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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

Nikuya is the newest food establishment in the four year old, Capitol Commons. It combines Japanese with their Wagyu steaks yakiniku (grilled meat) and Shabu Shabu with Korean through barbecue, rice bowls, noodles and soups. Here you can also buy imported meats raw and prepare it your way at home. It starts at 100 grams.

This brand looks foreign but it is just one of the concepts curated by Korean celebrity, Grace Lee. She’s also behind Kko Kko and Buta + Wagyu.

The interiors are a big plus to this experience. As you sit you’ll be greeted with modern cement and wood features matched by an artistic rendition of a Samurai mural on its huge wall. A friend of mine, Chino is behind the designs.

Unfortunately today was another solo dining experience and this disabled me from having their more elaborate selections. The Shabu Shabu for example was at least for 2.

I got their Wagyu Dolsot Bibimbap since this is my go to when dining Korean. The beef was indeed soft but had too much buttery taste. It was also served limited edition, barely spotted once you mixed up the bowl. Not a good deal at Php 358.

Kimchi Jigae (Php 258) was pleasant. I love Kimchi and this was boldly felt on every slurp. I just didn’t like the very fatty pork that came with it. Just shows that again, they are scrimping on meat portions. For me, value for money is number 1.

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

Craving for Japanese and Korean at the same time? Can't choose? Head over to Nikuya Charcoal Grill and Shabu Shabu in Estancia Mall, Pasig! They offer both amazing cuisines, and they offer it good! 10084

I had lunch here with two of my favorite people Norman Lester T and Edison A. It was a quiet weekday morning. I loved the ambiance of the restaurant, it was well-lit from the natural light (good for taking pics!). The ceiling was high and the huge samurai mural added to the elegant feel of the place. I also loved their collection of wines, sojus and sakès that took up a section of the wall behind the cash registry. Very instagrammable! 10084 I tried my best but I wasn't able to take a nice pic though because I'm too short! Lol. 128514

We order the following:

127845 Nikuya Egg Roll
This is nori stuffed egg roll with mozzarella cheese and bonito. Mygosh but this was THE best egg roll I've had in my life! Not exaggerating! It was fluffy and soft and heaven in your mouth! I loved how the nori and the "dancing" bonito complemented the egg roll so well.

127845 Dolsot Bibimbap
Stone pot cooked wagyu rice topped with assorted veggies and egg yolk. This was a bit spicy but I still loved it! Not much of a fan of spicy food but I kept on having this one. It was hearty and very flavorful.

127845 Ox Tongue
127845 Yakitori
127845 Uzura Buta Yaki
127845 Wagyu Enoki Yaki

My fave amongst the charcoal grill items we've ordered would definitely be the Ox Tongue and Wagyu Enoki Yaki (enoki mushrooms wrapped in wagyu). The Ox Tongue when grilled was very tender and packs a wonderful meaty goodness on the tastebuds. We dipped it in the sweet soy sauce given to us before grilling it and holy smokes the yumminess leveled up! The Wagyu Enoki was a little hard to chew due to the enoki mushrooms but it was still heaven! I loved how the mushroom juiciness bursts in the mouth and goes really well with the wagyu. 10084

127845 Galbi Jim Cheese Sizzler
This is one of their new items and it's amazzzzzzzing! 128525 The oh so tasty and tender beef plus cheesy goodness was just so hard to resist! It came with potatoes, rice cakes and veggies. Sorry guys, Norman Lester T & Edison A! 9996🏻 I think I ate all the rice cakes, and the beef too? 128514 Not sure anymore. Haha! I watched as it was cooked in front of me and the cheese melting was so satisfying. Definitely #foodporn goals!

At first it was hard to decide if we're going to order the shabu shabu as well, there were just three of us so Lord knows how we'll be able to finish all of those! 128513 Guess we'll just have to be back for the shabu shabu! 10084

It was a lovely lunch overall. Satisfying to the tummy and to the heart! I loved the food and the place. Also, the servers were very friendly and attentive. Attentive to the point that they were the ones who cooked our charcoal grill orders! I dunno, as far as I know we're the ones who's supposed to grill them right? But they did it anyways so yay! Thank you, Kuyas! 128514

If you find yourself around the area and craving for some Japanese and Korean, they're the place to be! 128076🏻

Here's 1108811088110881108811088️ amazin' stars!

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Nikuya offers East Asian cuisine, mainly Korean and Japanese. The food they serve is very hearty and satisfying, colorful and eye catching, their flavors familiar to the average Juana. I love the huge mural of the samurai and the use of black and red on the wall, I wish the swords were placed someplace else though. The ceilings are high, the restaurant is well lighted, and the many lamps form part of a design that invoke a modern oriental feel.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Here's what we had for lunch:

127883NIKUYA EGG ROLL. 358.00. Mozarella, bonito, nori stuffed egg roll.
Fluffy egg roll with all the trimmings. I can order only this here and still leave happy.

127883HAMEUL PAJEON. 288.00. Korean pancakes with mixed vegetables and seafood.
An oriental pancake is a savory omelet with a lot of veggies. I like dipping this in vinegar, I don't remember what sauce they gave though. I just ate this as is.

127883CRISPY UDON. 388.00. Fried udon w/ stir fried pork and vegetables in a sweet sauce.
I didn't like udon until I ate this one. I’ve always avoided it as I've always thought of it as a mushy noodle. Had them once and didn't like it. On the contrary, this was lightly fried, had a slight crunch, and just the right firmness. Mix it before you partake of it and you’re good to go. The sauce is good, like something you can have over rice too.

