NIU by Vikings

6/F SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway cor. 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

NIU by Vikings
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Most Recent Reviews

Justine Lauren C.
5.0 Stars

Here are photos to make your mouth water! #Buffet

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Justine Lauren C.
5.0 Stars

Exquisite food from end to end. You’ll never get enough of steaks, oysters, grillery, fried food and delectable desserts with free flowing booze from non-alcoholics to cocktails to wines and beers. Niu is know to be the prestigious and high-end version of Vikings. I give them a 5 because of their quality variety of fresh food. Special requests are accommodated.

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Ryan M.
5.0 Stars

Experience the variety of choices you can have by going to Niu by Vikings at Aura Premier. You can enjoy the feasr especially if it's your birth month, since it's FREE if you gabe 3 paying friends. I really enjoyed the hakaw and tempura. Also tried the Angus beef and it's so delish.128077128077128077 must try. The crew were bery accommodating and friendly as well. Of course, when you enjoyed all tbat you have taken, you can ask for a hot tea. 9749️ Come and experience NIU.

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Kyrylo S.
5.0 Stars

When it comes to buffets, it's really hard to review individual meals. I pick up one item, read its name, then go pick another one, rinse and repeat. By the time when I have my plate full of food, I've already forgotten all the names.
This was my first time in NIU by Vikings. I found it quite convenient that all the food was available as one long line. You don't have to wander between sections, you just go back and forth. If you want to bring the competitive element to this, you can challenge your friends and start the gluttony run. Start from the very end of the food line (that's where seafood is) and eat the same stuff. I tell you, only real baboys will reach the ice cream section (it's just by the entrance to the buffet). Every bite will gain you a bit of fat, so you start slim but end up beefy.

As for me, I tried to eat only what's not easily available (because of budget or cuisine) in other places. As result, I've tried oysters for the first time of my life and I can recommend them. I don't understand the craze about them, though. They're nice but nothing out of ordinary.

I laughed at mini crepes because usually niluluto nila ito sa malaking kawali. That said, I got to eat black caviar for the 3rd time in my life. It's very well hidden and I was super lucky because I was the last one to eat what was left in the bottle. They never refilled it.

I've also had blue cheese for the first time. It's so damn strong that I don't even know what you eat it with. Probably with wine?

Their teas were very disappointing. It was just Twinnings and green tea tasted like mainit na tubig.

Hindi ko gusto ang sorbetes doon kasi matamis na matamis. The yoghurt was okay but you can add prutas at buto ng pumpkin at ibang noms, which makes it mas masarap.

I loved puto bumbong. Mukhang tae iyon 128513

I've had a bit of everything but there's much more to try. Overall, it was fun but I am not a big buffet lover because gluttony is a sin (not when once in a while, though).

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Arvee L.
4.0 Stars

Will always be our go to buffet restaurant during birthdays.
Super sulit! 🤗
And this is my ultimate fave buffet next to Spiral! 10084

Value for money-127881127881127881127881

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Adnad S.
5.0 Stars

They offer unique & delicious foods. Good ambiance too. 128522

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Pat D.
4.0 Stars

Back in the days, buffets were expensive and can only be availed in a hotel/ resort.

Time flies so fast and we now have Yakimix, Dads, Buffet 101 and of course NIU by Vikings.

Question: Why do filipinos love buffets and is there a secret strategy when going to buffets?

NIU is different from Vikings. It offers a different kind of experience. It's more high end, posh, and so many food options (close/ similar when you dine in a hotel). Service/ Ambience 1108811088110881108811088

Disclaimer: Masyado ba ako naging busy kumain, hindi na ako masyado nakapag picture

Paid P1500 and it's definitely worth it! 1108811088110881108811088

Food 1108811088110881108811088
➡️ They offer Japanese, Chinese, Pan Asian, Grill, Carving and amazing pastries and desserts
➡️ They even have puto bumbong and bibingka
➡️ Sana may coke
➡️ Di available un custard buns yun pumunta kami 128555

➡️ The cake parade if its your birthday/ birth month. FREE CAKE 127874127856
➡️ Celebrants can eat for free ON THE DAY of their birthday on both lunch and dinner, as long as accompanied by ONE FULL PAYING ADULT.
➡️ Celebrants can eat for free for ONE MONTH on both lunch and dinner per day, as long as it is within the month of his/her birthday and accompanied by FOUR FULL PAYING ADULT.

