Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge

66 Esteban Abada St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge
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Most Recent Reviews

Ara H.
5.0 Stars

Their gazebos are very private and their staff are so attentive. They even offer to take your photos.

I availed their package for two and they are very considerate with my requests. They have that fancy dining experience feels and I super loved it!

I surprised someone with a fancy birthday dinner here and all are worth it :)

THUMBS UP to this place and the very accommodating staff.

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Cindy S.
5.0 Stars

So the boyfie and I had our 6th-year anniversary dinner in this romantic place in Katipunan. I've been wanting to try this place since forever and this occasion is just the perfect time.

Make your reservation 7 days prior to your visit. I opted for their Degustation Paris. It's a 5-course meal complete with petal and candle gazebo set up, plus a lovelock. For P2,990, it's already good for two and it's an amazing value for money. Perfect for couples! 10084

When we arrived, we were greeted by their server and immediately seated us to our reserved gazebo. Everything was so lovely! The place has this rustic and romantic feel to it. I'm not really a "fancy dinner type of person" but this one I enjoyed immensely. Once we were seated, our menu for the night was given plus a glass of red wine.

I've read in some reviews that food in Ninyo is just okay. But I find it filling and delicious anyhow. Every dish is bursting with flavors and it really is a fusion of Asian and Western cuisine. The plating is also beautiful you wouldn't want to touch it. 128513 And one thing I can say is that service in Ninyo is impeccable! There was a server assigned to us and he was very attentive. We didn't even have to ask for a refill of our water, or for the next course to be served, etc. He even offered to take our pictures (multiple times) without us asking for it. 1285229996

So if you're looking for a perfect place to celebrate that birthday, anniversary, monthsary or whatever the occasion may be, I'd recommend this place to you. 10084

Degustation Paris
Trio of Oysters (Requested if we could change this since the boyfriend doesn't eat oysters, they agreed and served us Salmon Belly Wasabi Tempura Roll. See? Impeccable service. 128077)

Pumpik Soup
Shiitake Confit Salad

Calamansi Sorbet

Entrée: Surf & Turf
Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon
U.S. Braised Short Ribs

Chocolate! Chocolate! Cake
Mango Pavlova

A glass of Eye Spy Cabernet Merlot red wine

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Avi C.
3.0 Stars

Okay, soo this place has ambiance.
BUT for picky foodies like me, i'd say its just "ok"

Might had plus points for table setup and candle lit dinners and all but overall, value for money wise, i'd say take your special someone to an authentic steak house instead.

There were better oysters at oyster boy. Haha!

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Raech P.
4.0 Stars

Loved everything we ordered though food items were a little bit pricey. Ambiance was perfect for special occasions. 128149


We got a 200 peso discount and a free dessert because of the Booky Manila app 128512

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Ma Zyra T.
5.0 Stars

One of the most romantic restos in Metro Manila. Amazing fusion dishes (plating and flavor!); superb service; lovely ambiance. Perfect for an intimate dining experience, but make sure to call and make a reservation so you can get a good spot. Highly recommend this for special occasions with your significant other. MUST TRY!

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Crissy B.
3.0 Stars

Don't know if I have malfunctioning tastebuds or something, but Ninyo was just okay for me....

Wasabi Fried Oysters - I didn't like it huhuhu too much wasabi for me 128534 My stomach also hurt afterwards (so maybe that's why I didn't enjoy the other dishes as much as I could).

Nori Pumpkin Soup - Most noteworthy dish for the night. It can in a very small teacup (yes, teacup) and at first, I wasn't sure if it was a soup or a palate cleanser or something #noob. But the flavored are very distinct and the texture was smooth and creamy. It had lots of croutons too!

U.S Hanging Steak - Had it medium well and it was very chewy and tough to bite/cut through.... Hahahaha the risotto that came with it was very good though! The steak sauce it came with was too sweet for me.

Honey Glazed Salmon - The salmon was very soft and pink! 9786️ The sauce it came with was... Interesting. Flavors were a bit too strong for me but it complimented the fish well enough. It came with mashed potatoes, which weren't anything out of the ordinary.