127883SHABU-SHABU for Php598.00. Assorted fish balls, squid Balls, vegetables, o-deng sticks and choice of 2 kinds of stocks.
We chose the seaweed and sukiyaki. They’ll tell you it’s good for 2, but that’s only if that’s the only thing you’re ordering. There was a little leftover and we were 8 in our party. Broth was light and flavorful. The sukiyaki was sweeter than I preferred but I still liked it.

127883Charcoal Grill. OX TONGUE, 12 pcs/358.00; YAKITORI, 58.00/piece; SAMGYUPSAL, 218.00.
They have a smokeless grill that uses real charcoal for added flavor to your meats. I was seated right in front of the grill and the cooking didn't bother me. They provided dipping sauces for each meat you should use after it is cooked, and explained which uses what but I barely remembered what I was told and just dipped randomly. Most of the meats are not marinated and you’ll have to season them yourself. However I basted the meat in the sesame oil and dipping sauce while grilling them, ehem, which everyone on the table loved. Thanks to me, (louder) ehem, and the other designated grill queen for the day Kristin A.

127883YUKWE BIBIMBAP. 428.00. Rice topped with Assorted Vegetables and Korean Beef Tartare.
I super love bibimbap, this was no exception. However I'm very partial to a dolsot or hot stone bibimbap, which this is not. Raw beef is not something I eat, I took a chance and actually liked it. But won’t order raw meat pa din in the future.

127883 KIMCHI WAGYU RICE.158.00. Fried Rice with Chopped Kimchi and Wagyu.
Good try. I’d like more sour and spice sana, more kimchi flavor. However I don’t mind getting a bowl again on my next visit.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

It’s a mid-sized restaurant, not too big nor too small. Tables are spaced well that you don’t feel cramped.

Price is very affordable, especially when you consider the quality and overall dining experience. Food is definitely good for sharing.

They don’t offer unlimited side dishes which you can find in a typical Korean restaurant. We didn't even miss it though because we were fully satiated with our meal.

Service was superb. Crew knew the whole menu, explained each dish as it came in, and simply took care of all our needs. Our server promptly informed us the meat in our tartare was raw, right when we ordered it to confirm if we wanted it, a good thing as not everyone might know what tartare actually is. Check out their shoes.

Must come with a group so you can try more food. The servings generous, good for at least 2 people. We received complimentary egg rolls and crispy udon thanks to Abe C. He recommends the A5 wagyu on the charcoal grill, which I will hopefully try in the future.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Nikuya again, yay!

Let's go straight into it. We had the following:

🔹 Nikuya Egg Roll. We may sound like sirang plaka but this really is a must-order. And this has been a staple of ours the past 3 visits.

🔹 Korean Pancake. This was good, surprisingly. Loved the crisp sides and the dipping sauce.

🔹 Dak Galbi Cheese Sizzler. Spicy dish but it was good. May cheese eh. 128517 But this should've been served with boneless chicken.

🔹 Galbi Jim Cheese Sizzler. Had this during our last visit and we loved it so we ordered it again for the others to try. 128076🏼

🔹 Shabu Shabu. First time to have this at Nikuya and it did not disappoint! Loved the sukiyaki broth as well as the pork and chicken broth.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Nikuya on a Friday night w the usual suspects x mah homies! 128155

NIKUYA EGG ROLL. 128155 One of the best tasting egg dish ever!! Soft fluffy cheesy egg with buhay na bonito flakes and nori. My ultimate Nikuya fave!!! Must order! MUST MUST. 128076🏼

HAMEUL PAJEON aka Korean Pancake. Surprisingly, this was good. Make sure to dip this in the sauce. 128077🏼

DAK GALBI aka Spicy chicken w cheesy cheesy goodness. Wasn't able to try this with the cheesE anymore but the chicken was so good! It's spicy, saucy, tasty, tender, and juicy. SARAP!! 128513

GALBI JIM aka the oh so tender and tasty beef w the same melted cheesy cheesy goodness. Served with some potatoes and korean thingy on the side. My favorite #2!!! I love the EGG ROLL but this.. this was so gooood! You have to order this as well!!! 128525

SHABU SHABU. Favorite #3!!! Hot flavorful soup with pork belly, assorted fresh veggies, balls, dumplings, and noodles. We had two types of soup - SUKIYAKI and PORK & CHICKEN.

Both were delicious but I liked the PORK & CHICKEN soup more. It's like eating Molo Soup but 100x better. 128155

SERVICE as always was excellent. 128077🏼

Good food + Good service + Good friends = AWESOME NIGHT. 9786

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

The stars are in our favor and everyone is free on a Friday night #CompleteAttendance #TheUsualSuspects.  And we are back at out all time favourite restaurant in Estancia.... Friday Night is Nikuya Night Baby!

I am still not over the fantastic Galbi Jim we had previously hence I said yes for dinner in a heartbeat.   We got the crowd favorite and tried some of the other dishes

Nikuya Egg Roll.  This is the best egg dish I've had in my life. I aint kidding, i even checked my previous review and i was left wondering how did i manage to write such description.  The eggs is the star of the dish, it is cooked in such a way that the texture is so fluffy.  I am guessing this has something to do with how the eggs are beaten.   The nori and bonito flakes combination creates a wonderful flavor contrast that compliments the egg.  It is a symphony of flavors on every bite. TRY IT. I AM DEAD SERIOUS.

