bottomless red iced tea..... They're so sneaky when they refill it. I think the employees are required to learn ninjutsu upon hire. They have a big screen tv, free wifi, and the staff is awesome. Decent bathroom with bideth and handwashing station with fancy soap and paper towels. Parking seems easy enough at Nepo Quad. Okay, my review is done. Back to life.

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Avery S.
4.0 Stars

127775127775127775127775127775 for the place and ambiance
127775127775127775127775127775 for the staff and service

The NYS Pizza is a must try!!! I fell in love with this pizza!

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Pat S.
5.0 Stars

Their servings are good for sharing plus the NYS Special is off the hook! This place always satisfies our love for pizza. 128076

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Jho B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Jenna L.
2.0 Stars

Only visited this place once because the food in my opinion was bland. We ordered their specialty pizza, pasta (forgot the name) and caesar salad. But I have to say their serving was big. The pasta was good enough for two people.

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Carl H.
4.0 Stars

Note* Listen to trumpets by Jason Derulo while reading this review.

Heyooo! New York Supreme!!!

Everybody knows that pizza really is a popular food. You can grab a bite, anytime, anywhere. 127829128663..........127968

But in NEW YORK SUPREME, you'll get a whole lot of experience when it comes to pizza!

Food: As you can see, we ordered the NYS All-Meat Supreme. The texture of their pizza is different than the others. It's in the category of thin crust but not that thin. Kinda in between thin crust and pan. :) but it tastes so gooood! It's awesome! Every bite makes you hear symphonies on your head (Jason Derulo!) The bacon, beef, and sausage are like partying on your mouth with the 3 cheese as the DJ rocking them of their feet.

For pasta, we ordered the NYS Classic Beef & Cheese Ravioli. This pasta is a homemade pasta pillow stuffed with classic beef and cheese. Topped with butter cream and MARINARA SAUCE! Well, I am a fan of red sauce when it comes to pasta. The pillow stuffed pasta just comes along well withe the mixed butter cream and marinara.. Like lava slowly pouring down your throat. And you just can't help it and smile while you chew. 128118128076

Service: The staff are kind and attentive. They make sure that your water is refilled all the time. Cause they know you can choke yourself because you can't stop munching the food that they served. 128576

Place: They have 2 branches at Pampanga, the one that we tried was at the Nepo Quad near Nepo mall and the famous Nepo mart.
Cozy + big-ass TV screen playing MTVs on loop + caring staff + great food = happy customers.

Pampanga really has their own way of making food on a different level of delicious. I now know the infamous tagline "pampanga's best" really means. 128572 smirk.

Mekeni mekeni! Muret!

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Aryanne T.
5.0 Stars

This was my first time to eat their roll up pizza..
and turn up to be really good...
we ordered their supreme roll up pizza...
with arugula, alfalfa sprouts and pesto sauce..
which i find out quite enjoying to eat... hehehe
because you need to put all those ingredients together and rolled it up...
and their cheesy beef ravioli...
with heavenly cheese with baked beef inside the ravioli...
certainly come back for more... =)

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Brandon B.
4.0 Stars

The food isn't bad and their must try are the powdered sugar donuts! Only funny thing I want to share is that one of the waiters walked by and snapped a picture of one of my friends.. Little did he know the flash was on epic fail hahaha!

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