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Charlzz C.
4.0 Stars

So many long weekends and holidays had past the past month so in one of those weekends I've decided to have a buffet lunch at Niu.

Had been here before so I know where and what areas that I will go to first.

The usual stations of salads and starters,steak,roast and meat sections,griilling, Filipino, Southeast Asian,West Asian, Continental,Dimsum,Japanese and more.

Most remarkable sections and dishes for me were:

Salad station- nice selection of hams ,nuts,dressings,and cheeses ,diy salad ingredients.Gouda,goat,shaved parmesan, mild cheddar,pinenuts, walnuts, prosciutto, farmers ham , black olives ,mandarin oranges, various greens etc.

Carving section -beef ribs,lamb leg,binusog na lechon ,beef belly and angus chuck eye.Favorites would be the chuck eye and beef belly so tender melts in your mouth best eaten immediately,the tenderness of the lamb leg is also on the mark.Lechon is good but I suggest go for the first batch.Nice assortment of different gravies and sauces for any individual's preference.

Hakaw- podgy fresh shrimp filling in a very beautifully steamed dumpling shell.A bad dumpling shell can ruin a very good Hakaw, the fresh shrimp taste goes hand in hand with a freshly kneaded and steamed dough ,two elements to make a perfect structure .Niu's version never disappoints me every time I'm here,one of the best in my humble personal opinion.

Hainanese chicken- their version is the cold variant ,I loved the disunion of skin ,fat from the meat and the scattering of flavors upon every bite.The gelatinous quality of the fat is very apparent, a good indication of an authentic Nyonya Hainanese chicken.

Taro buns- unexpected to be brilliant,I just got one piece of this cutely crafted porcupine shaped dumpling.Upon my first bite the sweet natural nutty flavors of the taro burst and it was so good and not too sweet.Had toncome back for a couple more.

Pakistani lamb rendang- probably a version from the original Southeast Asian counterparts,flavorful ,the heat component was suprisingly not that irritating ob the stomach which is another factor for me.I'm not an expert especially this is another version but it went well .

Pork sambal- pork and sambal a marriage made in the clouds.I liked how they manage to align the predominantly halal sambal to the pork meat.Spot on level of heat merged with the goodness of pork flavors.

Chef Shawarma bites- got one of this out of mere curiosity and testing the difference from the Shawarma that is being sold everywhere,suprisingly it was good,lamb meat filling with different spices inside this lovely house made pita bread.

Desserts - cakes were ordinary tho visually appealing "parang picture lang na maganda kasi ine edit sa app"128513128513 but it doesn't mean if it looks good in the photos it tastes good,we eat with our taste buds and stomach and not with sight128513.Had their gelato in three flavors pistachio,ube and black sesame, pistachio would be the least fave because of its candied style.Black sesame and ube super good.

Abundance of beverages like sodas,fruit juices ,beer varieties ,coffee ,tea and even red wine.

Staff of Niu were always helpful and friendly whenever we visited .Niu by Vikings is a brand to always consider especially if you want to have buffet lunch or dinner that is a notch higher from the run of the mill ones.


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Aira A.
5.0 Stars

By far the best buffet place for me here in the metro. Every single one on the spread is really of high quality ingredients. Even though their price is quite steep compared to the other buffet place, it's really value for money. They have a wide variety of desserts, meats and other viands. Plus drinks like beer alcohol and sodas are unlimited too. Really love it here!

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Zel B.
4.0 Stars

Went here a second time recently. Celebrated the bf’s bday here last Wednesday for dinner.

While I can easily overlook the mediocrity of some of the dishes (super dry paella I’m 128064 at you), I’ve always loved their steak!

I make up for the price I have to pay by stuffing on their angus beef steak, tempura, a few sushi and their red wine.

