Nobu Tea House

G/F Nobu Hotel Manila, Asean Ave. cor. Roxas Blvd., City of Dreams Manila, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Nobu Tea House
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Peanut D.
4.0 Stars

Nobu Tea House has got to have one of the best-tasting, well-made, and unique "snacks" I've ever tried in Manila. They come at a price though, literally. And depending on where you live, you might have to drive a couple hours to get to Entertainment City near Mall of Asia.

Went hunting for this tea house after reading Edwin I's review and was surprised to find that it blends pretty well with the lobby - you wouldn't think you could eat here! No one was there when I went so I had to go look for a server but was promptly shown the menu when I found one.


In this photo is the RLT: Rock shrimp tempura, creamy spicy aioli, lettuce, maui salsa, ao nori that's all sandwiched in a tofu bun.

The bun was almost like a crispier siopao bun and the tempura was pretty good also. It's very flavorful for that tiny piece but you'll have to slow down or else it'll all be gone in minutes and you'll wonder where your 545 pesos went. #storyofmylife


I took a crappy photo of the item that I loved the best so I had to use the RLT but I really really recommend the Nobu Style Crispy Rice. Must-try forealz!!!

It comes with 3 versions -- 1 - the King Crab with aji amarillo, 2 - spicy tuna, and 3 - wagyu tartare. My favorite was the spicy tuna and I'll probably get it all in spicy tuna next time. (You get 6 pieces, 2 of each "variant"). It's like eating crispy sushi - terrible description but you get what I mean??

The crispy rice wasn't oily at all and it won't fall apart when you lift it to your mouth like some other sushi/makis I've tried. The spicy tuna has just the right amount of kick and wasn't drowning in mayo either. The combination of the crunchiness of the rice and the softness of the tuna was heavenly. I must say I didn't expect it to be that good.

I can tell these things were made with care and wasn't just put together by someone rushing to serve it. It also took quite a while to serve but if it's good food (and I'm not 'hangry'), I don't mind waiting.

The server also explains to you how your meal was made and what's in it and as Edwin I mentioned, it does feel like you're in a restaurant serving their tasting menu.

I'll definitely return, but with the steep prices, maybe when it's a special #treatyoself day.

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

Now I know why Robert de Niro's favorite high tea snack from Nobu is their Tonkatsu Sandwich. Nobu's small and seemingly "common" Japanese influenced sandwich is hands-down the best tasting Tonkatsu Sandwich I've ever eaten.

Nobu Tea House is the hotel's small dining lounge located at the lobby. Cozy with it's neutral tones and Asian-modern design, splashed with vivid colors from orchids and tropical flowers, and coffee table books in bookshelves. Much downplayed from the loveliness of Nobu's main dining area. The Tea lounge evokes a more plush, modern, Asian homey feel.

Their menu is limited with choices offering high tea options, coffee selections, a few savory and sweet high tea snacks, and other beverages.

Their Tonkatsu Sandwich is said to be the part-owner/multi-awarded actor's favorite snack. What I loved and made Nobu's sandwich quite different was their use of the most flavorful, tender, and juicy slow-cooked thick pork belly slices, lightly breaded in a delicate crunchy Panko crust. Their use of a creamy mustard butter gave the sandwich a light creamy zing. A thin layer of sweet-savory Tonkatsu sauce tied the sandwich altogether. In a way, it was like munching on a very good crusted Porchetta sandwich. Delicious and flavorful was an understatement. The only downside, being a high tea sandwich, the serving was small ( I believe that I can easily consume 3 servings of this sandwich 128514). And it comes with a high price (480).

I also tried one of their best selling high tea pastries, the Miso Cappuccino Tart (380 each). I loved the nicely crumbly tart base which held a velvety , light coffee mousse tart nicely spiked with a lightly salty miso vanilla paste. Topped with sweet-salty-buttery caramelized pecans. To my mind, the pastry brought that silky , light, but nice cappuccino flavor which was balanced with that faint salty kick of the miso vanilla taste. 'Twas a perfect pastry for coffee lovers.

Even if this was served at their Tea Lounge, I liked the fact that their servers made the effort of briefing each dish ala degustation dining. This pretty much reflected their knowledge on good dining services.

While their pricing is on the steep side, I must say, these high tea eats seemed to bring something delicious and unique that may easily justify the price.

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