Hameul Pajeon. Korean pancake with mixed vegetables and seafood. Take me to Korea now! I am in love with ze pancake. The veggies, the dipping sauce - everything is divine.

Dak Galbi.  Spicy chicken baby!  #MejoKiniligAkoSaSpicy.  The sauce is "spicy" for individuals without the Dragon Lady DNA.  I'd say it is a two on my scale. I ain't complaining as the sauce is really flavorful and leaves you wanting for more.  It is absolutely divine when mixed with the cheese. 

Galbi Jim.  Fantastic as always.  The beef is bursting with flavor and really tender.  I liked the fact that the potatoes are not overcooked.  I enjoyed muching on ze potatoes dipped in cheese.

Shabu Shabu with Pork Belly.   This marks the first time I've tried Shabu Shabu as I am a snob when it comes to broth that is noted affiliated with Sinigang.  I let my homie Clarissa P pick the broth and the meat.  We settled on Sukiyaki and Pork and Chicken.

Shabu Shabu for the Neophyte.

Place the pot on the stove
Let the broth simmer
Add the dumplings
Then the mushrooms
Pork Belly
Let it simmer

I was blown away by the first spoonful.  I didn't mind that it is piping hot as the broth is full of flavour - it is an assault on my palate (in the most exquisite way).  I absolutely love the Pork and Chicken broth.   It is wow on every spoonful. Each sip brings comfort and will make you forget ze annoying individual who likes to run her mouth during weekly meetings while you are on leave #WorkRelatedAngst.

Dinner at Nikuya is always fantastic.  Nothing beats a good food shared with good company.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

I am so glad that my inner enabler played in my favor. Me and my homies decided to swing by Nikuya before calling it a day. Uhmmm, this is the last stop of our Kapitolyo Revon x Crawl.

My homie Ruth D wanted to try one of the newbies in the Nikuya Roster. She cant stop talking about it after Abe C mentioned it 128512128512128512.

Galbi Jim Cheese Sizzler. I was skeptical at first but all my doubts went out the window the moment i heard the sizzle! The beef is cooked to perfection, it is soooo tender... it sort of melts in your mouth. The rice cakes is a breath of fresh air #KakaninForTheWin 128512. And let is not forget the marriage of mozzarella and cheddar and the wonderful sizzle it creates. It is like listening to Mozart!

Our next visit is scheduled this week. See you soon, Nikuya.

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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

Nikuya just launched their Cheese Sizzlers and it's the best news I've heard last week when Abe C shared their updated menu! The Cheese Sizzlers are basically choices of meat (chicken, pork ribs, beef, or seafood) with MELTED MOZZARELLA CHEESE. #AllCapsParaIntense 128514

Anyway, I knew I had to re-visit Nikuya for the Nth time (4th pa lang naman 128517) and try any sizzler ASAP. So yesterday, I went with Clarissa P and Reich T. I didn't want anything spicy so we ordered Galbi Jim. Bait nila, 'di na sila umangal. 128514

The Galbi Jim Cheese Sizzler has stewed sticky beef ribs with chopped potatoes and carrots, leeks, and rice cakes with mozzarella cheese. The cheese is melted on the table top electric stove so you can watch and hear it sizzle gloriously together with the beef.

I give out 4 stars generously but I rarely give 5. And this dish alone deserves 5 stars.

고맙습니다, Nikuya!100841008410084

  • No. of Comments: 9
5.0 Stars

In celebration of Chinese New Year. Some of the #TeamKaladkarin had lunch to Abe C's newest baby Nikuya Charcoal Grill and Shabu Shabu. It was organized by Jayson J (oh thank you! late ka pa rin. Hahaha 128514). Situated in Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City the place offers Japanese-Korean cuisines.

Upon entry in the restaurant with my pa-bonggang walk with matching wave and smile... Ayun! Natalisod ako sa elevated eklavu dun sa door. Meron palang hagdanan dun (watch out!). And not just once... four times ata nangyari. Well, I like the modern interior of the place. It's so classy. The samurai painting in the wall was noticeable (what an amazing masterpiece). The wine cellar in the bar gives elegance in the place... beautiful!

We had the following sumptuous dishes (thank you Christina R for ordering) and plus the complimentary from the restaurant (thanks Nikuya):

127845 Nikuya Egg Roll for Php358.00 (Mozarella, Bonito, Nori Stuffed Egg Roll) - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5
"Complimentary from Nikuya"

127845 Hameul Pajeon for Php288.00 (Korean Pancakes with Mixed Vegetables and Seafood) - 11088110881108811088 4/5

127845 Crispy Udon for Php388.00 (Pan Fried Udon Noodles with Stir Fried Pork and Vegetables in a Sweet Sauce) - 11088110881108811088 4/5
"Complimentary from Nikuya"

127845 Shabu-shabu for Php598.00 (Assorted Fish Balls, Squid Balls, Vegetables, O-deng Sticks and choice of 2 kinds of stocks: Seaweed and Sukiyaki Soup) - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

127845 Charcoal Grill:
127842 Ox Tongue for Php358.00 - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5
127842 Yakitori for Php58.00 per piece - 11088110881108811088 4/5
127842 Samgyupsal for Php218.00 - 11088110881108811088 4/5

127845 Yukwe Bibimbap for Php428.00 (Rice topped with Assorted Vegetables and Korean Beef Tartare) - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

127845 Kimchi Wagyu Rice for Php158.00 (Fried Rice with Chopped Kimchi and Wagyu) - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5

All the food that we had were flavorsome. I really like the shabu-shabu especially the seaweed soup mixed with kimchi. Another favorites were the ox tongue (nakakabitin sa sarap!) and the egg roll (damn! how different flavors in my mouth taste so good?). The price of each dishes were reasonable, they have good quality of meats and vegetables.