No more dessert cause we were too full na haha. We got the bill and it was incorrectly summed up so PLEASE ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR BILL! We were almost overcharged by 1k! Hahaha

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

As much as I love eating good food, I hesitate dining in super fancy places especially when I have to splurge… a lot. But I get to score great deals from sites like Deal Grocer and Cash Cash Pinoy at times. A few months back, I did with a 47% off deal for a romantic dinner for two in Ninyo. I bought it in an instant as I wanted to go somewhere romantic with R.

Hello, Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge!

It was a rainy day when we decided to visit Ninyo. I had a private gazebo reserved (for an extra romantic vibe) and I got worried that the rain will ruin our dinner but I was surprised with the fantastic service of the staff. The servers approached us with umbrellas and made sure that we are dry and comfortable.

The set-up was perfect. There were rose petals everywhere.

First served were a few slices of warm bread and butter and it sure hit the spot. The bread was soft and delicious! Too bad I was too hungry to take a photo of it.

Next served were the Wasabi Fried Oyster Tempura and it was good. Wait, scratch that. It was awesome! R loved it too. The starter sure did set the bar high. I loved the contrast of the soft oysters and the crunchy tempura batter. The balsamic citrus mayo dressing with red lumpfish caviar made it even more interesting.

The Nori Pumpkin Soup was pretty good too. I loved the creamy texture and the sweet yet salty taste.

It was difficult to eat the Yuzu Sorbet. R and I decided to eat it straight from the ceramic spoon/plate. It was very refreshing though.

For the mains, R opted to get the Beef Salpicao Teppan Style while I chose the Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon.

The Beef Salpicao was tender and flavorful. I liked the hint of garlic. The fried quail eggs were deadly though.

I loved my Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon. The sweet citrus miso sauce added flavor to the lovable grilled salmon. The mashed potatoes made the dish filling and the grilled asparagus and dried tomato added texture.

Now for desserts…

The Crème Brulee had the nice caramelized sugar on top and the inside was soft and smooth yet not mushy.

The Mango Pavlova had ice cream on it and given that it was quite humid, it was collapsing in less than 5 minutes after it was served. But it was good too!

The total bill for two was PHP3,550 but I got it for just PHP1,699 (exclusive of service charge). Not bad for a wonderful dinner. The best part was R loved it.

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Lizzi G.
4.0 Stars

Perfect for romantic date nights! I love the privacy of given to every customer. They have cabanas with curtains and one new tree-house-ish table. Very romantic. Also, would be a great place to have surprise dates or even a proposal. The food is great too! A bit pricey, but of course, it's worth the experience.

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Ynna S.
5.0 Stars

their food was exceptional!
Japanese fusion.
Perfect for a first date or even with family!
We went their to celebrate my newphew's graduation.
I ordered the surf and turf set menu.
Seafood linguine.
Glazed salmon.
Clod steak.
A bit pricey $$

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Portia P.
4.0 Stars

Traditional romance and good food. That's what Ninyo sells. And if you want that, then this is the place to get it.

We got a Groupon for Ninyo for P1660 and we paid an additional P166 as service charge. This is for two people. Not too expensive, given what you get.

Nasu Miso
Nori Pumpkin Soup
Crispy Kani Salad
Yuzu Sorbet
Salmon Confit or Clod Tender Steak
Green Tea Panna Cotta
A glass of Merlot

Notable details are the edible flowers, crispy salmon skin served with the still pink salmon, the cheesy risotto that came with the steak, and the flavorful green tea panna cotta. The nori pumpkin soup had good flavor but a tad too watery. The salad and amuse bouche were good, the sorbet refreshing, and the mains were pretty solid. There was some unevenness to the steak though. This would cost them practically nothing, but they should add coffee to the degustation menu to end the meal. Or maybe give a tea or coffee option. I know we can order it but a set menu looks incomplete without it.

The food is good but the pacing is too fast. They served the bread and butter, amuse bouche, and salad all at the same time! They should give us a few moments to enjoy the different courses. If I didn't eat so slowly, the dinner would be over in less than an hour, which isn't what you'd want when you dine. You'd want to take time and slowly savor the dishes you're being served.

