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Angela Marie C.
4.0 Stars

Manila! Manila! I keep coming back to Manila! There's no place like Manila! 128571
Whenever I come home to Manila now, there's always something I have to do that I cannot do in Cebu. The theatre scene in Cebu is nowhere near what Manila has so I really wanted to watch a musical on my most recent visit.

It was a choice between "Jersey Boys" in Meralco Theatre or "Annie" in Newport Theatre and we went for the latter because they ran out of tickets already on the other musical. It was definitely a blessing in disguise too. 128571

"Annie" was just lovely! The all Filipino cast was carefully chosen and each of them was amazing. The stage was wide and nice while the theatre itself was not too large that even the seats at the back or on the sides (like me) still get to see just enough. We were seated on the second row on the side but we still had a decent view of the stage, plus the huge LED screens were just great for the times we could barely see the other side of the stage. It wasn't the best view but it wasn't the worst either.

The sound system in the theatre was just divine. It was surround sound wherever you are seated. The chairs are very comfortable too, with love seats! And the ventilation was just right. It wasn't too cold nor was it too warm. I really like this theatre even as it has been around for quite a while.

All in all, the experience was great even for a dated theatre. I look forward to watching another musical play here very soon! 128571

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love yah, tomorrow! 128571128571128571


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Clarisse D.
4.0 Stars

One of my biggest childhood dream was just fulfilled (i'm already 18 *ugly cry*). We watched Hi-5 (yes a tv show for kids) House of Dreams Live (omg omg). There were a lot of kids and parents but not enough to fill the theatre. The last time I entered this theatre was when we watched a cirque. Lol, that was years ago but the thing is, comfy seats are still comfy seats! We were on the A row so we were in front. When the show started, almost all of the kids were making a crowd in front of the stage (moshpit daw, these kids will make a good fangirls of the future) which may seem normal in hi-5 studio shows. But this is a theatre show... I don't know if the parents were aware that there are 1-yr old kids (or younger) trying to watch that may not be able to join the MOSHPIT of the 5-yr old and above kids... The parents were doing nothing as if there are no people watching from behind... Even them, lol, were joining the moshpit. The staff and bouncers were trying to calm them down and telling them to go back to their respective seats, but they're not listening. THere was a mom there who TOTALLY BLOCKED OUR VIEW. Like hello, mawalang galang naman po, hindi kami nagbayad para makita yang napakaganda mong likod. SMH to the parents who don't know how to discipline their kids. I've watched enough live performances of hi-5 in other countries to make me jump to the conclusion that filipinos really don't have the right manners to respect other audience. Lol. The staff had quit doing their job on the second half of the show because the parents and kids were unstoppable! I just... it wasn't a very great experience watching one of my favorite shows when i was kid, but still, it was a dream for nine years fulfilled in an hour and a half. Hays.


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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

It was around 6pm last saturday night.. we were comfortably lying down waiting for our bacon to be prepared when Anthony's mom asked us if we want to watch a play at 8pm for free. The play's in Resorts World and we're in BF and just 2 hours before the show starts. Anthony was hesitant but I was like, "yes yes we want!" without thinking at all. Because #yolo! Hahaha 128541128517

So we rushed and was lucky to arrive 15minutes before 8. Thank you grabcar! We were also able to use the free grabcar coupons I got from looloo! Thank youuuuu guys!!!! 1285259786128588🏼

The theater was huge and clean and super red 128517 We were able to watch The Sound of Music here before and the place is still the same. The staffs were all very nice and friendly and the "system" was efficient. The ushers welcomed us and lead us to our seats. The seats were very comfy, aircon's temp was just right and the restroom's clean. 128588🏼 We liked that even though we were seated at the corner, we still had a nice view and the huge screens were helpful, too. We were just a bit distracted with the subtitle. The play was in tagalog so for the foreigner guests, they provided english subs. It's just weird when you try to read the subtitle when you can clearly understand the language used. 128517128518

Play was just okay. They were all great. How I wish I can sing like them (but sadly, nope, can't, not haha). 128541 The effects were great and amazing especially when Dorina was singing while she's wearing that white huge gown and there were stars everywhere. 1108812777511088127775 Super cool!!! 128525 We also enjoyed the band especially the drums. It was fun watching them. 128513128076🏼 It's just sad that it was not specifically for our generation. Something we can't really relate to. 1285139996🏼

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Dastine S.
5.0 Stars

Watching musicals, going to galleries, or Pahid-culture moments (as I would call 'em) are always the best! 128077🏼 So, when a boss from my former workplace told me he had a spare ticket to a play, I didnt hesitate to say yes! 128587🏼

As I told him, #KungLibrePwede. That's how karen I can get.128513

Bituing Walang Ningning, or the epic-line-with-water-splashing-Cherie-Gil 127863 movie is back as a musical and is housed at the Resorts World Manila Performing Arts Theatre.

Have been to the Performing Arts Theatre only twice, but I can mosdef say that this is one well-thought of venue. Im not a play enthusiast, but they got the basics right for an enjoyable musical-at-the-theatre experience.