For the service, the staff made us comfortable... very accommodating and attentive to our request.

Overall, we had a great time at Nikuya. Definitely, I will be back again to try the other dishes.

128536 Midz S Dennis O Kristin A Norman Lester T Russel F

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

Happy Chinese New Year! We celebrated this holiday with my fellow |looloo reviewers at Nikuya (which is a Korean-Japanese restaurant hehe)

I loved the classy, sophisticated ambiance of the place. The wooden furnitures and walls, white Japanese lanterns, and red violet sofas are clear signs that you are in for a treat. Oh, and don't forget to take a photo of their display of sake bottles for your instagram page, either. Plus, take a minute to admire their beautiful, teal-colored tablewares. It's what I've been blabbing about that day 128514

128525Nikuya Egg Roll P358
•mozarella•bonito•nori stuffed egg•
They say the best things in life are free... This is true, because Nikuya just gave us this complimentary appetizer and it's delicious! It looks like the usual egg side dish in Korean restaurants, except that it has some meat, seaweed and cheese inside, creating flavors that go so well together.

127744Hameul Pajeon P288
•Korean pancake with mixed vegetables and seafood•
Their pancake was thicker than what I'm used to seeing in Korean restaurants. It's good when you get to taste the part that has the seafood, but I find the ones without to be bland. Nevertheless, it's a good addition to your food line up because of its large serving and affordability.

127744Crispy Udon P388
•curry broth•udon noodles•vegetables•
I love noodles, but I usually favor the thin and soft ones over the udon. I found the udon in this dish to be extra chewy. I'm not certain if this is how a crispy udon is supposed to be since it's my first time to encounter such a dish. I liked the sauce, though. The taste of the curry was light, not overpowering and not spicy.

127744Shabu Shabu P598
•assorted vegetables•fish balls•squid balls•o-deng sticks•choice of 2 stocks•

Dashi Kombu - light seaweed
Sukiyaki - sweet soy based stock
Pork and Chicken - pork and chicken bones boiled overnight

I was able to taste the sukiyaki and it was okay. I love having the satay soup everytime I go out for shabu-shabu, so it's safe to say that I prefer having saltier soups. The sukiyaki was not the right soup for me because it's a bit sweet, but it's still good.

127744Yakitori P58/ stick
This might just be diced chicken on a stick, but it's tasty and delicious! Their meat was also so tender that biting it off the stick was no difficult task.

127744Ox Tongue P198
Their thinly sliced ox tongue looks heavenly! I'm not sure if I was able to try this, but if this was one of the grilled meats I ate, then it's good even without any sauce!

127744Samgyupsal P218
The serving of their samgyupsal looks small, having only a few thin slices per plate, but it's worth it! Their samgyupsal was tender and just had enough flavors even if it wasn't marinated.

128525Yukhwe Bibimbap P428
•Korean beef tartare•assorted vegetables•rice
Another must try from this restaurant! Their bibimbap has a twist: chopped raw meat in the mix. I disgust my brother by having my steak cooked well done because I don't eat raw meat, but this was changed by Nikuya's bibimbap. The meat didn't seem too raw in my mouth! It was so flavorful!

127744Kimchi Wagyu Rice P158
•fried rice•kimchi•wagyu•
This was one of the rare times that I ate anything with kimchi. Kimchi is my enemy. I don't like its smell, and its spiciness, but I loved this dish. It was spicy, yes, but each bite I had was bursting with flavors.

My experience here at Nikuya was a perfect set: delicious and satisfying food, aesthetically pleasing interiors, and outstanding service.

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Last Saturday’s lunch at Nikuya was awesome – delicious food, good place, and nice set of people.

Jayson J organized a lunch date with some |ooloo friends. We decided to try Nikuya located at Estancia Mall. Nikuya’s menu is quite extensive - a combination of Japanese and Korean dishes. I had a hard time in deciding what to have but thanks to Christina R, she made ordering easy. Anyway, we decided to try the following.


** Nikuya Egg Roll (358php)
This was given as complimentary appetizer by Nikuya. <3 Thank you guys! It made this appetizer all the more delicious. LOL. But seriously, this was really good. I loved every bite of this and the nori was evident. This has Mozzarella (yes Jayson, you were right), thus the cheesy taste. I also liked the bonito flakes on top! One order is good for 2-3 people, for appetizer.

** Hameul Pajeon (288php)
Korean Pancake with mixed vegetables and seafood. This was really colourful and instagenic, not to mention that it also tasted good!


** Crispy Udon (388php)
We also got this for free. *blush* This is pan fried udon noodles with stir fried pork and vegetables. It came with a sweet sauce which really complemented everything.

**Yukhwe Bibimbap (428php)
Bibimbap is a Korean dish which I like in general. For me it’s complete already. It has rice, meat, veggies, and of course, egg. Nikuya’s version is good tbh, and I loved its colourful presentation.