For dessert, aside from two spoonfuls of the choco mousse they give the birthday celebrant, I only had ice cream. Decided on a not so common flavor and that’s how I ended with black sesame. I loved it!

As always the staff are helpful, making reservations is a breeze. Still quite happy dining here so there’s no reason not to come back.

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Chloe C.
5.0 Stars

NIU is still one of the best buffets in the metro for me. While I'm not really a fan of the other Vikings branches, I've been to NIU a couple of times and I really enjoyed each visit.

You get a lot of food and drink options at a great price. For around 1,500 for head, you can enjoy the usual buffet fare plus an unlimited supply of more premium items like lamb & beef (best enjoyed medium rare!!), imported beers, various wines, cheeses, and even sake.

These are the items I kept coming back for the most. In the end I had a lot of lamb, beef, gorgonzola cheese with honey, white wine, salmon sashimi, cold cuts, and sake. Three bottles actually, but I left feeling perfectly fine. 128516

Aside from that, the service is also great. The manager even conversed with me for a while. He let me know about their different promos and was very accommodating. So yes, do try this place out if you haven't yet! You won't regret it.

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Inna A.
5.0 Stars

Lately I’ve been complaining a lot about how the quality of the food in restaurants that I used to love has diminished.

It’s so disheartening to write a good and detailed review of restaurants that were always on the top of my list, and now barely make it to top 10.

Niu is one of those restaurants that I make sure I have to go to before I leave the Philippines again, and I’m schocked to say that the quality did not stay the same, because it became better! Wow!

I am amazed! Usually buffets don’t maintain their quality; food, service, ambiance, etc. But Niu has improved in all levels!

The service is superb! I booked a table the day before and requested to be in the middle part of the buffet. I got exactly what I wanted, a table for five in the middle of the buffet.

The food is still super duper delicious! Their tempura is so good because it’s no 80% batter. Lol. Their Lobster Lomi was delicious! 128514 I dunno what the heck those noodles were but it was like the lobster was in a lomi. 128514 And I was awestruck by the dessert! Of couse their Puto Bumbong is still the best (thanks for ruining me Niu), but what blew me away was the macaroons! I have never had good macaroons at a buffet, but I still decided to try one, lo and behold! I heard the angels sing! 128525128525128525 Damn. I ate 10! 128514 Their Creme Brulée was bomb too! 10084

Mainit lang, siguro kasi I had like 5 glasses of wine. 128514

Sinong may birthday ng May or early June? Please sama niyo koooo! 128514

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Mei O.
4.0 Stars

Niu is the best place to go to if it's your birthdaaaaaay. You get 50% off if you bring just one paying customer. Niu boasts of their meat selection and their alcohol. They have a refrigerator full of assorted beers and wines at a push of a button. They also have cocktails and other drinks available. This is where I enjoyed the most, obviously. 128524

They have Angus steak, Angus belly, and beef ribs. You can pair it off with multiple sauces available. I like their salad but their Japanese food selection is not that exemplary. Overall, food is not note-worthy and selection is limited.

At around 8pm, they dim out the lights and the Parade of Kings happen wherein their servers give out cakes to the birthday celebrants. They have a pianist in the middle as well for that full hotel vibe.

Visit Niu not for the food alone, as there are better options out there. Interiors and ambience will win this for you. I'll still recommend this place if you plan to go buffet "promo hopping" on your birthday. :)

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Jae-t M.
4.0 Stars

Its been leas than a month, yet I felt disappointed that we are going to a different restaurant for our office dinner party! 128514
Viking is my preferred non-hotel based buffet restaurants in the Metro.
Go straight to the steak station! Then come back about four times more!
They have other delectable offerings but if you’re big on meat like myself, this is the peak! 128514
The freshly look cooked tempura is so good.
In Niu, you not only get unlimited beer (several imported brands), there is also red and white wine, beat that!

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Steve Bryan V.
5.0 Stars

This is my 3rd year of celebrating my birthday with Niu by Vikings.
Niu is my favorite buffet restaurant since 2015.