They have rose petals strewn on the table and on the floor, as well as candlelight. As I said, traditional romance. It's the concept that movies and romance novels are made of. Personally, not my style, but we tried it just for the heck of it. And their food is good.

Servers are nice, when I asked our server to take a photo, he took a lot and even went for different angles etc. I guess he's used to it. I just expected a snapshot. Though I don't get why they don't clear the flatware with the dishes. My server even asked me to remove the knife and fork that's on my plate when he cleared it. I find that odd as they're supposed to clear that.

It's a good experience to try once in a while.

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Ruth Joy G.
5.0 Stars

This is by far the most romantic restaurant that we have ever been to... The pumpkin soup was superb, the oysters were great so was the salad, the steak and salmon were good also, we were so full that i wasn't able to finish the dessert anymore 5stars for the food and the ambiance! We had a great time celebrating our 15th Anniversary! 10084128077

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Kit R.
5.0 Stars


Ninyo is probably the perfect place for romantic dates especially when set in your own private gazebo with scattered rose petals and candlelight just like what you see in movies. 128149

HOWEVER, WHEN I WENT HERE, I WASN'T WITH ANY SPECIAL SOMEONE BUT A FRIEND.... 128514 still thanking her for inviting me to have dinner here with her FOR FREE!!! 128155

So we ordered a specific set that i forgot but i still remember the menu we got!

Wasabi Fried Oyster: 3/5
- For a person who doesn't like oysters and wasabi, this one is pretty okay. 128522

Nori Pumpkin Soup: 5/5
-IT INSTANTLY BECAME MY FAVORITE PUMPKIN SOUP!!! Flavourful!! Perfect blend of salt, cream, and pumpkin!! This is a must-try!!!

Grilled Chicken Balsamic Teriyaki: 5/5
-tasted great!!! I don't have words for it. 128557

Beef Salpicao Teppan Style: 4/5
-the beef was tender, juicy, and flavorful pero nauumay ako sa sauce. Maybe it's just be but i still give it a 4 because i still loved it despite the umay factor! (Labo 128514)

Creme Brulee: 5
- i'm a sucker for desserts!!!

Mango Pavlova: 5
- it's perfect! The mango tasted perfect! The meringue tasted great! Everything was completely mouthwatering!! 9786

At the end of our dinner date, the waiter gave us a love lock which came with the dinner set we availed. 128155 we locked it on their wall of love locks! HAHAHA guess we're locking our friendship forever! 128514

Overall, I loved my experience dining here! A bit pricey but i guess it's worth a great night to remember. 128155

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John Vincent N.
4.0 Stars

Ambience: 4.7 - worth the try if youre looking for a place something special

Food: 3 - ordered a set menu. Presentation was nice but taste is nothing special.

Service: 4.5 - waiters are very prompt and friendly

Price: 3.5 - a bit expensive for taste of the food. But overall, worth the try.

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Rachel I.
5.0 Stars

Ordered the Degustation Osaka and Degustation Burgundy.

So full.
Value for money 128076
Great service.
Goooooodddd foooooddd!!
Will come back for more.


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Bee S.
5.0 Stars

A very romantic place located at the heart of Katipunan. We had our Valentine's dinner here last Feb15. We had Degustation Paris which includes a 4 course meal, private gazebo, candle light, rose petals, red wine and love lock. It was an awesome and 'kilig' gastronomical experience. 128077128077

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Steff S.
5.0 Stars

Had the 5-course degustation for post-exam (and 16th monthsary 128107) celebration. I just love their rustic interiors and romantic setup. Thumps up for Ninyo! 128077

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Ac T.
5.0 Stars

One of the best hidden restaurants in QC. Have always loved this place even when it was still named Inyo. Perfect for an intimate date and their food is always divine. 128149 Best to get a reserved seat outside in individual cabanas (or pods) for added privacy! (Huhu I don't have a photo on my phone at the moment)

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Meryll P.
5.0 Stars

Best place to celebrate couple's anniversary!128151 Waiters are very friendly and the place is serene.

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Thea V.
3.0 Stars

This is not fine dining.

The decor was rustic, the wine selection limited and the food was good enough. Service was ok except they didn't serve food at the same time not even the same dishes.

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3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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