**Kimchi Wagyu Rice (158php)
I loved this! Some may find it too spicy, but that’s how I like my Kimchi fried rice. I’m actually making this at home with its best partner: spam. Spamchi. Hi, Cindy S! 10024

** Shabu Shabu (598php)
One order consists of a platter of assorted vegetables, fish balls, squid balls, and O-deng sticks and a choice of of two kinds of stock. The choices are the following.
* Dashi Kombu – light seaweed stock
* Sukiyaki – sweet soy based stock
* Pork and Chicken – pork and chicken bones boiled overnight

We chose Dashi Kombu and Sukiyaki as our broth. I found it convenient that you have the option to have two broths. Okay tbh, not really a fan of Shabu Shabu. Not really sure when it started but I usually skip this order. However the one I had at Nikuya was good. The Sukiyaki broth was okay in general. It was sweet and salty at the same time. The seaweed broth was good too, but I was too full to get another bowl.


** Yakitori (58php per stick)
I’m a fan of chicken yakitori that’s why I like dining at Tori Ichi Yakitori and Bar in BGC. But since it is being sold per stick, it can be expensive if you order too much. I think the one at Nikuya is priced good at 58php per stick. Sulit as I enjoyed it too much. Thank you to our Grill Queens for cooking these right. The meat was really flavorful, soft, and tender.

**Ox Tongue (358php)
This was heavenly. Thanks Christina R for pushing this order. It was served very nicely! So instagenic! Kristin A suggested to first dip it in a sauce (which I don’t know the name, sorry) before grilling, and she was right. It’s delicious!

** Samgyupsal (218php)
My usual order in a Kresto, samgyupsal is thinly sliced pork belly. The server asked us if we wanted to get the regular or the spicy one, but we chose the former. It’s your usual samgyupsal but one order may not be good for sharing if you’ll make lettuce wraps. They served us lettuce but I wonder if it’s unlimited like in other restaurants.

All food that we had were delicious for me. And did I mention that they also served us kimchi, pickled radish, and anchovies as appetizers? Cool stuff! As for the place, it has nice interiors and a beautiful wall art. The place was bright since we went here during lunch time. I wonder if it would still be the same during dinner. The service was also good, and the staff who served us during this visit was kind and helpful. Though I didn’t get her name, still kudos to her as she knows the menu so well.

Thank you Nikuya for the seafood pancake and egg rolls! Well everything is delicious! 5 stars for you guys! And thank you for the recommendations! Abe C 10024128079🏻

You guys made my Saturday happy coz being busog is happy. LOL. But seriously, THANK YOU. *cries* Jayson J Midz S Dennis O Kristin A EJ B Christina R Russel F 128539

P.S. They also offer A5 Wagyu Omi Beef. As you know, A5 is the highest grade given to premium and quality beef. Next time Nikuya, next time.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Our Chinese New Year celebration was a meat eat up here in this new Japanese Korean fusion. The place can only accommodate around 50 pax so it's always recommended to book your visit. Thanks to booky we got a 500PhP off from our bill already!

The place looks neat and a little classic royal. I love the Japanese paper lanterns hanging all around. Our server Ivy was really attentive. She gladly entertained us the whole time of our lunch service.

Appetizers sweet anchovies, radish and good spicy kimchi were first served.

128204 hameul pajeon (seafood pizza) @288Php
This is their Korean seafood pancake. This maybe the the Korean okonomiyaki. But for me i think it needs more RandD since it absolutely tastes bland. Okoy will be the nearest taste. The chili with sesame dip was fine though.

128204 Ox Tongue @358PhP
Ive never seen an ox tongue prepared so nicely like this before so when i finally decided to try this, somebody ate it while i was not looking! 128557 haha, it's okay. Should be back for this.

128204 Samgyupsal @218PhP
Tastes okay. I think soban's flavored samgyupsals are much more better than this.

128204128525 Yakitori @58PhP per stick
I love that it's super moist-- given that it's straight right out from the grill. Well, this is even more juicy than izakaya or salvatorre's.

128204128525 yukhwe bibimbap @428PhP
I love this as well, raw beef tartar--yukhwe--is the main star of that dish alone. This dish is not dry and i love those round grains' texture!

128204128525shabu shabu @598PhP
Good for 2-3 pax per order. It got fish and squid balls, mixed vegetables and i love the o-deng or fish cake stick. Choose 2 of 4 stocks available: pork and chicken, dashi, sukiyaki or curry. We got to try the sukiyaki which i really love because it's sweet and the dashi kombu which is the seaweed stock.

128204128525 nikuya egg roll @358PhP
Crowd's favorite! It's nori, bonito flakes and cheese all rolled up in an omelette roll. Eat this immediately to appreciate the melted cheese! Thanks Nikuya for this complimentary dish. Ms. Grace128536

128204128525 crispy udon @388PhP
I like that the udon's consistency is extra tough. It's not crispy btw, so i might suggest to change its name instead---- tough udon? Macho udon? Lol. If you're a soft udon eater, this might not be recommended for you. Thanks nikuya for this complimentary dish!

There's no wifi here but if you have a pocket wifi that needs some charging (like i did) there's a couple of power outlets against the wall.

The common CR door is camouflaging the walls of the resto. It's small and clean.

I could give this a little above 4.3 stars given that each dish got generous serving plus it's cooked deliciously. I got a hard time with their dips. Ang dami kasi hinanda pero i dont know which dip is for which dish. Lol.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Celebrated Chinese New Year Lunch yesterday with the Kaladkarin here in Nikuya and it was a blast!
Nikuya by Buta+Wagyu is one of the new restaurant in Capitol Commons. From the Japanese word Butcher, this place really serve high quality graded meat. Also saw that they've got this Omi Beef Certificate. Wow.

The interior of the place was more of a zen type with a wonderful Samurai art mural on the wall. The Japanese lantern on the ceiling give it a minimalist look that looks like a flower in an angle. I love that for a Korean bbq place their exhaust are hidden underneath the table. This gave the complete clean look of the place.