I'm always impressed with the interiors of Niu because it's more upscale from all the Vikings branches. The ambience is very luxurious and modern. There were Fancy chandeliers that light up the whole place, Elegant yet comfy couches, Tall curtains and Live piano that matches the Victorian Theme of the buffet restaurant.

The food choices were limited compared to other Vikings branches, but the selection and quality of food is high end. Quality over quantity!
What I also like here is they offer unlimited Wine and Beers. Yasss!

First, I have to get my Steak fix! The Carving Station is always the busiest. They have Angus Chuck Eye, Angus Belly, Lamb etc. and there's a lot of sauces to choose from.
The steak is tender and juicy but the lamb is a different story, it's rare and hard to chew. Mint Jelly is always my favorite plus the Truffle Sauce.

For my seafood fix, I had Oyster Rockefeller and Grilled Squid in Chili Thai Sauce. They're both good.

I also have Asian Favorites.
Ebi Tempura is so delicious that I have to get 8 pieces of it just for myself. Sushis and Dim sums are irresistible as well. I got each plate of it.

My salad plate is vibrant and fresh.

And to top it all off. I had 2 plates of cakes!
The dessert station is life. They have so much to offer, from different flavors of ice cream to a wide selection of cakes. Of course, I focused on cakes, it's the reason why I'm always looking forward to come back here. It's the best!

It's my fifth time here and we're always having a great dining experience. Niu didn't disappoint and live up to my expectations. Cheers Niu!

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Marc M.
5.0 Stars

It may be small, but Foie Gras is unlimited at Vikings Niu. I was ordering 6 plates at a time that I lost count how many I had. 128514 I told them to just shove several in one plate (to minimize waste) but the chef said the higher ups want it all to be plated. E bahala sila 128514

I paired it with the unlimited Wines as well. There were a few choices but still solid nonetheless. Chardonnay was my favorite to pair it with.

These plus Salmon Sashimi and Meat Carving was all I had. Not even rice para sulit 128513

Oh and they also have lobster, if you ask the right person. 128521

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Karla C.
4.0 Stars

We went here to celebrate my sister's birthday and I'm so glad we did. 128077 We were contemplating whether to go here or try Mamou instead but the fact that NIU offers free buffet for birthday celebrants won us over. The food and service didn't dissapoint and their interiors were very impressive. The food selection was great. We enjoyed the unlimited cocktails immensely 128521127865127863. Although it was quite pricey even with the free for birthday celebrants discount. It's perfect for special occasions but it's not a restaurant I would go to on days that I just wanna dine out.

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Kevin R.
5.0 Stars

NIU by Vikings is a great buffet stop for those in the Bonifacio Global City area. There is a wide selection of dishes that diners can choose from, but the highlight is usually the roasting area. Roast beef, Angus ribeye, and turkey are among some of the choices for the roasting section, along with a selection of sauces and gravies.

Other sections include Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Western (go for the beef pot pie with its mashed potato crust on top), and desserts. Feel free to make your own halo-halo or order some ice cream or gelato. For me, I will be by the Choco Lava Cake and the Bread and Butter Pudding area, with its warm, gooey chocolate sauce bursting out with each bite, or the creamy vanilla sauce ladled on a earm, sweet chunky pudding, respectively.

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

It was my first time in Niu by Viking's last month. I was impressed by their spread. It reminded me of my first awestruck experience at seeing the first Viking's years ago at MOA. And now that others have replicated or caught up, Viking's brought the buffet game up another notch with Niu.

Perfect selection of putting it solely in SM Aura. A more upscale, dolled up version with a still not difficult to pay PhP 1509 net.

Tips for now,

+Angus Ribs, Ribeye Steak at the carving station. There are plenty of choices there but those are my top two choices
+Chinese, roasting station, go for the mini asado roll ala Tim Ho Wan. 80% replicated at 60% of the THW size.
+Pasta station, ask for the Foie Gras. This one, medyo pahirapan and matagal so you'll just end up enjoying it once or maybe twice. It's not as easy to access like Spiral. Also order their Beef Medallion there, likewise topped with Foie Gras.
+Noodle area of Chinese, you can request for lobster there, but usually it's in the form of Lobster Mami. Well cooked lobsters but the Mami kind of cheapens it, IMHO.
+Sushi's look good but I only got sashimi and the by request uni Sashimi
+I love the desserts too. OMG. They didn't scrimp on this portion either. Gelato, French pastries, nicely done donuts, etc.
+even their drinks are bottomless, soft drink, juices, wines and draft beer.