For one, it isnt freezer-cold for the most part of the play, so unnecessary bladder breaks were avoided. Acoustics were nice as well. Considering we were very near the stage, watching the play wasn't a strain in the neck as I initially thought it would be. Legroom was also ample and the seats are very comfy. I also liked the modern touch they added to the RWM plays since the stage now has LED screens as the background and frame. 128077🏼128074🏼128513

Bituing Walang Ningning is a story of a super-fan-turned-super-star, Dorina Pineda, her quick rise to fame, the love she found along the way and how, despite the glitz and glamor of her 'new normal', she chose to throw it all away to be a 'bituing walang ningning' for love. 100841008410084

Hashtag feels hashtag I love Jon Santos128513128513

Loved how the story was told on stage. I kinda expected more epic song and dance numbers along the way though, but, overall, i enjoyed every minute of it 10084127926128513128077🏼

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Allan D.
4.0 Stars

Attended premiere night of Bituing Walang Ningning "The Musical" and witness how my Mom's komiks novel was transformed into another medium.

We were given complimentary SVIP tickets were seated beside Mom's BFF, VIVA films big boss' Mr Vic Del Rosario and Resorts World CEO...forgot his name hehe

Courtesy and recognition was given to my Mom upon introduction and background of the Musical....

Then the play started....the Philharmonic orchestra accompanied the actors/actresses on the play and was sweet music to my ears.

The acoustics of the theater was good
The lay-out of the seats against the stage were perfect.

They could have added more ushers/usherettes though as many guests were lost in their seating place.

Restrooms were clean.

A/C was cool

Place is wheelchair friendly.

Security was ample..

Unfortunately i am an early sleeper and was yawning past 930pm hahaha

The show finished at around 1130pm and we were
Invited to the party celebration at Remington...

We begged off as i need to get some sleep..


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Portia P.
3.0 Stars

Watched Noli Me Tangere, The Opera last Saturday. The voices and the orchestra were great, I just wish they didn't sanitize Noli too much. The play lacked the revolutionary voice of Noli.

The seats were comfortable and the staff were very helpful and courteous. We were luckily seated at the VIP left section. My biggest problem is the feedback in the speaker. We were near enough to really hear it and it was so bothersome. Given that this is a very nice theatre, I wish they can address that.

Maybe I'm just old-fashioned but the electronic screens on either side of the stage and the electronic translation on top of the stage were things that I didn't appreciate. It breaks the suspension of disbelief. The La Scala Opera in Milan provides small translations in different languages at the back of the seats, so there are no big words that you can see on stage. Its a very old opera house but they had a lot of technological upgrades that didn't conflict with the visuality of the performances.

Still enjoyed the theatre experience as I always do. The quality of performance of the actors and orchestra were really great. They are worth the travel to south.

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Paul J.
4.0 Stars

Noli Me Tangere The Opera

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Marie H.
4.0 Stars

We watched Priscilla Queen of the Desert and availed ourselves of the Buy 3 Take 1 promo. This was my first time to watch here and I was pleasantly surprised that our balcony seats weren't too far from the stage (unlike other venues where you might as well bring binoculars). The stage was also flanked by these huge screens which provided some close up shots of the actors, especially during the more tender scenes.

Seats were very comfortable and I think you can even raise the arm rest if you want to feel even more comfortable with your date.128521 Temperature inside the theater was just right and I didn't feel the need to whip out a shawl. I wonder though how it is for the actors as I know it can get pretty toasty under those lights.

As for the play, it was highly entertaining. I especially loved the songs as I practically grew up with a lot of them. I was so taken by the story that I watched the movie version the following day. Can't help but find so many similarities with the movie To Wong Foo, which was released a year after Priscilla. Oh, and if you watch the movie version, the cast is quite a revelation.

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Justin J.
5.0 Stars

Was scanning through some old pics when I saw this and realized that I haven't reviewed it yet.

I was out drinking with some college buddies last year when a classmate introduced me to one of his friends who happened to be in a position at Resorts World. He told us if ever we wanted to watch something at the Performing Arts Theater, he'd hook us up for a small tip.

So one day we decided to go watch Cinderella. I met up with my classmate's friend and he told us to follow him.

I thought he was going to hand us some tickets, but he just made us follow him inside and told everyone that we're with him. VIP Treatment. Haha.

Inside, he just told us to sit where ever we wanted, except for the VIP section of course.

The show was amazing. I didn't think I'd enjoy these plays but Christian Bautista and Karylle were really good. 128077

We met up with our friend after the show and gave him the money. P800 for a show that would've cost us P3000. Not bad. 128522

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5.0 Stars

The first show I watched here was KAOS and I was stunned by the State of the Art designs of Newport Performing Arts Theater. The seats are very comfortable while watching the show. I never missed their presentations since then, from The Sound of Music to Cinderella last year. Looking forward for this year's presentation.