For the food unlike in other Korean bbq place they don't serve overwhelming variety of Banchan. Serve was spicy kimchi, sweet crispy dilis and pickled radish. I love their super spicy kimchi which was complemented well by the addicting crispy anchovies. For the rest heres what we got.

9999️️Nikuya Egg Roll (358PHP)- I fell in love with this. Fluffy egg roll+Mozarella Cheese+Japanese Nori+Bonito Flakes. It was fireworks of flavors and the texture was lovely. Highly recommended!

9999️️Crispy Udon (388PHP)- This is not the typical Chinese crispy noodles that I'm used to. This one got a soft chewy kind of texture. I love the savory flavor of the Udon and the chewy noodles was weird at first but I find it good as I go along.

9999️️Yukhwe Bibimbap (428PHP)-One of my fave. Served with usual colorful bowl of bibimbap but this one got raw meat. I remember when I was younger my dad would order this and for me it was grossed to see him eat raw meat. Now I realize how good it is. Love the sweet spicy taste this Bibimbap. If you are adventurous go for it. It was worth it.

9999️️Kimchi Wagyu Rice (158PHP)-warning this one is a bit too spicy haha. I love it but next time would request to a little milder spiciness.

9999️️Haemul Paejon (388PHP)-typical korean pancake. Similar to the one served as Banchan in other korean place. Not much of a fan of this.

9999️️Ox Tongue(198PHP)-another fave of mine. Perfectly thin sliced. I really love this even with no sauce. Sorry Jayson J. I'm innocent! Hahaha

9999️️Yakitori (58PHP)-One of the choices in their Robatayaki list. A minimum of six to order. I love this chicken thigh bbq. It was very tender and the simple salt and pepper was just perfect.

9999️️Samgyupsal (218PHP)-their charcoal grill bring out the char flavor of this meat. Best when dip in the salted sesame oil sauce.

9999️️Shabu-Shabu (598PHP)-we got the sukiyaki and seaweed soup. I love the seaweed soup. Reminds me of korean light flavored soup. The shabu-shabu includes assorted vegetables, fish balls, squid balls and O-deng sticks. This one is good for sharing even for a group of 5-6pax if your going to order other item.

Overall it was well spent lunch with the Kaladkarin and really enjoyed the food here. Price range was very reasonable but if you've got some extra cash to burn definitely must try those A5 grade meat.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Nikuya by Buta Wagyu is the newest restaurant to join the foodie strip at Estancia.  Sounds a lil familiar eh?  Yes,  this is Buta + Wagyu's sister from another mother. 

This is the second time i dined here.  First time was during their soft opening phase and the second time was when we had a pre Christmas Dinner with friends. 

Before i bore with my excessive use of adjectives and figures of speech,  I will start with a lil trivia.

Did you know that Nikuya stands for Butcher in Japanese.  Clever eh?  The name stays true to the kind of Cuisine they offer - high quality meats. 

Nikuya is a fusion of two of the most popular Asian Cuisine - this is Kimchi meets Sushi.  The first of its kind in the restaurant scene. 

Interior.   The restaurant is of average size surrounded with cozy interiors.  The high ceilings is adorned with lighting fixtures that resembles Japanese lanterns.  The wall is hand painted with a gorgeous image of a Japanese Samurai.  I was fortunate enough to be seated right in front of this masterpiece.  I got to see the intricacies of the artwork, it is really pretty up close.  And oh,  they play good music too - none of those ear-piercing pop songs.  The playlist is sophisticated and it fits the cozy atmosphere.


| Kimchi.  I am not a huge fan of the fermented cabbage from Korea.  This is due to the not so pleasant experience i had ages ago.  As they say,  let bygones be bygones hence I found myself getting a small portion and putting it inside my mounth.  Here we go (my tastebuds screaming)....and the voices stopped.  The kimchi is good!  It is a symphony of flavors - sour x spicy.  After being a kimchi noob for x number of years,  i now appreciate the flavor complexities of the popular Korean dish. 

| Crispy Dilis.  This one i weally like.  This is a staple in our breakfast table.  Nikuya's version is different from the ones i used to munch on as this has a subtle sweetness,  i am certain that the anchovies were caramelized then deep fried.  This is a perfect appetizer. A prelude of wonderful things to come. 

| Pickled Radish.  I skipped this one as i was too fixated on the kimchi. 


| Nikuya Egg Roll.   Lo and behold!  A gorgeous plate of fluffy eggs rolled with mozzarella and nori then topped with bonito.  Many chefs say that eggs is versatile and complex.  Versatile in the sense that you can cook it many ways.   Complex because a poached egg is not the easy to pull of.  Yeah,  i watched too many Master Chef episodes.  Back to the fabulous egg dish sitting in front of me.  The technique involved in the execution of this dish is admirable as it elevates the egg to high heavens!  Yes,  it is really really good.  The egg is cooked perfectly,  fluffy and cloud-like.  The cheese x nori combination compliments the egg and the bonito flakes on top adds the final touch.  I want more!

| Kimchi Rice
| Wagyu Rice

Both the rice dishes is superb as it is really flavorful.  What i like about this dish is the serving is just right and the rice is cooked well.  The success of an excellent rice dish is...wait for it...Rice.  If this is not cooked well,  everything is down the drain.  Both can be eaten sans the viand. 

