Nikko's Baking Studio & Cafe

59-A, Urdaneta Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Nikko's Baking Studio & Cafe
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Kwokie K.
4.0 Stars

New discovery in a relatively unknown location!

So admittedly this review is late, I've eaten in the place for about 5 times already but couldn't get a picture in to do a proper review. It's near the office of one of my clients thus why it becomes a frequent lunch spot. (Kinda embarrassing to take shots of the food when you're with clients) So after a meeting ends around 1130am and I found myself going back to the office - I grabbed the chance to dine in myself.

(It's one of the older houses along the street which got converted into something else, others are day care-schools while at the corner it's actually a medical facility - Medicard)

For this last visit, I ordered the chicken inasal. (Pictured)

So far, for every order I've tried on this place - it's actually nicely prepared. It's not too expensive, since I do find the prices reasonable. I've had the tanigue steak, the pork sinigang and a garlic-cheese on angel hair pasta. All of which were good in their own right, they also have all-day breakfast dishes if that's what you want!

The design of the place is quite quirky, as the place also doubles as baking studio, triples as a co-working space, quadruples as a rented function area for private events! Parking is quite ok, as there are about 6-8 spots to park on, assuming nobody double parks. From the outside, it does look pretty dated since it really was a house converted into this place from the 80s. But you'll be pleasantly​ surprised as you go in the restaurant.

Service is efficient as the place is divided into 2 main dining areas and there are assigned staff per area to take care of the diners.

I love these restaurants out of nowhere when they actually surprise you with good food!

P.S. I've seen another table order a very sinful plate of chicharon bulaklak. But that will be for another visit!

P.P.S. At the rear side of the restaurant, there's an area used for demos - and it's usually used for tapings/recordings for a cooking show. I've caught Erwan Heussaff there maybe 4x already. So extra notice to the girls who want to do some stalking.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

I was fortunate that I was finally able to try cupcakes made from Nkikko's Baking Studio last Friday night during my daughter's Salu-Salo in school.

I love cupcakes! I really do128077 The cupcakes was so beautiful 128525 the bread was soft and the icing was perfect128076 that feeling that I can't stop eating because I'm enjoying those cupcakes. Tasted so good 128076Looking forward to try more of Nikko's Baking Studio.

Check them out at 59 A Paseo De Roxas Urdaneta Village in Makati. It's a lifestyle baking school which caters to home bakers .

So if you love to bake, this place is perfect for you.

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Mike L.
4.0 Stars

First the cake - yes it was good! I had the lemon cake and it was baked really well. The chiffon had the right balance of bounce and moist. It wasn't too sweet, even the icing was just perfect.

As for the entrees, I was a bit dismayed cause the waitress suggested the home made longganisa - which in fairness was good but upon asking, she said that they had a supplier for that. I mean I was expecting it to be home made as in home made in house. Oh well. Had the marinara pasta - it was ok. Nothing great.

I will be back for the cakes again tho.

Oh and the place looks really cute. It's like you're in a baking studio. Which I think it really is hehe

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

Nikko’s Baking Studio is a culinary school, a bakery, and a cafe owned by Chef Nikko Buendia. It takes a little space along Paseo de Roxas in Makati that seems to have stepped out of Pinterest. The place is characterized by wooden pallets, white-embroidered tablecloths, brick walls, and a well-equipped kitchen that is every baker’s dream. In other words, it’s everything that my home would look like if I have a choice.

We went there to learn how to bake lemon macaron and boy it was a fun experience. Aside from baking, we were also able to try some of their food and drink offerings such as:

The macarons; there’s vanilla, lemon, chocolate peanut butter, and pistachio. I noticed that their size is bigger than the usual macarons you see in the market. Not only do they look pretty, they also taste every bit as the flavor they are carrying (especially the chocolate peanut butter).

I’ve never heard of a calamansi jam before until that day. It’s an interesting take on a jelly jam, a perfect partner for the toast.

If it’s a person it’s something you would describe it as someone who is “nasa loob ang kulo.” It looks so plain you’d be surprised at how delicious it is. I don’t get to eat that many a pineapple pie, but among those that I’ve tried, this is the best version yet.

Like I needed more reason to brand that day as awesome, we also had an opportunity to eat the cake that gained famed because of Pope Francis, the kahlua mocha cake, now known as The Pope Cake.

For drinks, we were served brewed coffee and the one that I drank like water, pandan juice.

Wait, there’s more. For lunch, we enjoyed the pasta with longganisa bits that was so delicious I wanted to eat the whole tray, and the oh so heavenly, grilled cheese sandwich.