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Minami A.
4.0 Stars

Yey for theater plays. Been wanting to watch Cinderella and now I was able to finally watch it live.128522128516
We were at the Deluxe section since most of the tickets at the VIP and balcony are selling fast, the boyfriend's uncle just gave us our ticket as a gift for Christmas, so it's free. 128527128523128536
When we got there for the 3pm show, people didn't know that foods weren't allowed inside (including us) foods were confiscated and has been disposed immediately, seriously, I couldn't stand watching all those foods getting dumped 128532128542128547
they sell their own foods inside which costs bucks so I advice you all to have your breakfast/lunch/merienda/dinner 1st before going in. As for the foods we bought, good thing we asked first so the bf still had time to go for the parking lot and left the foods in the car. Kasi kung hindi sayang talaga, baka mag ka heart attack ako, huhu, sayang pera ee, sayang yun pagkaen. 128532128542
I was able to forget all that has happened outside as we walked in, the shoe was about to start in 5minutes. Sad about it though that Karylle was not the one who played Cinderella at that time, usually kasi 3pm siya but I think they've switch schedules, I've checked her twitter when I found out and 7pm pa pala siya. Mas enjoy sana kung silang dalawa ki Christian, medyo nahimasmasan kasi dapat sa VIP kami, good thing na lang pala hindi kasi they weren't the ones who portray.
Good view naman sa Deluxe coz we're at the center and they have two big screens at the side and only a few people came to watch tho sa ticketnet it was supposed to be full.
Twas an amazing experience, it's been years since I've last watched a theater play all thanks to the boyfriend's uncle. He heard my wish. (Wishes do come true) 128516128513128540128077

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Lesley Ardelle V.
4.0 Stars

Watching "Cinderella" the musical, LIKE A BOSS.

My mom was given 2 free VIP tickets by Globe to the musical, and since she doesn't want to travel all the way from QC to Pasay, she gave the tickets to me and Larissa E! At first, I didn't want to go because it was too far, but in the end, I'm glad I did, because I enjoyed the experience.

I love musicals. If I could watch broadway musicals everyday, I would. 128525 I'm so glad that the Newport Performing Arts Theater is making musicals so accessible to all. It's inside a mall, so it's not exactly the most elegant venue, but it has made musicals not as "hard to reach" as when you stage it in Meralco Theater or CCP. A lot of people are intimidated by those places. 128563

Our VIP seats were truly VERRRRRYYYY sashal. They're not near the stage at all, they're located on the highest balcony so you were granted a clear view of the show. And we had LA-Z boys for seats! Astig! I was watching the whole play, with the stage in full view, and with my legs up on the chair, LIKE A BOSS. Hehehe. 128522 sorry mababaw lang kaligayahan ko! I think maybe the reason why I love musicals so much is that it makes me feel sosyal. Feeling lang naman. 128516128516128516

I had another chance to go here a week ago, for the "Kami Naman Ang Taya" benefit concert. VIP seats too, but since it was a concert, the VIP seats were positioned up front. 128077 Loved the theater seats as they were wide and plushy. Ample leg room too. 128522

What was not very nice about the theater were the acoustics. When we were up on the balcony we could clearly hear the people talking in the hallway below. When we were down in the loge area, acoustics were good, but every time they would play loud bass sounds, the acoustic panels on the ceiling would rattle ominously. 128563 Natatakot ako mabagsakan. Hehe.

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Gracie T.
5.0 Stars

My second time here, weird because i remember the theatre being much bigger 128514128514 oh well, thats just me 128513

Watched Cinderella, which was awesome, by the way! Kids will 100841008410084 it!

The seats are so comfy, the theatre is clean, stage is wide enough, and the screens are big.

Would love to watch another production again here!

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Juvi C.
5.0 Stars

This time we were here to watch the Voice!

I've always loved this theater. Seats are comfy, spacious (walking in the aisle and getting to your seats is never a problem), clean, huge stage such that even the seats at the top have a pretty decent view.

I wish their washrooms were bigger though. Always had a line.

We loved the show! What a great night and it was all for charity supporting the Payatas Kids Choir.

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Trixia C.
5.0 Stars

I didn't have the second thought on buying the ticket because I'm a fan. Whooo! Rock with Bamboo on the 7th of June. Oh yeah!

Roegan T Tara? =))))

I'm eeexxxccciiittteeeddd!!!!

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

During the intermission of The King & I by Rodgers and Hammerstein I just had to rave about the Newport Performing Arts Theater.

Spacious at about 1,500 seats with two humongous HD screens on either side for close up of the talents. Excellent set piece. Humongous stage with a movie screen background put to good use to project great scenes all over Siam for the musical. Wow. I've only seen this type of projector used in the West End for Love Never Dies (Phantom sequel) in 2010.

This doesn't have the original cast, but it's still well done.

The seats are very red and comfortable. You can even raise the arm rest for that love seat effect. 128525 Syempre with the wifey kasi after not seeing her for two days.

Anyway, catch the musical while you can! I hear it's till May.

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Jodi N.
4.0 Stars

One of my favorite performing arts theater in the country. Its the youngest and the most modern looking. Seating capacity is at least 1,000. The theater is more wide than long and the stage is gigantic. Watched a couple of performances here. Its really a world class worthy venue.

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