| Dolsot Bibimbap.  Stone pot cooked wagyu rice topped with assorted vegetables and egg yolk.  This is one of my favourites because of its simplicity.  What makes it special is the seasoning and the sauce. 

| Yukhwe Bibimbap.  Rice topped with assorted vegetables and Korean Beef Tartare.  I was a lil irked with raw beef at first but i took one for the team anf ytied it nonetheless. The flavorful sauce x rice will make you forget about the raw protein.  This is not for everyone even for the adventurous foodie like yours truly.

| Crispy Udon.  Off the menu item.. Another crowd favourite. Stir-fry noodles with beef,  veggies and sauce.  This is served unmixed to retain the crispy texture of the noodles.  I liked how all the flavors blends together. 


| A5 Wagyu.  This is the highlight of our dinner.  The king of all meats has arrived.  The glorious slab of meat is cooked yakiniku style.  Wait,  did i mention that Nikuya has state-of-the-art smokeless grills!  Yeah,  you heard ir right...smokeless baby!  You don't have to worry about smelling like grilled meat after your meal.  Back to the wagyu,  they don't call it the king of meat for no reason.  It is divine!  Juicy,  tender,  melt-in-your-mouth wagyu!

| Karubi (Boneless Shortrib)
| Dakgalbi (Spicy Marinated Chicken Thigh)

Both are delicious.  I am not gonna go into detail on how awesome each dish.  This is grilled meat,  one would think that there is not much to it.  But the key to having the best is by using high quality meat and the sauce used to marinate em.
Robotayaki.  Minimum of 6 pieces

| Yakitori (Chicken Thigh)
| Uzurabuta Yaki (Quail eggs wrapped in pork belly)
| Wagyuasparayaki (Asparagus wrapped in Wagyu)

Everything in the yaki category is good.  As i have mentioned in the previous verse,  it is all about the meat baby!  If you use the substandard kind,  you get substandard results.  Whereas if you use the high quality ones,  you'll get exceptional results or Nikuya to make it short (see equation below)

Exceptional = Nikuya

Dinner was fantastic.  Everything we have on the table is insanely delicious.  I will close this review by saying,  Nikuya is one of those places wherein you get the best of both worlds.

Peace Out!


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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

One Saturday night, we had dinner here at Nikuya with The Usual Suspects to support Abe C and to celebrate the following:
- Christmas Dinner 127876
- Arrival of Jairus d 128513
- Survival of Roy T 128514
- Successful launch of @FoodSocietyPH 128077🏼 Ruth D Reich T + Cla! 128513

Started our feast with the complimentary kimchi, dilis, and pickled (?) radish. The dilis was crispy and addicting, the Kimchi is the "fresh" type and it was really yummy! It had the right level of spiciness and sourness. 128077🏼 The radish was refreshing and I enjoyed eating it in between dishes.

First served was the NIKUYA EGG ROLL (358). Egg roll stuffed with Mozarella, Bonito and Nori. OMG, I loved this! We all agreed that this one's a winner! 128076🏼 Fluffy and cheesy egg. Must must try!!! 128155

And then one by one the following were served to us:

KARUBI (258). Boneless Shortrib.
DAKGALBI (188). Spicy marinated chicken thigh.
ROBATAYAKI (minimum of 6pcs)
- Yakitori (58). Chicken thigh.
- Uzurabuta Yaki (78). Quail eggs wrapped in pork belly
- Wagyuasparayaki (138). Asparagus wrapped in wagyu

Ony and I liked the shortrib and spicy marinated chicken thigh the most. Too bad the lettuce + garlic + chili plate was served late so we weren't able to enjoy wrapping the meat w lettuce. Tried eating just the lettuce and was surprised with how crisp and fresh they were that I end up eating almost all the lettuce! 128517128154

And of course, highlight of the night was the A5 RIBEYE (1388/100g). Melt in you mouth wagyu goodness!!! It was tender and oh so tasty. Better with the sauce provided but can already be enjoyed on its own! 128525128525128525

Next are the different rice bowls. I try to avoid eating rice because carbs 128517 but how can you avoid if they all look so good and appetizing??? 128563 I gave in and tried all! 128518

YUKHWE BIBIMBAP (428). Bibimbap with Korean beef tartare.

Both were good but I liked the "default" bimbimbap more. Ony liked the "tutong" parts. 128517

If you like bibimbaps, you'll surely enjoy either of the 2. Get the one with raw beef (tartare) if you're feeling a little adventurous. And oh, according to the server, there's special way of mixing it so you get to enjoy the dish better and "safe". He was nice enough to do it for us. 128077🏼

We also tried the WAGYU RICE (128) and KIMCHI WAGYU RICE (158). Both were good but I liked the one w Kimchi more because spicy. 128513 I just wish there were more wagyu! 128517

Last one was an off the menu dish - CRISPY UDON. Although full already, we still tried it and surprisingly we all liked it. Sarap!! 128077🏼

Overall, it was a good and happy dinner. We were all full and satisfied. Service was excellent, too. Observed how they were w the other customers and yes, they're consistent. All the servers were approachable and ready to help/assist. So when in Pasig, you should definitely try Nikuya. It's pricey but I swear, it's worth it! 128521128076🏼

Hello, Abe C!! Thank you!!! 9786

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Nikuya is a Japanese-Korean Charcoal Grill and Shabu Shabu restaurant that offers rice bowls, noodles, Korean BBQ, Japanese yakiniku, Japanese hotpot, as well as high-quality wagyu beef. If you're not quite sure what you would want to eat, this is the perfect place with all the options available.

