Niku Niku

2/F Industrie Food Loft, Julia Vargas Ave., City Golf Plaza, Pasig, Metro Manila

Niku Niku
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Most Recent Reviews

Julie L.
4.0 Stars

The process goes like this choose your meat (4 options) then sauce (4 options) lastly rice (two kinds).

We got saikoro wagyu (Php 115), US tenderloin (Php 95) and angus belly (Php 75). I enjoyed it pero nakakabitin haha I wanted more. Probably return again next time. We ordered gohan (Php 35) too.

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

Thank goodness for another Gourmand Market Event during BGC Passionfest 2017. It is happening right now, it started yesterday and will end tomorrow (Nov. 24-26, 11am to 10pm). 128522

And because of the event, I got to taste Niku Niku. Originally I was looking for the wagyu stand I tried before but it was no longer there. Unfortunately the wagyu sticks already run out so is the rice ☹️.

So I opted to get 2pcs of US Hanger (75php/stick) and 1pc of US Tenderloin (95php/stick) both on House flavored. I like ♥️ the Tenderloin more than the hanger. The meat was more tender and easy to chew. I wish they would stock more wagyu sticks tomorrow 🤞🏻

128247: (L) US Hanger (R) US Tenderloin

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Abby M.
5.0 Stars

The real highlight of our visit to Industrie Food Loft and what made it worthwhile. Niku Niku Kushiyaki’s meat-on-sticks are worth a try. We had the wagyu cubes, US tenderloin and US hanger with house sauce. We also tried the take (teriyaki) sauce but we prefer the house sauce. The meat is tender, buttery and melts in the mouth. Very flavorful and well-marinated; you’d want to eat more. Priced at 75-115Php, depending on the meat.
Chahan rice is also delicious. A bit oily tho.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

The whole Wagyu beef has been getting steam lately. A number of restaurants and food stalls offer it now. It’s even now available in sticks form, a revolutionary way of making wagyu affordable to more customers. Niku Niku offers it and adds other beef in the mix.

You choose your meat then sauce for added flavor. A last step, rice is optional. I got Saikoro Wagyu (Php 115), marbled fat intertwined with beef for a melt in your mouth texture. It was like eating just fat. I also had US Hanger (Php 75), a leaner and tastier alternative. For sauces, House was my pick, it’s nicely blend Japanese Curry.

I had the Chahan for Php 50 but it was not worth it. It barely had any taste and was a far cry from the usual Japanese Fried Rice.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Niku Niku is one of newest stalls who joined The Gourmand Market. My decision to swing by was purely curiosity and i saw a post from fellow foodie about 'em (cc Roy T )

I wanted to try their wagyu cubes but i was a couple of hours late 128549. The lady manning the stall recommended the tenderloin, it didnt take a lot of convincing as i said yes immediately.

Beef Tenderloin in Niku Niku sauce. Missing out on the wagyu cubes aint so bad after all as the tenderloin is delicious. I love how the meat is seasoned perfectly. I taste the mixture of spices used and beef. Perfect proportions as they say.

Here is my dilemma, i want more tenderloin but Gourmand is seasonal. Oh well, i guess i have a reason to swing by Industrie soon.

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