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

A new place in the heart of Makati where sweet tooth foodies will surely enjoy feasting on delicious premium quality pastries. This is Nikko's Baking Studio & Cafe.

The place is the brainchild of lady Pastry Chef Nikko Buendia. For some years now, Chef Nikko whipped her pastries at her South-of-the-Metro home and only offered her premium quality specialties on a "made-to-order" basis. It had been a long-time dream of hers to open a baking studio catering to baking hobbyists of all ages. This and upon the prodding of her happy customers finally made this dream a reality. Quite fortunately, the place was offered to be leased to her by the owners of the structure where her studio/cafe now stands. Call it good karma, after all the structure was used as the headquarters of Operation Yolanda. An organization in which the Chef was highly involved with.

To further launch her new venture, Chef Nikko participated in foodie events at the Rockwell Tent (The Ultimate Taste Test and Best Food Forward).

Nikko's Baking Studio & Cafe is easy to miss. It is situated away from the usual foodie neighborhood of the Makati CBD. It stands in one of the old houses that has been converted into mixed commercial use along the perimeter of Urdaneta Village (across the Mandarin Hotel and the lot of the old PNB building along Paseo de Roxas).

The place is small. The main indoor structure is taken wholly by the baking studio. A quaint al-fresco covered elevated veranda, made of repurposed wood and furnished with old wrought iron chairs and tables , with mason jar lamps serve as their cafe. A huge leafy tree shields the dining area from the noise of the main avenue. Small as the cafe was, it was quite charming and homey evoking a feel of having merienda in the terrace of someone's grandma's old house.

The menu is straightforward. Specialty sweets of the chef ranging from cookie pastries (sansrival chips, Kouign Amann, Baklava, and a variety of cookies), cakes, cheesecakes, tortes, and pies. The only non-sugary offering was her Chorizo Empanada (though they plan to offer pasta and sandwiches soon).

Sampled a few of her " Must Try" goodies. The Cookie Dough Cheesecake, the Pineapple Streusel Pie, the Sansrival Chips, and the Chorizo Empanada.

The Cookie Dough Cheesecake (520): loved the huge piece of decadently rich, velvety smooth pastry packed with large chunks of chewy chocolate chip cookies. The cheesecake base tasted divine and lightly tangy with that cream cheese flavor. The chocolate cookie crust was nicely buttery yet crumbly. Loved the pastry more with the garnishing of thick whipped cream and large chocolate chips. Quite honestly, Nikko's version pretty much upped the version of Chelsea/M Cafe which used to be my favorite.

The Pineapple Streusel Pie (180): loved their version of what we jokingly called "sosyal na pineapple pie". Yummy flaky pie crust that held a delicious sweet-tarty pineapple mixture (made from fresh pineapples). Made unique and indulgent with divinely buttery and crumbly streusel topping. Made better with the side garnish of lemon flavored whipped cream.

The Chorizo Empanada (85 per piece): now a new addiction of mine. Loved the savory pastry. Made with "kaliskis " -flakey type of Empanada crust that was nicely crunchy yet chewy and not oily. The stuffing, a delicious mixture of chopped imported savory Spanish Chorizo and melted cream cheese. Be forewarned, one piece will not be enough!

The Sanrival Chips ( 360 per small bag): a unique twist to Sansrival. Their version was "deconstructed". Crunchy Sanrival meringue chips with chopped nuts served with a delicious sansrival flavored custard dipping sauce. Quite addicting too. The only catch is that the chips must be eaten as soon as they're served. Long exposure to air tends to make the cookies loose the crunch (not that I minded).

While waiting for our pastries, got the chance to talk to the owner , Chef Nikko (and may I add that she is very pretty128516) and her assistant , Chef Chris. Both were quite accommodating and friendly. I voiced out that their pastries were relatively priced on the expensive side. They acknowledged this and said that they only use premium ingredients and process therefore sustaining the quality of their products and offering their customers one of the best in pastries. I must say, perhaps their goodies would be a bit of indulgence to a fault but I can say that the taste and quality of the pastries we sampled justified the price.

I'll definitely come back for more of their goodies. Too bad though that two of their Must Try products---The Banana Cream Pie and Decadent Chocolate Cake were unavailable.

Nikko's Baking Studio & Cafe comes highly recommended to sweet-tooth foodies looking for deliciously premium sweets and pastries. And since the Holiday Season is just around the corner, I dare say that their goodies will also make some awesomely special food Holiday gifts.

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