Niu by Viking's Ratings, at a Glance: 
> Food & Beverage: 127775127775127775127775
> Service (Dine-In) : 127775127775127775127775
> Kitchen Service  : 1277751277751277751277751/2
> Ambience            : 1277751277751277751277751/2 (some areas are a bit hot)
> Value for Money: 127775127775127775127775127775
> Price : ₱₱₱ (cheaper than most 4 star hotel buffet's but can easily compare. And even exceed most which are 50 to 100% more expensive)
> Worth a Try      : ABSOLUTELY
> Worth a return : Yes
> VERDICT          : 127775127775127775127775


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Sun M.
5.0 Stars

Been skipping buffets for the past year or so because we all know the disadvantage it could bring. Haha! Plus, I don’t really like the feeling of being so full afterwards. I know, it should be under my control, but of course you want to try everything you could as much as possible. What’s the point of going to a buffet afterall? Lol.

Last week, boyfie’s birthday came and he insisted of trying NIU by Vikings at SM AURA. I said yes since we haven’t tried it, plus it was his birthday so okay...consider it as my gift. (lol, I hope that was the case.) Hahaha!

Made a reservation via email 1 week before and it was a smooth one. They immediately replied which gives a hing on how accommodating they are. One day before, I received a reminder for the reservation for confirmation. The next day, it was like 2 hours before the dinner time 5:30pm when I remembered to request for a couch seat. I texted the number and I was surprised that they quickly replied and accommodated my last-minute request.

We took advantage of their Birthday promo so we only had to pay around Php1,500 for 2 pax inclusive of 5% service charge. Isn’t that amazing?! Haha. I mean that’s already our normal bill for our regular weekend eat-out so this one’s totally a score since we get to try different cuisines!

We arrived at around 6PM and there were already a few groups of people eating. The staff directed us to our reserved seats and while on our way, my initial impression was gaaaaawsh, it was a long stretch.128557 I mean the buffet is designed to be a one straight long spread that is divided into different stations:

(Not in order)
🔹Cold Station
🔹Pan Asian and

I felt like it was intentionally done to make it time consuming for the guests going from one station to another. Hahaha.

I have to commend though the very state of the art, elegant, and cozy ambiance of the place. The couches and tables were neatly arranged that it doesn’t feel crowded. I also admire the fancy chandeliers and how some couches offer exclusivity and a little privacy. There was also a huge black piano display at the very center.

Anyways, my first impression did not last after I started checking out each station. Oh my! I did not know where to start actually upon writing this review!!! Remember that I have skipped every chance of going to a buffet for the past year so please pardon me. 🤣
I actually made a game plan on how I should divide my time to make sure I try everything, but I guess it just flew away. Haha!

On my first round, I actually didn’t get anything yet. I just took photos from each selection because the lighting was so perfect!!! Boyfie on other hand went ahead and tried the Japanese cuisine.

He is more into Chinese and I was surprised that he liked the sushi. So I went ahead and got myself a plate also. Fyi, I love Japanese food so much especially sushi and tempura I know I was the one who influenced boyfie to start appreciating Japanese food especially sushi. 128149 He was actually right, they were good especially the one with Grille Tuna on top. I wasn’t able to get its name anymore because I literally got lost already. 🤣🤣🤣 The mixture of the ingredients for each roll were all down right and I could tell they were all freshly made! Geeez! I’m so craving right now as I write this! 128557128557128557

Of course one would not miss the Tempura in every buffet. It was freshly cooked, but I was not really impressed by it. I was expecting more I guess. The best Tempura I have tried in a buffet by far was from Four Seasons Buffet Hotpot and Buffet, I still remember how spot on their tempura was. Anyways, NIU’s tempura was a little bland and there’s just nothing remarkable with it. But I sure did still eat a lot of it that I lost count already. Haha! I also specifically requested for a toasted tempura and the chef was so kind enough to cook one for me. It was served on our table and I loved that it even has a presentation! 128513

Boyfie was then on his second plate trying out the Chinese x Filipino station. I just literally took a bite in every dish he got so I won’t have to go and try them anymore. The Kare-Kare was fair enough the same with the Yang Chow.