We have been here a few weeks back when Abe C invited us to their exclusive soft opening but I am only reviewing now after our visit last Saturday.

We decided to have our Christmas dinner #UnicornGiveaway once Jairus d was back from Malaysia for a short vacation and Roy T was free for a moment from med school. And we all agreed to support Abe, so easily, our venue was at Nikuya.

Here are the items we had:

Nikuya Egg Roll. Mozzarella, Bonito, and Nori Stuffed Egg roll. This is one of my favorites. It was really tasty and I loved how “fluffy” it was because of the egg.

Yukhwe Bibimbap. Rice topped with assorted vegetables and Korean beef tartare (raw meat). Since the meat was served raw, I didn’t really have much of that. Overall though, the flavor of the rice tasted good. We were shown how and why there’s a proper way of mixing the raw egg and beef, and it was interesting.

Dolsot Bibimbap. Simple bibimbap, wagyu rice with assorted vegetables and egg yolk in a stone pot. It's served with special sauce that's a little spicy for me but it makes the dish so much flavorful.

Wagyu Rice and Kimchi Wagyu Rice. These side orders of rice has bits of wagyu in it and kimchi for the Kimchi Wagyu Rice. Self-explanatory. 128517

A5 Ribeye. Nikuya also serves high-quality and affordable wagyu beef. This is actually one of the highlights of our visit. It was sooo good. I didn’t have to add too much sauce/condiments to make it tastier.

Karubi. Boneless shortrib which, if I remember correctly, was already marinated.

Wagyu Aspara Yaki. Asparagus wrapped in wagyu. I didn't actually get try this.128556

Crispy Udon. This dish is new and still off the menu. This is another of my favorites and too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of it. I was actually full already when this got served but when I tried it, I couldn't resist getting some more. The udon wasn't exactly very crispy as it was kind of chewy but the sweet and salty flavors of the the mixture/other ingredients made it so good.

Aside from the dishes, I also particularly liked their state-of-the-art smokeless grilling station. 128077🏼

Thanks again Abe (and Grace Lee 128517)!

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I have been excited for Nikuya’s opening ever since I found out that it is the baby sister of Buta+Wagyu, one of our favorite restaurants to date. Marketed as the more affordable version of the upscale wagyu place, this Japanese Korean restaurant focuses more on yakitori, shabu-shabu and a handful of rice dishes. I was invited to its media event but couldn’t make it given the Christmas rush. But thanks to a work holiday, I finally got to visit this place with R.

Hello, Nikuya!

We were warmly greeted by its hostess Erica and were quickly ushered us to our table. While appreciating the restaurant’s interiors, I realized that Nikuya has very limited seating capacity. Given that each table is equipped with smokeless grill and induction cooker, even solo diners will end up occupying a table good for four or six, especially if they would like to order grilled and/or shabu-shabu dishes. I also noticed that there are no tables available without griller or induction cooker for those who would just like to order ready to eat dishes like bibimbap or rolls. In short, it is best to book a table before paying this place a visit.

Aside from the usual kimchi and dilis, Nikuya also serves pickled radish as part of its wait snack.

While munching on it, the staff was busy preparing our Shabu-Shabu (PHP598) with Sukiyaki and Pork & Chicken broth. Each shabu-shabu comes with assorted vegetables, fish balls, squid balls, O-deng (fish) sticks, and a choice of two broths. You may also opt to just go for one broth if desired but I was told that the Pork & Chicken and Dashi Kombu (seaweed) are the bestsellers.

While our pot of broth was being heated up, a plate of Pork Belly (PHP188) and Chuck Roll (PHP438) were served as add ons to the shabu-shabu.

I first sampled the Pork and Chicken broth and I was surprised that it was flavorful. I had an impression that it would be on the bland side given its color. But it was quite salty and reminded me of the usual chicken broth of Chinese restaurants only this one is packed with ingredients. I really enjoyed munching on the squid balls and veggies.

The Sukiyaki broth had a lighter flavor but it becomes sweeter after some time. I prefer this broth over the Pork and Chicken as I like my shabu-shabu broth to have a sweeter taste.

For the meats, I prefer Chuck Roll over Pork Belly as it was more flavorful. But if you have a limited budget for lunch or dinner, pork belly is already a great add on. Just make sure to dip it in the shabu-shabu sauce for that extra oomph.

While waiting for the grilled meats, I munched on the Bonito Mozza Onigiri (PHP188) to serve as a break from the savory broths.

Though I’ve had my fair share of onigiri, it was my first time to eat grilled version of it. Miso-flavored and stuffed with mozzarella, this ball, rather, triangle, of rice serves as a nice complement to grilled meats.

And speaking of grilled meats, plates of Karubi (PHP258) and Spicy Ox Tripe (PHP198) were served right after and the staff also cooked it for us.

The Karubi or Marinated Boneless Short Rib had a nice sweet taste and went well with ssamjang, fresh garlic and crisp lettuce. However, I prefer to stuff my lettuce with rice as well to make it extra filling.

The Spicy Ox Tripe on the other hand was a bit too spicy for my liking. Also, since I’m used to eating tripe with kare-kare sauce, it made me crave for bagoong. This is a bestseller though to the restaurant’s Korean patrons.

To quench our thirst, we were given Raspberry Iced Tea and Green Tea Lychee Iced Tea and we liked it!

Overall, it was a nice dinner. The whole meal totalled to around PHP2,000 and it wasn’t bad at all as we left with happy tummies.

I’ll definitely swing by again and buy some A5 Wagyu.

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