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Most Recent Reviews

Karissa M.
4.0 Stars

Worth the try!
Serving was big, 2-3 pax, not to mention it tastes really good!!!!
Will definitely be back!128522

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
2.0 Stars

It took me a number of attempts to finally eat here. I went here around 6 times to inquire. For months after their initial opening, they always had dishes that were not available yet. So today, I stepped in and sat down without asking. Fortunately, only one of their Asian pieces was absent.

Today’s lunch could be describe fittingly in one word- extreme. What my marketing manager and I had were almost good but not really. Green Chicken Curry was salty and too spicy. KangKong Sambal was very salty we had it returned and got a new one that was strangely sweet. Lastly, Ruby dessert was full of sugar.

I couldn’t grasp myself why I kept going back here only to be disappointed.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I used to always pass by Ninak whenever I explore Kapitolyo. However, I never had a chance to drop by because of the restaurant's lack of ample parking space for customers. I've actually heard and read good reviews about the place but I always end up dining somewhere where we could park. Thankfully, this Asian restaurant joint transferred to the lower ground of the newly opened Ayala Malls the 30th and I now do not have any reason of not visiting it.

Hello, Ninak!

I was invited by everyone's "beshie" (bestfriend) Yourfoodtographer to have lunch here one Saturday. Despite being sick and still recovering from my first Canton Fair, I decided to go as I've been eying this place for years! Following the only direction I got, I looked for "Bon Chon" and easily spotted Ninak near it.

Chef Quito was the one in charge of whipping the dishes for us and all we have to do was decide on which summer thrist quenchers to order. I decided to go with Iced Thai Tea (PHP120). Others went with Watermelon Lychee (PHP130), Green Grape with Basil (PHP130), Ginger Lychee (PHP130) and Black Gulaman (PHP120).

First served to us was a plate of Thai Fish Cake (PHP190). I liked the slight chewiness of the dish and the delectable sweet yet tangy taste of the sauce. It had a nice light taste perfect as an appetizer.

We also sampled the Salted Egg Yolk Fish Fillet (PHP280) which was crunchy and addicting. I just avoided getting those chopped red chilis as it looked really intimidating.

The Crispy Angus Beef Belly (PHP450) was crunchy but a tad dry for my liking. And since I was coughing like an old man when I visited, its texture aggravated it. I guess I should have drowned it with vinegar or something.

An Asian restaurant visit is not complete without ordering the classic Crispy Catfish Salad (PHP250). I love how the harmony of various textures and flavors make this dish so enjoyable. I always look forward to the beautiful blend of the slightly salty catfish and tangy green mango strips.

Another Asian staple is the Phad Thai (PHP320) which is another good-for-sharing dish. The sweet yet salty flat noodles were heavy in the tummy so make sure you don't go too crazy with this one if you plan to sample a lot of dishes.

The Pork Satay (PHP299) is your usual skewers. Just make sure to eat it right away as it tends to be dry if you make it wait for a long time. Taste-wise, it was very tasty and didn't even need its peanut based sauce.

For our weekend dose of curry, we feasted on Red Pork Curry (PHP320). I skipped this one though as it looked really spicy. But given how everyone else enjoyed it, it must be good.

I wasn't able to try Grilled Pompano in Sambal (PHP560) as well as the word "sambal" scared me. It looked tasty though but I could not comment anything more than that.

I indulged in a bowl of Singaporean Laksa (PHP390) instead and it was one of my favorites during my visit. The broth was flavorful yet not overwhelming. The coconut milk gave it a nice sweet flavor and munching on the squid balls, noodles and beansprouts was delightful.

The star of the meal though was the Beef Rendang (PHP450). The meat was so tender and the thick sauce had that delightful aroma and spice that made me grab a couple more servings.

And what's an Asian meal without carbs? We sampled Tinapa Rice (PHP250), Bagoong Rice (PHP250) and Nasi Goreng (PHP230).

All were spectacular and could actually be a meal on its own.

My favorite though was the tinapa rice.

The shredded tinapa, salted egg and tomato chunks reminded me of those provincial morning meals that I always look forward to.

For desserts, we had Red Ruby (PHP160) and Mango Sticky Rice (PHP210).