My next plate was with the dimsum since I already started with the Yang Chow. Felt bad that they were already cold when I tried them because I took so much photos I got carried away. Lol. I was surprised that they still actually taste great though- the Hakaw was very soft it just melts in the mouth while both the Long Bao, and Shark’s Fin were so flavorful I wanted to eat more, but I have to save room for my stomach because I still need to try the other dishes. Swear I will be back for more! 128557128557128557

I had to skip the cold station because I am not really a fan of cold cuts. I always prefer my dishes served hot. So next time perhaps!

I recall trying out this Earl Grey Miso Shrimp Flan, it caught my attention because of its name and presentation and it was placed on a steamer there by itself. All I can say is I loved it that I wasn’t able to share it with boyfie. The texture was so fluffy and you could taste the early grey-seafood flavor in it. It’s topped with a slice of shrimp and caviar. Absolutely no regrets in trying this one!128077🏻

After that I kind of took a rest for a while and that time, boyfie started to try the reason he wanted to go to NIU - the carving station! This is where you can find their premium steak dishes. Boyfie got to try all of what was available there, but his favorites were the Rib Eye and Angus Beef Belly. You can have it cooked in any way you want and they have different sauces for your steak too! I only took a slice of each kind and I knew right then why boyfie had come back to that station for like what? 6 times? He didn’t mind falling in line also as the night gets darker. Yes, I think this was the favorite of the night aside from the Wine Station. I think two plates of their steak would already make your Php1,500 super worth it!

When we arrived at NIU, I’ve been telling boyfie that we will go after the desserts, wine, and cheese at the last hour. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help myself! Haha. I love desserts so much that there is no instance that we will eat in a resto without having desserts. I was actually been trying to hold myself from getting any desserts since we arrived because it’s the very first station you will see. Hahaha. I’ve been dying to try the newest addition in their menu- the TRUFFLES!!! Selected stations has a truffle item since I think NIU seasonally features something different from their usual selections. Of course, the truffle chocolate is a MUST! They have the dark chocolate and the white chocolate. I loved the dark chocolate better. It was goeey and I liked the chocolate powder finish of it. For me, it was just a celebration in my mouth. The white chocolate truffle was just as good, but I find too sweet that I think one might loathe it later on. Boyfie was obviously surprised when he saw my plate, he was giving me this ‘I-thought-we-will-do-it-at-the -last-hour look’ but I simply shrugged him off. Haha! He is not into sweets so I feel a little bit sad that he wasn’t able to try their delectable desserts. 🤣🤣🤣

Another TDF dessert and is part of their Truffle selection is the Orange Chocolate Truffle Tart. I sweeeeaaar this is must try! The combination of each layer was just the bomb! 128561128561128561 I didn’t expect to like it because of the Orange flavor, but surprisingly, this was my favorite for the night like if I can only take home the whole entire cake I would! The Dark Chocolate Gateau was also good and one shouldn’t miss.

I just felt bad because I left half of the slice on the table to get a glass of drink, so to make sure the waiters won’t pick up my dessert plate, I put it on the farthest side of the table. I was sad that they still did. I mean, as much as it was a good service as to how fast they clean up tables, it was just not right for me that they’ll just pick up the plate without asking the owners first and knowing that the plate still has food in it. It was a waste of food and I think this is the most shaming part of going to a buffet. 128547128148

After that, I made sure that boyfie and I do it alternately so that there is someone who would watch over plates. Boyfie also tried their shabu-shabu. It was served with a little stove on our table so we also had a little cooking session there. Haha! The shrimp tasted so fresh and I liked their noodle and crab roll.

