Ninja Academy

Club Gymnastica, 155 Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila

Ninja Academy
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Allen M.
4.0 Stars

I've never thought I'd try parkour ever in my life but one fateful day, I succumbed to peer pressure, put aside my worries and just gave it a try. After all, they had a promo for this month and a class was only Php 250.

Just the name Ninja Academy will already pique your interest especially if you also grew up watching animes and live action superheroes jumping, tumbling, and fighting off evil forces in their land.

The Pasig branch is quite difficult to locate since it is located in a somehow residential area. It may be a different story if you're familiar with the area. There's a signage but at the facade it will only seem like you're entering a warehouse. There's also a Milo gymnastics gym beside Ninja Academy. The facilities are quite run down but still very sturdy.

We went there on a Thursday night. Our group was the beginner group and there was also an advanced class on the same night. I appreciate that the regulars / advanced class were very welcoming and encouraging in helping beginners push their limits to finish their first (beginners) class. The warm up session was focused on upper and lower body strength training. We did 3 sets of push up, 3 sets of pull ups, 3 sets of squats, and 3 sets of lunges. To be honest, I never focused on weights or strength training when I used to go to a gym so this was already such a challenge for me. After that, we practiced some skills such as rolling and safety vault. I liked the way they teach rolling because you use only your back and roll in a somewhat diagonal position so you don't injure your neck. Safety vault was another story. Since I'm quite short (and chubby too 128513) it was hard to pull myself up and use my feet to go over the vault. I ended up using my knees a lot to go over which was highly discouraged (I had to learn the hard way). It also didn't help that I don't have any form of exercise in a long time prior to trying this so imagine how shocked my muscles were. 128514128517.

Anyway, after practicing the skills, we got to try a whole course set up of us. The advanced class were also using the same course but with 100x more complicated techniques. I only tried the course once since I was feeling weak already. I was also quite scared that I might get injured if I rolled or jumped the wrong way. They don't force you to continue if you don't want to so there was no pressure. Again, they cheer and encourage you but no pressure128522. I joined the last part again when it was time for the core exercises. They have fun music to go with it and they also inject challenges in the exercises. At one point, we had to follow the song whether to go down or up in our exercise.

Now for the aftermath, I would really encourage everybody to try this at least once because the experience is really worth it. However, I think you would get more out of it if you have some form of exercise you do prior. This is just to condition yourself because to be honest, even the beginner's class is no easy feat128522. I had bruises on my knees (a lot but not that bad) because I couldn't follow the instructions very well during the safety vault practice. All of us had super sore muscles (including my officemates who were active in a dragon boat team) for a good 2-3 days which I think is just normal given the activities we did.

For those living in the south, they also have a branch in Las Piñas which I heard had newer facilities.

All in all, I would give this a try again after I get myself back on a regular work out schedule. This experience is definitely one for the books.


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Jorge Andrew M.
5.0 Stars

Super awesome place.
First ever parkour facility!!
I really love this place

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Kindred P.
5.0 Stars

Salmon ladder, finger boulders, vault boxes, monkey bars, AND a 14ft wall overlooking a foam pit. Ninja Academy is Manila's ultimate parkour playground!

For only Php 350, you get a gauntlet workout that's good for conditioning, and use the gym facilities for the day. Kids 5 and up welcome.

They also have monthly and yearly gym memberships, parkour workshops, and martial arts classes.

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Jolo M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Angel J.
4.0 Stars

Huwataaaaaa Hayaaa!! 9995 if you want to get your ninja on (ninja=jumping, climbing, balancing etc) go to ninja academy! Actually, ninja academy is a parkour place. They just called it ninja academy bc parkour moves can also be ninja moves soooo. (This pic was 2 months ago btw I'm not this chunky anymore 128514)

I think per session is 600? They routines that they teach you is fun although I really can't deal with the monkey bars. The colors of the monkey bars was too bright for me nakakaduling na! 128514 you will be needing your upper body strength (which clearly I don't have) in this training 128557 these are the moments where I regret on being a foodie 128557128557

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