Again, I wasn't able to try the Red Ruby because it was an iced dessert and I was still sick during my visit. However, the Mango Sticky Rice did not disappoint. The sweet coconut-y sticky rice went well with the mango which was a bit sour. Though others reacted negatively due to the tanginess of the mango, I loved it that way as it gave the dessert more flavors.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. The wait staff were very accommodating and helpful especially in moving the dishes around as we look for the best light. I would definitely head back soon to try the other dishes.

Especially the mussel dish which I had a great time taking photos of but totally forgot to taste.

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Mark G.
5.0 Stars

Ninak Restaurant has now transferred to Ayala Mall The 30th located along Meralco Ave., Ugong, Pasig.

Spelled backwards, Ninak got its name from the main staple food of the Filipinos, kanin (rice). Ninak features many familiar Asian dishes such as laksa, beef rendang, etc. What I like is that the viands are freshly-cooked.

This place is being headed by Chef Enrique Jose also known as Chef Quito.

Ninak Restaurant’s new home – Ayala Mall The 30th

Let’s get to it! Here are my favorites!

For the appetizers, we got the Thai Fish Cake (P190). Soft and tasty. Best paired with the sweet sauce.

Salted Egg Fish Fillet (P280). I know many restaurants are adding Salted Egg dishes to their menu but this one hits it. However, I liked the Salted Egg Chicken Wings more.

Next is their Chicken Satay (P299). I liked that the meat is soft. Best dipped to its sauce for more life but it’s good on its own.

 Pad Thai (P320). Second time to eat Pad Thai and this one is better. Thumbs up!

Of course, Ninak will not be Ninak without well, Kanin! Here’s their lovely Tinapa Rice (P250).

Also, another lovely one is their Bagoong Rice (P250).

These rice variants are actually really good on its own! Good for sharing too!

They also fave these famous Asian noodles.

Singaporean Laksa (P390)! Rich, creamy with a hint of sweetness and spiciness. Really good, be sure to soup into this while its hot!

And Ninak’s very own, Angus Red Curry Soup (P390). Thumbs up!

Now, let’s go to the Ulam! Here’s where everything gets very very interesting!

Beef Rendang (P450). This Indonesian festival stew, perhaps, is my favorite next to the Laksa. Cooked with coconut meat, red chili, cardamom pods, garlic shallots, cinnamon and star anise. These ingredients sound so flavourful! Best paired with Plain Rice and is good for 3-5 people.

Perhaps, one of Ninak’s famous dishes is their Chilean Mussels in Green Curry Broth. Not a fan of tahong but this is worth a try for those who love seafoods.

Grilled Pompano (P580). This tastes fresh and good but I prefer to get the next one below. You’ll know why!

Crispy Angus Belly (P450). I liked that the meat within is tender, the coating is not too think and there are bits of belly-fatty goodness within. Thumbs up!

Dessert Time!

Ninak has a list of Asian desserts. Be sure to try the Mango Sticky Rice and Turon Halo Halo!

Everything is good for sharing.

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
4.0 Stars

Ninak was one of our go to places in Kapitolyo and we were really sad when they closed down. I was extremely delighted when I found out that they transferred to Ayala Malls the 30th. Finally had the chance to dine here with the cousins.

On the table
🔹Beef Rendang - Very tender and flavorful meat. We had to order extra rice because of this. Spice level is tolerable
🔹Salted Egg Yolk Squid - fresh soft squid coated in a salty and slightly sweet sauce. It was good but I'm still not a salted egg fan
🔹Grilled Vietnamese Pork - corny without the dipping sauce
🔹Mi Goreng - very tasty. The Singapore based cousins liked this.
🔹Ninak Rice - yummy fried rice

Interiors and overall feel of this branch is way better than the Kapitolyo branch. They upgraded the look of the restaurant.

I liked their plates and serving containers. Too bad the brand wasn't at the bottom of the bowls.

Service could be improved. The servers weren't as warm and need to review the menu and the food. The order taker wasn't able to clearly explain their bestsellers when we asked for recommendations.

I am going back for the Beef Rendang and I would love to try their other dishes. I just hope the servers would be able to give recos on our next visit.

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