At around 8PM, I was surprised that someone has started to play the piano. It made the night even more lovely. The guy was actually cute. Haha. He even played the Game of Thrones theme song later that night!!! Amazeballs!

I think I lost track of the event that followed subsequent to my having dessert. I remember exploring more of the dessert station - they have churros, Filipino desserts, fruits, yogurt, and even choco fondue. I loved that they have a wide selection of ice cream flavors, there was I think 8-10 different variants and my favorite were the Choco Mint, Dark Chocolate, and Salted Caramel! I was such a happy kid I almost forgot that it was boyfie’s birthday. Lol. Boyfie liked the Choco Mint as well as the Dark Chocolate.

At around 9PM, the lights at the dining area were turned off when I heard someone introducing the arrival of the ‘VIKINGS’. Each waiter was carrying 2-3 plates of birthday cake. Hihi. After that everyone sang a song for the birthday celebrants. Glad that we can take home his birthday cake as a pasalubong for his niece. We also didn’t want to eat the birthday cake because there’s still a lot more to try!!! 128514

After having desserts, I wanted to try their truffle pasta, but unfortunately it was not available so I chose to order my favorite pasta flavor instead, the carbonara. It was served with a thin breadstick, mushrooms, and bacon. It was creamy , but it was not that flavorful for me. It was still worth trying though. I wanted to try the Seafood Paella from Western Cuisine as well, but I thought it will be heavy in my stomach so skipped it.

At around 930PM we decided to go for the wine. Boyfie chose the red wine, while I opted for the white wine. We paired it with the different kinds of cheese from the cold station. It was just perfect to cap off the night. 128076🏻128076🏻128076🏻

Boyfie also got himself a few cans/bottle of beers from the fridge. And it was all inclusive! For their juices and regular drinks, I loved that it was neatly displayed and the fact that there’s a lot of options to choose from! My favorite was the Wildberry.

We decided to stay until closing time while having tea and coffee to sort of digest all the foods we’ve eaten. This time, I knew I was able to handle myself and refrain from over-eating and still be super satisfied!!! My boyfie on the other hand was absolutely in food coma. 🤣🤣🤣

As much as one would like to try everything in a buffet, our body can only take so much. That’s what I realized while having coffee. Haha! That pretty sums up our #NIUEXPERIENCE. Swear, there’s a lot more at NIU so you must have a game plan before going and you must STICK with it. 128514 Make sure not to overeat because I know the feeling 🤣🤣🤣 and try not to waste food as much as possible.

I was glad to try NIU for the first time and I wouldn’t mind paying Php1,500 just for myself because it was all worth it. It’s pretty cheap especially in our case when we only paid the said price for 2 persons already. 128076🏻

Aside from the food selections, the service was just superb and commendable! I’m in awe how attentive each of the staff until the end of the night. From the reception, to the chefs, and waiters! Everyone was friendly and accommodating. The overall dining experience at NIU was indeed luxurious and was even made more exceptional because of the service. No wonder why people just keep coming in even at around 9PM... To think it was even a weekday when we went there. I bet more people are here on a weekend so keep that in mind as well in case you are planning to visit soon. I think I would choose to just go here than any other regular buffets in the metro and I just can’t wait to be baaaaack!!!

The only thing I noticed was the area going to the restroom. You would feel that there was no enough ventilation in that particular spot. It was just humid at that certain part of the hallway where it says ‘EXIT’. I have to commend though the very spacious and victorian interior of the restroom! It was kept clean despite the number of guests they had for the night. The even have a bidet. Haha.

NIU by VIKINGS is located at the 6th Floor of SM Aura. They do accept reservations via facebook page or email so bear in mind to make one at least 1 week before. Make sure to check out their website and social media accounts to see the on-going and latest promos! As far as I can recall they have group promos like the other buffets and even a promo for couples!

Now I wonder whether their lunch menu is the same as the dinner...I guess I’ll have to find out myself! Hihi.

I wish I could put all the photos here. I only uploaded my favorite ones, but please do check out @hermouthisfull at instagram for more photos. Hihi. 128149128149128149


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